Best Revenue Share Affiliate Networks 2023

We took an in depth look at modern RevShare affiliate networks. Learn about the market and make smart choices when picking your next RevShare affiliate program.

Popular Revenue Share Affiliate Networks


Kawaii Partners is a top-performing affiliate, specializing in iGaming. It has a strong reputation with a variety of payment methods, guaranteed payouts and a flawless platform.

  • Unique player retention strategies
  • Advanced affiliate platform
  • Dedicated personal manager
  • Fast & Guaranteed payouts

Launched in 2018, Traffic Cake focuses on iGaming, offering up to 60% RevShare commissions and allowing hybrid deals. Simple, user-friendly site with weekly payouts and personal managers.

  • iGaming Focus
  • Up to 60% RevShare
  • Hybrid Deal Options
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Weekly Payouts

Armorica Network offers diverse affiliate marketing opportunities, featuring renowned brands like Sony and Nike with up to 70% commission rates. Versatile niches, quick payouts, and excellent support.

  • Renowned Brand Partnerships
  • Up to 70% Commission Rates
  • Versatile Niche Selection
  • Quick Payouts (7 days)
  • Excellent Support Options

Established in 2012, ClickDealer, a well-regarded affiliate network, offers diverse niches, focusing on beneficial verticals for RevShare earnings like gaming. Modern platform, 10,000+ publishers, and renowned partners.

  • Diverse Verticals
  • Focus on RevShare Niches
  • Esteemed Industry Reputation
  • Robust Information Platform
  • 24/7 Support

Since 2011, RevenueLab focuses exclusively on iGaming, boasting over 1,200 betting brands, 11,000+ affiliates, and awards like “Affiliate Network of the Year.” Flexible earnings and quality support.

  • Exclusive iGaming Focus
  • Over 1,200 Betting Brands
  • Award-Winning Network
  • Varied Earning Options
  • Personal Affiliate Managers

Established in 2015, Advendor boasts innovative technology with a proprietary tracking system, serving a global market with over 30,000 affiliates and a variety of earning methods.

  • Proprietary Tracking System
  • Global Market Presence
  • Variety of Earning Methods
  • Large Network of Publishers and Advertisers
  • Weekly Payments

Best Revenue Share Affiliate Networks 2023

Acting as the middleman, revenue share affiliate networks enable affiliates to earn a percentage of what merchants’ income is from specific products or projects that the affiliates have secured the advertisers. It’s a lucrative affiliate marketing earning plan, especially if advertisers pay high commission rates. On a RevShare affiliate network, you can easily find different revenue share programs to try out.

You will learn how exactly this earning plan works and how to ensure you benefit optimally when using it as part of your affiliate business. We also showcase the best revenue share affiliate networks on today’s market. Compare networks, programs, and earning plans in order to pick the best affiliate programs to grow your business.

How Do Revenue Share Affiliate Networks Work?

On revenue share affiliate networks, you can search for revenue share affiliate programs offered by merchants who need assistance in marketing to a wider audience. In return for obtaining high quality traffic that results in revenue, the merchant pays the affiliate marketer a percentage of the income resulting from generated leads.

A RevShare affiliate network serves as the meeting place for merchants and affiliates to find each other. To be clear, RevShare can be the only earning plan or one of many earning options available on an affiliate network. Each earning plan is unique, and affiliates must determine which network and affiliate program will benefit them the most.

The commission an affiliate marketer gets depends on the affiliate program and the offer from the merchant. It can range from as little as 5% up to 90% even. Merchants are willing to pay such high rates since they’re only required to pay as long as there are sales and revenue generated. In some cases, the earning potential is ongoing, as long as there’s recurring revenue from a lead that turned into a new customer.

In these scenarios, RevShare affiliate networks have various roles in the affiliate marketing pipeline. The network will ensure that the affiliate keeps receiving the promised commission payments. Monitoring this process is made possible by technology. Firstly, there’s an affiliate link, which the affiliate marketer uses in digital marketing campaigns as a blogger, influencer, or marketer. Then, technologies such as cookies and algorithms track the activity of each lead generated by that affiliate link.

The best affiliate networks do more than just handle payments between merchants and affiliates. They also offer useful services, like tools that help affiliates improve their marketing efforts and campaigns. Reputable networks can also provide account managers to offer advice. There are usually no costs involved for affiliates to join, but some affiliate networks do have strict application processes.

How Can Affiliates Benefit from the Revenue Sharing Model?

The standout feature of RevShare affiliate programs that affiliate marketers appreciate is the possibility of lifetime earnings. Unlike many other earning models where you’ll only be eligible for a once-off payout, revenue share means you’re sharing in the spoils of all the revenue your marketing made possible. This means passive income streams for affiliate marketers and never ending growth.

Do take note that contracts differ, so one affiliate program may have lifetime cookies, while others will pay a share of the revenue for a certain period only. When looking at revenue share affiliate program offers, it’s also very common to see high commission rates. Furthermore, offers don’t necessarily have a predetermined cap on how much you can earn. All of this results in beneficial income streams for affiliates.

5 Best Revenue Share Affiliate Networks

If you want to incorporate more revenue share affiliate programs into your affiliate services business, it’s important to identify the best ones on the modern market. And for that, revenue share affiliate marketing networks are the best resources to use. You can look through the different offers from merchants and choose the ones that fit with your online marketing content and audience.

Also, since some affiliate networks showcase offers with different earning plans, you can use one platform to view all your options, easily find beneficial affiliate marketing offers, and start earning from a variety of commission models. After all, they all have their own benefits and drawbacks.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 RevShare affiliate networks that are well-known for assisting affiliates in optimizing their income, particularly in terms of RevShare earnings. By using information on the verticals they’re most known for, available payment options, and user friendliness, you can quickly create your shortlist on which networks to try next.



The RevenueLab affiliate marketing platform was started in 2011 and focuses on the iGaming niche. In just over a decade, it has managed to earn awards, including Sigma’s Affiliate Network of the Year in 2022. Also, in this short period, it has drawn 11,000 affiliates that make use of offers that involve 1,200 brands. That’s more than enough to give followers a variety of offers to choose from and, thus, give affiliate marketers a better chance at earning well.Part of RevenueLab’s secret to success was taking their time in perfecting the platform. This was done over a 2-year period where they only served a few publishers before introducing it to a worldwide audience. Today, they have a group of 80 employees that serve their network from 8 different countries around the globe.

RevenueLab does offer various earning options, of which RevShare is a popular option, and you can expect high rates in the commission structure. They’re also particular about making sure affiliates’ contract details won’t change and publishers can enjoy lifetime earnings.

Network RevenueLab
Niche/Product Types iGaming
Average Commission Rate Depends on campaign
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout N/A
Payment Methods 20+, including Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin
Payment Duration Monthly
Affiliate Support Type Personal Manager, Chat

Our Verdict About RevenueLab

RevenueLab is an affiliate network with a very specific vertical, but thanks to iGaming getting more traction all the time, this will become more and more relevant for many different affiliate marketers’ followers. Therefore, we think it’s worth adding it to your affiliate marketing list.  


  • Large number of brands involved
  • Offers convenient payment methods
  • Regular payouts
  • Popular niche
  • 300+ GEOs


  • Limited verticals
  • No phone number for support

Advendor Affiliate Network

Advendor Affiliate Network

Advendor has only been around since 2015, but don’t underestimate this brand just because they are newbies compared to some others on the list. This affiliate network is a smart option when looking for RevShare affiliate program options because of their diverse verticals, which include dating offers and gaming. These types of niches offer great earning potential for RevShare affiliates. Also, they already have over 500 advertisers whose offers you can browse, and this has drawn over 30,000 publishers. We do hope they can increase their number of active offers, though. In general, it stands at less than 400.The brand employs in-house software, so you know you’re working with tools designed specifically for affiliate marketing. They do have offers that enable you to earn through different earning models, so if you want to try a mix of revenue share, CPA, and others, Advendor is one platform where you can try it all.

Network Advendor 
Niche/Product Types Various
Average Commission Rate 3% referral program; CPA offers, CPL offers, CPI, Revenue Sharing program
Cookie Duration Traffic moderation of 3 hours
Minimum Payout $50, but $200 for PayPal and $2,000 for Wire
Payment Methods Qiwi wallet, Yandex, WMZ, Wire, PayPal, Webmoney, Epayments
Payment Duration Weekly
Support Telegram, email, Live chat, dedicated affiliate managers

Our Verdict About Advendor

We think the verticals that Advendor offers can be beneficial to anyone looking for more revenue share earning opportunities. Also, because they offer variety in terms of verticals and earning plans, newbies have a chance to try it all out and gain experience, all from one platform.


  • Affiliate manager for assistance
  • Quality software
  • Proof of growth in a short period of time
  • Low minimum payout


  • Not a long track record
  • Limited offers compared to other market leaders

Traffic Cake


Traffic Cake is another one of the casino affiliate networks worth checking out if your followers are likely to respond to offers from the iGaming world. This is the niche that this affiliate network focuses on, covering offers for sports, eSports, and online casinos. So, instead of just having knowledge about affiliate marketing in general, behind the scenes there are experts at work who know this industry and can get affiliates the best offers.Similar to Advendor, they haven’t been around for that long, but in a little over 5 years, they’ve become an authorized partner of many market-leading brands. Though they’re new, they’re drawing positive reviews from many users.

Network Traffic Cake
Niche/Product Types e-sports, Casino, Sports
Average Commission Rate Revshare up to 60%
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout €50
Payment Methods Skrill, NETELLER, QIWI, Webmoney WMZ, Bitcoin, and Capitalist (options depend on country and currency)
Payment Duration Weekly payouts
Affiliate Support Type Skype, Telegram

Our Verdict About Traffic Cake

Traffic Cake can make it easy for affiliates to earn their commissions, since their offers may accept all types of traffic. Whether you’re active on YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook, you can be eligible for huge payouts—especially with such high RevShare commission rates of 60%.


  • Experts on iGaming
  • High RevShare commission rates
  • CPA-RevShare hybrid deals available
  • Multiple communication options


  • Site contains limited information
  • New player in the industry

Armorica Network

Armorica Network

Here’s another affiliate network that doesn’t necessarily focus on RevShare but has multiple features that benefit publishers who want to expand their revenue sharing income streams. For example, you can do affiliate marketing for world-famous brands like Sony, Puma, Nike, and AliExpress. And even for some of these renowned companies, offers can include 50% or 70% commission rates. Furthermore, with verticals like dating that are excellent for RevShare affiliates, they have a lot that’s attractive for newbies and established publishers.Armorica Network is able to provide this excellent service thanks to their great network, which includes over 3,000 affiliates, more than 200 advertisers, and the millions of clicks they can report on.

Network Armorica
Niche/Product Types Versatile including CBD, hemp, dating, and health & beauty
Average Commission Rate Offer dependent, up to 70% RevShare
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout $100
Payment Methods Various including WebMoney, ePayments, Bitcoin, Wire
Payment Duration 7 days
Support Type Chat, Email

Our Verdict About Armorica Network

As can be seen from Armorica Network’s own site content, there is a huge focus on CPA offers. However, the brand still delivers excellent offers for RevShare earners as well, so they’re worth a try. We also appreciate the ways they aim to make it easier for publishers, such as multiple contact options, real-time statistics, and quick payouts.


  • Network will search for more offers upon request
  • Famous industry players
  • High commission rates
  • Regular payouts


  • Huge focus on CPA
  • Limited company information available on site



ClickDealer is last on our list, and it’s definitely a revenue share affiliate network worth checking out. For one thing, they focus on verticals that are very beneficial for RevShare earnings, such as gaming, which makes driving traffic fairly easy.The network started in 2012, and since 2016, they have regularly been taken note of by the industry and received awards. Their list of partners also proves their excellent reputation, with Huawei, AliExpress, and Joom being just a few of the well-known companies promoting their products on the platform.

Being so esteemed, they’ve been able to draw 1,000+ clients, and there are over 10,000 publishers showcasing their offers. They also make it easier for publishers to earn since they accept most traffic types, including email.

Network ClickDealer
Niche/product types Various with top verticals being e-commerce mobile entertainment electronics social networking dating and nutra
Average commission rate Referral program with 2% commission for 6 months
Cookie duration N/A
Minimum payout Wire Bitcoin PayPal Paxum Tipalti WebMoney
Payment methods ACH Wire Cheque PayPal
Payment Duration Monthly but can become weekly
Affiliate Support Type 24/7 support

Our Verdict About ClickDealer

We found their platform modern-looking and robust in information, which showcases that they stay up-to-date with what the industry requires and care about their users’ needs. They do have a huge focus on CPA earnings, but RevShare fans will still find lots of affiliate programs to benefit their campaigns.


  • Accepts most traffic types
  • Great security in place
  • Well-known advertisers
  • Smartlinks available


  • CPA is a main focus area
  • Approval process mandatory before you’re allowed to join

RevShare Model vs CPA Model

In the affiliate marketing arena, both CPA (cost per action) networks and RevShare earning models are popular, but they’re vastly different. While both carry benefits, affiliates should consider how each will benefit them in the long run, so you can focus on affiliate programs that are most advantageous for your campaigns.

For example, these payment models suit different verticals. So, instead of simply picking the best CPA affiliate networks along with RevShare affiliate networks to find good offers, you need to assess your business first and determine what will suit you most. Whether you pick one or use a combination will depend on your followers, online content and campaign details.


Revenue Share Model

  • Lifetime earnings

  • Responsible for your share of returns, refunds and chargebacks

  • Only get paid if there’s a successful conversion

  • Possible to earn high commission rates

  • Challenging to calculate earnings

  • Carries risk

  • High commissions are possible

  • Good for the long term

  • CPA Networks Model

  • Usually a once-off payment

  • No carry over or returns responsibility

  • Get paid for completed actions even if there’s no sale

  • Fixed amount to earn

  • Easy to calculate earnings

  • Predictable income

  • Income isn’t necessarily high, though it’s consistent

  • Good for short term

  • Conclusion

    It’s clear how beneficial a RevShare agreement can be for both affiliates and merchants. Advertisers have an effortless advertising channel to draw leads and new customers, while affiliates can greatly benefit from the high commission rates of some merchants’ offers.

    To maximize the impact of RevShare earnings on your affiliate marketing plans, put in the effort to identify the best merchants and offers. The better deals you start on, the better earnings you’ll have, and with RevShare contracts, they can benefit your income streams in the long term. The quality RevShare affiliate networks showcased here are the best places to start browsing, since they showcase the best affiliate marketing offers in the industry at the moment.

    You can pick your affiliate marketing network based on verticals and commission rates, but never underestimate the value of good customer care and marketing tools these platforms can provide. When you work with the best, they will help you streamline and even scale your affiliate marketing business quicker than you expect.

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    Make sure you understand as much as possible about the revenue share affiliate marketing industry. The smarter your business decisions are, the better your payouts will be each month. Also, having a good reputation could see more merchants searching you out to help them with their online exposure.

    RevShare earning is best for verticals that allow for ongoing sales. This includes travel website bookings, gaming, dating, online gambling, and other verticals that require continued online interaction.

    With revenue share marketing, affiliates are paid according to what clients spend with merchants. With low-end offers, the commission rate can be as low as 5%, but on the higher end of the scale, you can earn as much as 50% or even 90% of sales.

    Earnings as an affiliate marketer depend on earning models, the amount of time you put in, and some other factors, such as the size of your audience.

    Yes, you can start affiliate marketing without any available capital. You’ll first need to build an online following using free traffic source platforms, such as TikTok. If you can prove a consistent, large following, even some of the best affiliate marketing networks and affiliate marketing programs will be open to using you as part of their marketing supply chain. Luckily, joining most affiliate marketing networks is also free for publishers.