Hugo Casino Branding & Web Design Case Study

Project Overview

Hugo Casino, an ambitious organisation, is poised to make a significant impact in the industry with its distinctive branding strategy, complementing the exceptional offers and experiences provided to its players.

Given that it operates with a white-label online casino provider, our team anticipated the need for ongoing collaboration with the provider. To facilitate this, we followed a method that streamlined communication, significantly enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the project.

The Process of Designing Hugo Casino


Consultation with the Team

Before we started the design process, we had a consultation call with the Hugo Casino team to understand their target markets, overall expectations, and goals for the brand.


Creative Process

Since Hugo Casino has a characteristic name, we initially created a mascot and brand colours, which helped us to maintain a branded approach in every step.



We crafted a cohesive visual theme by integrating Hugo Casino’s brand colours, appropriate typography, and high-quality graphics, ensuring the website’s aesthetic appeal and user-friendly experience across all devices.


Preparing the Final Design

As the website’s structure was created by their provider, we made sure that our design perfectly fit the existing wireframe, allowing the brand to go live without needing any structural changes.

The Result

The Hugo Casino project stands as a testament to the impact of strategic branding and efficient design in the online casino industry. Our collaborative approach, blending innovative branding with a user-focused design, resulted in a visually captivating and seamlessly functional website.

This success was further amplified by our effective communication, ensuring the final design aligned perfectly with Hugo Casino’s vision and structure.

Overall, the project not only enhanced the brand’s online presence but also set a new benchmark for user engagement and satisfaction in the digital gaming arena.

Check out the new Hugo Casino interface by Revpanda!