White Hat Link Building Services

Grow your website’s authority and drive traffic to your web pages with Revpanda’s white hat link building services.

We help boost your site’s rankings on search engines by building high quality backlinks through genuine link building campaigns that adhere to Google’s guidelines.

Long-Term SEO Success

Reduced Risk of Penalties

Higher Conversion Rates

How Revpanda Provide White Hat Link Building Services

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Link Auditing and Assessment

Before building white hat links to your website, we assess and audit your website to know its current standing. Doing so helps us identify the target audience and the opportunities to grow your organic traffic, but it also helps us channel our link building efforts in the right direction to gain links to boost your profile on search engines.


Backlink to Quality White Hat Websites

Quality comes first! Our search engine optimisation strategy is hinged on getting links from white hat websites with a good reputation. We conduct thorough research to identify reputable websites with high search engine rankings that are white hat compliant to ensure you get nothing but the best.


Create Unique and Insightful Content

No link building strategy is complete without content creation. After conducting deep market research and drafting content ideas tailored to your brand and niche, our experienced copywriting team writes unique, conversion-driven content with links to your website using the best SEO practices. We stick to the Google Webmaster guidelines during content creation to guarantee your content is always in line with official policies.


QA and Results Tracking

Before a post is published on a partner site, one of our expert editors reviews it for typos, grammar, quality, and syntax errors. This may require several rounds of revisions and corrections until it reaches our award-winning quality standards. Once it is ready, our web admins publish the content, and we monitor it to make sure everything is going well. Once we are satisfied with the metrics, we relax and enjoy the post ranking high.

What Is White Hat Link Building?

White hat link building is Revpanda’s most used and on-demand SEO technique, which secures high-quality backlinks from external sites to boost your website’s search traffic while adhering to Google’s guidelines. By strictly adhering to these guidelines, Revpanda ensures your business avoids any potential Google penalties and protects your ranking from Google’s algorithm changes.

Say No to Black Hat Risks

Black hat linking strategies are simply any SEO strategy that defies Google’s and other search engines’ guidelines. While it may yield quick results, the consequences, such as blacklisting, are severe and sometimes irreversible. Revpanda exclusively utilises white hat techniques, guaranteeing your business remains secure and climbs the ranks sustainably.

White Hat vs Black Hat Link Building


White hat

  • Involves ethical methods that comply with search engine guidelines.

  • Utilises guest posting, link reclamation, digital PR, content promotion, HARO, and many more.

  • Focuses on long-term, sustainable wins through organic growth.

  • Uses high quality links and relevant websites with a solid reputation.

  • More labour and budget intensive.

  • Black hat

  • Involves unethical link building strategies that go against search engine guidelines.

  • Utilises cloaking, keyword stuffing, private blog network, spamming, buying links, etc.

  • Focuses on short-term wins that are often lost due to penalties incurred.

  • Links are gained from low-quality, irrelevant websites with thin content.

  • Faster and takes less effort to set up.

  • Why Choose Revpanda White Hat Link Building Services?

    Choosing Revpanda as your white hat link building agency is your best bet if you want to strengthen your website’s reputation, gain more customers, and enjoy peace of mind knowing you are fully erring on the side of caution.

    More Visibility

    Revpanda’s white hat link building service assures links from quality sites to rank your site higher on search engines to boost visibility. And the higher your visibility on the worldwide web, the better your chances of generating leads and connecting with potential customers and clients looking to do business with you.

    Increased Website Traffic

    A high quality backlink profile is one of the factors search engines consider when determining how to rank a site; the more robust a site’s backlink profile, the better its chances of ranking high in search results. And the higher your site rank is, the more traffic it will enjoy. Leverage Revpanda’s white hat link building service to drive organic traffic to your website.

    Increased Revenue

    As a business owner, your ultimate goal is to generate sustainable revenue for your business. And relying on practices to make short-term gains is an easy way to go out of business. Choose Revpanda to generate sustainable revenue by running link placement campaigns.

    Long-Term Results

    Our white hat link building focuses on sustainable, long-term results. Unlike black hat techniques that may offer quick wins but risk penalties from search engines, our white hat strategies contribute to a stable and enduring online presence.

    Better Authority and Credibility

    Backlink profile is one primary criterion Google uses to judge how authoritative a website is. The more authoritative your website is, the higher it will rank on search engines. Get links to your website by utilising our genuine SEO link building services, and give your website’s authority and credibility a significant uplift.

    Compliance with Search Engine Guidelines

    White hat link building aligns with search engine guidelines and best practices. Search engines regularly update their algorithms to prioritise high-quality content and ethical SEO practices. With our white hat strategies, we ensure compliance with these guidelines, reducing the risk of penalties.

    Building Relationships in the Industry

    White hat link building often involves outreach and relationship-building with other businesses and influencers in the industry. This not only leads to valuable backlinks but also fosters positive relationships that can result in collaboration and other opportunities.

    Adaptability to Algorithm Changes

    Search engines frequently update their algorithms to provide more accurate and relevant search results. Revpanda’s White Hat Link Building services are adaptable to these changes, ensuring that a business’s online presence remains effective and resilient over time.

    Revpanda's White Hat Link Building Strategies That Generate Results

    As a result-driven SEO agency, our goal is to help you grow your business. No excuses!
    We utilise our award-winning content marketing team to its fullest extent and combine time-tested white hat strategies to generate outstanding results. We track performance, analyse results, and optimise our link building strategy for maximum outcomes to ensure you get the most significant returns on your investments. Here are our most used and best result-generating white hat strategies you can start implementing into your business today!


    Digital PR Link Building

    At Revpanda, we use digital PR link building to boost our client’s website visibility on Google. Our digital PR strategies involve creating newsworthy pieces of content with a backlink about your business and distributing them to news agencies, bloggers, and social media. The more shares and links this quality content gets, the more your backlink profile will grow organically, and the more your website will rank on search engines.


    Linkable Assets

    Textual content is hardly ever enough for link building. This is why we go beyond creating textual content when strategizing high-quality white hat backlinks to create valuable and educative visual assets such as infographics, case studies, and surveys that bloggers, journalists, and content marketers naturally want to link to. The more they link to these assets, the more organic backlinks and traffic your website will get.


    Guest Posting

    Writing a blog post and publishing it on other high-quality websites that align with your business works remarkably well for generating quality links. Our goal with guest posting is to create long-form pieces of content that users and search engines find useful. After writing great copy for your specific needs, our SEO specialists work with our writers to naturally include links to relevant pages on your website in guest posts to boost your backlink portfolio.


    Content Promotions

    As a good way to get quality backlinks, we promote content by writing and syndicating it to sites like Medium, Business2Community, Quora, and more. This gives your website more exposure and improves your backlink profile. Our reach and expertise enable us to conduct interviews with experts from many different industries and get them to link to your website while running content promotion campaigns.



    One of the most organic white hat strategies is utilising testimonials to build backlinks to your websites. Revpanda contacts companies whose services you have used and asks if they would like a testimonial from you. Once they agree, we follow up by asking if they can add your business’s name and a link to your website to the testimonial. This method ensures you have complete control over your image, as we only get links from businesses in a relevant niche to your website.


    High-Quality Backlinks on Authoritative Sites

    Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a powerful strategy for swift and effective, high-quality backlinks. Revpanda seamlessly connects with journalists from authoritative domains like Forbes, Time, and Huffington Post, ensuring your content gets published. Years of strategic collaboration with HARO have forged valuable relationships across diverse industries, presenting a unique opportunity for our clients to enhance website visibility, authority, and traffic.

    Link Reclamation: A Cost-Effective Solution

    In the dynamic online landscape, links can break over time, impacting your website’s SEO value. With the link reclamation service, Revpanda proactively hunts and repairs broken links stemming from rebranding or updates across the web. It allows businesses to gain a competitive edge at a lower cost than building links from scratch and experience heightened organic traffic growth, making it a top-tier strategy for optimising your website’s performance.

    Unlinked Brand Mentions

    Often, brands are mentioned without an accompanying link—an untapped opportunity in SEO. We seamlessly build links to your website, and the best part? It typically costs you nothing. The anchor text can be tailored to suit, ensuring relevance to your brand. Let Revpanda be your link-building ally in capturing these valuable unlinked brand mentions effortlessly.

    Lost Backlinks

    In just three steps, we scour the internet to locate websites where your backlinks were lost, connect with website owners, and request the reinstatement of deleted links. Our method is not only cost-effective but significantly faster than traditional link-building strategies like guest posting. Experience the efficiency of recovering lost backlinks for a substantial return on investment.

    Broken Link Building

    Links break frequently, and at Revpanda, we act promptly to mend them. Our approach involves reaching out to webmasters to fix broken links pointing to deleted pages on your site. With positive responses being the norm, this mutually beneficial practice ensures a win-win situation.

    404 Link Reclamation

    Ever clicked on an outdated link and encountered a 404 error? Imagine if your web pages replaced that error instead. With Revpanda’s 404 link reclamation, we make it happen for you. Consider a scenario: Your competitor’s link is still active despite their closure. We step in, connect with the website owner, and propose replacing the dead link with a relevant page from your website. Armed with compelling written content, we ensure a positive response, redirecting traffic to your site.

    Pros & Cons of White Hat Link Building

    While one quickly boosts website ranking using black hat link building techniques, white hat link building is still the most reliable method for garnering backlinks to a website for long-term gains. Utilising white hat link building strategies removes the fear of losing your search rankings and incurring Google penalties.

    • Provides long-lasting results.
    • Makes your website more authoritative and trustworthy.
    • Wider visibility on search engines, including Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.
    • Improved sales as a result of increased visibility and traffic.
    • Takes a while to start seeing results with white hat link building.
    • Requires more resources to pull off a successful white hat link building campaign.

    Transform Your Online Presence Today!

    Elevate your website’s authority, boost organic traffic, and ensure lasting success with Revpanda’s White Hat Link Building Services. Don’t miss out—harness the power of ethical link building for a thriving online presence!


    White hat link building is any strategy that involves utilising legitimate tactics to build backlinks to a website.

    Though quick to set up initially, black hat practices always end with websites getting blacklisted and investments wasted in the long term. White hat building tactics are Google compliant, so it is always better to avoid using black hat link building methods.

    White hat building can be time-consuming and stressful. Using a link building service takes the load off you, allowing you to focus on what’s more important: growing your business.

    Guest posting, PR, link reclamation, content promotions, and PR link building are some of the best white hat techniques for organically growing a website’s backlink profile.

    Yes, white hat SEO is ethical, as all the techniques follow guidelines set by Google and other search engines. Conversely, black hat link building techniques are considered unethical and can end up with a ban from Google.