Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are a great way for businesses to increase their reach and revenue by partnering with other companies.

At Revpanda, a leading digital agency, we cover the topic of affiliate networks in detail, helping you understand the industry and how to benefit from it. By providing insightful reviews of the best and largest affiliate networks in today’s market, you can find the best ones to try, which will ensure better affiliate sales and other long-term benefits. The information gathered by our team is relevant to newbies who need a better grasp of affiliate marketing. In addition, our up-to-date feedback on today’s platforms can also help seasoned businesses improve the impact of their affiliate marketing programme. Let’s get started!

Popular Affiliate Networks


Kawaii Partners is a top-performing affiliate, specializing in iGaming. It has a strong reputation with a variety of payment methods, guaranteed payouts and a flawless platform.

  • Unique player retention strategies
  • Advanced affiliate platform
  • Dedicated personal manager
  • Fast & Guaranteed payouts

Amazon Associates, a leading affiliate network since 1996, offers a user-friendly platform with a diverse product range, high brand recognition, and up to 10% commission rates.

  • Wide product range from various industries
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Established brand for high trust

Established in 2010, Awin is a versatile affiliate network with over 21,000 advertisers and 240,000 publishers. Acquiring notable companies, it offers diverse products with varying commission rates and strong customer support.

  • Extensive network with renowned merchants
  • Variety of payment methods
  • User-friendly layout
  • Responsive customer service

CJ, formerly Commission Junction, offers a versatile affiliate network connecting over 3,800 global brands with 165,000 affiliates. It boasts advanced technology, quality reporting, and a wide product range.

  • Versatility across industries
  • Varied commission rates
  • Reliable support and security

ClickBank, established in 1998, offers a versatile affiliate network with high commission rates, providing access to tens of thousands of products in over 250 categories for both physical and digital markets.

  • High commission rates, up to 75%
  • Extensive product variety in 250+ categories
  • Generous 60-day cookie duration
  • Low minimum payout of $10
  • Weekly/fortnightly payments with diverse methods

Founded in 1995, eBay Partner Network offers affiliates a well-established platform with diverse products, reporting tools, and ad creation features, although lower commission rates require higher sales volumes.

  • Long-standing, well-established brand since 1995
  • Reporting and campaign planning tools
  • Variety of new and used products
  • Low $10 minimum payout
  • Reliable payment methods with monthly payouts

Rakuten, a Japanese powerhouse with over two decades of experience, partners with trusted brands like Udemy. While user-friendly, improvements are needed in areas like customer service and payment delays.

  • Partnerships with trusted brands
  • Over two decades of experience
  • User-friendly product and program discovery
  • Low $50 minimum payout
  • Reports of payment delays

Founded in 2006, Avangate specializes in tech affiliate marketing, winning awards in 2019. Trusted globally, it offers diverse digital products, despite reported payment delays.

  • Award-winning expertise
  • Global trust
  • Tech industry focus
  • Diverse digital product range

Since 2011, RevenueLab focuses exclusively on iGaming, boasting over 1,200 betting brands, 11,000+ affiliates, and awards like “Affiliate Network of the Year.” Flexible earnings and quality support.

  • Exclusive iGaming Focus
  • Over 1,200 Betting Brands
  • Award-Winning Network
  • Varied Earning Options
  • Personal Affiliate Managers

Originating in the UK, Vortex Alpha offers global affiliate marketing with flexibility across various niches, robust tracking, dedicated account managers, and diverse payment options.

  • Global Affiliate Network
  • Flexible Product Variety
  • Robust Tracking System
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Diverse Payment Options

CrakRevenue, a trailblazer since 2010, redefines CPA networks with 700+ offers, elite perks, and a decade of expertise, delivering unparalleled success for affiliates.

  • Over a decade of CPA expertise
  • Exclusive perks for top affiliates
  • Diverse portfolio with 700+ offers
  • Weekly payout options
  • Innovative marketing tools

Algo-Affiliates, a trusted CBD affiliate network, offers diverse products in CBD, health, finance, crypto, and dating. Their in-house algorithms enhance ad customization for optimal performance.

  • In-House Algorithms
  • Diverse Product Range
  • Personal Publisher Manager
  • Multiple Language Support

Armorica Network offers diverse affiliate marketing opportunities, featuring renowned brands like Sony and Nike with up to 70% commission rates. Versatile niches, quick payouts, and excellent support.

  • Renowned Brand Partnerships
  • Up to 70% Commission Rates
  • Versatile Niche Selection
  • Quick Payouts (7 days)
  • Excellent Support Options

ClickOut offers a versatile platform for crypto, finance, and health affiliates, providing exclusive offers from well known crypto platforms. User-friendly interface, weekly payments, and global support.

  • Versatile Niche Inclusion
  • Exclusive Crypto Offers
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Weekly Payments
  • Global Language Support
15, in the finance industry since 1997, offers crypto and Libertex verticals. With demo accounts for users and global assistance, affiliates benefit from diverse commission models and reliable support.

  • Demo Accounts for Users
  • Global Assistance in 100+ Countries
  • Diverse Commission Models
  • Personal Affiliate Managers

Biggico, founded in 2017, specializes in gambling, betting, and crypto affiliate programs. Despite potential transparency concerns, it offers high commission rates and versatile earning opportunities.

  • High Commission Rates (40%+)
  • Versatile Earning Opportunities
  • Crypto Affiliate Programs
  • Experienced in Gambling and Betting
  • Experienced in Gambling and Betting

CPAmatica is an affiliate marketing network that specializes in Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising. It provides a platform for affiliates and advertisers to connect and collaborate on various online marketing campaigns.

  • Wide range of verticals or niches
  • Operates on a global scale
  • Attracts a diverse base of affiliates

Established in 2019, Datify.Link specializes in dating, adult games, and cams, offering over 2,000 offers with daily payouts, diverse payment methods, and 24/7 operational support.

  • Daily Payouts
  • Diverse Adult Categories
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Global Presence in 100+ Countries
  • 24/7 Operational Support

For nearly a decade, Mirelia Networks has excelled in dating, gambling, gaming, and nutra verticals. Real-time tracking, dedicated support, and diverse programs make it a valuable affiliate partner.

  • Dedicated Dating Focus
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Varied Verticals
  • Transparent CPC and CPM Payments
  • Dedicated Account Managers

Established in 2014, MyLead is a respected affiliate network in Poland, offering versatile earning programs, including CPL, CPA, and CPS, across diverse verticals.

  • Diverse Earning Programs
  • Versatility in Verticals
  • Multilingual Support
  • Low Minimum Payout
  • Steady Growth in User Base

Established in 2018, lemonads impresses with high-tech solutions and reputable partners. Boasting 60,000+ affiliate programs, it excels in various versatile niches.

  • Reputable Partnerships
  • Extensive Affiliate Programs
  • High-Tech Tracking
  • Versatility in Niches
  • Daily Payments

Established in 2004, MaxBounty, a leading CPA affiliate network, boasts 30,000 affiliates, 3,000 active campaigns, and a strong reputation for quality leads and security.

  • Great CPA Deals
  • Versatility in Earning Models
  • Strict Security Measures
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Established Since 2004

Perform [cb], formerly Clickbooth, excels in CPA marketing with AI-driven tracking. Trusted for 20+ years, it offers diverse earning plans, supports 100+ verticals, and ensures user-friendly experiences.

  • 20+ years of industry experience
  • AI-driven tracking platform
  • Variety of earning plans
  • Supports 100+ verticals
  • User-friendly online platform

Founded in 2013, Adsterra boasts 33,000+ partners, 20,000+ campaigns, and 18,000+ publishers, offering a user-friendly interface, diverse earning plans, and tools for enhanced marketing campaigns.

  • Varied Earning Plans
  • Wide Range of Verticals
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Security Measures
  • Marketing Tools Provided

Launched in 2018, Traffic Cake focuses on iGaming, offering up to 60% RevShare commissions and allowing hybrid deals. Simple, user-friendly site with weekly payouts and personal managers.

  • iGaming Focus
  • Up to 60% RevShare
  • Hybrid Deal Options
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Weekly Payouts

Since 2006, CPAlead focuses on mobile app installs, offering global reach to advertisers and publishers. With daily payments, customizable tools, and a chat room for community support.

  • App Install Niche Focus
  • Global Reach in 180+ Countries
  • Daily Payments
  • Customizable Tools
  • Community Chat Room

With a decade in the industry, FlexOffers headquartered in Miami, USA, provides access to over 10,000 advertisers across 20+ categories, making it suitable for various affiliate marketers.

  • Provides an intuitive platform for creating affiliate links and tasks.
  • Popular brands drive higher client engagement for CPL campaigns.
  • Offers comprehensive and practical reporting features.
  • Partnerships with reputable and renowned brands.

Established in 2020, Chilli Partners specializes in the casino industry, offering up to 50% commission rates and diverse payout options like bank transfers, Skrill, and BTC.

  • Specializes in lucrative casino niche.
  • Offers high commission rates.
  • Varied payment methods for flexibility.
  • Fresh start each month.

Founded in 2007 by Robert Glazer, Acceleration Partners operates in over 40 countries and boasts a roster of 170+ brands within its affiliate management portfolio. Notably, it collaborates with various other affiliate networks, managing affiliate programs for major brands like Noom, Target, and Reebok. While active across multiple niches, Acceleration Partners showcases expertise in various sectors, including finance, retail, direct-to-consumer (DTC), B2B, technology, travel, and health.

  • Active in Finance, Retail, DTC, B2B, Tech, Travel, and Health.
  • Collaborates with various trusted affiliate networks for broader reach.
  • Offers relevant verticals related to the fintech industry for affiliates.
  • Earns trust from market-leading brands for its efficiency.

ShareASale, an affiliate marketing platform acquired by Awin in 2017, boasts a 21-year legacy, with a presence in over 20 global offices. Its platform flexibility stands out, welcoming affiliates even without websites, focusing on diverse niches like fintech.

  • Encompasses 30+ categories, including Fintech products.
  • Offers varied commission rates dependent on individual brands.
  • Varied duration based on the respective affiliate offers.
  • Supports Check, Direct Deposit, and ACH for payouts.

What Are Affiliate Networks and How Do They Work?

Publishers, also known as “affiliates,” and merchants with their affiliate programmes are connected through affiliate networks. On such affiliate marketing platforms, affiliates and merchants who offer an affiliate marketing programme can find each other easier, benefiting both parties’ operations.

For good offers, publishers need to find the best affiliate marketing merchants and programmes. On an affiliate network, they can browse and connect with these merchants. For merchants, an affiliate network is a marketplace to inform as many relevant affiliates as possible of their offerings. An affiliate network will help promote a merchant’s affiliate marketing programs to publishers, giving the program more exposure. Basically, an affiliate platform saves both parties time by easily connecting them.

Today’s top affiliate networks offer additional services, such as tracking and analytics tools for reporting, to help with marketing efforts and make the best business decisions for their brands. Affiliates can use all the tools provided to improve their marketing campaigns, ensuring more clicks on each affiliate link they share, earning them more money online. There are different ways that fees are set up, but in most cases, merchants pay to join a network, while affiliates get services for free.

Affiliate Networks vs. Affiliate Programmes: What Are Their Differences?

With an affiliate network, there’s a third party acting as a middleman between affiliates and the merchants whose digital and physical products they promote. On a network, affiliates receive benefits such as help securing commission payments, tools for advertising campaigns, designs, and more. Alternatively, affiliates and merchants can also engage directly. In this scenario, an affiliate will join a merchant’s affiliate programme without any third-party assistance.


Affiliate Networks

  • Tens of thousands of products to pick from

  • Assistance with payment processing

  • Many payment options

  • Additional commission payable to network

  • Dedicated affiliate manager for support is often available.

  • Affiliate Programs

  • Fewer niches and more small online businesses

  • Can possibly negotiate contract changes

  • Limited payout options, sometimes at a higher cost

  • Better rates in some cases

  • Merchants may be more demanding than networks.

  • 7 Best Versatile Affiliate Networks for Every Business

    While some affiliate marketing platforms focus on certain niches, also called “verticals,” others cater to almost any physical or digital product. The wide product range makes them relevant to almost any advertiser or publisher.

    Various features determine whether one can label a network as one of the best affiliate marketing resource options. A reliable affiliate network will offer good security and also help users with marketing efforts to maximise affiliate sales. You also want payment solutions that suit you, a user-friendly affiliate dashboard, and an easy way to generate links. We look at some of the best affiliate marketing networks that are versatile in their product offerings.

    Amazon Associates

    Amazon revpanda

    With Amazon being the market leader when it comes to selling physical and digital products, one can expect a quality platform for affiliates to use. The Amazon Associates platform is one of the biggest affiliate networks, and the information provided is mostly focused on affiliates. The products to be showcased are items merchants advertise on Amazon itself. In a way, Amazon’s product pages along with the Amazon Associates programme form the affiliate network.Amazon keeps it simple with user-friendly navigation that helps you sign up, but you’ll need to be approved before becoming an affiliate. Amazon offers such a diverse range of products from various industries, and the platform’s versatility makes it relevant to almost anyone who has an affiliate marketing business.

    With the programme being around since 1996, there’s also been a lot of time to fix glitches and align it with user expectations. Another benefit is that the popularity of the Amazon brand means higher income for both merchants and publishers.

    Niche/Product Types Versatile
    Average Commission Rate Up to 10%
    Cookie Duration 24 Hours
    Minimum Payout $100 (Cheque) - $10 (Direct Deposit and Gift card)
    Payment Methods Cheque, Direct Deposit Bank Transfer, Amazon Gift Card
    Payment Duration 60 days after end of month
    Affiliate Support Type Email

    Our Verdict About Amazon Associates

    We give the Amazon Associates affiliate programme a thumbs up because, from its wide variety of goods to the user-friendliness of its operations, it scores highly. There are some drawbacks, which aren’t likely to change soon since the established Amazon Associates brand doesn’t have to worry much about competition. But since it’s relevant to many different industries, no matter your current activities, you are guaranteed to benefit from using this reliable affiliate network.


    • Wide range of products
    • User-friendly dashboard
    • Can use with a website or app
    • Dedicated influencer program also available


    • Can easily get kicked off the program for minor issues
    • Only link to product pages, not category pages
    • Short cookie duration
    • Complicated, long contract to review
    • Can’t use links as email marketing tools

    Awin (Formerly Affiliate Window)

    AWIN revpanda

    Awin as an affiliate network has been around since 2010 and has some impressive numbers. You can browse the products of over 21,000 advertisers, and there are more than 240,000 publishers who all contribute to this brand’s success. Awin’s success can be seen in the calibre of merchants you’ll find there, including partners like HP and Marks & Spencer.The affiliate network exists thanks to a series of acquisitions after taking over companies like Affiliate Window and Zanox. The main marketing company, carrying the Awin name, is of German origin and was founded in 2000.

    Niche/Product Types Versatile
    Average Commission Rate Varies based on the product
    Cookie Duration Average of 30 days, brand dependent
    Minimum Payout £20 / €20 / $20
    Payment Methods Wire transfer, SEPA, ACH, BACS, Domestic Payments
    Payment Duration 14 days
    Affiliate Support Type Email, Phone, Support ticket, Online help topics

    Our Verdict About Awin

    Overall, Awin is a helpful tool for affiliates and merchants to use. We think they can improve the navigation to certain information. For example, if you’re involved in a very niche market, you may struggle to find appropriate merchants through keyword searches. However, publishers do appreciate its user-friendly layout and welcome its stellar customer service. 


    • Easy to navigate
    • Wide variety of merchants
    • Many affiliates to choose from
    • Great integration with platforms like WordPress


    • Reporting can be improved
    • Some affiliates may need better screening

    CJ (Formerly Commission Junction)

    CJ (Formerly Commission Junction)

    CJ, formerly known as Commission Junction, was founded in 1998, and it’s been around long enough for the team to learn what this market requires. The CJ affiliate brand is also very proud of the technology they use to support their activities.With the CJ affiliate network, there are around 3,800 brands from around the world and over 165,000 affiliates. Because this is a versatile network with thousands of products relevant to multiple industries, it caters to billions of end users. 

    From Forbes and Fortune Magazine to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, CJ has received numerous awards and accolades. It proves their worth as an affiliate network and employer in the modern market.

    Niche/Product Types Versatile
    Average Commission Rate Varies based on the product, can be paid per sale, lead, call, view, or click
    Cookie Duration 1 – 120 days (45 days average)
    Minimum Payout $50 (Direct deposit) / $100 (Check)
    Payment Methods Payoneer, Bank transfer, Check
    Payment Duration Within 20 days of end of month
    Affiliate Support Type Support Centre online, Specialists available by phone, Email

    Our Verdict About CJ

    At CJ, you get it all, from good reporting to excellent security. Just be prepared for a long onboarding process. 

    For any brand that wants exposure and experienced affiliates who want to partner with big brands, CJ is worth a try. Note that if your marketing efforts don’t show results within six months, they’ll stop your account on the platform. So, it’s wise to only use this established affiliate network if you already have followers and an engaged audience. 


    • Quality reporting
    • Helps affiliate marketers and merchants grow
    • Wide range of products
    • Good security features


    • Not suited for newbie affiliates
    • Account can be shut down if not active enough
    • Long onboarding process



    Here’s another brand that’s been around for quite a while, starting back in 1998. It’s an affiliate network for both physical and digital products in over 250 categories, making it relevant for many merchants and publishers. As an affiliate, you can pick from tens of thousands of products!ClickBank provides a service that helps users make a bigger impact in the world of e-commerce. For example, there are training options, impressive reporting, and customised order forms. The marketplace provides a range of information about each product, so publishers can easily identify the best ones to share in their content. 

    Do note any additional fees that may be payable, such as dormant account fees. Therefore, once you commit to using the platform, keep the momentum going.

    Niche/Product Types Versatile
    Average Commission Rate High percentage, even 75%; Earning options: Revenue sharing or CPA
    Cookie Duration 60 days
    Minimum Payout $10
    Payment Methods Check, Bank Deposit, Wire Transfer
    Payment Duration Weekly/Fortnightly
    Affiliate Support Type Live Chat, Email, Phone

    Our Verdict About ClickBank

    Even if you are new to affiliate marketing, ClickBank is a good, versatile affiliate network to try. It’s user-friendly and covers many niches. However, we feel they can improve their customer service in terms of response times. 

    Not all the products are of good quality, though, so identify very high-quality products to avoid low sales numbers. Also, make sure you understand the small print regarding extra charges.


    • Dedicated account management for premier businesses
    • Easy signup
    • High commission rates


    • Lots of competition for affiliates
    • Slow customer service response

    eBay Partner Network

    eBay Partner Network

    eBay started in 1995, mostly as an online auction platform, but it’s also an online shopping site. Having established a multifaceted platform with decades of experience, the eBay Partner Network is one of the most popular affiliate networks today where affiliates and merchants are able to work with a well-established brand with which they can form long-term relationships.The eBay Partner Network understands the needs of users, as can be seen in the reporting they provide as well as helpful tools. For example, affiliates can create ads and plan campaigns with the help of the platform, which can assist them in improving sales figures.

    Niche/Product Types New and used products
    Average Commission Rate Depends on category (1% - 4%)
    Cookie Duration 24 Hours
    Minimum Payout $10
    Payment Methods EFT, PayPal
    Payment Duration Payments on 10th business day of each month
    Affiliate Support Type Online Submission Form, Support Centre Articles

    Our Verdict About eBay Partner Network

    For affiliates that are sure they can generate a lot of traffic and have an audience that will make quick decisions, the eBay Partner Network is worth joining. However, because of the low commission rates, you must make many sales to match the amount you could earn on some other affiliate programmes. It’s a trustworthy brand, but there are better affiliate networks to consider.


    • Payment for sales as well as driving traffic
    • Fast sign-up and approval
    • Tools to improve sales
    • Low minimum payout


    • Some products not eligible for commission
    • Low commission rates
    • Short cookie duration



    With Rakuten, you can see the trust the market has in the brand thanks to partnerships with companies like Udemy and Virgin Holidays. Rakuten hails from Japan and has become a strong contender thanks to acquiring other companies in the industry, such as LinkShare.Rakuten Advertising has been in operation for well over two decades, building up experience for what’s needed to help merchants and publishers excel. With a data-driven process, they’re able to connect affiliates with relevant brands. It’s easy for affiliates to find relevant products and affiliate programmes thanks to a user-friendly search and filter process. However, they still need improvement in some areas, as users do complain about things like customer service.

    Niche/Product Types Versatile
    Average Commission Rate Depends on the brand
    Cookie Duration Unclear
    Minimum Payout $50
    Payment Methods Check, PayPal, Direct deposit to bank
    Payment Duration 60 days on average
    Affiliate Support Type Chat, Email, Phone, Knowledge base

    Our Verdict About Rakuten

    With benefits like a low payment threshold, there are many reasons to join Rakuten as an affiliate. However, we’ve heard reports about payment delays, so be prepared to complain in order to get your payments resolved.


    • User-friendly tools, including creating affiliate links
    • Products from well-known brands
    • Established network


    • Site isn’t aesthetically pleasing
    • Not clear about details such as EPC for each product
    • Payments delayed because of approval process

    Avangate Affiliate Network


    Avangate, which has won a Best CPS/Affiliate Network Award as recently as 2019, was specifically created to solve the problem of selling more digital goods, such as software products. The founders, who were already active in the tech industry, established Avangate in 2006. A private equity firm, Francisco Partners, acquired the brand in 2013. Today, there are 1,200+ affiliate programmes that publishers can pick from, offering around 50,000 digital products.With offices in different countries around the globe, they provide a solid presence that all users can trust. However, note that users have reported issues, such as waiting long for payments and concerns about the security of private information; some issues do get resolved eventually after lengthy waiting periods.

    Niche/Product Types Software and digital goods
    Average Commission Rate Vendor dependent, 25% - 70% for products from market leading brands
    Cookie Duration 30 - 180 days (vendor dependent)
    Minimum Payout $100
    Payment Methods Wire transfer, Check, PayPal, Avangate Mastercard
    Payment Duration Monthly payments, 20 days after end of month
    Affiliate Support Type Email, Knowledge Center

    Our Verdict About Avangate

    With Avangate, you can learn a lot about affiliate marketing thanks to their reporting setup. However, it’s not for everyone because the product range is restricted to the tech industry. Also, make sure to check your payments regularly and follow up if you suspect there’s been a mistake.


    • Dynamic and helpful reporting
    • Quick signup process
    • Award winning brand


    • Niche product range
    • Some concerns about payments and usage of private information

    Best Specialised Affiliate Networks by Category

    While versatile affiliate networks create a platform for a diverse range of products, there are also specialised affiliate networks. Specialised networks focus on one or a few verticals and create an opportunity to boost passive income if affiliates find the best products that are more relevant to their target audiences. Publishers can use these platforms to scour the market for very high-quality products and good offers that may not be on the more versatile networks.

    For merchants, it’s valuable to use these specialised affiliate networks, too. For one thing, the affiliates they connect with may be more knowledgeable about their product range. This will help them produce digital marketing content that is more powerful and relevant, which will lead to more engagement, clicks, and sales.

    Gambling Affiliate Networks

    When you consider becoming an affiliate that helps increase traffic for online casinos and gambling, you’re joining an industry that’s valued at over $70 billion a year. Therefore, it’s worth trying to generate passive income from this popular market. This is a unique niche that requires affiliates to keep themselves informed on topics like legislation about online gambling, which can change from time to time in different countries. Still, with gambling and casino affiliate networks, it’s a much easier marketing process than you may think.

    On a gambling affiliate network, affiliates and gambling brands with affiliate programmes can connect. In this niche, there are unique features in terms of earning and different earning methods. For example, with some contracts, you may receive a set fee if someone has registered with the specific casino, while with others, you get paid a percentage of what an individual loses on the casino site. Furthermore, this affiliate niche has features like negative carryover, giving you a negative balance if one of your acquired players wins. It’s best to avoid platforms with this feature.

    The industry has many online gambling vendors, but some may close down without warning. Therefore, make sure the content you use in your digital marketing campaigns contains correct information and working links that will benefit not only your audience but also your sales figures.



    RevenueLab is an affiliate network that solely focuses on the iGaming industry. Instead of having to divide their attention to cover other verticals, they become experts in this niche.Since 2011, they’ve been running as an affiliate network, which has given them a lot of time to learn what customers, affiliates, and partners need. This is why they have been able to attract over 1,200 betting brands and 11,000+ affiliates thus far. As winners of awards such as “Affiliate Network of the Year,” one can also see that they carry the respect of the industry.The platform offers flexibility to affiliates since you can earn in many ways, including revenue share, CPA, and flat fee.

    Niche/Product Types iGaming
    Average Commission Rate Depends on the campaign (RevShare, CPA, Hybrid, Flat Fee, Listing Fee, and Min Guarantees)
    Cookie Duration N/A
    Minimum Payout N/A
    Payment Methods 20+, including Skrill, Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercar
    Payment Duration Monthly
    Affiliate Support Type Personal Manager

    Our Verdict About RevenueLab

    RevenueLab’s origins are affiliates who created a platform for others like them, resulting in a marketplace that’s very user-friendly for publishers. Features like a personal manager make life much easier for the modern affiliate who doesn’t want to waste time and energy.


    • At a glance dashboard for affiliates
    • Personally assigned managers
    • Flexibility in earning options
    • Multiple payout options
    • 1200+ casino brands
    • Quality support


    • Website could be more informative

    Vortex Alpha


    Originating in the UK, Vortex Alpha quickly became a global affiliate marketing network. It doesn’t exclusively focus on the online gambling niche but offers programmes in this vertical. So, use this network if you’re looking for some flexibility in the types of products you feature in your digital marketing content. Affiliates benefit from a very robust tracking system. Also, features like dedicated account managers, affiliate marketing tools to use, and success stories from users around the globe prove it’s a winning team to join.

    Niche/Product Types Various, including iGaming, dating, crypto, nutra
    Average Commission Rate Different deals available for CPA, CPL, and revenue share
    Cookie Duration N/A
    Minimum Payout $250
    Payment Methods PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Bitcoin, Payoneer, bank transfer
    Payment Duration Weekly, Monthly or Bi-Monthly
    Affiliate Support Type Email, Phone

    Our Verdict About Vortex Alpha

    Try Vortex Alpha if the multiple verticals they provide will be beneficial in terms of having product variety to share with your audience. Other benefits include the fact that the casino industry is one of Vortex Alpha’s strengths and having a dedicated account manager.


    • Account managers
    • Flexible payment options
    • Live tracking of performance


    • High minimum payout
    • Joining as an advertiser can take a long time

    CBD Affiliate Networks

    With the CBD and marijuana industries being somewhat controversial, it’s important to do CBD business with the right partners—and that rule applies to CBD affiliates too. You don’t want to refer individuals to unreputable suppliers, especially in countries and states where rules are strict. This makes it worthwhile to use trusted CBD affiliate networks to find the CBD affiliate programmes you’ll be proud to be part of.

    This is a unique affiliate niche since affiliates must make sure their audience will be interested in the products they share links to. Otherwise, it won’t be a very lucrative business idea. For any CBD merchant or affiliate looking for the best in the business, the following networks are worth a try.



    CrakRevenue was envisioned in 2004, and the company started in 2010. Since the CEO and founder were affiliates themselves, the platform has features that are very relevant to publishers, as well as advanced services and helpful tools that help advertisers too.Along with the CBD niche, this affiliate network has many other verticals, such as dating and gaming, which are both interesting if you want to venture out and try your hand at other niches too.

    Niche/Product Types Various including CBD, dating, adult gaming
    Average Commission Rate Defined in the affiliate agreement
    Cookie Duration N/A
    Minimum Payout $100 for Check, ePayService, Paxum, PayPal / $500 for Bitcoin and wire
    Payment Methods Bitcoin, Check, ePayService, Paxum, PayPal, Wire
    Payment Duration Weekly or bi-monthly; 7, 15 or 30 days after the last day of the payment period
    Affiliate Support Type Live chat, email, knowledge base

    Our Verdict About CrakRevenue

    CrakRevenue is great as a CPA network, and thanks to its user friendliness, it’s a good place for newbies to start. Because of its range of adult-focused programmes and available products, it’s very appropriate for those interested in CBD affiliate work.


    • Can supplement income with pop-unders/back offers
    • Good customer support with fast replies
    • Flexible payout options


    • Occasional blocked accounts without warning
    • Shorter track record than some other brands

    Algo Affiliates

    Algo Affiliates

    Algo-Affiliates is a reputable affiliate network that affiliates interested in the CBD niche can trust. Affiliates can also easily find other related products, as this platform can connect them to merchants in the beauty, health, and weight loss industries.The company uses in-house-designed algorithms to help you easily navigate between various steps in the affiliate marketing process. For example, its Traffic Monetization Algorithm helps customise ads to suit a target audience’s preferences. This is sure to affect affiliates’ CTR performance positively.

    Niche/Product Types Various, including CBD, finance, nutra, crypto, dating
    Average Commission Rate Different deals available for CPA, CPS and CPL
    Cookie Duration Varies per offer
    Minimum Payout Varies based on programme
    Payment Methods PayPal, Wire, Crypto
    Payment Duration Varies based on programme
    Affiliate Support Type Email, personal manager, Skype

    Our Verdict About Algo-Affiliates

    When working with Algo-Affiliates, you can benefit from some of the best technology appropriate for this type of marketing. For CBD affiliates, there are many other relevant categories that your adult audiences will appreciate.

    Just be prepared for the fact that it’s a bit difficult to plan since there’s such variance in terms of commission rates and even cookie duration. 


    • Personal publisher manager
    • Supplement income by referring other affiliates
    • Supports multiple languages
    • Uses impressive technology
    • Free trial


    • Vague about some important details
    • Doesn’t focus on the CBD niche only, so the expertise may lack

    Armorica Network

    Armorica Network

    It’s worth noting that Armorica Network has only been around since 2017, so the platform has less experience than many others on our list. Still, for CBD affiliate programmes, Armorica Network is a wise option since a large percentage of its verticals relate to this niche. The niches and brands create a large scope in terms of product options that will be relevant to people who are part of the CBD community. You’ll find many helpful tools on this platform that result in more effective affiliate marketing.

    Niche/Product Types Various including CBD, CBD for pets, hemp, CBD oil, health, beauty, hobbies, dating, supplements
    Average Commission Rate CPA, CPL and revenue share offers available – brand dependent
    Cookie Duration N/A
    Minimum Payout $100
    Payment Methods Various including WebMoney, ePayments, Bitcoin, Wire
    Payment Duration 7 days
    Affiliate Support Type Chat, Email

    Our Verdict About Armorica Network

    Compared to versatile networks, this shorter list of verticals makes it easier to find CBD and a few other closely related products to publish links for. Therefore, newbies to affiliate marketing won’t feel overwhelmed by too much information and products to consider. Still, for the CBD community, there’s a lot to choose from. 


    • Can place request to research market for offer types
    • Real time reporting
    • Well-known brands
    • Huge focus on CBD and related programs


    • Short period of operation compared to some other networks

    Fintech Affiliate Networks

    Consumers think very carefully when it comes to anything related to financial management. Instead of trusting the marketing jargon of a brand, they may rather trust the influencers and bloggers they’ve come to value, making affiliate links valuable for merchants.

    It’s not the most interesting topic to discuss, but for influencers and bloggers who create financial content, this may be a vital avenue to consider. While consumers can be directed towards products that affiliates deem worthwhile, fintech brands have the advantage of an engaged audience discovering their offerings.

    Therefore, all parties involved can benefit extremely from fintech affiliate networks. With the right message, individuals and even businesses may realise there are better methods, in the form of digital resources, to enjoy more control over their finances.