Best SERP Tracking Softwares in 2024


Best SERP Tracking Softwares in 2024

We’ll explore the best SERP tracking software available today. Read to learn how to use SERP trackers to check the ranking positions of web pages for specific keywords to measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategy and identify opportunities.

What Is a SERP Tracking Tool?

The term SERP stands for search engine results page. It refers to the results you get when you type a query on Google, Bingo, Yahoo, or other search engines. Typically, search engine results pages include results from organic traffic, paid ads, videos, and snippets. With that in mind, SERP tracking tools help search engine optimisation (SEO) professionals, businesses, and marketers effectively monitor the ranking positions of web pages.

Using the right SERP tracking software allows you to analyse search results for certain keywords or search queries. This is a great way to access your website’s overall performance and collect data about your competitors. As a result, you can create a suitable SEO strategy for your web pages to rank highly in search engine results.

Why Is Rank Tracking Important?

Rank tracking is a useful technique for monitoring and analysing the positions of the keywords that a website or its competitors rank for on search engine results pages. Marketing professionals, business owners, and marketers who know the value of an effective SEO strategy use a rank-tracking tool to establish where URLs rank on SERPS for specific keywords.

Well-designed ranking tracking software allows users to find pages with traffic drops, gain insights into competitors, and identify areas that need improvement. A clear understanding of keyword rankings helps SEO experts develop the right strategies to attract more organic search traffic. This can consequently lead to increased clicks, conversions, sales, and revenues.

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Key Considerations to Choose a Good Rank Tracking Tool

We have found many SERP tracking tools online, but you need to choose wisely depending on your needs. The best software provides a wide range of features that you need to track keyword rankings and ultimately maximise your marketing efforts with reliable SEO tools. You should consider the following factors when choosing the most appropriate SERP checker for any website.


Keyword Tracking Accuracy and Crawl Dates

The ability to track keywords with accuracy is important in SERP tracking. Your preferred software should provide a keyword research tool for monitoring a website’s search volume and estimated traffic. With such a tool, you can easily focus on the best-ranking keywords and create marketing content with user search intent in mind. Moreover, keyword tracking tools should be able to crawl SERPs on different search engines to analyse the targeted keywords.


Rank Tracking for Specific Search Engines and Devices

A rank-tracking tool is another crucial feature to consider. Generally, rank trackers help to monitor your SEO efforts. By tracking rankings, you will be able to note the positions of web pages on any search results page on multiple devices. The best SERP tracker supports popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. Moreover, reliable rank trackers can identify the user’s physical location and frequently check your website’s SERP positions.


Competitor Analysis Capabilities

One of the reasons why website owners need a SERP tracker is to analyse competitors. If your competitors are the best in the industry, you need to find a solution that will help you collect and analyse useful data about them. A SERP checker should be able to examine your competitors’ SEO strategies and audit their content and keywords. Analysing your competitors will help you gain a competitive advantage by refining your marketing efforts to fill in the gaps.


Historical Data Access for Trend Analysis

Effective SERP tracking entails collecting real-time and historical data based on your target search results. Tools with position-tracking capabilities will help you know the position your web pages hold for each keyword. With a historical record of changes in search engine results, you can effortlessly analyse trends and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Consequently, you can quickly take the right action to boost your SEO marketing efforts.


Customisable Reporting Options

Reporting is an essential feature of the best SERP tracking tools. The most suitable software should have advanced reporting features, including the ability to generate custom reports using data from SERP tracker tools. Some of the best reporting tools available today offer white-label reports for a much better experience. Whichever SERP option you choose, it should provide data in a format that is easy to understand, visualise, and present.


Integration and Compatibility

Top-rated SERP trackers are easy to integrate with the top analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. They also ought to integrate with your preferred SEO tool to help you streamline your marketing efforts. This is important if you want your website to rank highly in organic search results and lure in more visitors. Compatibility with content management systems like Drupal and WordPress is another crucial consideration.


Scalability and Pricing Structures

As keyword tracking tools continue to evolve, your preferred SERP software should accommodate growth and new changes. Moreover, you need to pick a tool that offers flexible pricing plans. The best options will allow you to test their SERP features for free with only a few tracked keywords. If you are happy with the results, you can then choose from various pricing plans depending on your budget and the features you need.

Revpanda’s Recommendations of the 11 Best SERP Tracking Tools

The Revpand team has identified and listed the best SERP tracking tools that SEO professionals, agencies, marketers, and business owners can use today. You can use any of the following software to track keyword rankings and collect insightful data to optimise your SEO marketing strategies. Feel free to use any tool and choose packages based on the number of keywords tracked per month. You also need to consider the SERP features you need. Let’s explore the top SERP tracking software you can use right now.



With headquarters in Singapore, Ahrefs is a globally recognised SaaS company. It’s best known for its online SEO tools and rank tracker. Marketers from leading companies use Ahrefs to see search results for all the keywords they rank for in different locations. It is a great tool for all types of businesses to track keyword rankings and increase their organic search traffic. Users can benefit from the following key features.

  • A simple dashboard with important SEO metrics
  • SERP checker for analysing organic search traffic
  • Keyword difficulty checker to reveal the chances of ranking highly in search results
  • SEO tools to track keywords on YouTube, Amazon, and Bing
  • Site audit tool for identifying on-page and technical SEO issues
  • Keyword explorer for discovering the best keywords

Ahrefs is also a great option if you are looking for free SEE tools. These include a backlink checker, webmaster tools, and WordPress plugins.

Pricing Per Month

  • Lite: $99
  • Standard: $199
  • Advanced: $399
  • Enterprise: Custom annual contract

Our Verdict on Ahrefs

Ahrefs is certainly a good option if you need a rank tracker for visualising your SEO progress and sorting keywords. We recommend it to any marketer searching for a reliable ranking difficulty tool. It is also worth noting that enterprises and agencies can get custom plans depending on their needs.



Semrush is the go-to platform for your SEO, competitor analysis, advertising, and content marketing needs. Established in 2008, the company provides businesses with various tools to optimise their visibility on search engines. You can choose from the following features, depending on your areas of interest.

  • A site audit tool for finding and fixing website issues
  • Backlink analysis to examine inbound links, domains, subdomains, and URLs
  • Rank tracker to track your target keywords every day
  • Website competitor analytics to compare your site traffic against competitors
  • PPC keyword research tools for finding the right keywords
  • Local SEO for optimising websites for local searches

Besides offering a reputable SEO tool and SERP checker, Semrush is also known for its online reputation management tools. Other notable features include a top-tier agency partners platform and social media management software.

Pricing Per Month (1 User)

  • Pro: $129.95
  • Guru: $249.95
  • Business: $499.95

Note: The prices are lower if you choose annual plans.

Our Verdict on Semrush

With 15 years of experience, Semrush has some of the best SERP features used by the world’s leading brands. The fact that 10 million users in more than 140 countries have used this tool is a clear indication that Semrush is reliable. Companies of all sizes can count on its software.

SE Ranking


SE Ranking offers an easy-to-use platform with a top-notch SERP tracker and other SEO tools designed for SEO agencies. Its powerful data-processing algorithms help to deliver valuable insights and streamline workflows for agencies. Find out what you can do with SE Ranking’s SERP features below.

  • Conduct a comprehensive site audit to gather crawl data and see all crucial metrics
  • Use the keyword rank tracking feature to collect data on keyword positions
  • Leverage white-label SEO software with customisable reporting tools
  • Perform keyword research with suggestion and grouping tools
  • Use the SERP tracker to gather SERP data on all keywords
  • Analyse other websites with SE Ranking’s competitor research tool

Generally, SE Ranking provides scalable SEO solutions that target enterprises, agencies, SMBs, and entrepreneurs. We should also appreciate the fact that this tool offers a content editor, a backlink checker, and unique tools specially designed for agencies.

Pricing Plans Per Month

  • Essential: $55.00
  • Pro: $109.00
  • Business: $239.00

Note: The prices are lower if you choose annual plans.

Our Verdict on SE Ranking

Overall, SE Ranking is the perfect option for agencies looking to deliver impressive results with a deep SERP tracker analysis tool. From tracking rankings to website audits, it provides everything companies need to analyse keywords and tweak their SEO strategies.

Google Search Console

google search console

With over 80% of the global market share, Google is the world’s biggest search engine. This explains why Google Search Console is one of the best SERP tracking tools for gauging your website’s search traffic and overall performance. It helps to find which searches bring people to your site and evaluate your rank on Google Search by analysing user actions. Users can benefit from this tool in the following ways.

  • See the most popular queries among website users
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues on a site
  • Receive alerts if there are problems with a website
  • Analyse your website’s average position, clicks, and impressions
  • Submit URLs and sitemaps for crawling
  • Evaluate your index coverage

With Google Search Console, you can easily understand how the world’s most popular search engine sees your web pages. Not only that, you can use the company’s search console training materials to boost your ranking and attract more organic traffic.

Pricing: N/A

There are no charges for using the Google Search Console. This is a free service provided by Google to help website users and SEO experts monitor and fix errors.

Our Verdict on Google Search Console

This is a recommended tool if you are looking for simple SERP features to make your website appear in the top Google search results. It doesn’t matter what your visitors search for, from news to images and videos. Another key attraction is the fact that Google Search Console is available free of charge.



With offices in the UK, Denmark, and the United States, AccuRanker is an advanced rank tracker created with SEO agencies and enterprises in mind. It offers the biggest selection of search engines, including Google, YouTube, Baidu, and Bing. The SERP features offered by AccuRanker include the following.

  • Integration with Google Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), Adobe Analytics,
  • Google Sheets, and Google Analytics
  • 24-billion keyword research database
  • SERP analysis and tracking with advanced reporting features
  • Competitor tracking and ranking
  • History search volume for each keyword

One of the benefits of using AccuRabker is that it supports unlimited users. Moreover, there are several pricing plans depending on the number of tracked keywords. Yearly plans also attract a 10% discount.

Pricing Per Month

  • From $129 to $2,769 for 1,000 to 50,000+ keywords tracked
  • Custom plans for 100,000+ keywords tracked

Our Verdict on AccuRanker

AccuRanker outsmarts other tools with its unlimited domains and users. Its pricing plans also accommodate agencies and enterprises of all sizes and shapes. Users who choose yearly packages will certainly be happy to get a reasonable discount.



SerpWatch is a well-known SEO tool and one of the best rank trackers designed for agencies and marketers. It is among the few rank tracking tools with customisable notifications, an intuitive dashboard, and a wide range of SERP features. With SerpWatch, users can collect historical data about keywords and quickly know the average position. Here are some great features you can expect from this tool.

  • A free SERP checker for tracking your web page’s SEO results
  • Backlink monitor for analysing backlinks for your domain
  • Keyword analysis and research tools for generating relevant keywords
  • Integrations and API to increase team efficiency
  • White-label client portals

SerpWatch also provides a report builder for creating automated SEO reports. There’s also a client management feature and an intelligence hub for analysing your SEO efforts.

Pricing Per Month

  • Starter: $49 for 7,500 keywords tracked
  • Growth: $99 for 22,500 keywords tracked
  • Premium: $349 for 75,000 keywords tracked

Note: Yearly plans are cheaper.

Our Verdict on SerpWatch

SEO agencies, affiliate marketers, e-commerce website owners, and SaaS companies looking for rank trackers have SerpWatch as one of the top options. This tool offers the right SERP features to monitor keywords and help websites rank highly on search engines.



ProRankTracker is one of the leading professional rank trackers in the industry. It is created for different types of users, including SEO agencies, SEMs, enterprise users, and website owners. SEO professionals can use it to constantly monitor keyword positions on search engine results pages. Let’s explore the key features available.

  • Advanced SERP trackers for checking URL rankings and the top search results for specified keywords
  • SEO rank trackers with reporting solutions and the highest-accuracy algorithm
  • Instant-check and PRT APIs for all types of businesses
  • Rank tracking with PRT mobile apps
  • Local tracking tools

One of the best things about ProRankTracker is that users have access to 24/7 support services. This includes live chat support and dedicated customer success managers for all agency plans.

Pricing Per Month

  • Free Trial: $0 for 14 days
  • Starter: $49
  • Pro: $109
  • Agency: $180

Note: Yearly plans are 20% cheaper.

Our Verdict on ProRankTracker

ProRankTracker is a great tool for SEO professionals, agencies, and website owners looking for a cutting-edge rank tracker. However, it offers more than just rank tracking. The availability of mobile apps and a 14-day trial with premium features make it worth trying.



With more than 863,000 users worldwide, Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that began as a keyword research tool in 2013. It now boasts a wide range of solutions for agencies, SaaS products, media sites, e-commerce, and SMBs. Users can benefit from its rank tracking features, among other tools mentioned below.

  • Keyword rank tracker for monitoring keywords in desktop and mobile search results
  • Site audit tool for identifying and fixing on-site and technical SEO issues
  • Competitor analysis to check other websites’ SEO and PPC strategies
  • AI content generation for meta tags and articles
  • Keyword research to select the best keywords

With each pricing plan offered by Serpstat, users gain access to 230 Google search regions. Additional features such as local SEO, SERP crawling, and search volume crawling service (SVCS) are also available for $20 per location.

Pricing Per Month

  • Individual: $59
  • Team: $119
  • Agency: $479
  • Custom: Contact support

Note: Yearly plans are cheaper.

Our Verdict on Serpstat

Overall, Serpstat is one of the best SERP tracking tools designed for search marketing professionals. Users can take advantage of its SEO tools to boost and achieve their marketing goals faster. It is suitable for individuals as well as big enterprises.



SerpApi provides a complete API for scraping several search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Unlike your typical SERP tracking tool, it allows for integration with different languages, including JavaScript, Python, PHP, C++, Java, Ruby, and Golang. The API makes search results from all major search engines actionable. Learn more about SerpApi use cases below.

  • Rank tracking to analyse organic search results for any keyword and domain
  • Local SEO to help businesses find useful data and make the best marketing decisions
  • Voice assistant with quick access to answers and graph results
  • News monitoring to analyse trends and predict the future
  • AI models to extract data with ease

We should also point out that SerpApi offers background check automation in real time. Banks, law firms and other organisations can utilise this feature to thoroughly scrutinise individuals and companies.

Pricing Per Month

  • Developer: $75 for 5,000 searches
  • Production: $150 for 15,000 searches
  • Big Data: $275 for 30,000 searches
  • Enterprise: Contact support

Our Verdict on SerpApi

Unlike other SERP tracking tools, SerpApi is an API that provides users with raw data from any search results page. It is, therefore, best suited for technical SEO experts who want to obtain accurate data by scraping popular search engines.



SEOmonitor is an industry leader when it comes to building accurate forecasts and performing keyword research. Agencies can use it to easily create effective keyword strategies, analyse visibility metrics, and provide proof of the impact of organic traffic. SEOmonitor also helps to identify content optimisation opportunities and offers the following features.

  • Rank tracker to monitor clicks on organic results, search volumes, and conversion data
  • SEO forecast to see the impact of clicks and search volumes
  • Content audit and optimisation for higher rankings
  • API and integrations with Looker Studio and Google Sheets
  • Auto-group target keywords with AI

A simple agency dashboard is another noteworthy feature offered by SEOmonitor. It allows you to check your overall visibility, track clients, and keep tabs on SEO objectives. Timely reports, account management, and client engagement tools are also available.

Pricing Per Month

  • Base Plan: $107 (Gets higher with different add-ons)

Our Verdict on SEOMonitor

There are many good reasons why SEOMonitor is trusted by 2,000 SEO teams around the world. These include accurate SEO forecasting, opportunity indicators, and frequent search engine updates. Its ability to connect with Google Search Console, Sheets, and Looker Studio makes it one of the best options for marketing agencies.


zenserp is an increasingly popular SERP API for scraping Google search results. Other supported search engines include Yandex Search, YouTube, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. Whether you are interested in shopping, news, trends, videos, or images, Zenserp is the scraping tool you need. Let’s look at the features it offers.

  • Google SERP API for obtaining ads, organic search results, and featured snippets
  • Yandex Search API to get search results in JSON format
  • Reverse Image Search API
  • Google Maps API for scaping locations
  • Google Trends API to compare popular search phrases

If you are new to Zenserp, you can start with the free version and enjoy 50 free searchers. You can also choose from monthly and discounted yearly plans depending on your needs.

Pricing Per Month

  • Small: $49.99
  • Medium: $129.99
  • Large: $249.99
  • Very Large: $499.99

Note: Yearly plans are 20% cheaper.

Our Verdict on Zenserp

Zenserp is a recommended API if you want to scrape search engine results pages and collect raw data. It is perfect for scraping Google and all major search engines. The basic package includes all SERP types, making it suitable for users with a small budget.

Improve Your SEO Marketing Efforts with SERP Tracking Tools

SERP tracking tools play a crucial role in helping people tasked with SEO monitor and analyse search results for the most important keywords. Using the right SERP features can help SEO agencies, professionals, marketers, and business owners identify gaps in the market by examining their competitors’ websites. With the right tools and reliable data, they can then develop the most effective SEO strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Are you ready to take your SEO marketing efforts to the next level? All you need to do is take advantage of expert help from an award-winning digital marketing agency like Revpanda. With many years of experience, we help businesses and individuals develop the most suitable SEO strategies and write content that ranks highly in search engine results. Contact us now!

SERP Tracking Tools FAQ

SERP tracking software monitors a website’s and its competitors’ search results for specified keywords. It provides various features for keyword research, rankings, SERP analysis, and site audits to assess and improve the effectiveness of SEO strategies.

A well-crafted tool with the right SERP features can help different types of people and organisations create successful SEO marketing strategies. Most SERP tools are used by online marketers, e-commerce sites, influencers, SEO agencies, and different search engine optimisation professionals.

The best rank-tracking software allows users to evaluate search engine results for relevant keywords. With SERP tools, you can understand your website’s visibility, measure the performance of SEO strategies, analyse competitors, and identify opportunities to use the most appropriate keywords.

Some of the leading tools we have recommended here allow you to test their SERP features for free. However, there are limitations in terms of the features you can access and the number of keywords tracked with free SERP tools.