Cruise Affiliate Programs

Set sail on a journey to uncover the best cruise affiliate programs. Whether you’re passionate about exotic cruises, family-friendly vacations, or beach tour packages, these programs have something for everyone who loves amazing leisure time experiences.

Best Cruise Affiliate Programs in 2024

In this guide, we navigate through the seas of affiliate marketing, exploring opportunities to earn commissions while promoting exotic vacation packages. From tropical getaways to Arctic expeditions, discover how you can turn your love for travel into a profitable venture. We provide all the insights you need to embark on an adventure towards success in the thriving cruise niche. Keep reading to learn more, and start your affiliate journey today! 

What Are Cruise Affiliate Programs?

Cruise affiliate programs are partnerships between cruise companies and affiliates who promote their cruise packages and services in exchange for commissions. Affiliates earn money by referring customers to book world-class cruises through their unique affiliate links. These programs vary in terms of commission structures, with some offering flat-rate commissions per booking while others provide percentage-based models. 

Affiliates can promote a wide range of cruise offers, including luxury cruises, budget-friendly options, themed cruises, and adventure expeditions. Additionally, an affiliate program for cruises often provides marketing materials, tracking tools, and support to help affiliates effectively promote cruise packages to their audience and maximise their earnings. Hence, an affiliate program for cruises presents an exciting opportunity to capitalise on the growing popularity of cruise vacations and earn passive income while helping travellers embark on unforgettable journeys at sea.

How Can Affiliates Benefit from Cruise Affiliate Programs?

Affiliates reap numerous benefits from participating in a cruise affiliate program. Firstly, you have the opportunity to earn money for each successful booking generated through your affiliate link. And with the popularity of cruise vacations steadily increasing, affiliates can tap into a growing market and potentially earn substantial income. Additionally, cruise affiliate networks and programs often offer a wide range of cruise packages and promotions, catering to diverse audiences and interests. This allows affiliates to tailor their promotions to a specific niche or target demographic, increasing the likelihood of attracting qualified leads and earning more commissions. 

Finally, top cruise affiliate programs provide affiliates with comprehensive support and dedicated affiliate managers, empowering them to succeed in promoting cruise vacations effectively, and maximising their earnings as a result. So, joining an affiliate program for cruises can be a rewarding venture if you are looking to monetise travel-related content focused on cruise vacations.

Advantages of Cruise Affiliate Programs

The diverse realm of affiliate marketing comprises numerous industries and niches, each with its own peculiar advantages over the others. Cruise affiliate programs offer many benefits for affiliates aside from the potential to earn high commissions from the booming cruise market. For one, affiliates can promote a wide range of cruise packages tailored to their audience’s preferences, from luxury liners to budget-friendly options that help save money. These cruise line affiliate programs have a lot in store. Let us consider in more detail why joining a cruise affiliate program opens doors to lucrative earnings in the dynamic world of Travel Affiliate Networks.

High Ticket Commissions

Cruise bookings typically entail substantial expenses, resulting in higher commissions for affiliates compared to lower-cost products or services. As cruise vacations are considered luxury experiences, customers are willing to invest significant amounts in their bookings. So, with each successful booking, affiliates stand to earn substantial commissions. This makes an affiliate program for cruises a more attractive option for those seeking to improve their income in the affiliate marketing space.

Niche Audience Engagement

Cruise enthusiasts are a dedicated niche audience actively seeking information related to cruise experiences. This makes it easier for affiliates to engage with a target market interested in cruise vacations. For instance, by promoting cruise ship affiliate programs to sea travel enthusiasts, you engage with such an audience, building trust and credibility. Just like with our casino copywriting services, affiliates can hire experts to create valuable content on cruise destinations. 

Seasonal Opportunities

Top cruise affiliate programs leverage seasonal booking patterns, enabling affiliates to capitalise on peak booking periods and promotional events throughout the year. From summer cruises to holiday getaways and themed cruises, the cruise industry experiences surges in demand during specific seasons and events. Affiliates may strategically align their promotions with these seasonal trends, offering the best cruise vacations and packages to attract customers during peak booking periods.

Upsell Opportunities

As customers book exotic cruises, they may be enticed to enhance their onboard experience with additional amenities. This presents a unique opportunity to earn commissions on upsells. Thanks to the use of efficient payment testing services, cruise affiliate programs seamlessly pay affiliates for promoting additional features like cabin upgrades, special dining packages, and spa services. Interestingly, promoting these exclusive add-ons doesn’t just help affiliates make more money; it also provides value to customers.

4 Best Cruise Affiliate Programs

From luxurious ocean liners to intimate river cruises, there’s a cruise experience for every traveller. Thus, cruise affiliate programs are a gateway to lucrative deals in the travel industry, allowing affiliates to earn while promoting diverse cruise vacations. However, affiliates need to partner with reputable cruise companies, leveraging their brand name, marketing materials, and support, to effectively promote cruise packages. With the increasing popularity of cruise vacations and the diverse range of options available, it becomes crucial to highlight the top performers in the industry. By joining a cruise affiliate program, affiliates can expect to enjoy the best the industry has to offer.

Royal Caribbean

Voted 21 consecutive times as the Best Cruise Overall by Weekly Travel Readers, Royal Caribbean has been offering quality experiences since its inception in 1969. With a stellar reputation for innovation and exceptional service, Royal Caribbean cruises attract many travellers seeking adventure, luxury, and relaxation. The cruise line covers over 270+ destinations across 60+ countries and six continents.

As a leading cruise line, this global platform offers affiliates a prestigious partnership opportunity. Affiliates may promote several cruise itineraries, from Caribbean getaways to European explorations and Alaskan adventures, catering to a broad audience of cruise enthusiasts. Royal Caribbean’s affiliate program offers percentage-based commission partnerships, rewarding affiliates with 4% of revenue for successful bookings generated through their referral links. The program itself, like most on our list, is managed via the CJ affiliate network.

ProgramRoyal Caribbean Affiliate Program
Network Royal Caribbean
Commission StructureCost Per Sale
Payment MethodsDirect deposit, Payoneer, Cheques

Our Verdict About Royal Caribbean

While a 4% commission per sale may seem like a small amount, a booking can exceed $1,500, resulting in a $60 commission per customer. This can quickly become a very profitable program for travel bloggers and social media influencers with a good following of travel enthusiasts interested in world cruises and beach vacations.

  • Established brand
  • Diverse luxury experiences
  • 45-day cookie duration
  • World cruise package
  • Poor affiliate support


Owned by Expedia Group, Orbitz is a well-established online travel agency known for its comprehensive selection of travel services, including cruises, vacation packages, airline bookings, car rentals, and hotel bookings. The massive online platform receives over 60 million visitors per month, grossing billions of dollars in bookings annually.

Orbitz offers a trusted partnership opportunity in the travel industry. Affiliates may promote cruise options available on Orbitz’s platform —from mainstream cruise lines to boutique river cruises, there’s something for many travel preferences and budgets. Orbitz’s affiliate program pays affiliates a fixed $30 per sale as commissions on bookings made through their referral links. However, conversions must take place within the 7-day cookie period. Fortunately, the platform provides marketing materials and support to help affiliates streamline promotional efforts and improve their earnings potential.

ProgramOrbitz Affiliate Program
Network Orbitz
ProductsCruises, Travel, Accommodation
Commission StructureCost Per Sale
Payment MethodsDirect deposit, Payoneer, Cheques

Our Verdict About Orbitz

The Orbitz program has lucrative commissions and good support. Additionally, the brand is popular with many options for bloggers or website owners with a travel audience. Aside from cruises, you can promote other services to people who want to book flights or rental cars, for instance. Sadly, the program has a relatively short cookie duration of just 7 days.

  • Diverse offers
  • Established brand
  • Competitive commission
  • Easy to join
  • Short cookie duration

Virgin Holidays

Virgin Holidays, part of the Virgin Group, has been arranging holidays since 1985 and is the largest transatlantic tour operator. As a market leader for travel to the USA, Caribbean, and other destinations, they maintain a solid reputation for quality and dedicated customer support. And thanks to sister companies like Virgin Voyages and Virgin Atlantic Airways, this trusted brand ensures travel enthusiasts get the best experiences. 

The Virgin Atlantic Holidays affiliate program rewards affiliates for successful cruise bookings generated through their referral links. Other holiday package bookings are available too. The commission rate is capped at 2%on all valid bookings. Fortunately, you will earn if the referred customers make bookings within 30 days of visiting your affiliate link. Affiliates also benefit from access to promotional materials, tracking tools, and support to optimise their affiliate campaigns.

ProgramVirgin Holidays Affiliate Program
Network Virgin Holidays
Products Holiday packages, Cruises, Travel
Commission StructureCost per sale
Payment MethodsDirect deposit, Payoneer, Cheques

Our Verdict About Virgin Holidays

Compared to competitors, the Virgin cruise program offers a low commission rate per sale, but if you are a travel blogger with a large following of travel enthusiasts, you can leverage its massive reputation and robust marketing support to make significant sales, earning a decent income.

  • Comprehensive offers
  • Established brand
  • Long cookie duration
  • Relatively low commission

Established in 2001, CruiseDirect is a leading online cruise booking platform with an extensive selection of cruise vacations worldwide. The platform offers unbeatable deals on top cruise vacation destinations and cruise lines like Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, and others.

Through their Affiliate Program, you get to promote not just cruise destinations but a wide array of travel options, including bus, train, and airline tickets. To support affiliates, the Cruise Direct program provides diverse travel content and high-converting banners intended to help maximise your earnings. Additionally, they provide a visionary affiliate management team to bolster your marketing endeavours. Finally, you earn a commission rate of 3% per sale for bookings made by your visitors within 45 days of clicking on your link.

ProgramCruiseDirect Affiliate Program
Network CruiseDirect
Commission StructureCost per sale
Payment MethodsDirect deposit, Payoneer, Cheques

Our Verdict About CruiseDirect

CruiseDirect offers an extensive array of options, but what we find most impressive about the program are the numerous marketing tools specially designed to help affiliates make more conversions, from all kinds of traffic-driving banners to even PPC ads. This makes it an easy process for any blogger looking to optimise for search engine traffic and promote the brand.

  • Long cookie duration
  • Extensive marketing resources
  • Trusted brand
  • Low commission

Criteria to Choose the Best Cruise Affiliate Programs

The affiliate marketing industry has a myriad of brands in whatever niche you might want to consider, cruises are not exempted. When selecting the best cruise affiliate programs to partner with, several key factors should be considered. These criteria range from the reputation of the cruise company to the variety of its offerings, the commission structure, and so on. By carefully evaluating these factors, affiliates can ensure they choose the best cruise affiliate program that aligns with their interests and profitability. Read on to learn more about a proper evaluation process.


Affiliate Commission Structures and Bonuses

Evaluating the commission structure of cruise line affiliate programs is crucial for maximising earnings. Thus, examine the available options to determine your potential earnings for each booking. Popular models in this niche include CPS (Cost Per Sale) and revenue share. Additionally, look for programs that offer bonuses or incentives for high-performance affiliates. Payment methods should also be considered, this is to ensure they are convenient and timely for you.


Cruise Line Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

When selecting cruise affiliate programs, consider the reputation of the associated cruise company or partners. Customer reviews, ratings, and industry accolades are usually pointers to customer satisfaction and the overall cruise line performance, it is critical to carefully examine these factors. Always choose affiliate programs that partner with reputable and highly rated cruise lines, as this enhances the trustworthiness of your recommendations and increases the likelihood of more sales.


Variety of Cruise Destinations and Itineraries

Affiliate programs for cruise lines with diverse offers have a broader appeal to various travel preferences. Thus, opt for programs that cover popular destinations alongside unique itineraries, this caters to different segments of your audience and helps you reach new ones. With a wide selection, affiliates can strategically market cruise vacations since there is something for everyone, increasing the effectiveness of their cruise affiliate marketing campaigns.


Accessibility and Ease of Booking

User experience is known to affect conversation rates. So, when selecting cruise affiliate programs, consider the accessibility and ease of the booking process for users. A user-friendly booking platform with clear navigation contributes to a positive user experience and increases the likelihood of your referrals proceeding to checkouts. Look for programs with intuitive interfaces and booking processes that allow your audience to easily navigate through cruise options, select cabins, and complete reservations.


Cruise Amenities and Inclusions

The cruise landscape is competitive. A simple way to stand out from the competition is by ensuring you offer value to your audience. Thus, when selecting the perfect cruise affiliate program, highlight cruise lines that offer amenities and inclusions that are unique and attractive. This may include onboard activities, dining options, and special packages. The more value a cruise offers, the more appealing it is to potential customers.

Set Sail for Success: Navigating the Cruise Affiliate Program Waters

It’s clear that the opportunities for success are vast and promising in the cruise affiliate programs niche. By carefully considering the critical factors we mentioned such as commission structures, cruise line reputations, accessibility of booking processes, and so on, affiliates can set themselves up for smooth sailing in the affiliate marketing seas. 

With the right partnerships and strategies in place, you can embark on a voyage towards lucrative commissions and satisfied customers. And that is where we come in, whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just dipping your toes into the waters, you will find valuable insights to succeed in the cruise affiliate program landscape and other affiliate industries alike on Revpanda. Reach out to our experts to explore the endless possibilities for growth and success today.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, travel affiliate marketing can be profitable if done correctly. By partnering with the reputable companies we listed in this article, targeting the right audience, and employing effective marketing strategies, you can earn decent commissions from successful bookings and referrals.

With an affiliate program for cruises, you can promote a variety of cruise vacations, including luxury cruises, family-friendly cruises, themed cruises, adventure cruising, and beach destinations. Additionally, you can promote cruise-related products and services such as travel insurance, shore excursions, and onboard amenities.

To become a cruise affiliate, you need to sign up for affiliate programs offered by cruise companies or travel services specialising in cruises. Once approved, you’ll receive unique tracking links to promote your cruise vacations on your website, blog, or social media channels.

Successful affiliates may earn significant commissions for each cruise booking or referral they generate, ranging up to thousands of dollars. However, note that the earnings of cruise affiliates vary widely depending on factors such as commission rates, gross sale revenue, and the affiliate’s marketing efforts.