Casino Hipster YoY SEO Case Study

Project Overview

Industry: Online Casino Affiliation

Target markets: Latin America, Spain, DACH, UK & ROW

Project scope: Increasing organic traffic & conversion rate of the website

Time span: 1 year

Our partner reached us for 360 agency services and solutions, providing us with full autonomy to manage the website on their behalf with the specified budget.


Following a series of acquisitions, the website encountered significant structural challenges due to strategic modifications implemented by multiple webmasters. This led to the creation of similar pages on the website, targeting similar keywords clusters, and generating search engines confusion about which was the ideal page to rank for certain keywords, which in SEO jargon is called content cannibalization. This scenario sparked confusion and hindered the website from achieving optimal results on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Despite achieving substantial traffic and securing top positions for several high-value keywords, the website encountered significant challenges in monetizing its audience effectively. This puzzling scenario suggested a disconnect between visitor acquisition and conversion strategies. Although the website was successful in driving visitors to the site through robust SEO practices, it struggled to transform these visits into profitable actions, thereby underscoring an essential area for improvement.

How We Solved It

From the inception of our engagement, we have pursued a holistic and proactive approach, employing industry best practices and seamless collaboration across our teams to drive results. We began by aligning all stakeholders on the same vision and objectives, followed by a meticulous analysis of the website to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). This informed our strategy on both short-term quick wins and long-term sustainable growth.

We prioritised technical optimisation and content enhancements in the immediate term, fixing existing issues such as coding errors, broken links, and duplicative content targeting the same keywords. Meanwhile, for the long term, we conceived and began executing a robust plan to overhaul the website’s design for better user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), and to optimize the conversion rate.

The Process

Initially, we mobilised our Content, SEO, Development, and Product teams to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the website. Post-analysis, we undertook a thorough SWOT examination to identify areas of potential and quick wins that could be realized through prompt fixes.

In response to our findings, our immediate action plan focused on technical corrections, including code overhaul, backlink profile clean-up, and repair of broken links. We also refreshed the website content, introducing necessary updates.

Over the longer term, we embarked on a website redesign project aimed at enhancing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), and optimizing the conversion rate. Concurrently, we consistently produced SEO-optimised content across the site, employed white hat link building techniques, and continually refined the conversion rate through rigorous A/B testing.

Result – Organic traffic increased by +100% and conversion increased by +80%

Despite the challenging start, our strategic interventions yielded impressive results over the course of the year. We observed a dramatic surge in organic traffic, which increased by more than 100%. 

Moreover, our emphasis on conversion rate optimisation paid off handsomely, as the website’s conversion rate spiked by 80%. This was largely due to our revamped website design prioritising user-centricity and our ongoing A/B testing to refine user journeys. The user-first approach in both design and content creation facilitated higher user engagement and prompted more visitors to complete desired actions, thereby boosting conversions.

12-month Graph

Last 6 months vs Previous 6 months

These results validate our comprehensive and adaptive approach to SEO and conversion rate optimisation, demonstrating that we can deliver significant growth even in the face of complex challenges. As we move forward, we remain committed to continuous improvement, striving to further boost organic traffic and conversion rates for our partner.

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