Revpanda Introduces Payment Testing Services


Revpanda Introduces Payment Testing Services

After a long-time of hard work, we are glad to introduce our brand new payment testing service.

Immediately after the introduction, the service got in demand by our existing clients, along with other businesses from various industries. In the light of this, we expect our payment testing service to get a foothold among our chief offerings like SEO, copywriting, or translation.

What does our payment testing service hold for online businesses?

Mainly, our payment testing service provides our partners with a detailed report about the user experience on performing a transaction on their platforms. 

Overall, the service helps you recognise the limitations of your payment gateway and answers questions like: Does your payment partner facilitate international transactions? Do they have a transfer cap for certain nations? Do the transactions often time out?

To make it even more extensive, our local agents run multiple rounds of tests on several devices using different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Additionally, we use multiple browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox during every round of testing to identify the limits. This helps you stay updated with the platform’s performance at the end of each round.

Another point that we believe our service will help you with is testing your platform’s localisation performance. That way, you can identify incorrect translations that your customers may encounter and prevent miscommunication later on.

The final report also includes a brief overview of the overall user experience. This allows businesses to identify and resolve issues before inconveniencing customers.

Who can we help with our testing service?

We created our service to meet the needs of almost every online business. Simply put, companies that collaborate with third-party payment providers to receive payments can take advantage of our service to analyse and optimise their customer experience. 

Whether you run an e-commerce store, a fintech platform, an online gambling venue, or any other business that receives online payments, you will be able to be aware of many things on your platform, thanks to our service.

Apart from testing the payment systems, our agents can help you even monitor your main competitors in a specific country, creating verified accounts and following up with their local marketing campaigns.

To learn more details about our payment testing service, click here. And make sure to get in touch with our team if you want to get an in-depth analysis of your platform.