Block Monitor Tool by Revpanda

Ensure continuous website accessibility across different countries with regular automated tests conducted across various ISPs. Safeguard uninterrupted business operations, prevent customer losses, and instantly detect and address domain blocking issues with Revpanda’s Block Monitor services!

Automated Domain Tests

Instant Notifications

Reduced Customer Losses

How Revpanda’s Block Monitor Product Help Businesses Minimise Customer Losses

You know better than anyone that operating several domains in different countries is a considerable investment that requires a lot of effort. However, when one or more of your domains are blocked, all that hard work can be undone, especially if you fail to notice it in time. Fortunately, with the Block Monitor product by Revpanda, you are immediately notified which of your websites are no longer live.


Ensure that All Your Domains Are Accessible from Different GEOs

Constantly checking the availability of each domain manually is impossible. Doing that from different GEOs is twice as hard. With Block Monitor, you delegate that time-consuming and tedious task to Revpanda’s trusted tool that performs continuous checks from the locations you specify, and you get an email notification instantly when your domain is blocked.


Easily Manage and Monitor All Your Domains

Our Block Monitor tool provides an easy-to-use design to monitor information. The user-friendly layout of Block Monitor lets you oversee all domains and their individual status. You can also monitor the country and Internet Service Provider, as well as the IP address and when the availability of the domain was last checked.


Run Fully Automated Tests Every 5 Minutes

Block Monitor is an indispensable tool for online businesses because it performs automated tests every 5 minutes on the domain you select. The tests are run on three different ISPs for maximum accuracy of each result.


Instant Notifications 24/7 When Something Is Off

Block Monitor provides instant email notifications, allowing you to immediately spring into action and activate mirror domains. And because every second matters when it comes to keeping customers happy, Block Monitor automatically sends the notification email the second it discovers that your domain is blocked.

5 Reasons to Use Revpanda’s Block Monitor Product

If you are looking to maximise your revenue and retain your customers, Revpanda’s Web Development services ensure your websites are live and fully operational. 

A temporary outage is not identical to a blocked domain, but the negative repercussions for your business are similar, especially if you don’t act fast and roll out a mirror domain. These are the reasons why you should start using Revpanda’s Block Monitor tool today!

Easy to Set Up and Use

Revpanda’s Block Monitor product ensures an effortless user experience. All you need to do is sign up for the Revpanda platform and order the block monitoring service by verifying your domain. Once you verify your domain, Block Monitor takes over, and the process is fully automated.

Set and Forget Structure

The great thing about Block Monitor is that you don’t need to do anything beyond domain verification. You don’t even need to log in to the system. The tool runs automatic and autonomous tests on your selected domain every 5 minutes. If it notices a domain has been blocked, it will immediately send you an email.

All in One Layout

Block Monitor not only has all the information you need but also boasts a user-friendly layout. The intuitive Block Monitor single-dashboard design allows you to keep tabs on all the crucial domain data. As a result, you can track the status of your domain without having to navigate through countless menus.

Free Unlimited Domain Name Replacements

One of the most useful Block Monitor features is the ability to make unlimited domain name replacements when you need them the most. Block Monitor allows you to replace your main domain with a mirror website when it is blocked. Best of all, it lets you do this at no extra cost.

35+ GEOs with 3 ISPs

Block Monitor performs checks in more than 35 countries, and the list is constantly growing. The monitoring tool executes tests not through one but three of the most available ISPs in the country where you are testing. That way, if there’s a failure in one provider’s IP pool, a different ISP will be chosen.

Affordable Pricing

No amount of money will bring back the customers you lose when your domain is blocked and you fail to notice. For a monthly subscription of 300 EUR for one country and discounts for longer subscriptions, our Block Monitor ensures that doesn’t happen to you.
Make a smart investment and enjoy the benefits of automated domain status tests every 5 minutes on three different ISPs with Block Monitor!

Subscriptions (per country)
1 Month 300 EUR
3 Months 855 EUR 5% discount
6 Months 1.674 EUR 7% discount
12 Months 3.240 EUR 10% discount

How to Get Started with Revpanda Block Monitor Right Away

Revpanda’s Block Monitor tool is super easy to set up and gives you all the information you need about the status of your domains.
If you need more information or help with the product, you can reach out to our experts at Revpanda. We will instantly provide you with assistance and tell you how to use the product.

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Sign Up to Revpanda Platform

To start using Block Monitor and benefit from round-the-clock automated domain checks, sign up with us. Registering on the Revpanda platform is easy, and the whole process takes only a couple of minutes from start to finish. Moreover, as we boast an all-in-one digital marketing platform, you will be able to benefit from a wide range of other perks too.


Set Your Domain and Country

With your Revpanda account up and running, create a Block Monitor test next. Start by setting up your domain in the Block Monitor panel and selecting which country to monitor. Then choose your subscription period, and, if you want to share something with us, feel free to add a note. We will consider it and get back to you if needed.


Verify Your Domain and Start Monitoring

Lastly, verify your domain to be able to track its status. Verifying a domain is a straightforward process. After you complete it, you will start getting 24/7 notifications about the status of each block, which enables you to instantly create a mirror site when your main domain is blocked.

Revpanda’s Brand Protection: Safeguard Your Online Presence

Here at Revpanda, we are dedicated to helping online businesses and individuals maximise their potential. With fully automated tests performed non-stop every 5 minutes, you will always know whether your domains can be accessed or not.

Even if all your domains are available, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Brand Protection services department. Explore the tailored solutions of products and services from an all-in-one digital agency now to ensure the continuity and prosperity of your online business!


Block Monitor is a tool that performs 24/7 automated domain tests for the country you select. If your domain is blocked, the system notifies you instantly, allowing you to set up a mirror domain so that you don’t lose customers or interrupt business operations.

Block Monitor runs round-the-clock checks for the domain and country you select. It tests the availability of the domain every 5 minutes and relies on information obtained from not one but three ISPs. Once the system notices that the domain is blocked, it sends you a notification so you can act instantly.

Block Monitor uses multiple ISPs to assess the accessibility of your domain, so you can be sure that the results will always be accurate. The system performs tests over three of the most available ISPs, and if a provider fails to return satisfactory data, it is replaced by the next most available one.

You are instantly informed when the domain you selected is blocked for one reason or another. The Block Monitor system analyses the availability of the domain and country you chose at regular 5-minute intervals. As soon as it detects that your website is blocked, it sends you an email notification, prompting you to take appropriate action.

Replacing the main domain you are tracking with a mirror site is free when that domain is blocked. Block Monitor allows you to make unlimited domain changes when that happens, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and minimising the customer losses you would have incurred if your domain remained blocked.