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    How Do We Do Web Development?


    Create Mock-Ups & Design Elements

    Our developers first build a simulation of how they want the site to look. These mock-ups are essentially a wireframe incorporating your logo, images, and other UI elements that make up the striking good looks of your website.


    Build Backend

    The backend is the code that runs on the server, the portion of the website we don’t see. Our backend developers work in tandem with our front-end developers but primarily focus on how the website should work. They write the web services and APIs which the front-end developers and application developers will use.


    Apply Front-End Development

    Front-end developers handle the visuals that users come across when they visit your website. Our experienced front-end developers take data from the backend and integrate design, frameworks, and markup languages to create a user-facing functionality that brings your website to life.


    Provide Website Maintenance And Enhancements

    This step includes troubleshooting issues that could make the website go down. Our website development team runs speed tests and performance checks to ensure that the site is working optimally.

    How To Find A Good Web Development Agency

    Finding the right web development company is key to the design development services. Every business has unique requirements, and every web development company has different skills, which is why you should research and compare to find one with the best website development solutions and the ability to execute your website the way you want it.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:50
    • Tools Needed: Desktop, Mobile Device
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    Step 1

    Define Your Needs

    Understand your business objectives, strategy, and process to determine the kind of web development solutions you need to be developed.

    Step 2

    Look for Experience

    A website design and development agency that knows what they’re doing will deliver quality results on time.

    Step 3

    Ask for Samples

    Ask your web developer to show you their portfolio of website designs to give you a basic idea of their development work style.

    Step 4

    Evaluate Your Costs

    Determining your value proposition while keeping the technology, experience, and web development services in mind is a crucial part of your strategy. Remember, cheap isn’t always good.

    4 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Web Development Team


    Always Know What You Want

    Website development is more than just having a web address with your name and business on it. It is a complex process that involves building a unique interface that bridges the gap between your customers and products, allowing your business to have a web presence.


    Quality Costs Money

    Opting for the cheapest option is not always the wisest decision. Crucial elements like the quality of the site, testing, features, maintenance, and delivery time are ultimately affected by a low bid.

    Get quotations from different agencies and compare the prices based on the web solutions they offer.


    Your Time Limit

    Deadlines are crucial in web design development. But what’s equally important is your ability to work with the contractors.

    The web development experts cover strategy, content review, approvals, and communication at various stages with the clients. So, the outcome of the partnership will be determined by the time it takes the development team to deliver the services.


    The Services Included

    Whether just creating a web presence, refining your website or getting the entire thing re-designed, you should always be aware of the web development services included in your package.

    Do you want bespoke content written for your website? SEO and social media add-ons? Communicate your requirements clearly and know exactly what you are paying for.

    Types of Web Development Services

    Web development is a complex process as it is a collaborative effort between different departments rather than the sole territory of a single department.

    Overall, web development can be summed up into three general types, and each one fulfils a need in the entire web development process.

    Front-End Development

    From the drop-down menu to the layout of the site and how it optimises on your mobile phone – the front-end developer does it all. At Revpanda, our developers also hold extensive UX, an important asset for front-end development.

    Our website development team makes sure that your website’s design appears uniform across various platforms and devices. There are no bugs or errors on the front end, easing the navigation process for visitors.

    Back-End Development

    While front-end development is visible, backend development is all the work and effort invested in a website’s behind-the-scenes. This includes server operations, database management, security codes, content structure, etc. Backend developers collaborate with front-end developers to optimise the user experience.

    Our backend developers are highly skilled in database language and development. They can help you take care of your database migrations and API integrations with relative ease and proficiency.

    Full Stack Development

    Full-stack developers work in both the backend and front-end of your website. Their advanced skills and expertise can create a website or software from start to finish using a “stack” of technologies that offer solutions and help build different functionalities on the same website.

    Their comprehensive knowledge can optimise website functionality, performance and identify loopholes before they cause damage.


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    Most Popular Web Development Technologies

    Web development technologies, or frameworks, have become an essential part of the web development process as the proliferation of technology raises the standards of web applications.

    Our web development services include:

    For Backend

    With the introduction of APIs and various frameworks, the archetype of web development services has shifted. Backend frameworks are collections of server-side languages that assist the developer in building the backend configuration of websites.

    Here are the most popular backend development tools used by web developers for web design services.


    Laravel is one of the best PHP-based backend frameworks in the game right now. It has excellent language construction abilities with an advanced toolbox that can undertake big groups.

    It is equipped with a dynamic organic system that encourages comprehensive backend development. The goal is to make the process simple through its versatility and ensure ease in execution – which is why it is so broadly used by website developers everywhere.


    WordPress is popular amongst developers, especially our team at Revpanda because it is quite easy to implement. The WordPress API offers freedom to syndicate content by combining content from various websites.

    Our WordPress experts deliver functional and responsive WordPress sites created to help you scale your business. From theme development to customised WordPress sites, Revpanda fulfils all your unique needs.


    This is a high-functioning framework popular for building large applications. It is scalable and highly customisable, so it is not recommended for developers who build smaller applications. In fact, websites like Mozilla and Pinterest were created on this versatile framework.


    Node JS is an open-source JavaScript tool. It is used to create scalable network applications using a non-blocking I/O model, making it easier on resources. Node JS is beneficial to many web developers for being an asynchronous program amongst others.


    Simply put, .NET is used to create and run software applications. .NET apps can run on different operating systems using a range of implementations. It provides various runtime hosts but also supports the development of third-party runtime hosts.

    For Frontend

    Front-end development is a significant part of the website design development process. Businesses nowadays tend to focus on custom application development services to enhance user experience. Our web development team will provide unmatched web development services to get your website running.

    Here are the most popular front-end design development tools used by our web developers:


    SASS is a scripting language that is interpreted or compiled into CSS. In a way, it is an extension of CSS3, translated to standard CSS using the command-line tool or a web-framework plugin.


    Bootstrap offers a collection of tools for creating web applications and creating websites. It makes both front and backend development much easier because of its responsiveness.


    React was developed and is maintained by Facebook and used mainly by Facebook and Instagram. Unlike its peers, React is not a framework but a front-end archive – although many web developers consider it a framework. React can be used client-side or server-side.


    JQuery is a JavaScript toolkit and library that provides cross-browser DOM traversal for creating web applications. With a well-designed API, JQuery makes it easy for web developers to access and manipulate a page.


    Vue is a JavaScript archive used to build web interfaces. When combined with other tools, it becomes a progressive framework. It is famous for being ‘lightweight’ and user-friendly, making it easy to learn. Vue is also used for web design and mobile app development.

    Web Design Services For E-commerce

    Having an e-commerce website is also a great way to reach global customers. E-commerce web design development is an essential step in converting your client into a buyer, so you need the right tools and technology. Here are some of the web development services our team offers for businesses looking to open an online store.


    Magento is an e-commerce platform built entirely on open source technology. It offers merchants a flexible shopping cart system and complete control over the content and functionality of their online store.


    One of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms for both big and small businesses, WooCommerce is flexible, cost-efficient, and easy to use, even for beginners.

    It is developed as an extension of WordPress, currently the most widespread website builder on the market. Because it is open-source software, WooCommerce is free to download for everyone.


    Shopify is a self-hosted application that enables businesses to create an e-commerce website for their online stores. The technical steps of implementing your domain on Shopify are fewer than on Magento. Companies also prefer Shopify as it is a cost-effective alternative to other resources.

    Mobile App Development Services

    Revpanda provides stellar mobile software development services that include thorough business analysis, design, and extensive development of your mobile application for your business. Mobile app development is a full-cycle process. Our team aims to create a seamless experience on every device and get the best out of mobile technology for your business.

    Android App

    Revpanda’s team of android app development experts has the web design experience required to ensure your mobile application’s high performance. We use the full potential of the Android platform and offer boundless possibilities to our customers by providing robust android mobile applications.

    iOS App

    Our team at Revpanda takes a comprehensive approach to iOS app development by providing end-to-end iOS development services while considering the user experience and overall look and feel of the application that our clients expect from us.

    Web App – PWA

    Our team at Revpanda creates progressive web apps built straight from web technologies like HTML or JavaScript but with a different feel that is better than a native app. Thanks to our expert developers at Revpanda, you can turn just about any website into a progressive web app.


    How much does building new websites cost?

    This is subjective to your needs and the size of your business. However, you can get in touch with us at Revpanda, and we’d be happy to provide a quote and answer any other questions you might have.

    Will my website be mobile-friendly?

    Absolutely! Revpanda’s web developers create responsive websites that enable you to attract more organic traffic– this means we ensure that your visitors enjoy the ultimate user experience with easy navigation.

    How long will it take to get a new website?

    Complex sites require more work and take longer to develop. The review process also contributes to the speed of completion. Revpanda’s passionate web development team works tirelessly to have our client’s website ready as soon as possible. You can get in touch with our team for an exact timeline.

    Will I have complete ownership of my website?

    Yes, everything we build for our clients will be 100% owned by them. After all, the website belongs to you, and we want you to have complete freedom to do as you please with it.

    Would I be able to see my site while it’s in progress?

    Yes, we encourage our clients to be a part of the development process. Any feedback is important to us to ensure that our clients are more than pleased with the end product.

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