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Learn more about how the best pet affiliate programs work in our complete guide. Choose from top-rated programs to market high-quality pet products and services.

Best Pet Affiliate Programs in 2024

The pet care industry is valued at billions of dollars, making pet affiliate programs one of the most profitable options for brands and publishers. Affiliates can generate extra income by promoting a wide range of products to pet owners. They first need to find a reliable pet affiliate program with quality offers and attractive commission rates. In this article, we have reviewed the best programs for affiliate marketers in the pet niche.

What Is a Pet Affiliate Marketing Program?

Understanding pet affiliate marketing is the first step if you are new to this topic. It is a form of advertising where publishers promote products or services of companies that focus on pets. For example, affiliate marketers can advertise dog beds, food, GPS trackers, supplements, or walking, sitting, and grooming services to dog owners and earn a commission. It all begins by finding and joining a reputable pet affiliate program, which provides a payment system through which marketers receive their earnings. You can find one on a pet brand’s website or on the best affiliate networks available online.

Marketers normally get a unique affiliate link to share with pet owners on personal or company websites, blogs, social media, and videos. The objective is to generate affiliate sales by attracting people who are interested in pet products or related services. Commissions are usually paid when someone makes a purchase or pays for a subscription program.

How Do Pet Affiliate Networks Work?

Many programs with commission structures for paying marketers are hosted on pet affiliate networks. The latter refers to online platforms that act as intermediaries between affiliates, publishers and merchants or brands that manufacture products. For the purposes of this article, we are talking about online marketplaces where marketers can discover and partner with companies that want to advertise pet care supplies, products, and services.
One of the benefits of joining an affiliate network is that there are many programs to choose from. It’s also easier for merchants to find established publishers who can sell their products and services to potential buyers or subscribers. Moreover, affiliates can get the support and materials they need to effectively promote companies and their offerings.

Advantages of Pet Affiliate Networks

Pet ownership has become popular these days, considering that many people want to keep dogs, cats, reptiles, and other animals in their homes. By 2030, the global pet care industry market size is expected to grow to $368.88 billion. This means that there are many opportunities for everyone who is involved in selling pet products.

As the number of pet owners continues to grow, affiliate marketers have a chance to earn extra commissions while helping companies advertise pet-related products and services. Let’s explore the benefits of joining networks with pet affiliate program options.

Pet Enthusiast Audience

By joining pet affiliate marketing programs and networks, marketers can get in touch with passionate people who want to buy things that will help take care of their cute companions. The more publishers interact with pet parents, guardians, or owners, the more opportunities they get to attract traffic and drive conversions. Thanks to the internet, affiliate marketing is a cost-effective option for generating sales in any industry.

Niche Product Range

The best pet affiliate programs allow marketers to sell a wide range of products and services that most dog and cat owners want. Many brands in the pet industry also offer the services of dog trainers, sitters, walkers, daycares, and veterinarians. They provide everything pet owners need to improve their pet’s health while focusing on the targeted audience. Overall, choosing a good affiliate network means that publishers can find a whole lot of pet products to sell.

Recurring Purchases

Affiliate marketers in the pet niche have a great opportunity to earn commissions by generating sales. Most pet owners look for and purchase food, grooming supplies, treats, accessories, and health-related items regularly. If you join affiliate programs for pet products to advertise the leading brands in the industry, you will get a chance to promote as many products as possible and earn decent amounts of money.

Emotional Appeal

The relationship between pets and humans can evoke emotions and create robust bonds that are extremely hard to break. Research shows that pet owners who form emotional connections with pets experience peace, love, and joy. A product that promotes dog health, for instance, can trigger strong emotions among owners. If you choose a great affiliate program, you can take advantage of such feelings to persuade prospective customers to make a purchase.

10 Best Pet Affiliate Programs

Our experts have taken the time to pick and review the top pet affiliate programs you can find today. We have considered several factors, including a wide range of offers in the pet niche, superior customer service, and high commission rates. Whether you want to promote dog beds, food, or health products, there are many pet affiliate networks and programs to choose from.

Chewy Affiliate Program

Chewy’s mission is to be the most trusted and convenient online pet supply retailer. The company’s website is home to more than 3,000 pet brands with everything you need to keep your dog, cat, fish, frog, lizard, turtle, rabbit, or parrot safe and healthy. There are many pet products to choose from, including dog food, grooming equipment, fish tanks, vitamins, supplements, cages, bird perches, toys, and beds. Healthcare services and treatments for various health conditions are also available at Chewy.

Marketers looking to promote the aforementioned products are free to join Chewy’s pet affiliate program. It is hosted on Partnerize, one of the most popular CPS affiliate networks trusted by leading brands in various industries. Without thousands of products to market, affiliates can earn a 4% commission on new and existing customer orders. The program is free to join, providing affiliates with an easy-to-use reporting interface, newsletters, and a reliable support team.

ProgramChewy Affiliate Program
Commission ModelsCPS
Payment Terms4% commission, monthly
Cookie Duration15-day
Affiliate SupportEmail

Our Verdict About Program

Chewy’s affiliate program is one of the best for marketers in the pet niche. Although the commission rate is lower than what other programs offer, the website stocks thousands of quality brands and provides affiliates with a dedicated in-house affiliate team. Other benefits include regular newsletters and reporting tools to analyse your performance.

  • Over 3,000 brands
  • Regular updates
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Easy to join
  • Low commission

Furbo Dog Camera Affiliate Program

Furbo is one of the leading brands for owners who wish to monitor their animals with pet cameras even when they are away from home. The company provides people who own dogs and cats with a 360-degree full HD pet camera that supports WiFi connections and works with Alexa. With the ability to rotate smoothly to capture all corners, the camera allows you to see and interact with your furry friends in real time. Pet owners can also toss treats from anywhere, talk to their canine friends, and take unlimited photos or videos. Moreover, the company offers a pet nanny with real-time alerts, video highlights, and recordings.

If you are fascinated by Furbo’s pet cameras and nanny, you can market these products and earn a commission. The first step is to join the company’s affiliate program, which is hosted on various networks such as ShareASale and Yazing. Affiliates get 5% of the sale amount and receive their payments every month. There’s a cookie duration of 30 days during which your referral must purchase a product after clicking on your link for you to earn a commission.

ProgramFurbo Affiliate Program
Commission ModelsCPS
Payment Terms5% per sale, Monthly
Cookie Duration30 days
Affiliate Support-

Our Verdict About Program

Furbo offers an appealing pet affiliate program that you can join to market pet cameras. The program runs on reliable networks that provide publishers with timely payments, marketing materials, and the latest offers and coupons to entice potential pet owners to buy. However, there are only two major products to promote, the camera and pet nanny.

  • Globally recognised pet cameras
  • Current coupons and offer
  • Timely payouts
  • 30-day cookie
  • Few products to sell

Embark Pets

Established in 2015, Embark is one of the fastest-growing dog support brands with products that any pet owner wishes to have. It all started with 3 humans and 2 dogs with a mission to create the world’s most comfortable and stylish pet gear. Embark is now a remarkable choice for regular pet owners looking for top-notch harnesses, leashes, collars, jackets, and bundles. There is something for every owner or parent, regardless of their dog breed.

Joining the Embark pet affiliate marketing program is a great way for publishers to earn extra income. The default commission rate from links and purchases through Amazon and Shopify is 10% of total sales. Moreover, the company is generous enough to reward you with $25 on your next purchase. Considering that Amazon is the world’s biggest shopping platform, it is easy to find many customers looking for dog products around the world. Payouts are processed every month, and the cookie duration is 90 days.

ProgramEmbark Affiliate Program
Commission ModelsCPS
Payment Terms10% per sale, Monthly
Cookie Duration90 days
Affiliate SupportEmail

Our Verdict About Program

The Embark Pets affiliate program stands out for offering a decent CPS rate, exclusive discounts, and amazing products that are easy to promote through Amazon and Shopify. It also offers one of the longest cookie durations, allowing you to earn commissions within 90 days of the customer clicking on your affiliate link. However, you only have about five products to market, and there are no pet foods or healthcare services to promote.

  • Regular newsletters
  • Commission tracking
  • Exclusive offers
  • Discounts on the Embark website
  • Limited product range


Barkbox is a well-known dog toy and treat brand that offers a monthly subscription service. The company’s product categories include the BarkBox, Super Chewer, Food, and Dental. Dog lovers can also get personalised gifts for their pets. The BarkBox contains monthly treats and toys that are delivered to subscribers with a 100% happiness guarantee. Food products from Barkbox include kibble, toppers, supplements, and treats. On the other hand, pet owners looking to keep their pets’ teeth clean can buy dental kits and chews to reduce plaque buildup.

For marketers, Barkbox is a reputable pet brand to market and earn some money in the process. Publishers need to join the pet affiliate program, which is available on the CJ Affiliates network. Commissions are paid for every sale or subscription sign-up achieved through your affiliate link. Payout amounts can range from $18 to $20 for successful subscription sign-ups and 10% per sale for Bark food sales. There are no commissions on gift cards.

ProgramBARK Affiliate & Creator Program!
Commission ModelsCost Per Sale or Sign-up
Payment Terms$10-$20 per sign-up, 10% CPS
Cookie Duration-
Affiliate SupportEmail

Our Verdict About Program

Barkbox offers a great affiliate program for anyone interested in the pet niche. Marketers can make money by promoting the brand’s subscription service or products such as treats, toys, and supplements. The cost-per-sale rate is reasonable, and there are attractive offers and excellent support support services for affiliates. However, there are no products or boxes for partners.

  • Exclusive affiliate offers
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Dedicated affiliate support
  • Several products
  • No free boxes or products for partners


Ollie was founded in 2016 and has its headquarters in New York. The company offers a subscription box service, allowing pet lovers to access human-grade dog food, personalised health screening, supplements, and treats. Subscribers first need to introduce their dog’s breed and characteristics by completing a quiz. They then receive a starter box with two weeks of dog food and tools. The company can even deliver dog food to the customer’s doorstep.

The Ollie pet affiliate marketing program runs on, which is one of the most popular networks. It gives marketers a great opportunity to earn $60 per order if they successfully refer customers and generate sales. Not only that, affiliates are among the first people to discover the latest products and events. They also have 30 days of cookie duration to convince a prospective buyer to place an order so they can earn a commission through the program. The network provides everything affiliates need to make the marketing process seamless.

ProgramOllie Pets’ Partner Program
Commission ModelsCPS
Payment TermsFixed commission of $60
Cookie Duration30 days
Affiliate Support-

Our Verdict About Program

The Ollie affiliate program was designed with all types of people in mind. Whether you are a dog trainer, blogger, owner, or nutritionist, you can sign up on to promote the company’s products and services. The commission rate is good, and marketers are provided with regular updates to keep tabs on the latest products, content, and events. However, Ollie only focuses on dog products, so it may not appeal to affiliates looking to promote products for other pets.

  • Healthy dog products
  • Product updates
  • Quick registration
  • Decent commissions
  • Only for dog-related products


Most pet owners love to know the whereabouts of their dogs and cats. FitBark makes this possible by providing superior-quality dog GPS trackers. By doing this, the company hopes to inspire safe and healthy relationships between pets and humans. Its GPC tracker is especially suitable for puppies and kitties who want to have fun outdoors without supervision. Whether the owner resides in urban or rural areas, the product uses cutting-edge technology to track pets in real time. Thus, it is easy to know where one’s dog or cat is at any given time.

FitBark also offers a pet affiliate program powered by the ShareASale affiliate network. The starting commission rate is 12% per sale. If you generate high-quality traffic, however, you can be eligible for better commission rates. You don’t have to maintain a minimum amount of sales to remain in the program. But you need to have at least $50 in your account to receive your earnings every month. The program’s cookie duration is a whopping 60 days.

ProgramFitBark Affiliate Marketing Program
Commission ModelsCPS
Payment Terms12% per sale, Monthly
Cookie Duration60 days
Affiliate SupportEmail

Our Verdict About Program

FitBark is one of the most trusted pet brands for people who would like to track their dogs and cats to make sure they are safe wherever they go. This company also offers one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers, dog daycares, trainers, walkers, and veterinarians. The most impressive features include a generous CPS rate, a high average order size, and 60 days of cookies. However, the US dollar is the only currency used to process affiliate payments.

  • High average order size
  • Custom links and banners
  • Available around the world
  • 60 days of cookie
  • All payments are processed in USD


Petco is one of the top brands for people looking for premium pet supplies. It offers all kinds of services to cat, fish, snake, frog, bird, and dog owners. Even farm animals, such as horses, pigs, and chickens, have not been left behind. The company’s offerings include food, treats, habitats, dog grooming tools, and health products. Pet owners can also shop for pet prescriptions at the Petco pharmacy, get pet insurance, and access dog training and veterinary services at affordable prices. The latter includes pet examinations, vaccinations, and pest control.

Besides its quality supplies and food, Petco offers one of the best affiliate programs for pet products. The program is available on Impact Radius, where affiliates can track links and monitor their performance with real-time reporting tools. Marketers receive a 2% commission per sale when referrals purchase the company’s pet food, supplies, or services. Marketing support and newsletters are available to help publishers run effective marketing campaigns. The Petco affiliate program offers one of the shortest cookie durations of 7 days.

ProgramPetco Affiliate Program
Commission ModelsCPS
Payment Terms2% per sale
Cookie Duration7 Days
Affiliate SupportEmail

Our Verdict About Program

There are several reasons why Petco has one of the top pet product affiliate programs. This includes a variety of products to promote, marketing support for publishers, exclusive discounts, and regular newsletters. However, you will notice that the commission rate is lower than what most programs offer. Another notable issue is the relatively short cookie duration. Petco only tracks links for 7 days, while other brands can track for 30, 60, or even 90 days.

  • Wide range of products
  • Marketing support
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Regular newsletters
  • Low commission rate
  • Short cookie duration


The PetSmart website allows pet owners to find a wide range of widely popular stores with products and services that bring pet parents closer to their friendly companions. It targets people who keep or take care of dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and farm animals. There are different types of products, including pet food, apparel, toys, and treats. Moreover, there are many services, such as grooming, boarding, dog training, doggie day camps, and veterinary care. These products and services are available in more than 1,500 stores in the US and Canada.

Marketers can earn income by advertising products and services through the Petsmart pet affiliate program on FlexOffers. Publishers can also benefit from exclusive deals and enjoy a cookie duration of 30 days. What’s more, the brand has a Treats Program for the most loyal customers. This scheme allows you to earn loyalty points for every $1 spent online or in physical stores. You can then redeem them for discounts on pet services and products.

ProgramPetsmart Affiliate Program
Commission ModelsCPS
Payment Terms-
Cookie Duration30 days
Affiliate SupportEmail

Our Verdict About Program

Promoting PetSmart through the company’s affiliate program is easy since this is one of the most popular retail pet suppliers in the US and Canada. The platform provides access to more than 1,500 sites with all types of products for different types of pets and farm animals. Publishers with blogs and websites can also benefit from exclusive offers, marketing materials, and reasonable cookie duration. However, the program is most likely to appeal to people in North America, where the products are targeted.

  • Exclusive deals
  • Attractive discounts
  • Product range
  • Reasonable cookie duration
  • Targets North America


Founded in 2011, Rover has positioned itself as the largest network in the world for pet owners searching for 5-star sitters and walkers. The brand’s mission is to make it easier for dogs and cats to experience the kind of love they deserve. It offers several services, including boarding, sitting, dog walking, and daycare in neighbourhoods across the US, Europe, Canada, and the UK. The company empowers pet sitters and walkers with the tools they need to keep their pets safe as they take care of other businesses.

Rover’s pet affiliate program is available on various networks, such as FlexOffers and Skimlinks. The availability of numerous pet care options means there are many services to promote, including dog boarding, walking, and sitting by experienced professionals in the industry. Commission rates can range from 10% to 15% per sale, depending on the selected network and service. The program also offers a cookie duration of 30 days on FlexOffers.

ProgramRover Affiliate Program
Commission ModelsCPS
Payment Terms15% per sale
Cookie Duration30 days
Affiliate Support-

Our Verdict About Program

Promoting pet-sitting services as well as dog boarding and walking allows you to earn attractive commissions through Rover’s pet affiliate program. The program is available to affiliates in various countries and is one of the best when it comes to customer service and the amount a marketer can earn per sale. However, like most programs, it only offers single-tier commissions.

  • Generous commission rate
  • Promotional material
  • Excellent support service
  • Many traffic sources accepted
  • Single-tier commissions

Criteria to Choose the Best Pet Affiliate Programs

Finding the most suitable pet affiliate program can take time if you don’t know where to look. You need to have an idea of the best pet brands to market and know the characteristics of a reliable program. The good news is that there’s no need to go through the tedious research process because we have already done that on your behalf. However, it helps to know which criteria we use only to recommend the top pet affiliate programs. You can learn more about the steps we take in the following sections.


Commission Structure and Rates

First, examine the pet affiliate program’s commission structure. This is important because the pricing model determines how much the advertiser will pay for your marketing. You want high earnings, so the default percentage commission should be appealing. The best affiliate networks and programs also offer different types of commission structures. These include revenue share (RevShare) cost per sale (CPS), cost per click (CPC), and cost per lead (CPL) among others.


Brand Reputation

Carefully investigate the pet brand to make sure it has a positive image and good reviews from customers. You can begin by comparing a variety of companies, like the ones we have listed on this page. This will help you find the finest brands with the most sought-after pet care supplies. A company with reputable products will certainly be easy to market to potential customers. Good brands offer affiliate account managers and marketing materials like banners and landing pages.


Pet Product Variety and Quality

Find pet product affiliate programs that market a wide range of high-quality products. The best ones will let you market products that pet owners need almost every day. It is also important to find out if the brand caters to customers with different types of pets, such as dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and birds. The greater the number of products and services, the higher your chances of finding pet owners who are willing to pay for them.


Health and Wellness Focus

Always prioritise the pet’s health and wellness when choosing affiliate programs. You want your customers to not only make their first purchase but also come back to you to earn recurring commissions. You should, therefore, focus on high-quality pet food, the best health products, and approved supplements. Some of the best ones have human-grade ingredients that provide pets with the necessary nutrients to live a healthy life.

Start Earning Commissions with the Best Pet Affiliate Programs

The top pet affiliate programs offer a chance to earn passive income as you market different types of products and services. All you have to do is convince pet lovers to buy cat food, dog treats, toys, health items, treats, or anything else that would make their furry friends happy and healthy. You can get started by joining any of our recommended affiliate programs for pets.

As the global pet industry continues to expand, the opportunities to earn more money as an affiliate will also increase. We recommend working with the Revpanda team to enhance your affiliate marketing strategy and reach your target audience in the most effective ways. Get in touch with us now to access expert help on how to write SEO content, build links, and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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We have explained everything you need to know about pet affiliate programs in this guide, so you should read through to understand how affiliates, pet owners, and advertisers can benefit from them. The following FAQs summarise the main points marketers should note before joining such programs.

A pet affiliate program is simply a payment arrangement between a marketer and a brand that manufactures or sells pet products. The work of affiliates is to advertise the company’s products or services and earn commissions for generating new purchases.

Each marketer on the program gets a unique affiliate link that they can share with pet owners on social media, blogs, websites, or YouTube videos. Commissions depend on the pricing model used and the number of sales or leads generated.

Top-rated affiliate programs for pets are characterised by high commissions, a variety of quality products, a positive brand name, and a focus on pet health and well-being. We have listed such programs on this page for you to choose from quickly.

Pet parents or guardians can not only find the products and services they need but also enjoy other benefits of affiliate programs. For example, you can find a program where a pet owner can earn commissions by referring other owners.