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Interview with Olga Sokolik

Revenue Lab is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks, with over ten years of experience in the iGaming industry. They simplified the process of affiliate management for their users and thus became one of the most trusted and reliable platforms on the market. Today we interviewed the Chief Marketing Officer of Revenue Lab, Olga Sokolik, to find out more about her journey with the company and its future plans. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into the gambling industry? Hello! Before getting into the gambling industry, I used to work in the commodity

Why Sex Sells More than Ever

In today’s advertising world, sexuality attracts more attention than ever before. With time, its use has been adapting to the changes in society, allowing advertisers to promote diverse products through sexual imagery. Although the use of sexy advertisement may seem risky, studies on the subject show the strategy actually works.

20 Best TV Shows About Business

Everyone loves an inspiring journey, especially filmmakers. The idea of being a part of an underdog’s success story can be highly motivating, especially when the odds are stacked against the protagonist. If you’re an entrepreneur, watching TV is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it pays to indulge in guilty pleasures once in a while, as focusing too much can sometimes lead to inattentional blindness and cause burnout.

Meet the Revpanda Team at TES Affiliate Conference 2021

Revpanda is attending the 3-day TES Affiliate Conference 2021 in Marbella, Spain. Hosted by The European Summit, the event is one of the biggest congregations of professionals from the online entertainment, finance, and advertising industries. TES Affiliate Conference 2021 is being held between 2-5 July at the Don Carlos Resort & Spa, Marbella. Viewers can also tune in virtually from around the world. This hybrid conference model has been introduced keeping in mind the COVID-19 travel and social gathering restrictions. The TES Affiliate Conference is one of the biggest events of its kind and provides the platform for affiliate marketers, advertisers,

Meet Revpanda at the iGathering Dinner in Marbella

Our digital marketing agency Revpanda will attend the iGathering Dinner hosted by SiGMA in Marbella, Spain, on July 8, 2021. The event is among the biggest gatherings of leaders and professionals from the online gaming industry this year. We have several interesting ideas and plans for the year ahead to share with the attendees. Also, we are excited to meet and interact with various professionals from the industry and spend the evening in good company. The networking dinner is SiGMA’s first event in the region and will serve large communities in Gibraltar and Costa del Sol. It opens the Spanish

5 Tips on How to Write Good Instagram Captions

Although the quality of your photos is critical for gaining followers on the platform, getting them interested in what you have to offer requires a niche set of skills. And that is something crucial in digital marketing. But that’s hardly the hardest part. Capturing beautiful pictures and editing them to perfection is half the battle won. The other half is creating quirky Instagram captions. A great caption not only explains the contents of the image in a few words but coaxes the followers to take action. If you consider captions as an afterthought, you’re wasting a golden opportunity to engage

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