revpanda betpack case study


How Revpanda Increased Betpack’s Conversions by 250%

Project Scope

Betpack is one of the betting affiliate websites Revpanda has been running on behalf of the client to generate organic traffic. After receiving a significant number of organic users on a daily basis, we employed the latest best CRO practices to improve the conversion rate of the website.


While the website was getting hundreds of daily visitors through a specific page, it was not converting them into registrations and FTDs. The client needed a clear understanding and thorough analysis of their poor conversion performance and immediate improvements.

Once we analysed the top performing pages, we provided a to-do list and tailored a new web design that helped the website generate a higher conversion rate.

betpack case study example

How we Increased the Conversion Rate


Analysing the Page

At first, we conducted an analysis to understand if the page checked all the boxes for a successful conversion performance, and created a to-do list for our team to consider in the operational steps.


Monitoring the User behaviour

Later, we have monitored the user behaviour on the page to understand the details the visitors are paying attention to and how we can improve their experience.


Redesigning the Landing Page

Based on the notes we initially took, we created a new design with various CTAs and optimised for the user-experience.


Optimising the Content for Conversion

Lastly, we optimised our content for the conversion, funnelling the traffic through in-line CTAs.

Result – 250% More Conversion Generated

Upon implementing the strategic improvements, Betpack experienced a transformation in its conversion dynamics, leading to a significant uplift in its overall performance by 250%

The redesign of the landing page, coupled with the optimisation of content for conversion, played a pivotal role in creating a more engaging and intuitive user experience. The introduction of various calls-to-action (CTAs) and the meticulous attention to user behaviour analytics ensured that the website not only attracted visitors but also effectively guided them towards registration and making their first-time deposits.Another noteworthy result was that this resulted in a dramatic increase in direct traffic, improving the brand’s trustworthiness through a modern look and geo targeted features.