Best Dating Affiliate Networks 2023

We have reviewed the best dating affiliate networks in 2023. Find out how much commission they pay per lead or per action.

Best Dating Affiliate Networks 2023

The number of dating affiliate networks and programs in the online dating niche is rising daily. Due to the growth of the dating niche in the affiliate industry, there are various opportunities for affiliates to earn money. After doing a lot of research, we made this guide to help you find the best affiliate networks and programs for the dating vertical with great income possibilities. By reading our reviews of the top dating affiliate networks, you can choose the platforms that will give you the best chance of succeeding in your business as a blogger, publisher, or influencer.

Popular Dating Affiliate Networks


AdsEmpire, a rapidly growing network, offers diverse opportunities for affiliates and advertisers. Monetize traffic with exclusive CPA offers or SmartLink technology for maximum ROI.

  • CPA Offers and SmartLink
  • Premium Offer Selection
  • Versatile Verticals
  • 50+ Countries Coverage
  • Profit Maximization Tools

Algo-Affiliates, a trusted CBD affiliate network, offers diverse products in CBD, health, finance, crypto, and dating. Their in-house algorithms enhance ad customization for optimal performance.

  • In-House Algorithms
  • Diverse Product Range
  • Personal Publisher Manager
  • Multiple Language Support

CPAmatica is an affiliate marketing network that specializes in Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising. It provides a platform for affiliates and advertisers to connect and collaborate on various online marketing campaigns.

  • Wide range of verticals or niches
  • Operates on a global scale
  • Attracts a diverse base of affiliates

CrakRevenue, a trailblazer since 2010, redefines CPA networks with 700+ offers, elite perks, and a decade of expertise, delivering unparalleled success for affiliates.

  • Over a decade of CPA expertise
  • Exclusive perks for top affiliates
  • Diverse portfolio with 700+ offers
  • Weekly payout options
  • Innovative marketing tools

Established in 2019, Datify.Link specializes in dating, adult games, and cams, offering over 2,000 offers with daily payouts, diverse payment methods, and 24/7 operational support.

  • Daily Payouts
  • Diverse Adult Categories
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Global Presence in 100+ Countries
  • 24/7 Operational Support

Leadbit, established in 2013, offers a versatile range of campaigns, specializing in finance and nutra verticals. With dedicated experts, free translation tools, and real-time reporting, it’s an affiliate powerhouse.

  • Versatile campaigns
  • Dedicated vertical teams
  • Free translation tools
  • Real-time reporting
  • Active in the affiliate community

For nearly a decade, Mirelia Networks has excelled in dating, gambling, gaming, and nutra verticals. Real-time tracking, dedicated support, and diverse programs make it a valuable affiliate partner.

  • Dedicated Dating Focus
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Varied Verticals
  • Transparent CPC and CPM Payments
  • Dedicated Account Managers

Originating in the UK, Vortex Alpha offers global affiliate marketing with flexibility across various niches, robust tracking, dedicated account managers, and diverse payment options.

  • Global Affiliate Network
  • Flexible Product Variety
  • Robust Tracking System
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Diverse Payment Options

Established in 2014, MyLead is a respected affiliate network in Poland, offering versatile earning programs, including CPL, CPA, and CPS, across diverse verticals.

  • Diverse Earning Programs
  • Versatility in Verticals
  • Multilingual Support
  • Low Minimum Payout
  • Steady Growth in User Base

Established in 2015, Advendor boasts innovative technology with a proprietary tracking system, serving a global market with over 30,000 affiliates and a variety of earning methods.

  • Proprietary Tracking System
  • Global Market Presence
  • Variety of Earning Methods
  • Large Network of Publishers and Advertisers
  • Weekly Payments

How Does Dating Affiliate Networks Work?

Online dating is one of the most promising affiliate marketing niches that appeals to many people worldwide. Affiliate marketers can promote the most recent dating offers on the web using dating affiliate marketing. Dating affiliate networks act as a middleman between you and the advertiser and will let you popularise brands or products as a marketer and get paid for successful conversions. In other words, a dating affiliate network connects dating sites with publishers. And most of the online dating platforms only pay when publishers or affiliate marketers bring them new customers or subscribers.

Dating affiliate networks differ in terms of commission rates, pricing models, and the variety of programs available. For pricing models, while many reputable affiliate networks use the widely popular cost-per-action (CPA), the top affiliate networks offer a range of payment models, such as cost per sale (CPS), cost per lead (CPL), and RevShare, as well as hybrid models. Quality online dating affiliate networks provide numerous benefits to their affiliate partners, including dedicated teams of affiliate managers and high commissions.

How Can Affiliates Benefit from Dating Affiliate Networks?

There’s no denying that the online dating industry is growing at an incredible rate. The number of online dating sites and dating apps looking to help people connect with potential partners is increasing. Thanks to this growth, online dating is now a profitable niche for affiliate marketers. 

By promoting dating products, an affiliate marketer can earn a substantial amount of money in commissions. Affiliates can combine their marketing efforts with the promotional resources offered by affiliate dating networks and their partners to draw customers to the product.

Affiliates can publish articles, videos, or other promotional content on the platforms where their audiences are, such as blogs, social media, and websites, in order to promote a company’s products or get people to take a certain action. 

10 Best Dating Affiliate Networks

We are glad to help if you are ready to find and join the best dating affiliate networks. You will see plenty of them online, but you need to search carefully because not every affiliate dating network is good. Our experts have done the hard work, so there’s no need to struggle. We have reviewed and listed the top affiliate networks in the dating niche.

The affiliate networks listed below are open to affiliate marketers in different parts of the world. We have considered a number of factors, such as popularity, a variety of offered programs, attractive commissions, and safe payment methods. Most of them also have programs that allow monetising mobile traffic, making it easier to reach all audiences. Have a look at the biggest dating affiliate networks listed below.


The 2019-founded CPA affiliate network Datify.Link facilitates traffic monetization via Smartlink and direct offers. This online dating affiliate network pays affiliate marketers for each completed action. It provides a variety of verticals and Smartlinks to monetise 100% of your traffic. Dating, cams, and games are the network’s primary verticals. With over 3 years of experience, Datify.Link boasts over 25,000 webmasters, 400,000 conversions per month, and more than 2,000 offers. The network gives an affiliate marketer a commission when a newly created account has 30 qualified actions.

Network Datify.Link
Niche/Product Types Dating, cams, games
Average Commission Rate Depends, 5% RevShare
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout $10
Payment Methods Visa, Mastercard, Capitalist, Tether, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, PayPal, QIWI, Webmoney
Payment Duration Daily and Weekly
Affiliate Support Type 24/7 Operational Support

Our Verdict About Datify.Link

We recommend Datify.Link if you are looking for a CPA network that is available worldwide. It’s not only popular but also a great choice with amazing affiliate marketing offers from direct advertisers. You will also get 24/7 customer support.


  • In-house, private and exclusive offers from direct advertisers
  • Daily and weekly payouts
  • Accessible all over the world
  • 5% RevShare bonus for webmasters


  • Few years of experience
  • You can only use Wire Transfer if the commission exceeds $500



If you are looking for a versatile online dating affiliate network that also offers dating affiliate programs, Cpamatica is a fantastic choice. This CPA network was established in 2015 and has since become a leading performance marketing agency that helps businesses grow in the mainstream and casual dating niches. The network’s core niches include dating, games, streaming, and sweepstakes. Your commissions are paid out once a week, and you can choose from a number of ways to get paid. You will be delighted to gain access to one of the best campaign management tools and create a personal Smartlink with the chosen offers.

Network Cpamatica
Niche/Product Types Dating, games, streaming, sweepstakes
Average Commission Rate CPA, CPI, CPS, CPL; 2% in referral commissions for 12 months if you refer other affiliates
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout $50
Payment Methods Payoneer, PayPal, Crypto, Wire Transfer, Paxum
Payment Duration Weekly
Affiliate Support Type 24/7 support via email

Our Verdict About Cpamatica

With several niches, over 300 advertisers, and more than 1,000 offers, including white labels and in-house exclusives, Cpamatica is an incredible CPA network. You will benefit from professional support from the network’s experienced affiliate managers and special offers. Moreover, you will love it for its effective campaign management system.


  • Dedicated support team
  • In-house games
  • Great loyalty program (Cpamate )
  • Referral program for friend’s recommendations


  • Payment transactions can take up to 3 working days
  • USDT and BTC are the only crypto options

Mirelia Networks

Mirelia Networks

There are many reasons why Mirelia is one of the best affiliate networks for marketers in the online dating sector. This network markets itself as a new way to advertise that gives advertisers powerful tools. Mirelia has your back if you want to market dating products to engaged audiences and get a lot of sales. It has native ads and display banners that fit well with your content and website. As a reliable affiliate network, Mirelia covers several niches, including dating, gambling, betting, gaming, and nutra. Smart marketing makes it one of the best affiliate marketing networks. 

Network Mirelia Networks
Niche/Product Types Dating, gambling, betting, gaming, nutra
Average Commission Rate Varies on program, 2.5% on referrals
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout $1,000
Payment Methods Mastercard, Visa, Paxum, Bank Transfer
Payment Duration Monthly
Affiliate Support Type Account manager, 24/7 support via email

Our Verdict About Mirelia Networks

Mirelia is a great choice for affiliates who are looking for a dating affiliate network and want a great source of programs in the niche. If you choose this network, you will work with a team of skilled, dedicated professionals who will help you market your dating offers easily. They have everything you need to increase your leads and earn commissions.


  • Very competitive CPC and CPM rates in the world’s top countries
  • Low-cost high-quality traffic from top-tier GEOs
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team and an account manager
  • Easy integration through API, RTB and white label


  • Only available in Tier 1 countries
  • High minimum payout amount



CrakRevenue has long been the go-to network for marketers in dating affiliate marketing niches. This CPA affiliate network is run by professionals with a lot of skills who connect affiliates and advertisers. For more than 10 years, CrakRevenue has been providing the best offers in the industry and unparalleled monetisation tools. Affiliates have access to an experienced team of experts and tools that help convert traffic into sales. The network’s verticals and products include dating, health, adult gaming, cams, and CBD. Today, CrakRevenue has paid more than $250 million in affiliate commissions and appealed to over 35,000 affiliates. And the quality of support given to advertisers and affiliates is awesome.

Network CrakRevenue
Niche/Product Types Dating, health, adult gaming, cams, CBD
Average Commission Rate Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale, RevShare, 5% lifetime commission for affiliate referrals
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout $100
Payment Methods Bitcoin (BTC), ePayService, Paxum, PayPal, Wire
Payment Duration Twice per month (7, 15 or 30 days after the last day of the payment period)
Affiliate Support Type Email and live chat

Our Verdict About CrakRevenue

With everything we know about CrakRevenue, this network is an all-in-one shop for advertisers and affiliates looking to earn some extra income online. There are hundreds of high-paying offers, advanced reporting and statistics, VIP perks and quality support via live chat. And you will have no doubt about using a CPA network that has received over 10 international awards.


  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Over 700 offers
  • The Elite Club and VIP Affiliate have exclusive promotions
  • High-CTR ad tools


  • All commissions are paid in USD
  • Fewer payment methods



If you are searching for a well-known global affiliate network in the dating industry, MyLead is one of the best choices you have. Since its establishment in 2014 in Poland, this platform has become one of the leading providers of affiliate marketing services in several niches such as dating, gambling, adult, casino, and fashion. In 2020, MyLead received an award in the “Fast 50” category for being one of the top companies with the highest revenue growth. The network has so far paid out 11 million dollars to publishers in over 150 countries worldwide. Marketers can choose from different payment models, including CPL, CPA, CPS, and PPI.

Network MyLead
Niche/Product Types Dating, gambling, adult, casino, fashion
Average Commission Rate Varies on program
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout $20
Payment Methods Bitcoin, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, WebMoney, Bank Transfer
Payment Duration 2 days to 2 weeks
Affiliate Support Type Live chat, email, phone, Skype

Our Verdict About MyLead

Since more than 600,000 publishers are making money on MyLead, it’s clear that this is a good affiliate network for marketers. You can easily find the right products to promote and benefit from high rates. What’s more, you will find more than 300 affiliate programs with a high level of efficiency and high payouts.


  • Recognised global affiliate network
  • Hundreds of affiliate programs
  • Popular payment methods
  • Available in multiple languages


  • Not easy to assess the amount of money you can make
  • Payments can take up to 14 days

Vortex Alpha

The widely popular affiliate network Vortex Alpha is known to specialise in financial and casino affiliate offers. Vortexalphas platform makes it easy for an affiliate to earn money by providing offers that convert. We are talking about thousands of offers from the biggest merchants and the tools you need to achieve your goals in the selected niche. If you are a publisher in the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, the United States, or Canada, this could be the affiliate network you have been looking for. Affiliates have access to a great range of CPL, CPA, and revenue share offers at Vortex Alpha. The available verticals include iGaming, Forex, finance, insurance, and dating.

Network Vortex Alpha
Niche/Product Types iGaming, Forex, finance, insurance, dating, e-commerce, surveys, sweepstakes, health, shopping, fitness
Average Commission Rate CPA, CPL, Revenue Share
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout $250
Payment Methods PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card, Payoneer, Bank Transfer
Payment Duration Weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly
Affiliate Support Type Email, phone

Our Verdict About Vortex Alpha

Overall, we think Vortex Alpha is a reliable affiliate marketing network that marketers in many countries can use. Brands and advertisers can count on it to help them sell more and get more leads as a result. If you are a marketer, you can expect weekly payouts, the best rates, and thrilling offers in multiple verticals, including dating.


  • High CPA payouts
  • A wide range of verticals
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Performance tracking tools


  • The minimum payout is high
  • Targets certain countries



Leadbit is one of the top affiliate networks in the dating niche despite focusing on other verticals such as nutra and finance. This is a CPA affiliate network, meaning that affiliates generate a commission when a user takes a specific action. Operated by a team of enthusiastic people, the company manages a variety of digital and affiliate marketing projects. Leadbit works directly with webmasters and allows advertisers to filter traffic. Working in the leading markets allows the team to maximise royalties on dating, CoD, Trials, straight sale, finance, and other niches.

Network Leadbit
Niche/Product Types Dating, nutra, finance
Average Commission Rate Varies on program
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout N/A
Payment Methods Wire Transfer, Paxum, ePayments, Webmoney, Credit Card
Payment Duration Within 7-14 working days after passing the moderation
Affiliate Support Type Email, Skype, Telegram

Our Verdict About Leadbit

Leadbit plays a crucial role in bringing together the best affiliates from different parts of the world. Marketers have access to offers in several niches, such as dating, nutra, games, and finance. On top of that, the platform supports many sources of traffic. These include social networks, videos, banners, webmasters’ own websites, and other sources after prior agreement with the affiliate network administration.


  • A range of payment models
  • Exclusive offers
  • Real-time analytics and statistics system
  • Many sources of traffic


  • It can take time to be approved
  • The website needs improvement



Search no more if you are looking for a leading affiliate network with global GEO coverage. AdsEmpire is one of the top options if you are an affiliate or advertiser in the dating industry. This company helps you build an empire through direct CPA offers available worldwide. Thanks to Smartlink, you can get all offers in one link and have 100% of your traffic monetised to maximise your return on investment. AdsEmpire also offers the best-converting verticals, such as mainstream, dating, gaming, CPI, finance, and iGaming. It works with CPL, CPA, PPS, and RevShare payout models.

Network AdsEmpire
Niche/Product Types Mainstream, dating, gaming, finance, iGaming
Average Commission Rate Varies on program
Cookie Duration N/A
Minimum Payout $250
Payment Methods Bitcoin, WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Capitalist, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Genome, Paysera
Payment Duration Monthly net30 or weekly if your traffic volume exceeds $1,500
Affiliate Support Type Email

Our Verdict About AdsEmpire

We would recommend using AdsEmpire at any time if you are looking for a versatile affiliate network with dating offers. The fact that this network has received several awards is a clear indication that many affiliates and brands like it. With offers that cover more than 50 countries, you have every reason to use this network.


  • Global GEO coverage
  • Exclusive dating offers
  • Referral program
  • Several payment models


  • Mainly focusing on Tier 1 countries
  • High minimum payout

Advendor Affiliate Network

Advendor is one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks, driven by innovation. This pay-for-performance network has been operating globally since 2015. Those who join the network have access to various offers from the most popular verticals, such as dating, iGaming, finance, mobile, and gaming. Affiliates are paid for leads such as registration, purchase of products, and software installation, among others. And payments are made using the most common affiliate models like CPA, CPL, CPI, and revenue share. Over 30,000 publishers and more than 500 advertisers have benefited from Advendor.
Network Advendor Affiliate Network
Niche/product types Dating iGaming finance mobile gaming
Average commission rate CPA CPL CPI RevShare 3% of the referrals payout
Cookie duration N/A
Minimum payout $50
Payment methods Webmoney PayPal Wire transfer WMZ YandexMoney QIWI
Payment Duration Weekly
Affiliate Support Type Affiliate managers live chat email Telegram

Our Verdict About Advendor Affiliate Network

We think that affiliate partners can trust Advendor to help them find the best deals from companies. As an affiliate, you’ll get high payouts, exclusive technology, and payments made quickly and safely through popular payment methods. On the other hand, advertisers only pay for results when a customer registers, pays for a product, or instals an app. 


  • Accepts traffic from worldwide GEOs
  • Direct and exclusive offers for affiliates
  • Guaranteed payments every week
  • Great support from account managers


  • Limited support options
  • The website is available in two languages


Algo Affiliates

One of the best affiliate networks for performance marketing with programs in the dating vertical is Algo-Affiliates. It works with publishers, media companies, and affiliates. There are more than 1,500 high-quality offers and over 50,000 partners in different parts of the world. Also, there’s a decent selection of top-notch merchants in a wide range of niches like finance, dating, insurance, home improvement, loans, insurance, sweepstakes, health, beauty, and more. The company’s values include funnel optimisation and monetisation, expert support, and on-time payments.

Network Algo-Affiliates
Niche/Product Types Dating, home improvement, insurance, finance, nutra, loans, real estate, sweepstakes, software, diet/weight loss, education, banking
Average Commission Rate CPA, CPL, CPS, Tailored commissions
Cookie Duration Varies on program
Minimum Payout Varies
Payment Methods Crypto, PayPal, Wire Transfer
Payment Duration Depends on the program
Affiliate Support Type Email, Skype, Account Manager

Our Verdict About Algo-Affiliates

The Algo-Affiliates team is committed to ensuring that performance marketers get the tools they need to achieve the results they want. Affiliates have a great opportunity to earn more, thanks to the network’s partnerships and attention to the needs of marketers. With lots of offers and a powerful traffic monetisation algorithm, you have many reasons to join.


  • 1,500+ offers
  • Powerful traffic monetisation technology
  • The best marketing tools
  • Timely payments


  • Few payment methods
  • Limited information about commissions

5 Best Dating Affiliate Programs

Marketers in the online dating industry can choose between affiliate programs and networks. If you choose a dating affiliate program, you will be able to work directly with advertisers with no intermediaries involved. So, the best dating affiliate programs will let you have complete control over your marketing strategy. 

On the other hand, an affiliate network acts as a middleman between the affiliate marketer and the advertiser. With that said, several dating affiliate programs on the market are worth considering if your audience is interested in dating and adult products. Let’s look at the best affiliate programs for the online dating niche below.



Launched in 2000, eHarmony is not like the other dating sites you will find online. It’s a leading online dating website that uses behavioural matchmaking technology and offers dating advice. What’s more, eHarmony offers one of the best dating affiliate programs you can join and start earning. If you join the affiliate program on Awin, you will earn commissions when your visitors complete registration questionnaires and 6-month, 1-year, or 2-year subscriptions. The program offers 35% commissions to advertisers. And you can get a custom commission model if you have large volumes of customers. The attribution period, or cookie duration, is 30 days. If you join the program on Commission Junction, you’ll get a 30% commission per sale and $10 USD per lead.

Our Verdict About eHarmony

Besides offering online dating services, eHarmony offers a robust dating affiliate program. The program is managed by Awin and Commission Junction, two of the world’s leading affiliate networks that serve publishers and advertisers from all over the world. You will be paid per lead or per sale, and getting a custom payment model is an added advantage.


  • Attractive commissions for advertisers
  • Awin and CJ are trusted affiliate marketing brands
  • Top-notch service for partners
  • A dedicated program manager


  • Few payment methods
  • Lower commission per sale compared to some other programs

Elite Singles

Elite Singles

A sophisticated and ambitious group of professionals founded Elite Singles as an online dating service. In addition to its high-quality dating services, Elite Singles offers one of the top dating affiliate programs for marketers in the dating sector. If you join the program on Commission Junction, you will be paid for every successful lead. The program’s standard commission rate for a completed personality test is 7 USD or 8.50 CAD, and the cookie duration is 45 days.

Our Verdict About Elite Singles

The Elite Singles dating site is more than just an innovative matchmaking service. Affiliates can join the Elite Singles’ affiliate program on Commission Junction, which is one of the most trusted and reputable affiliate networks. We find the program highly beneficial to affiliates, considering the long cookie duration and the fairly high amounts paid for a completed personality test.


  • Offered on trusted affiliate networks
  • Long cookie period


  • Not available in some countries
  • Low cost per lead compared to other sites

Cupid Media Affiliates

Cupid Media Affiliates

Cupid Media has been connecting singles worldwide since 2000. If you have seen a dating site with the word “Cupid,” chances are it’s operated by this company. Affiliate marketers can access one of the best dating affiliate programs offered by Cupid Media, and get paid per sale. According to the company’s affiliate agreement, a marketer will receive a 75% commission on the initial sale. You get paid if your referral upgrades from the Standard membership to Gold or Platinum. Payments are made on a monthly basis with no threshold.

Our Verdict About Cupid Media Affiliates

We think Cupid Media is one of the best dating sites with a reliable affiliate program that affiliates can rely on. Even though there are few payment methods, you will receive a decent commission on your first sale. Not many affiliate programs offer a 75% commission on the initial sale, which is one of the reasons why the program is appealing.


  • Competitive commission rates
  • Many years of experience
  • Safe and secure payments
  • High conversion rates


  • Limited payment options
  • It can take up to 48 hours to get responses via email

There are a lot of online dating sites out there, but has a good reputation for a number of reasons. Launched in 1995, is known for being the first online dating website. This platform also has one of the best affiliate programs, which lets you get paid per lead or sale. After joining the program, you can earn a 50% commission per sale on Commission Junction. CPL rates start at £2 for mobile traffic and £4 for desktop traffic. And the cookie duration is a whopping 120 days. CPAs range from £20 to £45 depending on the subscription length.

Our Verdict About

The dating affiliate program is a recommended choice for many reasons. First, the platform has many years of experience offering a high-quality dating service to singles in many countries. The affiliate program offered by has multiple pricing model options that include cost per lead and cost per action rates, which are very attractive to affiliates. What’s more, you will be paid for desktop and mobile traffic, and the cookie duration is longer than many other dating affiliate programs offer.


  • Enticing commission rate
  • Bonuses for affiliates
  • Decent cost per sale rate
  • Great cookie duration


  • Relatively low EPC
  • Old-fashioned website design is a dating website created to connect Christian singles in 1999. Just like Christian Mingle and other faith-based dating sites, it helps people form God-centred relationships online. Those who choose this platform also have access to one of the best dating affiliate programs with frequent incentives. As marketed on the official website, you can get a 40% commission on every sale. But you can get highly competitive commissions, running from 75% to 80% on every sale, if you join Commission Junction. The cookie duration is 120 days, which is fairly long.

Our Verdict About is a superb Christian dating site that will impress marketers and advertisers with its affiliate program. Powered by Commission Junction, the dating affiliate program enables marketers to collect profitable commissions and enjoy other offers. Not every affiliate program will give you up to 80% commission like The cookie duration is longer than most programs are willing to offer, which makes the program more beneficial and appealing to affiliates.


  • 40% to 80% commission on every sale
  • Great conversion rates
  • Frequent incentives for affiliates and consumers
  • Generous cookie duration


  • Outdated website design


As a leading digital marketing agency, here at Revpanda, we take the affiliate marketing world’s pulse as well. Therefore, finding the best affiliate networks in the online dating scene should be easy now that we have explained everything in this article. The affiliate networks and programs discussed here have lots of success stories and are recognised in many countries. If you are passionate about the online dating niche, you can get amazing commission rates and the best bonuses for affiliates. You will enjoy high conversion rates and get paid via a range of safe and secure payment methods.

Once you choose from the affiliate networks listed here, you can earn commissions in different ways. The most popular commission models they use include cost per action (CPA), cost per lead (CPL), cost per sale (CPS) and revenue share (RevShare). Whichever commission model you choose, make sure that the percentages or numbers are high. Luckily, the abovementioned dating affiliate networks have great commission rates. Feel free to choose the one that suits you the best now.

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We have reviewed and listed the top dating affiliate networks on this page. They offer the best rates in the dating sector and other popular niches. Moreover, they allow marketers to earn commissions through various payment models.

There’s a significant difference between affiliate networks and programs. A dating affiliate program allows you to work directly with the advertiser. However, an affiliate network acts as a middleman between affiliate marketers and advertisers.

Each dating affiliate network has its own commission model(s). So, the amount of money you can earn will depend on the network’s payment terms and conditions. The higher the percentage or cost per sale rate, the bigger the commission.

The available payment models and methods will depend on the chosen dating affiliate network. Most affiliate networks pay out commissions using widely used payment models such as CPL, CPA, CPS, and PPI.