Casino Affiliate – Multilang Website SEO & CRO Optimisation

Project Overview

Industry: Online Casino Affiliation
GEO: New Zealand, Japan, Canada
Project goal: To revert the negative trend of the SEO performance, and increase the organic traffic as soon as possible.
Time span: 1 year

Client had a very good website, targeting various geos with localised content, but their traffic on some of the markets was very low, and with a negative trend on some of the targeted geos.

Our first thought was recommending the client to focus their resources on specific sections, rather than trying to cover too many fronts, which would dilute their efforts, and not bring ROI.

Client understood our point of view, so we agreed to start focusing on one of those decreasing traffic markets: New Zealand which had a 50% drop in traffic within the last 6 months, which afterwards switched to Japanese and Canadian markets.

The Objective

We created different proposals with KPI’s based on the expected traffic improvement. The client acknowledged that the most aggressive approach would bring faster results. Upon agreeing on that, we built the following strategy.


Reverting the current negative traffic trend

Domain was on a negative trend, dropping from 7.000 monthly traffic to 3.500 in the previous 6 months. It was crucial to stop the negative trend.


Improve the content authority of key pages

We analysed the pages with the biggest loss in traffic, updated the content, and optimised their headings and internal links.


Make the backlink profile more organic

Website had a number of wrongly built backlinks, contrary to Google guidelines. We disavowed whatever was not providing value, and damaging the website, as well created a long term strategy, with a white hat approach, and an organic link-building velocity.


Created measurable KPI’s

We set ourselves the goal to recover the lost traffic, and reach again within a period of 6 months the previous 7000 traffic the website had.

The Strategy

From June 2023, we started implementing our strategy. The plan consisted on 4 differents steps:

  1. Immediate technical fixes of the website
  2. Create a new website architecture based on a Semantic SEO approach
  3. Execute a mid-long term SEO tasks that consists of:
    1. Improving the EEAT of the website
    2. Internal link optimisation
    3. Regular content updates for all pillar pages
    4. Fresh new content to expand website authority
    5. Geographical & Topical related link building strategy
    6. Recurrent Digital PR Campaigns to build an organic anchor distribution
    7. Optimisation of the conversion rate to maximise the monetisation of the expected.
  4. Prepare the website to be compliant not only with previous, but with the future upcoming Google algorithm updates.

The Process and Results

While the improvements execution take some time, and search engines also require a few weeks to show results on the result pages.

Short Term

Within just 3 months, Google already acknowledged the changes, resulting in 91% increase in organic traffic.

During those months, we suggested to the client a good number of improvements, on the technical SEO side, and related to User Interface & User Experience(as part of our Conversion Rate Optimisation Service), that weren’t only implemented on the NZ section, but affected the domain sitewide.

Regarding linkbuilding, we highlighted that it would be unnatural, if all the new links incoming from our off-page strategy, would direct to the New Zealand folder, so we suggested the client in order to have an organic link-building strategy, to send some of the new backlinks, and PR Campaigns to the root domain.

At that stage, we presented the NZ data to the client, and recommended having a global content velocity across the other targeted markets. So we agreed to implement a similar strategy from October 2023 in other geos like Canada, Japan or the UK.

Mid Term

After 6 months of continuous work, the traffic in the NZ domain quadrupled, exceeding most optimistic expectations.

But not only that, the optimisation of the site, its global authority and backlink profile improved through white hat link building strategies, also improved Google’s perspective of the main website. Providing a huge rankings & traffic increase on the whole domain.

After 9 months, the NZ folder has increased +400% their traffic compared to the previous period.

Long Term

The other geos we started working on by the end of the year also started flourishing, even markets which used to have very little traffic previously like JP, has its traffic increased by +500% in the last 6 months.

Moreover, the whole website traffic has multiplied by 4 since we started our collaboration, and the amount of TOP3 ranking Keywords has switched from barely 600, to up to 3.200.

Looking to the future, the website has no limits. Increasing from 33.000 monthly traffic to 133.000 in less than a year.