Best Bitcoin Casino Software Providers


Best Bitcoin Casino Software Providers in 2024

Use top Bitcoin casino software to establish a crypto casino, saving time and money without requiring a specialised crypto team or complex security efforts. Contact our experts to settle with top-notch bitcoin casino solutions!

Effortlessly Launch Your Crypto Casino with Top-Quality Bitcoin Software

Building a crypto casino is much easier with top-quality Bitcoin casino software. Reputable cryptocurrency casino solutions are secure and stable and facilitate effortless crypto payment processing.

If you launch a crypto casino business alone, setting up crypto payment systems, affiliate marketing tools, and support teams will take months, if not years. And that’s before you consider the crucial task of creating a gaming platform with crypto-friendly games.

Fortunately, there is an alternative—cryptocurrency online casino solutions. Learn more about how to start a Bitcoin casino and benefit from advanced crypto casino software from trustworthy developers.

Contact Our Experts to Settle with Top-Notch Bitcoin Casino Solutions!

What Are Bitcoin Casino Solutions?

What Are Bitcoin Casino Solutions?

Bitcoin casino solutions provide you with all the essential crypto casino software necessary to launch and operate a BTC gambling site. As part of the Bitcoin casino script package, you also get round-the-clock technical support as well as internal monitoring systems to improve the operations and reach of your crypto casino business.

Other functions you benefit from usually include live chat integration, various marketing services, such as content marketing services, multi-language functionality, bonus and loyalty systems, mobile compatibility, and so on. An integral part of the platform, casino software Bitcoin providers offer a selection of crypto casino games from crypto-friendly game providers. These include both provably fair games and Random Number Generator (RNG) titles you can play using various cryptocurrencies.

It’s also important to highlight the substantial impact of Bitcoin on digital marketing within the context of online casino software solutions. These readily integrated cryptocurrencies provide marketers with dynamic opportunities for promotions and and customer engagement. Also, you have the flexibility to buy Bitcoin casino software with a preset collection of crypto options and then add cryptocurrencies as you need.

As you can see, the functionalities, services, and features of online crypto casino software can do wonders for your crypto casino business, but only if you choose software from renowned solution providers. Make sure to keep this in mind when analysing Bitcoin casino software prices and options.

Key Criteria to Select the Best Bitcoin Casino Solution Provider

If you are looking to start an online casino business, it is essential that you find the best online crypto casino software on the market. To do that, you will need to carefully consider what each Bitcoin casino developer is offering and pick the best one.

It is one thing to look for Bitcoin casino software for sale, but it is something completely different to search for reputable cryptocurrency casino solutions that will propel your business to the next level. And we can help you with that. Let’s look at the factors you need to evaluate before choosing a Bitcoin casino solution provider.

Licensing and Compliance in Bitcoin Casinos: A Crucial Consideration

All top online casinos own licences from reputable regulators, and so should yours. To that end, when picking crypto casino software, choose one that is compliant with the jurisdictions where you want to operate. The best crypto casino software providers offer products that are licenced in multiple jurisdictions, and if you opt for a white label casino solution, your casino will operate under the master licence of the developer.

Of course, you can also apply for the crypto gambling concession yourself, and this is common for casino owners who already have a merchant account and are not looking to operate using the provider’s licence. However, even in this case, a top crypto casino solution provider will offer assistance in the application process.

Game Variety and Quality: Key Factors for Bitcoin Casino Providers

The players you are looking to attract with your new crypto casino will all want one thing – to play games from the best game providers. Whether it is online slots, video poker, or live dealer games, your customers will want to enjoy a fantastic game variety, top-notch graphics, enticing bonus rounds, and a wide range of bet sizes.

You will also want to cater to diverse player audiences. Fortunately, crypto software developers offer seamless integration of different game types, meaning your crypto gambling platform will include thousands of popular games and new titles for your players.

Ensuring Security and Fair Gaming in Bitcoin Casinos

Players joining crypto online casinos want to enjoy unrivalled security and fairness in their games. Crypto gambling platforms facilitate this due to the way they operate and the provably fair games they offer, where each player can verify the fairness of all outcomes.

But that doesn’t automatically mean that any BTC casino platform will boast those high levels of security and fairness. In fact, the opposite can be true if you go with an untested and second-rate software provider. So, to ensure that both your existing customers and new players have the best user experience possible, we advise you to go with reputable BTC casino developers only.

Seamless Bitcoin Integration and Payment Solutions for Players

One of the most important factors in a crypto casino is the integration of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Industry-leading software providers integrate the best casino payment gateway solutions into the products and services they offer. So, you won’t have to worry about the speed and security of crypto payments, as those aspects will already be taken care of by the developer.

Top software contractors also allow you to add a custom payment option or currency in addition to the ones offered. Of course, this might include extra fees, but it will also provide your customers with more crypto and fiat currencies to choose from.

Customisation and Branding: Tailoring the Bitcoin Casino Experience

Because they offer their products and services to hundreds of businesses, the best software developers provide almost unlimited options for customization. That way, each gambling operator can modify the layout of a crypto casino so that it reflects the characteristics of the brand.

Proven solution providers know that branding for Bitcoin casino startups is essential when establishing a unique identity. So, they give you the tools to tailor the user interface and design in such a way that it is in line with your idea of how the casino should look.

Customer Support and Service: A Vital Component of Bitcoin Casino Solutions

Your players will be quite satisfied with their gaming sessions if they can play their favourite games and everything goes smoothly. But what if slot games fail to load or you forgot to request payment testing services, so now there is a problem with transactions?

When something like that happens, you need to contact the creator of the platform to remove the problem instantly. And that will only be possible if the developer offers 24/7 technical support or has an advanced reporting system. So, when you see a provider advertising a Bitcoin casino for sale, always check whether that crypto platform comes with a support service you can rely on.


Best Crypto Casino Solution Providers

Launching a Bitcoin gaming site in the dynamic iGaming industry might be a challenging task. By purchasing Bitcoin casino software, you make that task significantly easier and turn a daunting process into one that you will enjoy immensely. That is especially true if you decide to set up your crypto-wagering site with the help of an established casino software provider. Industry-leading crypto casino platforms are called that way for a reason. They provide robust turnkey and white label casino solutions that are regularly updated and feature online casino games from world-renowned game developers.

Top crypto casino contractors are well aware of the complexities involved in launching a successful gaming platform. While they offer comprehensive support, it’s crucial to highlight the role of web development services in their offerings. These services go beyond just providing software; they include the entire web development process, including functionality, design, security, user experience, and technical assistance. 

Let’s take a closer look at several leading developers of Bitcoin online casino software and, hopefully, help you choose the one that works for you.

SOFTSWISS: Industry-Leading Payment Processing and Stability


SOFTSWISS is a reputable online gaming software provider that was established in 2009 in Belarus and has a presence in Malta, Poland, and Georgia too. The developer has a comprehensive software package consisting of a competitive crypto gambling platform with the best casino games from studios such as BGaming, BetSoft, Platipus, and Evolution Gaming, as well as support for crypto bets.

In addition, SOFTSWISS also provides integration with a crypto payment processing system, full technical support, in-game currency conversion, the opportunity for bonus API integration, and event streaming. The software solution can be integrated with several casino affiliate network systems, improving the potential to expand your reach and influence in the iGaming market.

NuxGame: Offers Processing Across Top Cryptocurrencies!


NuxGame provides a state-of-the-art crypto processing system for all top cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin. The software provider helps you integrate most major cryptocurrencies, thus targeting a multi-payment player base while facilitating secure payments.

But NuxGame is not only about crypto payments and financial security. If you choose to buy Bitcoin gambling software from the developer, you will benefit from over 9,000 games from 120+ crypto-friendly providers. Your business will also make the most of more than 50 live casino brands. NuxGame’s back office, advanced risk management tools, and free content updates will also come in handy, as will the 24/7 support and anti-fraud system.

Slotegrator: A Fast Launch and High-Speed Transactions


Slotegrator promises a fast launch of a fully-equipped Bitcoin gambling platform that will also boast a myriad of other cryptocurrencies in as short as three months. The Bitcoin casino developer puts focus on speed with its single-session integration of casino games from the best providers. The fully customised design of the site tailored to meet your technical specifications is another selling point for Slotegrator’s software.

The bonus module, equipped with loyalty programmes that can be personalised to your needs and customer base, differentiates Slotegrator’s Bitcoin solution from many competitors, while the various business analytics tools help you optimise the performance of your crypto casino business.

AngelsHub: Target Market Segments with Laser-Like Accuracy


AngelsHub is a reputable software developer that excels in creating reliable turnkey sportsbook solutions and crypto gambling software that will take your user retention numbers through the roof. The platform boasts an internal CMS system that facilitates hyper-segmentation in real-time and the integration of dynamic content. It also comes with various tools to manage your time and resources, an appealing design, and round-the-clock technical support.

The company’s crypto casino platform comes with most of the popular cryptocurrencies included, meaning you can offer your customers the chance to transact with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Cardano, TRON, Litecoin, etc. Your registered users can make deposits and withdrawals using these crypto payment options while being sure that their financial security is guaranteed.

SoftGamings: Launch Your BTC Casino in Under Two Months


SoftGamings has been successfully navigating the high seas of a competitive industry since 2008, offering high-quality turnkey casino solutions and white label software. The Bitcoin casino solution is no different, as the provider promises a super-fast launch in under two months. You can enhance the already-feature-rich platform according to your specific needs and requirements. 

The multi-currency and multi-language BTC platform uses the SoftGamings payment system and comes with desktop and mobile compatibility, along with basic gamification options. You can also integrate a custom payment system of your choosing on demand. As for games, your customers will be able to play casino games from more than 200 providers, including live dealer casino titles. The loyalty and bonus system is quite useful when attracting customers, too.

Sirplay: Taking the Web3 Casino Ecosystem to the Next Level


Renowned for its turnkey and white label sports betting solutions, Sirplay is a prominent BTC casino software provider and Web3 gambling platform developer too. Sirplay’s crypto online casino has gaming titles from more than 75 game providers. These provide the platform with more than 15,000 slots and in excess of 500 table games.

Some of the features of the platform include advanced marketing tools, customization possibilities, reporting mechanisms, and an external integration API. Web3, Phantom, Metamask, Ledger, MyEtherWallet, Argent, Trust Wallet, and other web3 wallets are also part of Sirplay’s offering.

Attract More Users by Benefiting from Bitcoin Casino Solutions

Whether you are looking to gain an edge over the competition or just want to have the best crypto casino on the market, choosing Bitcoin casino solutions from the best providers will go a long way towards those goals. Keep reading to learn more about some of the benefits of crypto casino software.


Conclusion – Have the Edge with Top Crypto Casino Software!

Bitcoin Casino Software Providers

Launching a Bitcoin casino in a competitive industry can seem like an impossible feat, especially if you have never set up a crypto gambling site before. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend months assembling the team and building that crypto casino from scratch. As simple as it may sound, you can actually buy Bitcoin gambling software and have your crypto casino up and running within weeks.

However, there are dozens of crypto casino software providers out there, and not all of them can deliver the products or services you need. Only the best Bitcoin casino solutions can give you the competitive edge you are looking for and the quality gambling platform you are craving.

Top BTC casino developers will integrate the best online slots, live casino games, and poker rooms straight into your platform and will make sure that all crypto-friendly game providers are featured. You also won’t have to worry about the incorporation of crypto payment methods, content updates, risk-management tools, and all other elements and features integral to a quality crypto casino. Use Revpanda’s award-winning digital marketing strategies to boost your player acquisition numbers and user retention figures!

Popular Bitcoin Casino Software Providers


Launched in 2009, SOFTSWISS is a trusted iGaming software solutions provider. Offering robust casino software, game aggregation, sportsbook platforms, and more, it ensures comprehensive support for success.

  • Comprehensive iGaming solutions
  • Robust online casino software
  • Game Aggregator for diverse casino games
  • High-performance sportsbook platforms
  • Affiliate management services
  • Trusted by the industry

NuxGame revolutionizes turnkey casino integration, promising a 48-hour launch. Boasting 9,000+ casino titles, powerful marketing tools, and comprehensive sportsbook software, it’s your ultimate iGaming solution.

  • 48-hour casino launch
  • 9,000+ casino titles
  • Powerful marketing tools
  • Comprehensive sportsbook software
  • Multi-currency, multi-lingual, and crypto-friendly

Slotegrator, established in 2012, excels in omnichannel iGaming solutions. With a Curaçao sublicense, top-notch software, and player support, it offers comprehensive white-label and turnkey casino solutions.

  • Over a decade of industry leadership
  • Quick three-click casino platform launch
  • Advanced customization with ready-made templates
  • Superior omnichannel solutions

AngelsHub, a trusted provider with 20+ years of experience, offers turnkey solutions for online casinos and sportsbooks. Features include 24/7 support, diverse games, and user-friendly controls.

  • Established and Trusted Provider
  • Online Casino and Sportsbook Solutions
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 100+ Partners and 10,000+ Titles
  • Intuitive Back-Office Tools

Established in 2007, SoftGamings stands as a leading force, offering white label casino and sportsbook platforms, turnkey solutions, and Bitcoin casino services with a vast game library and comprehensive support.

  • Over a decade of industry leadership
  • All-in-one iGaming platform
  • Extensive game library from top providers
  • Efficient game management tools
  • Licensing and secure payment system
  • Comprehensive affiliate system

Sirplay delivers world-class white label casino and sportsbook solutions with cutting-edge technology. Offering over 30,000 certified games, it ensures an unparalleled gaming experience.

  • Certified white label casino and sportsbook solutions
  • Comprehensive casino platform with 30,000+ games
  • Seamless integration through iframe and APIs
  • 15+ years of industry experience

WA.Technology is your one-stop shop for launching or expanding your iGaming business. They offer a full spectrum of platform solutions, from turnkey setups to catering to casinos, sportsbooks, lotteries, fantasy sports, and poker.

  • Full Spectrum of iGaming Solutions
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Emerging Market Expertise
  • Scalable & Customisable
  • Seamless Integration
  • Dedicated Support


We tried to share all essential information about Bitcoin casino software and crypto gambling solutions, but if you have some additional questions, why not check out our FAQ section? Here we look at some commonly asked questions about crypto casino developers and solutions, and you might find the answers you need.

There are two ways you can go about creating a Bitcoin casino. You can try to do that alone. However, if you don’t have the crypto experience and expertise, that will be almost impossible. The more logical thing to do is to purchase crypto casino software from reputable Bitcoin casino script providers.

The best crypto casino provider must integrate a wide range of crypto payment methods into its platform, offer 24/7 technical support for its product, and provide you with all the other tools you need. A top crypto solution provider must have the best provably fair and RNG casino games in its offering too.

You can buy top-quality BTC casino solutions from reputable software providers, such as the ones we feature here. With these crypto solutions, you get full control over the platform but can still benefit from content updates, support, and reporting and monitoring services.

You can check what each crypto software provider is offering to know exactly which casino games are included in the platform you are purchasing. As a rule of thumb, the more reputable the BTC casino developer, the greater the variety of games you will get.