How a Casino Operator Reduced Affiliation Costs and Reached the Break-Even Point in 11 Months

Project Overview

A prominent online casino operator, with a strong presence in New Zealand, Germany, and Australia, aimed to streamline their affiliation costs and improve brand presence through employing an SEO agency.


The casino faced high SEO affiliate costs due to the exploitation of branded keywords by affiliates. The need for a strategic approach to optimise search engine visibility was crucial.

While the overall goal was cutting the excessive affiliate costs through optimising the website, the brand had significant blockers to achieve it.

Just like the most of the online casinos, this brand was also built and maintained by a white-label online casino software company. As this practice itself is very helpful for business, it is not the best approach for performing successful SEO campaigns for online casinos.

Therefore, we offered a tailored solution, with which, we have generated a significant return on investment.

Solution and the Process

Initially, we have created a web design, employing the branded approach and made sure that the best conversion rate optimisation practices are utilised so that the client will be able to make the most of their branded traffic.

Afterwards, we proceeded with the development, following the guidance of our technical SEO team, allowing Google to crawl and index our websites without any technical issue. This was followed by writing SEO content, localised for the target markets

Lastly, we have proceeded with building links to enhance the authority on the target keywords.


This initiative resulted in the launch of brand-new websites that achieved first-page ranking on SERPs within the targeted regions. The project delivered a break-even on investment in just 11 months, subsequently generating net revenue without incurring affiliate costs after one year.