Nutra Affiliate Networks

Choose from the top affiliate networks for marketing Nutra products. Earn huge commissions while marketing health and beauty products via email, social media, websites, blogs, and other platforms.

Best Nutra Affiliate Networks in 2024

The best Nutra affiliate networks connect content publishers with companies through affiliate programs. They help in promoting Nutra products, whereby affiliates earn a commission for convincing customers to make purchases.

This article helps marketers and businesses in the Nutra industry discover the available affiliate network options. It particularly targets affiliates and companies involved in marketing different types of health and beauty products. By exploring Nutra affiliate networks and programs, marketers can make money online selling a company’s products. Read on to learn more about the top affiliate networks that help affiliates and companies promote Nutra products.

What is a Nutra Affiliate?

Nutra affiliate marketers are people who help companies market health and beauty products by attracting potential customers. The term Nutra refers to nutraceuticals. It covers a wide range of products and substances with nutritional, therapeutic, and psychological benefits. Nutraceuticals can improve health, prevent chronic illnesses, and support other functions of the body. The major niches in the Nutra market include health supplements, skin whitening, weight loss, nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, and joint health products.

Any advertiser selling Nutra products can take advantage of an affiliate program and network. The best affiliate networks provide affiliates with a good Nutra affiliate program that helps to drive traffic via optimised landing pages. Moreover, affiliate marketers in the Nutra niche can use various traffic sources, like websites and blogs, to direct high-quality traffic to the company’s website. As with other industries, affiliates in the Nutra sector earn commissions for convincing customers to buy products.

How Do Nutra Affiliate Networks Work?

The primary responsibility of affiliate networks is to connect merchants with affiliates or publishers. Therefore, a Nutra affiliate network connects companies that produce health and beauty products with marketers. Producers in this niche use Nutra affiliate programs that provide marketers with referral links.

Affiliate marketers need a traffic source to direct buyers to an advertiser’s landing page. They can use established channels, such as social media platforms or YouTube channels. Other effective options include native traffic and search engine optimisation (SEO).

With a reputable Nutra affiliate network and program, marketers can earn money online through commissions. The commission structure depends on the program’s terms and conditions. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Revenue Share (Revshare), Cash on Delivery (COD), and Cost Per Lead (CPL) are the most common commission models used to pay affiliate marketers in the Nutra marketplace.

Advantages of Nutra Affiliate Networks

According to Vintage Market Research, the global health and beauty market is expected to reach USD 1,263 billion by 2028. For this reason, it appeals to marketers and companies that produce natural products. Nutra affiliates can benefit from affiliate marketing networks by selling products in this industry. The same applies to advertisers or companies that manufacture Nutra products and want to sell them in the most effective way possible. A Nutra affiliate network also helps potential customers find products with ease. With that said, the following are the main advantages of using affiliate networks to market Nutra products:

Earning Potential

Many companies offer decent commissions, ranging from 30% to 70%, depending on the terms and conditions. An affiliate’s marketing efforts also benefit companies that sell Nutra products. Through Nutra affiliate marketing, companies that manufacture nutraceuticals can market their products to more buyers and consequently increase their sales and profits.

Diverse Marketing Opportunities

The affiliates can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to market products to buyers across the globe. Marketers and advertisers can also take advantage of affordable B2B copywriting services, link building, and SEO tools to create effective marketing content.

Expansive Product Selection

Companies can always create new formulas or improve existing products to attract customers. For example, Google Trends helps producers and marketers identify relevant Nutra offers and trending keywords. With the help of Revpanda’s payment method testing services, companies can be sure that payments for affiliates who sell their products are processed seamlessly.

Health-conscious Audience

Research shows that health consciousness is related to people’s attitudes towards different types of supplements. A company that makes beauty or health-rated products that benefit the body is most likely to attract health-conscious customers. An affiliate marketer can highlight product benefits on a YouTube channel, blog, website, or social media platform to make selling easier.

10 Best Nutra Affiliate Networks and Programs

The top Nutra affiliate networks empower affiliates with the resources needed to entice buyers to purchase Nutra products. They provide quality Nutra affiliate programs and partner with leading manufacturers in the health and beauty sectors. Our experts have reviewed and listed the best affiliate networks in the Nutra niche below. The most important factors considered include a wide selection of Nutra offers, a support team, minimum payout amounts, ad formats, payment options, and dedicated affiliate managers. Have a look and choose your favourite network.


TerraLeads is one of the best Nutra affiliate networks, with a large selection of partners in Europe, Asia, and the United States of America. It is essentially a CPA hub that acts as a Nutra direct advertiser in more than 100 countries and processes 50 thousand leads per day. TerraLeads also boasts over 3,200 CoD offers. Moreover, the affiliate network’s partners can get more in terms of bonuses. Affiliates can collect t-coins for confirmed leads and exchange them for different prizes in Terra Store.

Network TerraLeads
Focus Area Diet, adult health
Commission Rates CPA
Payment Methods ePayments, WebMoney, Yandex, Qiwi, BTC, Visa, Mastercard
Notable Features COD offers, Postback, Terra Store

Our Verdict About TerraLeads

TerraLeads is a great choice for anyone who wishes to join the Nutra affiliate market. The network’s unique bonus system is an added advantage. Other notable attractions for affiliate marketers include localised creatives and optimised advertising with API and Postback. However, visitors don’t get enough information on the network’s website.

  • Large partners network
  • Transparent tracking systems
  • Call centres for each GEO
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Limited information about the network


MarketHealth markets itself as the leading affiliate program in the health and beauty sector. Founded in 1998, it is one of the best affiliate networks with many years of experience. It connects Nutra affiliates with advertisers who sell skin care, hair growth, and teeth-whitening products, among other offers. There is no middleman, and all offers available on the platform are exclusive. Moreover, MarketHealth uses real-time optimisation software to provide pages and offers that convert. Users can also choose from a wide range of payment methods.

Network MarketHealth
Focus Area Skin Care, Teeth Whitening, Colon Health, Eyelash Growth, Joint Health, Muscle Builder, Supplements, Breastfeeding, Hair Regrowth
Commission Rates CPA on the offer page
Payment Methods Check by Mail, Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill, Pre-Paid Debit Card via Payoneer
Notable Features Real-time optimisation software, online tracking software, international campaigns

Our Verdict About MarketHealth

MarketHealth is a reliable network for Nutra affiliate marketers looking for a globally recognised partner. It offers attractive commissions because there are no middlemen involved. Also, there are hundreds of international campaigns, recurring income from remarketing to customers, and a complete advertising creative suite with free resources.

  • High-conversion sites
  • Over 200 products health and beauty products
  • Free banners and landers
  • Exclusive offers with top payouts
  • Most offers are on global platforms


LemodAd has over 10 years of experience as a direct Nutra advertiser. Not only that, this Nutra affiliate network offers global coverage with native call centres in more than 90 countries. Its list of GEOs is always expanding, with over 8,000 webmasters using the network’s services. LemonAd also has its own referral affiliate program with over 900 offers. The network offers affiliate marketing services that focus on beauty, adult, and merchandise offers. Advertisers can expect high-quality traffic in any location, transparent statistics, and 24/7 support services.

Network LemonAd
Focus Area Beauty, Adult, Merchandise Offers
Commission Rates CPA
Payment Methods PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, WebMoney, Tether, Capitalist
Notable Features In-house platform, reports, cash bonuses

Our Verdict About LemonAd

Both advertisers and webmasters can rely on LemodAd for high private rates and unique creatives. This platform is also accepted worldwide and has dependable affiliate teams, a safe in-house platform, as well as landings and transits that give the highest ROI.

  • Huge volume of high-quality traffic
  • 24/7 personal account manager
  • A professional affiliate marketing team
  • Over 900 available offers
  • It’s not clear what the CPA rate is


Established in 2014, AdCombo is an increasingly popular CPA network with thousands of Nutra affiliate offers. The network’s affiliate community has over 40,000 members. Its wide coverage makes it possible for advertisers to reach customers in many regions of the world. The network provides offers in low-competition GEOs and a minimum payout of $50 through popular payment methods. Also, affiliates can work with different types of traffic, including mobile, banners, direct, search engine, social media, and contextual. AdCombo’s smart targeting technology makes it easy to generate quality leads.

Network AdCombo
Focus Area Healthcare, Finance
Commission Rates CPA
Payment Methods PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Capitalist, Webmoney, Wire Transfer
Notable Features S2S Postback tracking, in-built translation interface, campaigns feature for including many offers in one link

Our Verdict About AdCombo

AdCombo is one of the best Nutra affiliate networks that has won awards for offering high-quality affiliate marketing services. This network processes over 200 thousand leads per day and offers in-house tracking API solutions. Moreover, there are more than 12 verticals for thousands of affiliates from all around the globe.

  • Localised landing pages for every offer
  • Weekly payouts
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Exclusive Nutra offers
  • Does not cover all GEOs
  • Inexperienced affiliates may have difficulty using the platform


This is one of the top Nutra affiliate networks for publishers and advertisers in the health and beauty industry. Founded in 2013, NutriProfits has been offering an affiliate program for a decade. The network has over 60 offers and 200,000 affiliates across the globe. It focuses on weight loss, brain health, hair loss, and immunity, among others. Affiliates can use bank transfers, ePayments, and Paxum to receive commissions. Moreover, this platform supports the most popular currencies, such as EUR, USD, GBP, and PLN. It also provides superior-quality promotional materials like photographs, banners, and the technical documentation of products.

Network NutriProfits
Focus Area Weight Loss, Hair Loss, Bodybuilding, Stress, Immunity, Joint Health, Male Enlargement, Stretch Marks, Acne, Nootropics, Prenatal Care, Immunity, Prostate
Commission Rates 40% of each sale
Payment Methods Bank Transfer, ePayments, Paxum
Notable Features Real-time tracking system, GEO links, sub-ID links

Our Verdict About Network NutriProfits

NutriProfits covers a wide range of Nutra products that affiliates can market to earn commissions. Members benefit from the best traffic sources, lifetime cookie tracking, and incredible bonuses. However, payments are only made once per month, and some affiliate marketers may not be happy with the network’s commission rate.

  • Over 60 products in 25 categories
  • Convenient banking options
  • A cash bonus for every 100 sales generated
  • Commission from returning customers
  • Payments are made once per month
  • Other networks have higher commissions


As the name suggests, SellHealth is an affiliate network that focuses on selling health-related products. The network has over 20 years of experience in the health affiliate sector. It has more than 50 high-converting Nutra offers and 100,000 advertising partners in different countries. The main areas of focus include products pertaining to women’s health, men’s health, weight loss, skin care, joint health, and bodybuilding. SellHealth’s affiliate program allows marketers in the Nutra niche to earn commissions ranging from 30% to 50% on every sale. However, the commission can be as high as 60% or more, depending on the number of successful sales.

Network SellHealth
Focus Area Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Skin Care, Anti-Aging, Liver Support, Immunity, Hair Restoration, Joint Health, Prostate Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health
Commission Rates 30% to 50% on every sale
Payment Methods PayPal, Wise, Wire Transfer, Paxum, BTC, ACH
Notable Features Real-time reporting, SMS sales notifications, crypto payments

Our Verdict About SellHealth

With over two decades of experience, SellHealth is a reputable Nutra affiliate network that has never missed a payment. Many advertisers and affiliates choose it because of its high-converting Nutra offers, enticing commissions, and world-class human support. However, marketers must work extremely hard to have their commission rates increased.

  • Many high-converting health offers
  • Exclusive live training sessions
  • Support from affiliate marketing experts
  • Multiple payment options
  • Consistent sales per day needed to raise the commission rate


Everad is a direct Nutra advertiser that works with affiliate marketers without involving intermediaries. This CPA network has 10 years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry. Its offerings include over 400 Nutra affiliate offers. It has established its presence in different locations, including Europe, Latin America, and South Asia. The minimum payout amount is $100. Everad also facilitates CoD transactions, whereby sales are confirmed by customers via phone calls. In this case, a marketer gets a commission once a lead is approved.

Network Everad
Focus Area In-house products in the beauty and health sectors
Commission Rates Up to $49
Payment Methods PayPal, Tether, Wire Transfer, Capitalist
Notable Features Audience analytics, 100% in-house platform, boost option

Our Verdict About Everad

Everad is one of the best Nutra affiliate networks that covers the most profitable niches. The earnings can be high since there are no intermediaries between the network and affiliates. Moreover, the network is operated by highly experienced experts. The overall benefits for serious marketers and advertisers outweigh the drawbacks.

  • High approval rates
  • Localised transit and landing pages
  • Timely payments and bonus offers
  • Experienced affiliate marketing managers
  • Relatively high minimum payout
  • Users may sometimes have limited offers


MoreNiche started its affiliate marketing journey in 1999 when the founder, Andy, realised that it was possible to make money online. In 2008, the company became the first network to guarantee payments to affiliate marketers even when the merchant has not paid the network. Also, MoreNiche started working with different traffic partners in 2019, including influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers. It is a good affiliate network to choose if you want to market a Nutra product. There are more than 24 health and wellness products, all of which are 100% owned by the network. The average commission is 40%, but it can increase to 70% depending on the affiliate’s performance. Payments are issued every two weeks.

Network MoreNiche
Focus Area Weight Loss, Sexual Enhancement Supplements, Muscle Growth, Testosterone Boosters, Nootropics
Commission Rates 40% average commission
Payment Methods Payoneer, Skrill, BTC, Paxum, UK Bank Transfer, International Wire Transfer
Notable Features Lifetime cookies, chargeback protection, crypto payments

Our Verdict About MoreNiche

MoreNiche is a dependable affiliate network for influencers and advertisers in the Nutra market. Its benefits include personal support from affiliate marketing experts, training, and rewarding performance bonuses. This network also accepts the most popular currencies, but the minimum payout threshold is higher when using euros or dollars.

  • Competitive commission rates
  • Commissions on repeat orders
  • Promotional resources and bonuses
  • Plenty of in-house affiliate resources
  • Higher minimum payout thresholds when using certain currencies

Dr. Cash

Founded in 2016, Dr. Cash is a Nutra affiliate network that allows marketers and product owners to make money online by monetizing traffic on beauty and health-related products. The supported traffic sources include Facebook, Google, native traffic, and push notifications. This network uses its platform to provide over 2,600 nutra offers in more than 200 GEOs. These include products that focus on adult health, weight loss, sleep, teeth whitening, immunity, eyesight, and muscle growth. The supported sales models include COD, trial, and straight sales.

Network Dr. Cash
Focus Area Nutrition, creams and services in the health and beauty industry
Commission Rates CPA, varied commission per sale
Payment Methods WebMoney, PayPal, ePayments, Bank Transfer, Credit Cards
Notable Features Lead price calculator, sales statistics, COD, straight sales, toy store

Our Verdict About Dr. Cash

With Nutra offers in 50 categories, Dr. Cash is a credible affiliate network for direct advertisers and affiliates in different countries. The advantages of using this network include free consultation, dedicated managers, and access to 25,000 publishers. However, credit card details may be needed, depending on the selected sales model.

  • Thousands of publishers on the network
  • 241 GEOs supported
  • Affiliate communities for pros and beginners
  • Competent support services
  • Credit cards required for trial and straight sales

Los Pollos

Los Pollos is an affiliate network that uses its own platform to help advertisers and publishers market Nutra affiliate offers and products in a wide range of niches. This network has appealed to more than 1,000 advertisers and over 100,000 affiliates so far. It’s best known for using smart links to increase conversion rates and profits for affiliates and companies in the health sector, among other potentially profitable sectors.

Network Los Pollos
Focus Area Dating, Mainstream Gambling, Adult Games, Crypto, Gambling, Casual Dating, Cams, Male Enhancement
Commission Rates CPL, CPS
Payment Methods Bank Transfer, Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether, Capitalist, Perfect Money, PayPal
Notable Features Exclusive offers, smart links, weekly payouts

Our Verdict About Los Pollos

The opportunity to create smart links to reach many people across the world makes Los Pollos a great affiliate network. Moreover, smart links make it easier to monetize leftover traffic. Although there are convincing YouTube videos of affiliates who have made money on this platform, there are notable negative reviews on the internet.

  • Unique traffic optimisation algorithm
  • Monetization for mobile, desktop and tablet traffic
  • Affiliate marketing opportunities in various countries
  • Weekly payouts with no hold periods
  • Several negative reviews on Trustpilot

Nutra Affiliate Networks Conclusion

Finding the top Nutra affiliate networks is easy now that you have read this guide. Feel free to join any of the recommended networks if you wish to sell beauty and health-related products. By choosing a network with a fine Nutra affiliate program, a marketer can earn commissions while helping advertisers sell their products. Marketers can also work closely with account managers to ensure a smooth marketing process.

Businesses and marketers in the affiliate marketing industry are welcome to use Revpanda’s services to boost their website traffic and visibility. We can help you with search engine optimisation and write high-quality marketing content, including landing pages for marketing Nutra products. Contact our team now to get started!


A Nutra affiliate network connects companies that produce health and beauty products with affiliate marketers. Both parties capitalise on affiliate programs to advertise and sell Nutra products to potential customers through referral links.

You can become an affiliate for beauty and health-related products by joining a Nutra affiliate network or program. Check the above list of the best Nutra affiliate networks, choose one, and join to start marketing products to earn a commission.

We have listed the top Nutra affiliate networks here. These networks respond promptly when contacted and offer the best Nutra affiliate programs, high commissions, reasonable minimum payouts, reliable payment options, dedicated affiliate managers, and a variety of traffic sources.

The best Nutra affiliate networks allow affiliate marketers to make money online in various ways. They use CPA, RevShare, CoD, and CPL, among other commission structures that make it possible for affiliates to benefit from successful leads or sales.