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Casino Affiliate Networks connect online casinos with affiliate marketers, who promote their games in exchange for commission. Read now and start earning!

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    Being an online casino affiliate leads to lucrative income streams for many people, but you need online casino affiliate networks to find an affiliate program that will work for you.Many different aspects of an affiliate program or network determine whether it’s worth using. Affiliates need insight into a platform’s online casino affiliate programs, their products, earning options, payment schedules, and much more. 

    Having proved itself many times in iGaming, Revpanda’s experts researched the current market and its many gambling affiliate programs and affiliate networks, and is the best digital agency to provide newbies and established influencers with the necessary information that can make this year their best yet.

    How Does Gambling Affiliate Marketing Work?

    In a popular market such as the online gambling niche, there are many vendors who all want to engage with the interested audience out there. Instead of only using their own audience, vendors in this industry can reach a wider clientele through affiliate marketers.

    Affiliate marketers can be influencers or individuals with blogs, websites, or social media profiles. They sign up for the official affiliate program of a specific vendor. The vendor then provides them with affiliate links to use in their online content. This can be in a social media post or as part of a blog or other digital marketing content. When the affiliate marketer, also called a publisher, has a follower that clicks on that link, it will navigate to a page or product of these online casinos. An affiliate receives compensation because they drive traffic to the pages and help vendors obtain new customers. The compensation may be dependent on the individual completing a sale, adding money to their casino wallet, or taking another action as stipulated by the casino affiliate program guidelines.

    Affiliate networks are a dynamic resource that helps affiliates find the best gambling affiliate programs. Think of them as an affiliate directory since they provide information about available affiliates and available casino and betting affiliate programs. These parties can easily contact each other via the platform, and aspects like commission payments also take place via this network.

    Best Casino Affiliate Networks

    A gambling affiliate network is a powerful tool that affiliates can use to find the best casino games and betting affiliate programs to join. These networks differ in various aspects. While some showcase the best affiliate programs in various niches (called “verticals”), others focus on one industry or only a few.

    The product range of an affiliate programme helps determine which affiliate network is best to join. For example, an affiliate’s audience may appreciate other verticals besides online casinos. Furthermore, details such as the available marketing materials provided by the network are important. And affiliates can also compare payout schedules and earning methods such as revenue share and CPA.

    The following reviews can help you identify the best casino affiliate network with the right casino affiliate programs for your needs.


    Affiliates using any gambling affiliate program on the RevenueLab platform benefit from this brand’s experience. They’ve been operational and active in the online gambling scene for well over a decade.They compare well with other market-leading gambling affiliate networks since there are over 1,200 brands represented on the platform. This covers both casino site programs and betting brands. So, whether affiliates want to help market online slots, live casino games, or other online gambling options, it’s available on RevenueLab.The quality of gaming operators has drawn over 11,000 affiliates to join and use the network, proving its value in today’s gambling industry and affiliate program market. With features such as having a personal, dedicated affiliate manager to contact, this is a very user-friendly platform to consider.

    Network RevenueLab
    Niche/Product Types iGaming
    Average Commission Rate Support RevShare, CPA, Hybrid, Flat Fee, Min Guarantees, Listing Fee
    Cookie Duration N/A
    Minimum Payout N/A
    Payment Methods 20+, including Skrill, Bitcoin, VISA, Mastercard
    Payment Duration Monthly
    Affiliate Support Type Personal manager

    Our Verdict About RevenueLab

    RevenueLab provides optimal customer service with features like a dedicated manager for affiliates. Furthermore, they simplify campaigns and help affiliates analyse data in order to improve outcomes. RevenueLab caters to most of what affiliates require, resulting in a quality service.


    • Multiple payout options
    • Smartlink
    • Can easily distribute traffic to multiple campaigns
    • Market leading iGaming brands
    • Supports various earning methods
    • Personal manager


    • Not available in multiple languages

    CPA Kitchen


    CPA Kitchen focuses on the gambling and betting verticals, so you know you’re working with an affiliate network that understands the unique aspects of affiliate marketing for the iGaming industry.So far, they’ve built a network with 35 respected gaming operators. This isn’t the highest number of partners that you’d find compared to some other affiliate networks. However, there are quality brands such as Mostbet, Vulkan Vegas, and 1Win.So far, they’ve built a network with 35 respected gaming operators. This isn’t the highest number of partners that you’d find compared to some other affiliate networks, however, you can still be a part of the programs of quality brands.

    Their activities have drawn over 5,000 affiliates. Joining a community that isn’t that big yet has the advantage of having less competition, which is excellent for newcomers to learn the ropes.

    Network CPA Kitchen
    Niche/Product Types Gambling, Betting
    Average Commission Rate Up to 40% RevShare with special offers, CPA also available
    Cookie Duration N/A
    Minimum Payout Varies based on programme
    Payment Methods Bitcoin/$/€, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, NETELLER, Skrill
    Payment Duration 7 days
    Affiliate Support Type Personal manager, Telegram, Email, Phone

    Our Verdict About CPA Kitchen

    CPA Kitchen has impressive features, such as the tools they offer to market more effectively with rotating banners and localization. They may not have the best stats in the business yet, but with quick payouts and real-time statistics, affiliates have a lot to benefit from, making this a good affiliate program platform to try.


    • Can request brands that aren’t yet represented
    • Helpful tools like AdRotator and OneLink
    • Almost all traffic types accepted, including email
    • Personal manager
    • Fast, regular payouts


    • Not much company info is made public
    • Only available in 2 languages
    • Inactive social media accounts with small following

    Ace Revenue


    This is a US based brand that originated in 2009. Once can see from the user friendly and punchy website that they try to make their brand attractive to benefit both advertisers and publishers. Ace Revenue is associated with well known brands. All the brands that are partners are available for affiliates to market, increasing the chances of clients completing registrations and starting to play online.To support their network, Ace Revenue uses Real Time Gaming software, which is a reliable resource to trust for this type of marketing.

    Network Ace Revenue
    Niche/Product Types Casino
    Average Commission Rate 30% to 45% RevShare; CPA; 5% commission in referral program
    Cookie Duration Lifetime income on all submitted players
    Minimum Payout Depends on payment method
    Payment Methods NETELLER, Checks, Casino account, Bank wires
    Payment Duration Monthly
    Affiliate Support Type 24/7 support; Email

    Our Verdict About Ace Revenue

    There’s a lot that makes affiliates feel safe using the Ace Revenue platform, such as no bundling and regular payouts. There are limits for newbies, so it’s vital to discuss all details thoroughly with a manager so you know how to plan. However, this is a trustworthy and helpful network to join.


    • No negative balance carryover
    • Tracking in real time
    • Promotions available
    • No bundling


    • New accounts only have RevShare as an option
    • Varying minimum payouts



    Paynura is based in Europe, but it works with affiliates all over the world. They make sure to be active around the clock to be able to engage with affiliates in different time zones.This brand was an affiliate program for NETELLER and Skrill, but recently, in 2020, they transitioned and created an affiliate network. They use Backend Architects as a software team to run this efficient platform.Looking at the numbers, the network is still limited, with only 300+ registered affiliates. However, there’s already been $8,500 in commission payments, they offer excellent assistance, and features like good and friendly customer care make them attractive to use.

    Network Paynura
    Niche/Product Types E-wallets, Poker, Casino, Sportsbook
    Average Commission Rate RevShare or CPA plan
    Cookie Duration Varies based on programme
    Minimum Payout N/A
    Payment Methods Skrill, NETELLER, Bitcoin
    Payment Duration Monthly between 5th and 10th of the month; Instant payouts are available
    Affiliate Support Type Skype, Telegram (for updates), Email (for special requests), Live chat

    Our Verdict About Paynura

    Users on Paynura appreciate aspects like transparency in the reporting setup and the user-friendly site. They make it easy to harness the power of complicated technology. It’s also a good iGaming affiliate network to try since they cover most relevant verticals in this niche.


    • Marketing tools available
    • Analytics with daily data reviews
    • Can invite sub affiliates to boost income
    • Support in multiple languages


    • Fewer payment options compared to other vendors
    • New network, still growing


    Since it was established in 2005, this network has been running for almost two decades. There’s a lot of experience that affiliates and advertisers can benefit from. Also, the trust they’ve built with participants has resulted in over 120 brands showcasing iGaming affiliate programs on this platform. Using these brands’ offerings, over 9,000 registered affiliates share information with their audiences. At any time, there are over 350 campaigns available to pick from, so affiliates can easily find something they know their audiences will respond to, resulting in better outcomes. The brand enhances the experience further by providing a dedicated affiliate manager.

    Niche/Product Types iGaming, Casino
    Average Commission Rate RevShare, CPA, Hybrid
    Cookie Duration N/A
    Minimum Payout €100
    Payment Methods NETELLER, Skrill, Bank Wire, PayPal, Bitcoin
    Payment Duration Twice a month
    Affiliate Support Type (only during business hours, closed on weekends) Phone, Email

    Our Verdict About Gambling Affiliates com

    It is worthwhile to use established platforms that provide a variety of offerings for affiliates’ audiences. However, it’s worth noting that the platform only does payouts in euros, which could be an issue for some international affiliates. They also review your existing traffic before accepting registrations, so it would be difficult for affiliates new to the business to get access to this network’s benefits.


    • Well-vetted affiliates result in a quality network
    • Established network
    • Many active campaigns to pick from
    • User-friendly platform


    • Strict application process makes it difficult for newbies
    • No 24/7 customer care
    • Limited payout options

    Vortex Alpha

    Firstly, note that Vortex Alpha caters to various verticals, of which iGaming is one of the more popular ones. Despite them dividing their attention among so many niches, it’s worth giving them a try. They do give access to casino affiliate programs from prominent brands. Vortex Alpha offers a modern, intuitive website, making it easy to find certain information. They also promise easy tracking of affiliate performance. However, it’s worrisome that very little about the company is shared on its site.
    Niche/product typesiGaming, Casino
    Average commission rate Can earn on CPA or CPL
    Cookie duration N/A
    Minimum payout $250
    Payment methods PayPal Amazon gift card Bitcoin Payoneer Bank transfer
    Payment Duration Weekly monthly or bi-monthly
    Affiliate Support Type Email phone
    Niche/product types
    Average commission rate
    Cookie duration
    Minimum payout
    Payment methods
    Payment Duration
    Affiliate Support Type
    iGaming, Casino
    Can earn on CPA or CPL
    PayPal Amazon gift card Bitcoin Payoneer Bank transfer
    Weekly monthly or bi-monthly
    Email phone

    Our Verdict About Vortex AlphaIt’s frustrating for affiliates to wait while a vetting process takes place. However, it does ensure a higher-quality platform that benefits both affiliates and merchants.With Vortex Alpha, affiliates can benefit from dedicated account managers. We just hope this brand keeps delivering a good service since they’re still working on their track record in this competitive market.


    • Vetted affiliates
    • Regular payouts
    • Dedicated account managers
    • Customised software


    • Caters for other verticals too, so may lack expertise for this niche
    • Long application process and waiting time

    Best Casino Affiliate Programmes

    There are many gambling sites and iGaming merchants who want to draw traffic to their slots and other casino games. They launch affiliate programs to motivate third parties to market their offers and thereby increase a casino’s revenue. You’ll find these programs on affiliate network platforms, as discussed above.

    Casino affiliates can earn in various ways. There are CPA plans where you earn money whenever a player you refer visits the site. Alternatively, you may only get paid upon their registration, as part of a CPL agreement. With Revenue Share plans, you benefit from commission payments each time they spend money on the casino sites.

    Check the details of any agreement when becoming an online casino affiliate. For example, it can hurt your income if they have a negative carryover clause, which leads to you losing money when players win big. To help you pick, we created a list of some of the best gambling affiliate prog​​ram vendors on the current market.

    Online Casino Affiliate Networks Conclusion

    As the iGaming industry grows, affiliate marketers now have a better opportunity than ever to make a significant income by marketing online casinos. The affiliate networks described in this article offer a number of services to their affiliates, including attractive commission rates, cutting-edge marketing tools, and real-time data.

    Although engaging in online casino affiliate marketing may be lucrative, it is crucial for business owners to comprehend and abide by the strict rules that control the sector. With the right approach and a dedication to ethical marketing practices, online casino affiliate marketing can offer a wealth of opportunities for growth and profitability in the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of online gambling.


    What Are the Best Gambling Affiliate Sites?

    Gambling affiliate sites such as Revenue Lab and CPA Kitchen are worth looking at. They benefit the affiliates with their payout systems and offer excellent deals that lead to high revenue.

    How Do Casino Affiliate Networks Work?

    Casino affiliate networks are marketplaces to showcase affiliate network programs. They serve to connect these programs with affiliates who can use affiliate links in their marketing campaigns. This draws traffic for advertisers, resulting in more players registering accounts and using iGaming platforms.

    How to Find the Best Casino Affiliate Programs?

    Use quality casino affiliate networks where you can view multiple casino affiliate programs and their active campaigns. Compare offers and pick ones that will be most attractive to your audience.

    What is Negative Carryover?

    Affiliates earn commission when iGaming merchants receive money from referred players. However, if a referred client wins big it can result in a negative balance for the affiliate, depending on the agreement between the parties. If negative carryover is a feature of the agreement, this negative balance will be carried to the following month. Hopefully, clients will spend again, resulting in a positive balance later on.

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