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Unlock opportunities and maximise your earnings with our in-depth guide to the top adult affiliate networks. Take advantage of the tools provided by these networks to increase your revenue.

Best Adult Affiliate Networks in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of online entrepreneurship, adult affiliate networks emerge as a prospect for capitalising on web traffic within the adult industry landscape. With unique niches such as cam sites and men’s health solutions, these networks provide a lucrative pathway for turning clicks into cash. Read on to explore the untapped potential of adult affiliate networks.

What Are Adult Affiliate Networks? How Do They Work?

Adult affiliate networks are platforms that connect affiliates (publishers or marketers) with adult content providers (merchants or advertisers). These networks act as intermediaries, facilitating partnerships between affiliates who promote adult products or services and merchants who offer them.

Adult affiliate networks can be used to refer to networks that focus solely on the adult industry or to general affiliate networks that accommodate adult advertisers. Advertising partners that adult affiliate networks tend to work with include dating sites, adult gaming, sex toy retailers, and men’s health supplements.

While each adult affiliate network has its own unique onboarding process and requirements, payments are typically made on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis, including cost-per-click (CPC), pay-per-lead (PPL), revenue share (RevShare), and pay-per-sale (PPS).

How Can Affiliates Benefit from Adult Affiliate Programs?

Adult affiliate programs serve as a convenient gateway to accessing profitable advertising opportunities that might not be readily accessible through direct negotiations. This is particularly beneficial for affiliates who are still in the process of building their traffic, as adult affiliate networks typically have more relaxed requirements compared to most affiliate networks.

Furthermore, adult affiliate networks go beyond merely providing access to offers. They also offer a suite of valuable tools and resources, including sophisticated marketing analytics tools that empower affiliates to delve deep into their audience’s purchasing behaviours, preferences, and trends. With this invaluable data, affiliates can craft highly targeted and engaging content that resonates with their audience to drive higher conversions for adult affiliate programs that align with their niche.

Advantages of Adult Affiliate Networks

Adult affiliate networks introduce avenues for diversified revenue streams, driven by unique features and specialised offerings. Affiliates can earn commissions by driving traffic, leads, or sales to these offers through various marketing channels, such as websites, email marketing, social media, or paid advertising.

Here are four compelling reasons why joining these networks can be a game-changer:

Lucrative Commissions

The adult entertainment industry is on track to hit $96.2 billion by 2032, as recent research reveals. With this projected growth, affiliating with advertising programs presents an excellent opportunity for sustained revenue generation. Smaller-scale adult industry operations also tend to partner with these networks, which can also yield equally profitable outcomes for you as an affiliate as they may offer incentives that rival those of industry leaders.

Diverse Product Range

With the vast array of adult industry products and services available, from sex toy e-commerce to cam sites and men’s health solutions, finding your niche is key. By focusing on a specific niche, affiliates can tailor their marketing efforts to resonate with their target audience more effectively. Plus, with the flexibility and breadth of products and services available, there’s always room to explore and find the perfect fit for your audience’s desires.

Established Audience

The adult entertainment industry is not just good at keeping their old fans happy; they know how to keep attracting new audience bases. It is shown in a SimilarWeb analysis that major adult entertainment sites are outpacing household names like Netflix and Wikipedia in month-to-month traffic growth. Driving traffic and conversions shouldn’t be an issue for you as an affiliate, as long as you target the right audience.

Discreet Transactions

Engaging in adult entertainment is a common activity, yet it often remains a private matter. In line with this discretion, adult affiliate networks prioritise confidentiality in payment methods to safeguard the privacy of affiliates and customers within this sensitive industry. By utilising discreet transactions, including cryptocurrency, these networks ensure that financial dealings do not openly reveal the nature of the business.

10 Best Adult Affiliate Networks

The landscape of adult affiliate networks is vast and varied, with a multitude of options showcasing their distinctive features and benefits. Among this diverse array, we’ve curated a selection of ten standout adult affiliate networks that represent the pinnacle of excellence within the industry at present.

These networks are renowned for their exceptional services, robust infrastructure, and lucrative opportunities, making them highly sought-after destinations for affiliates looking to capitalise on the adult niche.


CrakRevenue, a leading adult CPA platform since 2010, provides a gateway to 700+ affiliate programs in diverse niches within the adult industry, including live cam, online dating, adult gaming, health, and CBD. While CrakRevenue doesn’t publicly disclose specific traffic thresholds for affiliate acceptance, all applicants will undergo a thorough verification process.

Upon approval, new affiliates can generate a 5% commission rate by referring other affiliates to CrakRevenue, along with access to the following features: multilingual live chat support, advanced analytics and reporting tools, and a suite of advertising tools (e.g., banner ads and live cam widgets). Affiliates are assessed every quarter, and top-performers receive exclusive benefits based on their ranking categories: Rising Star (rank 201-400), VIP (rank 51-200), and Elite (rank 1-50). Some of these benefits include a one-month-only referral bump of 10-20%, and an annual 10% payout bump applicable within 1-20 days, based on the affiliate’s ranking category.

Program CrakRevenue Affiliate Program
Parent Company Crakmedia Network
Products Live cam, dating, adult gaming, men’s health, and CBD
Commission Structure SOI & DOI PPL, PPS, CPI, CPC, RevShare
Payment Methods MassPay, Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, and wire transfer

Our Verdict About CrakRevenue Affiliate Program

CrakRevenue could be a great fit for sites with a solid footing in niche adult topics that sync up well with the advertisers in CrakRevenue’s network. But for those just starting out and building up their traffic, the rewards might not be as immediate since CrakRevenue tends to favour larger, more established sites in their affiliate system.

  • One-gate system for monetising adult website traffic
  • Complimentary analytics feature included in basic account
  • 5% lifetime commission rates for referring other affiliates
  • No company registration needed
  • High minimum payout at USD 100 for MassPay, Paxum and PayPal, and USD 500 for Bitcoin and wire transfers
  • Dedicated affiliate manager service limited only to top-ranking affiliates


Established in 2014, AdCombo is a multi-award-winning global CPA network that offers exclusive access to nearly 7,000 affiliate programs across 12 niches, including health, finance, and adult verticals. The platform targets low-competition tier-2 GEOs such as Eastern Europe, South Asia and Latin America that emphasises lower CPC and higher ROI. AdCombo doesn’t set a minimum traffic threshold to join their affiliate network, and their end-to-end affiliate onboarding process is handled directly by a dedicated team.

The platform’s infrastructure includes DNS servers in six locations worldwide: Brazil, the United States, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Netherlands, and Germany. AdCombo also provides a user-friendly interface for commissioning translations into over 40 languages directly from their team. With 37 offices worldwide, AdCombo is designed to support affiliates with global operations, including those specialising in adult traffic.

Program AdCombo Affiliate Program
Parent Company AdCombo
Products Dating, live cam, and other non-adult niches
Commission Structure CPS, CPI, CPL, RevShare
Payment Methods Capitalist, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, Payoneer, Tipalti, and wire transfer

Our Verdict About AdCombo Affiliate Program

Adult websites with a global presence stand to gain the most by joining AdCombo’s affiliate network. Additionally, softcore adult sites could see significant benefits, considering AdCombo’s diverse range of advertisers beyond just the adult niche.

  • Streamlined and personalised onboarding process
  • Designed for international operations, with 37 offices worldwide, built-in translation tools and more
  • Bi-weekly payout with low minimum amount (USD 50)
  • No support for crypto-based payments
  • Not an adult industry-only affiliate network


ADxXx is a well-established player in the adult affiliate scene, with a decade of experience and a global presence spanning 180+ countries. One of the pioneers of adult affiliate networks, the platform claims an average payout for affiliates of USD 4,500 per week, with a relatively low minimum payout amount starting at USD 50.

To date, ADxXx affiliates collectively generate 960 million daily ad views, supported by over 10 ad formats, including banners and clickthroughs. Advertisements on this platform come with an eCPM guarantee, as they are designed to seamlessly match with your website design. The company is also known for its anti-adblock software, which allows affiliates to hide data that blockers analyse to determine whether an advertisement exists.

Program ADxXx Affiliate Program
Parent Company ADxXx
Products Dating, iGaming, sexual wellness
Commission Structure CPA, CPC, CPM
Payment Methods Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, and wire transfers

Our Verdict About ADxXx Affiliate Program

ADxXx, a key player in the adult affiliate network industry, offers a user-friendly gateway to adult advertising partners, making it an excellent choice for newcomers. Additionally, they stand out by offering CPM as one of the commission options, a feature not commonly found among adult affiliate networks.

  • Access to adult affiliate programs in 180+ countries
  • Transparent CPM
  • Fast onboarding process (1x24)
  • Weekly payout schedule
  • No support for crypto payments


Cpamatica is a premier CPA network that caters to specialised niches such as dating, gaming, streaming, and other social discovery platforms. With over 1,000 offers and 300+ advertisers, affiliates have ample choices to choose from. With the help of Flow, Cpamatica’s proprietary campaign management system and multi-offer analyser, affiliates can also automatically select which offers are best suited for their websites.

In addition to these features, Cpamatica also runs a dedicated loyalty program for its affiliates that allows them to earn 1 point for every $10 earned in their affiliate network. These points are exchangeable for products such as gift cards, headphones, and smartphones on their in-house shopping platform.

Program Cpamatica Affiliate Network
Parent Company Cpamatica
Products Mainstream dating, casual dating, adult games
Commission Structure SOI & DOI PPL, PPT, PPS, Revshare
Payment Methods Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, USDT, and wire transfer

Our Verdict About Cpamatica Affiliate Network

Cpamatica is ideally suited for larger, established sites or rapidly growing platforms within niche adult industries that demand personalised and more lucrative affiliate partnerships. The network distinguishes itself by prioritising the establishment of robust and enduring partnerships with its affiliates.

  • Personalised end-to-end onboarding process
  • Dedicated loyalty program
  • Weekly payout schedule
  • Limited adult niches
  • High minimum payout amounts for certain payment methods (e.g. USD 1,000 for wire transfer)

Golden Goose

Golden Goose is a mobile-first affiliate network platform with over 15 years of experience in the business. The company is best known for its direct carrier billing monetisation model, which provides a streamlined process for user transactions, allowing better conversions for advertisers and higher CPA payouts for its affiliate members.

The platform operates in more than 40 countries, including the UAE, France, and South Africa, and partners with 300+ mobile carriers worldwide. Affiliates accepted to Golden Goose’s network get access to more than 600+ affiliate offers for verticals that include 18+ content, games, and video streaming services. Moreover, the platform also features a loyalty rewards program, granting affiliates special points per conversion that are redeemable for products such as gift cards, laptops, and tablets.

Program Golden Goose Affiliate Network
Parent Company GG Network
Products 18+ video, live cams, and other non-adult niches (e.g. music, movies, health)
Commission Structure CPA, RevShare
Payment Methods WMZ, Paxum, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Capitalist, Wise, PayPal, Payoneer, USDT, Perfect Money, and wire transfer

Our Verdict About Golden Goose Affiliate Network

Golden Goose works best when paired with adult sites that predominantly attract mobile users. However, given their strong reliance on mobile networks (mVAS), make sure to verify the availability of their partners for the primary regions where your traffic originates before you choose to join their affiliate program.

  • Globally-applicable unique monetisation strategy
  • Provides payments in currency other than USD
  • Daily payout schedule
  • 1x24 affiliate approval time
  • Only supports mobile-based affiliate programs
  • Not an adult industry-only affiliate network


ExoClick stands out as a titan in the realm of affiliate network marketing, with a formidable presence since 2006. It boasts an impressive 13+ billion daily impressions and a click-through rate surpassing 5%. Although its website may not show it, ExoClick is actually a prominent player in the adult affiliate network arena, where it thrives as one of the top niches within its expansive portfolio.

ExoClick offers an expansive array of over 20 ad formats at your disposal, including banners, direct links, email clicks, and various video formats (such as in-stream, out-stream, and video slider) to cater to diverse advertising needs, including mobile and desktop. For those keen on expanding their revenue streams, ExoClick offers an enticing referral program, granting affiliates 5% of the lifetime revenue generated by each new approved publisher they refer.

Program ExoClick Affiliate Program
Parent Company ExoClick
Products Dating, live cams, nutraceuticals, and gaming
Commission Structure CPM
Payment Methods BitPay, Cryptocurrency, Paxum, and wire transfer

Our Verdict About ExoClick Affiliate Program

ExoClick is one of the rare adult affiliate networks embracing CPM-based commissions instead of CPA. It is best used when paired with well-established, high-traffic sites. However, new sites can also benefit from using the platform to gain valuable insights into the dynamics of CPM-based affiliate networks.

  • One of the largest adult affiliate networks
  • Supports a wide array of cryptocurrency payments
  • Weekly payment schedule
  • Low minimum amount for payout
  • Lower than average CPM rates in Tier-3 countries


Adsterra is a leading affiliate network that has been bridging publishers with over 12,000 advertising partners to date since 2013. With its impressive 100% fill rate, Adsterra provides assurance to their affiliates that every ad placement request receives prompt fulfilment, empowering them to optimise revenue streams with confidence. The platform is also known for having one of the quickest approval and onboarding processes for new affiliates, setting it apart from other networks of comparable scale.

Adsterra supports monetisation across diverse traffic sources—from mobile and desktop web platforms to mobile applications—through a versatile suite of ad formats, including popunders, social bars, direct links, native banners, and static ad banners. Moreover, the platform’s innovative services, such as three anti-adblock options, provide affiliates with effective solutions to maximise revenue amidst ad-blocking challenges.

Program Adsterra Affiliate Program
Parent Company Adsterra
Products Live cam, dating, and other non-adult advertisers
Commission Structure CPM
Payment Methods PayPal, Paxum, and wire transfer

Our Verdict About Adsterra Affiliate Program

Adsterra’s primary strength lies in its swift onboarding process, coupled with a guaranteed fill rate. This combination offers adult sites a rapid avenue to monetize their traffic effectively from the get-go.

  • Allows monetisation across multiple channels and devices
  • Less than 24 hours approval process
  • Low minimum payout at $5
  • Biweekly payout schedule
  • Does not support crypto payments
  • Not an adult industry-only affiliate network

A.W. Empire

A.W. Empire, established in 2004, is an adult affiliate network best known for fostering exclusive advertising partnerships with leading cam sites. Despite its niche focus, the network offers lucrative advertising schemes, featuring distinctive partnership options such as receiving 10% of a model’s income, increased income bonuses for high-performing referrals, and API-based RevShare.

Distinguished by its diverse ad formats, the platform equips affiliates with a versatile toolkit for driving conversions, including messenger slide-up ads, free chat applets, live feed banners, and GIF banners. Notably, A.W. Empire extends a unique incentive through its cash sign-up bonus program for new affiliates, offering a generous total of $150, with an initial $75 guaranteed upon email address verification.

Program A.W Empire Affiliate Program
Parent Company A.W Empire
Products Cam sites, dating
Commission Structure PPS, RevShare, Referral-Based Bonuses
Payment Methods Paxum, Cosmo Payment, bank transfer (SEPA, ACH, and wire), and cryptocurrency (ETH/BTC/USDT)

Our Verdict About A.W Empire Affiliate Program

A.W. Empire’s advertising partners provide sites within the cam and dating niche with a highly profitable opportunity to monetize their converting traffic effectively. This presents an excellent avenue for niche sites with a dedicated and engaged audience to capitalise on their loyal following.

  • Sign-up bonus available
  • Good for cam-site niche affiliates
  • Large variety of ad formats
  • Support a wide variety of payment methods, including crypto
  • High minimum payout, from $100
  • Does not support crypto payments


With its 18th year in business, JuicyAds has solidified its position as one of the oldest and most successful adult affiliate networks worldwide, serving over 1 billion daily impressions globally. This award-winning platform offers a diverse range of ad formats, encompassing 15+ options, including mobile-optimised and video-based formats. Unlike many other networks, JuicyAds primarily operates on a CPM basis, reserving CPA and CPL offers for top-tier members.

While its core focus remains on adult affiliate marketing, JuicyAds also accommodates non-adult advertising partners, particularly in niches like nutraceuticals and iGaming. To ensure ad relevance, JuicyAds employs a content rating system, categorising website content into non-nude, softcore, and hardcore categories. This approach guarantees that adult ads are displayed only on sites featuring appropriate content, maintaining integrity and effectiveness for advertisers and publishers alike.

Program JuicyAds Affiliate Program
Parent Company JuicyAds
Products Dating, live cams, video-on-demand, and other non-adult verticals
Commission Structure CPC, CPM
Payment Methods PayPal, Paxum, ePay Service, Bank Transfer (ACH, Wire), Cryptocurrency (BTC, USDT)

Our Verdict About Juicy Ads Affiliate Program

JuicyAds stands out by providing a rare blend of CPM and CPA opportunities to all affiliates in their network. Moreover, they cater to both softcore and hardcore adult sites, tailoring access to advertising partners accordingly.

  • Operates globally with no minimum traffic threshold for joining
  • Best-in-class content rating system
  • Wide variety of payment methods, including cryptocurrency
  • High minimum payouts for crypto and bank transfers
  • Once a month payout schedule for wire transfer


AdultForce is a CPA affiliate network best known for its streamlined access to some of the biggest affiliate programs in the adult industry, such as Brazzers and Nutaku. The platform offers some unique proprietary tools that set them apart from other adult affiliate networks, such as advanced geo stats and the AutoPilot algorithms to optimise revenue.

AdultForce’s affiliate dashboard features helpful video tutorials on selecting the best offers for your audience. It also provides smartlinks, which bundle top-converting offers into a single link for simplified testing. The platform also supports diverse ad formats, including banner ads, with guidance on optimal sizes.

Program AdultForce Affiliate Network
Parent Company AdultForce
Products Dating, live cams, video-on-demand
Commission Structure PPS, RevShare, PPL
Payment Methods Paxum, wire transfer, check

Our Verdict About AdultForce Affiliate Network

AdultForce offers access to a curated roster of niche but widely sought-after adult entertainment advertising partners that you can’t find in many other affiliate networks. If your site aligns with the niche of these advertising partners, AdultForce emerges as a strong contender for effectively monetizing your adult traffic.

  • Partnership opportunities with some of adult industry’s leading brands
  • Net-15 payment terms
  • Known for their high commission rates
  • Website-only affiliate program
  • High minimum payout at $100

Gaining Success Through Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Succeeding in the adult affiliate network arena demands a keen eye for marketing trends and the ability to harness engaging content to draw traffic to your platform—whether it’s a website or a social media account. Leveraging analytics is definitely the key to long-term success, as it will help you pinpoint your platform’s strengths, be it attracting a large audience, or having a medium-sized following with an above-average conversion rate.

Unlike many other industries, adult affiliate networks typically offer flexibility rather than exclusivity. As long as their API works well together, you can easily become an affiliate on multiple networks and gain access to each unique advertising partner that they offer. One thing to remember is not to expect overnight success; adult affiliate networks may not bring instant results, but they can gradually build up to create a stable revenue flow for your business. You can trust Revpanda’s expertise in digital marketing, as our team will work closely with you to optimise your affiliate marketing strategy and maximise your earnings. With our guidance, you can tap into the vast potential of adult affiliate networks and see long-term success in the industry.

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Generally, yes. However, the amount of traffic that you can generate each month to your website or social media account tends to determine how much profit you can generate with your adult affiliate network.

The options are quite endless, but in general, the popular categories are the following: adult websites, sex toys, adult gaming, men’s health supplements, live cams, and adult entertainment events.

It depends on where your traffic source comes from. Websites and mobile applications tend to have it easier, as you can just put ad banners or pop-up ads, while social media would require you to create CTAs that would drive people into clicking the links that you provide.

It depends highly on traffic and conversions, but it’s viable to make more than $2,000/month from adult affiliate networks only—and interestingly, you don’t necessarily need to be associated with the largest sites to achieve this level of income.