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We, as Revpanda, are dedicated digital marketing enthusiasts that accept your mission as our mission. From our up-to-date SEO support to cutting-edge development services, we provide our customers with everything they need for dominating their industry.

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Meet Us On The Biggest Events In Europe!

Revpanda is everywhere! We have left our footsteps all around the continent by not only attending renowned expos but also organising special events. But most importantly, we kept fun in mind while doing so.

Awards and Nominations

Our culture of greatness has been the core engine of Revpanda. As a result, we collect not only kudos from our partners and clients but also awards and nominations from renowned global organisations.


How We Work?


Talk About Your Expectations Together

We create tailored solutions your business and services need to succeed in the competitive market of the digital advertisement world.


Create the Perfect Design

We develop a comprehensive web that translates the very soul of your products into visually-stunning and pleasing graphics.


Develop an Action Plan

Revpanda develops an action plan that sets clear milestones and helps you and your business achieve them.


We Are Always With You!

We are with you for the rest of the ride, helping you guide your business to the very frontier of the digital world and achieve the results you expect.


What We Do?


CRM Services

We launch tailored CRM campaigns that help our clients build stronger customer relationships.


Brand Management

We analyse, design, and develop sustainable plans that help your brand to accomplish the milestones.


PPC Management

We create paid ads that engage and generate high ROI.



We develop state-of-the-art platforms that provide your visitors with a smooth navigation and engaging UX.


Creative Agency

We make your business shine with unique marketing methods and drive results that you deserve.


SEO Services

We tailor your website and employ proven SEO techniques that can increase your organic traffic from zero to hero.


Multilingual Copywriting

We write copies that capture the readers and convert them into your next customers.



Our translation team of expert linguists helps you carry your brand anywhere around the globe.


Link Building

We build links from high authority sites and help our customers rank in higher positions for their target keywords.


If You Need Results

We are a result-driven digital marketing agency with years of experience under our belts. We know that achieving the right results is what drives a business forward. Our team makes sure that online advertising has lasting real-life benefits to your product and company. Choose us for a multi-channel digital marketing experience that guarantees results.

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Chief Executive Officer

Emre has worked in almost every stage that a marketer be in the online marketing industry. With a strong belief in digital, he helps our agency to reach beyond the limits.


Chief Operating Officer

Glenn has been in the iGaming industry since 2005, working with different operators, affiliates and service providers along the way. Thanks to this experience, Glenn is able to cover his current broad responsibilities which include managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations and administrative functions, and providing strategic advice in order for Revpanda to keep on growing and moving forward.


Head of Content

Barb has an extensive experience in various business fields. As a good people person, he oversees the operations of Revpanda and makes sure the projects run smoothly.


Business Specialist

Anastasija is the multitasking ninja as the business specialist at Revpanda. Following up with the latest developments in the industry and the company, seeking for groundbreaking partnerships and preparing the team for the expos and events are just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from chasing business improvements, she enjoys putting her art on people at her own tattoo studie in Riga, Latvia.


Business Development Manager

Having a soldier-like attitude to execute any task, Alexandra is on the look for taking the client relationships to the next level. In her spare time, she sharpens her skills with educating herself on the field. At the moment, she pursues her master's degree in Business Psychology.


Head of Linkbuilding & Outreach And Product Owner

Burak has succeeded in carrying his childhood passion for computers to the present day by developing it. For many years, he has made computers and computer technologies both his lobby and his expertise. He prefers to call himself "Jacknife" because of the support he provides to different departments. Burak loves camping. Whenever he gets the chance, he sets up camp with his wife and son in nature.


HR Manager

Always on the lookout for talented experts, Milena is in charge of expanding our roster and making sure that our team works in a friendly environment, smoothly and efficiently.


Product Owner

She possesses a seriously resilient attitude and relishes working in the high-performance arena that is Revpanda. Adding her keen eye to the details of every process, and the ability to iron out every wrinkle with intimate knowledge of the company and product makes Gulce one of the true star performers in the Revpanda team.


Business Development Manager

As the business development manager at Revpanda, Taras is the solid bridge between the clients and the in-house team. On a daily basis, he aligns the clients' requests and the team to make sure that the output is perfectly optimised. Once it is not the office hours, you might potentially see him staring at the DJs at events - as he claims, "there are no ex-DJs", and he is more than sure that he can play better.

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