SEO Copywriting Services

Revpanda offers SEO copywriting services that integrate search engine optimisation best practices into captivating content tailored to your company’s needs. Our SEO copywriting is a combination of relevant keyword research and on-page SEO strategies that improves your website’s search engine ranking and enables you to outrank your competitors.

Our SEO Copywriting Process


Conduct Keyword Research

To rank your website higher in search engine results and drive organic traffic to your website, Revpanda’s SEO copywriters research and identify the relevant keywords for your business. They list these keywords according to their monthly search volume and difficulty of ranking to prioritise them based on their ranking.


In-Depth Competitor Analysis

Before creating the actual content, we analyse the competitive landscape of your business to help you outrank them. We research the top-ranking content of your competitors on a specific topic or for a particular keyword. This might include their blog posts, website content, landing pages, etc.


Outline The Content

To ensure a successful content development process, we create an SEO-backed content strategy based on the analysis framework we performed previously. Then we start with writing the body copy and integrating the chosen keywords wherever they fit naturally in the content.


Craft And Optimise The Content

The SEO copywriters at Revpanda start to write content based on the outline and the search intent of the keywords they decide to integrate. After creating a solid base with relevant keyword research, compelling writing, and a great user design, we optimise the content for SEO. This is where our experts write enticing titles, meta descriptions, and headings to attract the attention of your potential customers.

How To Write The Best SEO Copy?

SEO copywriting is so much more than integrating high search keywords in the content to rank higher on the search engines. To maximise the effectiveness of your SEO copywriting strategies, you need to craft high-quality content that offers value and knowledge to the readers.

It is all about crafting compelling, readable, and web-friendly content optimised according to the ever-changing algorithms of the search engines. Want to learn all about some of the proven best SEO copywriting practices that have consistently offered repeated success over time? Let’s see how Revpanda’s SEO copywriters embrace and incorporate these proven methods to provide SEO copywriting services that promise a high conversion rate.

Time Needed:
Device Required:
PC, Smartphone


Natural Keyword Integration

Even though keywords are a crucial element of SEO copywriting, your content needs to be just as readable. This means integrating the keywords naturally so that they don’t seem forced and affect the readability of the content.


Cater To The Audience’s Search Intent

High-quality content that satisfies the search intent of your readers enables you to earn high rankings on search engines. Hence, it is essential to offer answers to questions that people are asking through search engines. This means that your content will cater to the particular stage of the buying journey that your customer is at.


Check The Competitor’s Content

After determining the primary keyword for your SEO copywriting piece and entering it into the search bar, you need to look at the top search results and identify the common elements. This means that, as an SEO copywriter, examining your competitors is important.


Optimise Your Content

To check your content for its SEO-friendliness, you need to check keywords in the content, headings, subheadings, meta title, and meta descriptions. The SEO copywriters at Revpanda realise that keyword stuffing practices are discouraged by Google.

Pros And Cons Of SEO Copywriting For Websites

  • Significantly improves your search engine ranking and engages more customers
  • A cost-effective marketing tactic that connects your customers with products and services that they are looking for
  • You need a carefully crafted promotional plan to ensure that your SEO content strategy is working
  • You experience slow progress towards the expected business outcomes with SEO copywriting

Multilingual SEO Copywriting

Producing content in multiple languages has become essential for businesses in today’s globalised world to ensure a successful marketing strategy. This enables you to provide your customers with what information they need, when they need it and that too, in their language.

Our SEO content specialists use important keywords for your business, regardless of the language or niche that you belong to. After serving our network of professionals with extensive experience in multilingual SEO copywriting, our experts align your brand with its target culture while relaying your business’s message to your target audience. Not only this, they craft culturally relevant content that is available in a variety of languages to help you make new connections with your target customers and increase your networking base.

Professional SEO Copywriting Services

If you plan to boost your website’s online presence and optimise its SERP performance, SEO content is what you must look for first. With quality SEO copy, you can rank higher on search engines as well as engage new clients and encourage them to purchase from your business. There are several points to consider while writing the best copy to convey the right idea for high conversion rates;

  • Rather than putting your entire focus on the keyword, you need to see what you are trying to communicate in the content and then see where the keyword fits in. Although you need to integrate keywords into the content to rank well on Google, you also must compel your readers to take action after reading.
  • After realising the reason behind a user typing information on a specific product, you can determine the keyword intent, which might be informational, navigational, commercial, or transactional.
  • If you are unable to examine your competitors, you can even get recommendations for your future SEO copywriting content from several tools that even offer readability scores and any particular websites that link to them.

SEO copywriters at Revpanda make sure that they strive to create SEO-optimised website content that entices your customers with its magnetic introduction, readable content, and fulfils all the SEO rules and guidelines.


The price of our SEO copywriting services depends on several elements, such as the length of the content, keyword research, choice of topic, and the different industries that you want us to write on. If the SEO copywriting services require more in-depth research, our services might cost more than usual. Contact us and request a quote for your project to find out more.

The SEO copywriting experts at Revpanda are experienced in conducting competitor research according to the specific market niche you come from. We analyse the search results from different search engines to see how your competitors have constructed the content’s structure, use of keywords and their density, length of sentences throughout the content, and a lot more. These findings help us create a solid and thorough content outline before starting the SEO copywriting process.

Revpanda’s team of SEO strategists and copywriters offers extensive experience in designing effective content strategies that enhance your website’s search engine rankings. They use the latest SEO techniques to help you execute organic SEO copywriting projects successfully. Not only this, they strengthen your SEO progress by providing real-time content analysis on your competitors, which enables you to tap into potential SEO opportunities.