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Interview with Olga Sokolik

Revenue Lab is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks, with over ten years of experience in the iGaming industry. They simplified the process of affiliate management for their users and thus became one of the most trusted and reliable platforms on the market. Today we interviewed the Chief Marketing Officer of Revenue Lab, Olga Sokolik, to find out more about her journey with the company and its future plans. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into the gambling industry? Hello! Before getting into the gambling industry, I used to work in the commodity

TikTok Cleared to Operate in the US with Oracle

Oracle agreeing to become TikTok’s trusted technology partner in the US could mark the beginning of a new strategic partnership between the US-based tech firm and its Chinese counterpart ByteDance. However, according to the latter’s official press release, ByteDance will not be sharing technology and algorithm with Oracle, although the US firm will gain access to check TikTok’s source codes in the country. Oracle’s role in the new partnership will be a key story for the webmasters to follow since the technology giant currently does not own a stake in the social media realm. Oracle’s lack of baggage could play

Why Sex Sells More than Ever

With time, its use has been adapting to the changes in society, allowing advertisers to promote diverse products through sexual imagery. Although the use of sexy advertisement may seem risky, studies on the subject show the strategy actually works. According to Prof. Tom Reichert, advertisers use sex because it attracts attention and can be very effective. Sex appeals to basic primal instincts. Besides food and other survival needs, sex appeal has self-preservation interests in humans. Because of its sensual pleasure, the use of sex in advertising transcends the physical context. Therefore, it is no surprise that advertisers consider sexual imagery to be

20 Best TV Shows About Business

Everyone loves an inspiring journey, especially filmmakers. The idea of being a part of an underdog’s success story can be highly motivating, especially when the odds are stacked against the protagonist. If you’re an entrepreneur, watching TV is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it pays to indulge in guilty pleasures once in a while, as focusing too much can sometimes lead to inattentional blindness and cause burnout.

Meet the Revpanda Team at TES Affiliate Conference 2021

Revpanda is attending the 3-day TES Affiliate Conference 2021 in Marbella, Spain. Hosted by The European Summit, the event is one of the biggest congregations of professionals from the online entertainment, finance, and advertising industries. TES Affiliate Conference 2021 is being held between 2-5 July at the Don Carlos Resort & Spa, Marbella. Viewers can also tune in virtually from around the world. This hybrid conference model has been introduced keeping in mind the COVID-19 travel and social gathering restrictions. The TES Affiliate Conference is one of the biggest events of its kind and provides the platform for affiliate marketers, advertisers,

Meet Revpanda at the iGathering Dinner in Marbella

Our digital marketing agency Revpanda will attend the iGathering Dinner hosted by SiGMA in Marbella, Spain, on July 8, 2021. The event is among the biggest gatherings of leaders and professionals from the online gaming industry this year. We have several interesting ideas and plans for the year ahead to share with the attendees. Also, we are excited to meet and interact with various professionals from the industry and spend the evening in good company. The networking dinner is SiGMA’s first event in the region and will serve large communities in Gibraltar and Costa del Sol. It opens the Spanish

Revpanda sponsors SiGMA iGathering in Riga, Latvia

The next SiGMA iGathering is scheduled for the 26th of August in Riga, Latvia, and Revpanda is sponsoring the event.  On a regular basis, SiGMA hosts several satellite events at luxury restaurants, poolside venues, and aboard exquisite cruises as part of the Friends of SiGMA initiative. These lavish events are excellent networking opportunities where people get to meet and greet the stalwarts of their respective industries. And this time is no different. The dinner is being hosted at Royal Casino at 19:00 in the presence of over 200 C-level executives, including casino owners, software developers, service providers, and top-level digital

Meet the Revpanda Team at the 2021 TES Affiliate Conference in Prague

The event is scheduled between September 10 and 13 and will host stalwarts from several industries like online entertainment, finance, gambling, gaming, health, and dating. The event is one of the largest networking opportunities for professionals and is renowned for offering a great time. What’s in Store for the Delegates? The next TES Affiliate Conference 2021 is being hosted at the Vienna House Diplomat Hotel in Prague. Over 150 exhibitors are expected to participate in the Meet Market on Day 1. The 3-hour long electrifying networking event is ideal for the delegates to meet the attendees and share their ideas

Revpanda Attending SiGMA iGathering in Limassol This Week

SiGMA hosts several luxurious dinners every year for C-level professionals from various industries. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet and greet industry experts, pioneers, and global leaders. The upcoming networking event is hosted at the Malindi Beach Bar & Restaurant in Limassol on September 16, starting at 19:00. Over 200 delegates from the iGaming industry are expected at the networking event. Attendance is by invitation only, and the event is free for the invitees. Looking Forward to iGathering Limassol SiGMA organises several satellite events throughout the year at five-star resorts, poolside restaurants, and luxury yachts. And iGathering Limassol is one

Meet the Good Folks at Revpanda at 2021 SBC Summit Barcelona

The event is scheduled between September 21 and 24 and will host 5,000+ delegates (live and online), 250+ speakers, and 100+ exhibitors. The Biggest Congregation of the iGaming Industry SBC Summit Barcelona is the hub of iGaming operators, suppliers, regulators, and affiliates. This is where the iGaming industry converges every year to meet in person, exchange knowledge, discuss ideas, increase their network, and do business together. SBC Summit Barcelona presents a novel opportunity to interact with veterans from the iGaming industry and be a part of the discussions about our collective future. This year’s event features over 100 exhibitors who

Revpanda Sponsoring SiGMA iGathering Dinner at Barcelona

Revpanda is sponsoring the next Friends of SiGMA networking event that is scheduled later this month. SiGMA iGathering Barcelona will be hosted at El Restaurant Barceloneta on September 21 between 19:30 and 23:00 hours. And the event is an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with veterans and peers from several industries. SiGMA iGathering is the largest congregation of professionals from the online entertainment, media, and hospitality industries. Looking Forward to New Opportunities SiGMA is renowned for hosting lavish events at 5-star resorts and offering excellent networking opportunities. From gala dinners at luxury restaurants to evening cruises aboard a yacht

Meet Team Revpanda at iGB Live! In Amsterdam

iGB Live! is the biggest congregation of iGaming enthusiasts, professionals, and industry veterans. And this time, the event promises to be even more epic as the hosts bring additional features and opportunities. iGB Live! and iGB Affiliate will bring the pioneers of iGaming together and help attendees form new connections. The event is being hosted at RAI Amsterdam and promises some exciting changes as the industry reunites for the first time since London 2020. The Biggest Networking Event of the Year is Here! iGB Live! caters to every sector of the iGaming industry. From the top operators showcasing their portfolio

Revpanda Sponsors the Next SiGMA iGathering in Amsterdam

SiGMA throws several lavish dinners every year to bring the stalwarts of different industries under one roof. And this time, there will be over 200 delegates from the online entertainment industry. SiGMA iGathering Amsterdam is scheduled for September 29 at 19:00 hours, and the event is being hosted at the Persijn Restaurant at QO Amsterdam Hotel. Revpanda will be in attendance, and we look forward to meeting new delegates, reconnecting with our peers, sharing our thoughts and discussing new ideas. We’re Thrilled to Interact with Peers and Industry Veterans! SiGMA iGathering presents a unique opportunity for professionals to interact with

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