how to start an online casino


How to Start an Online Casino – A Comprehensive Guide to Launching Your iGaming Business

Find out how to start an online casino business. This is a step-by-step guide to starting a successful gambling platform with a business plan.

How to Start an Online Casino - A Comprehensive Guide to Launching Your iGaming Business

With the gambling industry continuously growing, it might be challenging to invest in an online casino. If you’re wondering how to start an online casino business, you can navigate it with the necessary information and guidance. Revpanda’s casino experts gathered all the necessary information in an easy to follow guide to take you through the key steps to starting a successful online casino site. 

Understanding the Online Casino Industry

Understanding the Online Casino Industry

The first step to take before you start your online casino business is to understand the industry. With thousands of casino sites and sports betting platforms, the contemporary online gambling market is constantly expanding. Entrepreneurs who have discovered the industry’s huge potential frequently launch brand-new online casinos.

To succeed as a casino owner, you need to be familiar with casino operations and the most sought-after offerings in your target location. Paying attention to the newest trends, technologies, casino games, and payment gateways will give you an edge in this highly competitive market. In addition, seizing opportunities can greatly contribute to your iGaming business’ success and potentially lead to profitable outcomes.

Exploring the Lucrative World of Online Casinos

The global casino and gambling industry has a multi-million dollar value, with top operators in casino and sports betting earning substantial annual incomes. Not only that, but the growth rate is generally expected to increase in the coming years, even in times of recession.

Once you join the online casino world, your primary source of revenue will be from gambling on various games. Each provider’s game offers a statistical advantage that allows operators to make the most profits from players’ bets. Whether your casino focuses on slots, table games, or live dealer options, your platform will have an advantage. Given the popularity of slots among players, diversifying your selection with a range of online slot games is recommended.

Key Market Trends and Opportunities for Online Casino Operators

One of the most effective strategies to handle the competition in the online casino sector is to keep up with current market trends. It is much easier to grow your business and stay ahead of everyone else if you look for new opportunities. You need to extensively study the market for current and upcoming trends and implement new technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). 

Based on a recent analysis from Grand View Research, a market research and consulting company, the global online gambling industry reached a value of USD 63.53 billion. This positions iGaming as one of the most profitable industries for investors. Key components contributing to the market include online casinos, sports betting, poker, and bingo. Sports betting contributed to approximately 49% of the 2022 market. 

On the other hand, the casino market is expected to grow due to an increased interest in table games and online slots. The research also highlights that there are opportunities worldwide for operators, spanning across Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Among these regions, Europe stands out as a significant contributor to the overall market share.

online gambling market

Regarding devices, desktop users contributed about 48% of the revenue in 2022. However, the number of players who use smartphones and tablets is consistently on the rise. The following chart shows the estimated number of online gamblers who use mobile devices, computers, and other devices.

global online gambling market

How to Start an Online Casino

Starting an online casino demands careful planning and business strategy, target audience identification, and efficient marketing. Here are the key steps to prepare for your online casino venture:

Time Needed:
Device Required:
PC, Smartphone


Market Research

Examine the entire market to understand your competitors, opportunities, and challenges. Analyse trends and collect statistics to identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses.


Business Strategy

Create a business plan and financial projections to outline the short- and long-term processes. A well-structured plan will give you the chance to allocate resources and address your needs.


Secure Funding

Secure sufficient capital for software development, operation costs, and marketing campaigns. Explore funding options like crowdfunding, bank loans, partnerships, government grants, and online gambling investors.


Marketing Strategy

Create customer profiles by considering demographics like age, location, gender, and spending habits. Select appropriate marketing strategies that suit your target audience and financial constraints.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations to Start an Online Casino

Real money gambling requires regulation; therefore, if you want to start a successful online casino business, you must take regulatory considerations into account. Since the process of obtaining a licence might take a significant amount of time, it’s advisable to hire a legal advisor when applying for a gaming licence. First, registering a legal entity in the chosen jurisdiction and opening a bank account for your gaming business are necessary. Working with an outsourced accountant will not only make this process much simpler due to taxation procedures, application fees, and other financial factors but also make it much cheaper to operate. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing a casino regulator. First, it’s important to check whether the licensor collaborates with international online gambling platforms. You should also examine application and annual fees, taxation, and the duration of the licencing process. To make the licencing process easier for your business, we have listed the leading licence entities in the iGaming industry:

Licence Country/Region Licencing Process
Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) Malta Multi-tiered licencing process with various classes
UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) United Kingdom Strict licencing process with thorough background checks
Curaçao eGaming Curaçao Simplified licencing process with fewer requirements
Kahnawake Gaming Commission The Kahnawake Mohawk Territory / Canada Licencing process with a focus on integrity and fairness
Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission Isle of Man Rigorous licencing process with in-depth vetting

Complying with Online Gambling Laws and Regulations

Online casinos holding a gambling licence must adhere to local and international gaming regulations. As you start your casino, you must follow the existing anti-money laundering (AML) procedures and take the necessary steps to prevent underage gambling. Ensuring player safety should also be a top priority, and your website must incorporate recommended security features to protect player data and offer the highest level of privacy.

Abiding by gambling regulations as an operator also means implementing responsible gambling practices. Players should have access to tools that can help them play responsibly and prevent problem gambling. These include deposit limits, bet limits, self-exclusion schemes, and links to legitimate websites with responsible gambling resources. 

How to Start Building Your Online Casino Platform

Building your own casino website is the next step once you understand the industry, secure a licence, and meet all legal requirements. There are several steps to consider at this stage, such as building partnerships with well-known casino game providers and hiring outside help to develop a well-crafted website.

Implementing the right marketing strategy is another important factor in casino site development. Also, the integration of reliable payment methods to facilitate smooth transactions is of equal significance. While these processes may take time, they are achievable. Let’s learn how to start building your online casino platform by exploring the steps in detail.

Choosing the Right iGaming Software Provider

To establish a trustworthy gambling business, the gaming content of your online casino should come from reputable game developers. Prior assessment of each software platform based on key factors such as popularity, game variety, quality, and the use of Random Number Generator (RNG) software is essential. 

Games from a reliable partner must also be thoroughly examined and certified by testing agencies. It is important to pick a software developer that offers casino games with features like mobile compatibility, bonus systems, free spins in slots, progressive jackpots, and live casino options. Some of the top game providers with entertaining and rewarding games include NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Play’n GO, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play.

Designing a User-Friendly and Engaging Online Casino Website

Creating a user-friendly online casino website is vital to attracting and retaining players. You first need to choose a domain name and pay for web hosting services before you start the online casino development process. The cost of building a website can range from hundreds to thousands of euros if you hire a professional web development expert. On the other hand, the price of a domain name can be as low as 10 or 20 euros per year.

The visual appeal of your website plays a major role in attracting customers to your casino or sports betting platform. Including search features and game categories is an absolute must for players to quickly find their preferred games. Another great tip is to offer language choices depending on the regions in which your platform operates. A dedicated promotions page with a variety of bonuses helps you attract newcomers and retain loyal customers.

Integrate Reliable Payment Gateways and Security Measures

Integrating convenient payment systems is necessary to enable safe and secure online payments for a real-money gambling platform. Players should be allowed to deposit and withdraw quickly through the best gambling payment gateway solutions. These include popular payment methods like debit cards, e-wallets, mobile banking, online banking, and cryptocurrencies.

Payment system providers that you choose for your online casino must follow the necessary data protection procedures and adhere to anti-money laundering rules. In addition, most players prefer a platform that enables them to deposit and withdraw money with minimal or no transaction fees. 

Implementing Advanced Marketing Strategies and Customised User Experiences

Once your casino site is developed and ready, the next step is marketing it to potential players. It’s important to develop and execute targeted marketing strategies from the outset. Conducting market research, assessing competitors, and understanding the preferences of your target audience are necessary parts of this process. While it may require an investment, the potential for substantial profits makes it worthwhile.

We recommend using several marketing channels to effectively promote your online casino business. These include search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, and personalised marketing campaigns. Engaging expert casino SEO services can be your best course of action, saving both time and resources. With the guidance of an SEO specialist, you can effortlessly offer a customised user experience. Moreover, you’ll receive advice on the best marketing strategies you can implement to grab the attention of players.

Building a Diverse and Entertaining Game Library

Building a Diverse and Entertaining Game Library

To ensure the success of your online gambling business, it is crucial to offer a diverse range of casino games. Online slots and table games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat are some of the most popular games to include in your game library. Collaborate with trustworthy game providers in the industry so you can rest assured knowing that the games you offer comply with gambling regulations by partnering with reliable game developers.

The game content in your library must also appeal to your target market. This means that you must pick game providers with games that players in your target area are interested in. For example, in an Asian-themed gaming context, selecting game providers that offer popular Asian-themed games can appeal to players in the target market. Featuring a diverse range of Asian-inspired games under each game category will improve the attractiveness of your online casino platform. 

Implementing Secure and Fair Gaming Practices

Implementing Secure and Fair Gaming Practices

One of the most important elements to the success of your online casino business is building trust with players. Leading gambling platforms achieve this by utilising robust security tools to guarantee the safety of player information. Ensuring a safe gambling environment involves providing a secure connection. Ensure that your casino website uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), a widely used communication protocol for creating secure connections online.

Advanced data encryption techniques are also necessary to protect player data and payment details. Players have to submit their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other information, so it is essential to prevent unauthorised access to their sensitive information. Using Transport Layer Security (TLS), formerly known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), to always encrypt data is the only option. 

Integrating certified RNG (Random Number Generator) software is also very important to implement a secure and fair gaming experience. As the name implies, RNG software ensures randomness, meaning that the casino game results are arbitrary. For instance, when players spin the reels of a slot machine, the RNG software ensures that it is impossible to predict the outcome, and there is no room for online casino platforms to manipulate the results.

How to Master Payment Processing and Player Support in Your Online Casino

A significant aspect of understanding how to establish an online casino involves providing a reliable payment service provider. Focusing on key elements contributes to an exceptional customer experience on your gambling platform. Here are the four essential steps to master payment processing and offer the necessary support.


Set Up Secure Payment Processing Systems

Look for popular and convenient payment systems to deposit and withdraw money safely. Consider offering different banking options like debit cards, cryptos, mobile banking, and bank transfers. Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, PayPal, NETELLER, and Bitcoin are among the best casino payment methods today.


Establish Responsive Customer Support Channels

A responsive customer support team is key to trust and credibility since players may have questions about your site or even face issues regarding registration, bonuses, or payments. Use common communication channels like live chat, email, and phone support options, and feature an FAQ section on your website.


Prioritise Player Education and Communication

While starting an online casino, be sure to include guides or educational materials, from explaining certain casino games to providing gambling tips. Player education will make your customers want to come back to acquire more knowledge. It also helps to explain casino terminologies that some players may not understand.


Conduct Ongoing Analysis and Optimisation

Information is power, so you need to keep tabs on everything that’s happening on your casino site. An ongoing analysis allows you to assess gambling activity, the most played games, and how players use the site. Then you can use this information to optimise your website and provide players with the gaming experience they deserve. 

Marketing and Promoting Your Online Casino

Creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential when starting an online casino business to reach your target audience. The goal is to promote your brand and make it known through all possible marketing channels.

Developing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

When starting an online casino, the main objective is to encourage new players to sign up through effective marketing strategies. Marketing your gaming business will help you broaden the market, improve brand value, and offer what players want. 

The next step is to build your content strategy and choose effective marketing channels. You can promote your casino via social media, email marketing, SEO content marketing, and paid advertising. Finally, you have to set key performance indicators, execute your strategy, and analyse the results. 

Boosting Online Visibility with SEO

Boosting Online Visibility with SEO

Learning how to start an online casino includes knowing how to make your brand visible on the internet. SEO empowers you to improve your search engine rankings for users searching for the best online casinos in your target market. Hiring effective SEO services for your casino business boosts your sales with top-quality leads and guarantees long-term growth.

There are several options when it comes to optimising your gambling content. These include on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, all of which help you increase conversion rates and improve your site’s credibility. 

Engaging with Players through Compelling Content Marketing

Engaging with Players through Compelling Content Marketing

The best online gambling operators invest in content marketing to engage with their target audience. You may wonder why it is necessary to write marketing content for your website. The primary objective of well-crafted marketing content is to achieve brand awareness. It is crucial to inform your audience about the existence of your casino website and highlight its offerings. 

Using copywriting services improves your casino website’s SEO performance and consequently increases its visibility. All of these elements collectively contribute to a boost in sales. The easiest and most practical option is to elevate your content with expert copywriting services offered by professionals like Revpanda. 

Expanding Reach through Affiliate Programmes

Expanding Reach through Affiliate Programmes

Successful online gambling operators understand the significance of affiliate marketing. To follow in their footsteps, you should take advantage of online casino affiliate networks and affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing involves partnering with third parties, such as gambling bloggers and outreach influencers, to promote your products and services. 

You may create your own affiliate networks or join existing ones. By developing your own affiliate scheme, you only need to provide affiliate marketers with unique referral links to your site. They can then promote your casino business by sharing those links on their blogs, websites, or social media platforms. Another way to boost your marketing efforts is to work with affiliate networks that connect operators with marketers.

Launching and Growing Your Online Casino

Launching and Growing Your Online Casino

Now that you are aware of the foundational elements of starting an online gambling business and understand the importance of the necessary regulations for a secure gambling platform, it’s time to launch and grow your online casino business. Imagine that your online casino has a vast selection of high-quality games and that it offers an amazing welcome package for new players. What’s next? Let’s delve into the next section to learn more about launching and growing your online casino business.

Preparing for the Grand Opening of Your Online Casino

Preparing for the Grand Opening of Your Online Casino

When it’s time to open your casino, having a solid marketing plan is essential. You must inform your target audience about the opening date and the incentives they will enjoy upon registration. Even better, offer a special bonus to players who sign up on the opening day.

Whether you are using social media, affiliate marketing, or mainstream media, your plan must focus on attracting and retaining players. You should provide loyal customers with incentives, such as tiered loyalty programmes and VIP benefits. And your marketing content must be tailored to your target demographic for the best results.

Strategies for Scaling and Expanding Your Casino Business

Strategies for Scaling and Expanding Your Casino Business

Constant growth is what you need once you launch your online gaming platform. You must always find ways to increase your customer base and introduce new offerings to your players. To discern the preferences of your customers, the most effective approach is to monitor player feedback. Therefore, it’s crucial to have customer support channels for players to express their views, complaints, and comments. By promptly addressing their needs, you can enhance the value of your brand.

The ability to identify growth opportunities is another important characteristic of a casino owner who wants to grow. These include mobile-friendly offers, crypto payments, live dealer games, and, as mentioned before, advanced gaming technologies like VR and AR. 

Other Ways to Start an Online Casino

Learning how to start an online casino from scratch is certainly not for everyone. If you don’t have the time and resources, it’s much better to try other alternatives, including white-label and turnkey online casino solutions. With these two, you can launch a casino business in the shortest time possible without putting too much effort into the development process.

White-Label Casino Solution Providers

White-Label Casino Solution Providers

A white-label solution is one of the best options if you lack the resources to start an online casino from scratch. With a white-label solution, you purchase a ready-to-operate gaming platform with everything you need, while the licence still belongs to the platform provider. Nevertheless, you have the freedom to customise the site and rebrand it by incorporating your business logo. 

With a white-label solution, you don’t need to worry about the tedious process of acquiring a gambling licence. Moreover, all components of your online casino are readily available, including casino games, payment gateways, customer support channels, and web hosting services. With a pre-made casino site, your main focus will be directing traffic to the website. If this sounds good, you should learn more about white-label online casino solution providers and pick your preferred option.

Turnkey Online Casino Solution Providers

Turnkey Online Casino Solution Providers

You can opt for a turnkey solution if you want to have more control over your casino software. In this case, you will receive a ready-made gambling platform. What sets turnkey apart from a white-label solution is the increased range of customisation options available. You have the freedom to obtain your online gambling licence and redesign the website.

Normally, working with turnkey online casino solution providers is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking for more flexible solutions, as they allow buyers to upgrade the system. This solution is also beneficial if you have your own licence or intend to obtain one. While it may require you to spend a significant amount of money, it is still a more profitable option for investors.

Turn Your Online Casino Dream into Reality!

Turn Your Online Casino Dream into Reality!

Now that you know the essential steps for starting an online casino, you have the opportunity to turn your dream into reality. This guide has given you tips on how to organise, get a licence for online gambling, choose the best software, and set up secure and popular payment systems. Additionally, you now understand the legal aspects of online gambling and the steps you must take to develop and launch a safe gaming site.

Are you prepared to take your online gambling business to the next level? Visit and contact Revpanda, an award-winning digital marketing agency, to learn more about our consulting services. With many years of experience in iGaming, Revpanda offers a comprehensive range of services to enhance your casino’s online presence. Partner with us today, and together we will foster the growth of your casino business in the highly competitive iGaming industry.


The key factors for starting an online casino include industry and target market analysis, a comprehensive business plan, and partnering with software providers. Effective marketing strategies are also necessary to market and grow your business.

The majority of payment options are accepted locally and internationally. These include debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, mobile banking apps, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers. PayPal, NETELLER, Bitcoin, Visa, and Mastercard are among the best payment methods for a gambling business.

While you may not have your own money to invest in your online casino business plan, the key is to develop a convincing business plan to attract potential investors or financial institutions. Other sources of capital include crowdfunding, partnerships, and government grants.

It depends on many factors and the steps you choose to follow. For turnkey and white-label solutions, you may only need a few weeks. These are easy options because you don’t need to spend time creating a casino website. Starting a casino from scratch, on the other hand, can take months.