Australia Affiliate Programs

The best Australia affiliate programs and networks allow publishers to earn money online by bringing new customers to companies. Learn more about how these marketing platforms work in our guide.

Best Australia Affiliate Programs and Networks in 2024

There are many Australia affiliate marketing networks where marketers can meet and partner with advertisers in various industries. Publishers simply join performance-based programs to promote products and services and earn commissions. These affiliate platforms provide a referral link for each program to help publishers effectively direct traffic to company websites. Continue reading to find out more about their offerings and benefits.

What Are Affiliate Networks? How Do They Work in Australia?

Australian affiliate networks are online platforms that connect publishers with advertisers. Affiliates on these marketplaces can pick from a wide range of programs, generate affiliate links, and share them with potential customers on their own website, social media marketing channels, or email marketing lists. The ultimate goal is to direct traffic to the advertiser’s website and earn money from affiliate sales. According to IAB Australia’s 2022 report, most advertisers spent more on affiliate marketing in the previous year and were planning to do the same the following year. So the Australian market is quite attractive for affiliates.

For companies, managing an affiliate program on a network makes it easy to find publishers and provide them with promotional tools to advertise products and services. Once marketers complete the sign-up process, they can get commissions based on the program’s pricing model or terms. A reputable affiliate marketing network offers programs with popular commission structures such as cost per action (CPA), cost per sale (CPS), revenue share (RevShare), cost per lead (CPL), and cost per click (CPC).

How Can Australian Affiliates Benefit from Affiliate Networks and Programs?

A network allows publishers to quickly pinpoint the best advertisers who want to promote their products. Finding a suitable affiliate marketing program is easy because there are numerous options on the same platform. Once a publisher finds a good one, they only need to register to acquire a unique affiliate link. If approved affiliates direct new customers to online retailers, they can be paid according to the agreed commission structure.

An affiliate marketer can earn money online by generating leads or based on the number of impressions. However, most programs offer better payouts on sales. Some of them have recurring commissions, allowing publishers to earn passive income on the best affiliate networks discussed later in this article.

10 Best Affiliate Networks in Australia

We have conducted our own research to help you find a suitable affiliate network in Australia. If you choose wisely, you can earn money by marketing any online store or company. Revpanda reviewed all trustworthy and credible marketing platforms with the best affiliate programs for Australian audiences. These marketplaces can help advertisers sell products and services in various categories with the help of experienced publishers. Have a look at our recommendations below.

Rakuten Advertising

The Rakuten Advertising affiliate network has spent over 25 years connecting brands with marketers and customers. Its key areas of focus include financial services, travel, and retail. Affiliates on the platform have access to many exclusive brands that are available in more than 190 countries. They can choose from a variety of Australian affiliate programs with award-winning support teams, scalable monetisation tools, and weekly payments. An affiliate partner can earn commissions based on the CPS model among other pricing structures.

For advertisers and global brands, Rakuten Advertising provides the expertise needed to create and run the most effective campaigns. It offers the best data-powered technology to help find potential customers and drive acquisition while working with publishers in various niches and local experts. Influencer marketing solutions are also available.

ProgramRakuten Advertising Affiliate Program
Parent Company Rakuten Advertising
ProductsFinancial Services, travel, retail
Commission StructureCPS, CPA, CPL
Payment MethodsCheque, PayPal, Direct Deposit

Our Verdict About Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Program

Rakuten is a well-known Australia affiliate marketing network that global brands can rely on to run successful advertising campaigns. Affiliate partners can leverage the platform’s technology and expertise to earn high commissions and get help from a dedicated support team. However, the network focuses on a limited number of industries.

  • Exclusive global brands
  • Years of experience
  • Reliable support team
  • Attractive commissions
  • Few industries

Impact Radius

Brands targeting the Australian market have the affiliate network as one of the best marketplaces for advertising retail, travel, and beauty products, among others. The platform offers a branded interface to help companies manage a wide range of partnerships with fraud protection and effective tracking tools. Advertisers can easily track customers across all devices, onboard exclusive partners, and use cookie and non-cookie-based techniques to track marketing campaigns.

If you have an affiliate site, hosts thousands of brands with over 9 million products to promote and earn commissions. Marketers are provided with referral links, exclusive promotional codes, and tracking tools to reach out to customers quickly. Payouts are processed via PayPal, direct transfer, or BACS.

ProgramImpact Radius
Parent Company
ProductsRetail, travel, beauty, and fitness
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsPayPal, Direct Transfer, BACS

Our Verdict About Impact Radius

Marketers in various niches can easily find the best affiliate programs with great offers at There are thousands of advertisers and millions of products to market. You can request a demo to get started, but the onboarding process can be cumbersome.

  • Thousands of brands
  • Comprehensive tracking tools
  • 9 million products
  • Exclusive promo codes
  • Tedious onboarding procedures

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate dates back to 1998, which makes it one of the oldest affiliate networks available today. The platform appeals to global brands by helping them reach the right customers for technology, retail, beauty, fashion, health, and other products. Thanks to meaningful data, state-of-the-art technology, and industry expertise, companies can use this network to achieve sustained growth with tailored regional strategies.

Affiliate marketers and publishers in Australia can also benefit from the network in various ways. They can seamlessly monetise their content and capitalise on specialised strategies based on region and vertical. Moreover, the CJ Affiliate platform provides accurate tracking, safe payment methods, and on-demand analytics and insights.

ProgramCJ Affiliate
Parent Company CJ
ProductsTechnology, fashion, health, beauty, food, retail, hospitality
Commission StructureCPS, CPL, CPA
Payment MethodsCheque, Payoneer, Direct Deposit

Our Verdict About CJ Affiliate

With more than 1 billion customers reached worldwide, CJ Affiliate is a great affiliate marketing network in Australia. Publishers and advertisers on the platform have everything they need to promote products and services in a variety of industries. However, the approval process for programs is not the fastest.

  • Customer analytics
  • Two monthly payouts
  • Omni-channel tracking
  • Regional marketing strategies
  • Slow approval process


Awin was established in 2000, so the platform boasts over two decades of experience. Anyone looking for a good affiliate marketing program in Australia can join the network. There’s room for companies in different industries such as retail, fashion, finance, insurance, travel, telco, and shopping. The network has played a pivotal role in empowering brands and publishers to form infinite partnerships that benefit everyone.

Marketers with affiliate sites can earn money online by promoting more than 25,000 brands at Awin. The platform’s accelerated payment systems ensure that affiliates receive their earnings on time. Also, publishers can easily measure their success by tracking their campaigns using industry-leading technology. Affiliates are paid on the 1st and 15th day of every month.

ProgramAwin Affiliate Program
Parent Company Awin
ProductsFashion, finance, insurance, travel, telco, retail & shopping
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsACH, BACS, Wire Transfer

Our Verdict About Awin Affiliate Program

Awin is without a trustworthy affiliate network with thousands of brands and high-quality products and services to market in Australia. Other attractions for publishers include an easy-to-use Awin dashboard, seamless payments, and frequent payments. But there’s a monthly platform fee, tracking charges, and a service fee, depending on the support you need.

  • More than 25,000 brands
  • Advanced reporting
  • Many product niches
  • Frequent payouts
  • Monthly platform fee


Founded in 2000, the ShareASale affiliate network helps businesses form long-lasting relationships with publishers. The platform offers some of the best affiliate programs in profitable niches such as health, insurance, education, commerce, and technology. It has already attracted 30,000 brands across all sectors, with approximately 260 affiliates joining every day.

ShareASale has you covered if you want to start affiliate marketing in Australia. All types of publishers are welcome, including content creators, influencers, media partners, and loyalty sites. Marketers not only discover the right companies to promote but also access custom tools to drive conversions faster. Affiliates receive their payments every month.

ProgramShareASale Affiliate Network
Parent Company ShareASale
ProductsHealth, gaming, insurance, health, education, commerce, technology
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsCheque, Direct Deposit, ACH

Our Verdict About ShareASale Affiliate Network

There are several benefits to choosing ShareASale as your preferred Australia affiliate marketing network. These include an easy-to-navigate interface, frequent payments, reliable, intuitive reporting tools, and free webinars for marketers. However, the website looks a little bit outdated compared to other platforms we have reviewed in this article.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Monthly payments
  • Transparent reporting
  • Free training resources
  • Old-fashioned design

Commission Factory

Commission Factory hosts many Australian affiliate programs with attractive commission rates. It appeals to companies and marketers in different industries, such as fashion, retail, travel, technology, and beauty. This affiliate network claims to generate 25,000,000 Australian dollars in sales per month, which is a major attraction for merchants and publishers in the country. Advertisers are allowed to have 100% control over their marketing campaigns on the platform.

More than 1,000 affiliate partners join Commission Factory every month to earn commissions by promoting online retailers. Anyone with a website, blog, or Facebook fan page can make use of the network’s marketing tools, such as coupon codes, banners, and links, to attract new customers and get paid every week for generating sales. Affiliates can also track their performance in real-time as they promote over 600 brands on the network.

ProgramCommission Factory Affiliate Marketing
Parent Company Commission Factory
ProductsFashion, retail, beauty, telecoms, travel
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsPayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque, PrePaid MasterCard

Our Verdict About Commission Factory Affiliate Marketing

Commission Factory is doing a remarkable job in terms of providing publishers with the best affiliate marketing programs in Australia. Marketers can choose from hundreds of globally recognised brands, enjoy weekly payments, and get excellent support services and the right promotional materials. However, the network offers fewer brands compared to other affiliate platforms, where publishers can promote thousands of companies.

  • Globally popular brands
  • Accurate tracking
  • Weekly payments
  • Friendly support
  • Fewer bands


With headquarters in Melbourne, GrowthOPs serves publishers and affiliate marketing companies across the Asia Pacific region. The network’s services are available to people in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Singapore, Manila, and Hong Kong. It provides advertisers with the opportunity to acquire new customers, generate incremental sales, build brand awareness, and even drive offline sales. Also, the affiliate network helps to create bespoke partnership marketing campaigns to reach local and international audiences.

If you join GrowthOPs as an affiliate partner, you can make money by advertising products in several niches, such as travel, fashion retail, and telco. Your activities and earnings on the platform are constantly tracked to ensure accuracy and transparency. Publishers also have access to a wide range of creative assets, including text links, product feeds, banners, email marketing tools, and API integration and reporting.

ProgramGrowthOPs Partnership Marketing
Parent Company GrowthOPs
ProductsTravel, fashion, retail, telco, finance
Commission StructureCPA
Payment Methods-

Our Verdict About GrowthOps Partnership Marketing

GrowthOPs is a great place to find the top Australian affiliate programs for marketing different products. There are several benefits for affiliate partners on this network, including effective creative tools for marketers, exclusive deals and discounts, accurate tracking of cookies, and various products to sell. However, networks that have been operating for a longer period than GrowthOPs seem to be more popular.

  • Creative and affiliate tools
  • Affiliate discounts and deals
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Real-time tracking
  • Relatively new


FlexOffers is a well-known affiliate network that many brands in the Australian market use to find new customers. This performance-based marketing platform has so far connected over 10,000 advertisers with more than 75,000 publishers on 65 networks. It provides brands with a cost-effective way to promote their products and services through strategic partnership discovery and an effective marketer selection strategy. There is a dedicated support team to make sure marketing campaigns run smoothly to achieve the desired results.

By joining an affiliate program on FlexOffers, publishers can make money by promoting companies in major sectors, including shopping, entertainment, education, finance, food, travel, and technology. The network also offers a FlexCash referral program that allows partners to generate new revenue streams by referring businesses to FlexOffers. There are several commission models, and standard payment terms are Net 60.

ProgramFlexOffers Affiliate Program
Parent Company FlexOffers
ProductsShopping, entertainment, education, financial services, food, travel, technology
Commission StructureCPS, CPA, CPL
Payment MethodsPayPal, Cheque, Wire Transfer

Our Verdict About FlexOffers Affiliate Program

FlexOffers is an award-winning partner network where Australian marketers can find the best affiliate programs in the country. The advantages of choosing this platform include access to many advertisers, a broad range of products, and an experienced support team. Although payments can be processed faster depending on the program, the standard Net 60 terms mean that all earnings received in one month will be available for withdrawals 60 days later.

  • Thousands of advertisers
  • Dedicated compliance team
  • Custom solutions
  • Many product categories
  • Net 60 terms


ClixGalore is one of the simplest Australian affiliate marketing networks you can find online today. Merchants on the platform can easily create and start programs to market their products and services in lucrative industries like fashion, travel, finance, health, and web hosting, among others. Different types of shipping websites and stores can quickly build an affiliate program and pay out commissions using CPA, CPL, and CPC models.

On the other hand, publishers can turn their website traffic into money by helping brands attract new buyers. The network offers a variety of professional tools, such as links and graphics, to assist affiliates with their marketing campaigns. There’s also an impressive website builder tool that you can use to instantly create promotional pages. Commissions are paid every month, with a minimum payout threshold of AUD$100.

ProgramClixGalore Affiliate Program
Parent Company ClixGalore
ProductsFashion, travel, finance, web hosting, health
Commission StructureCPA, CPL, CPC
Payment Methods-

Our Verdict About ClixGalore Affiliate Program

The ClixGalore affiliate network comes with lots of resources that make it easy for advertisers to create marketing programs. Moreover, publishers can benefit from top-quality creatives, recurring commissions, and an instant website builder for creating appealing promotional web pages. However, the user interface needs improvement to give it a more modern look.

  • Instant website builder tool
  • Many supported currencies
  • Professional marketing creatives
  • Recurring commissions
  • Low-quality user interface

eBay Partner Network

eBay provides an approachable affiliate platform with all the tools brands and publishers need to create effective ads and campaigns. Regardless of their niche, businesses can easily increase their revenues with the help of marketing experts. Popular global brands can sell on the eBay affiliate network, including merchants in the electronics, automotive, fashion, health, beauty, commerce, and sports niches.

The eBay affiliate marketing Australia network provides access to 132M buyers spanning 190 markets around the world. Users have an easy time creating advertisements with branded creatives, custom banners, and tools for creating affiliate links. They can also monitor their performance and use comprehensive reports to optimise results.

ProgrameBay Partner Network
Parent Company eBay
ProductsElectronics, collectables, automotive, fashion, health, beauty, commerce, sports
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsPayPal, Electronic Fund Transfer

Our Verdict About eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is among the most trusted places to find the best affiliate programs for publishers and influencer marketing enthusiasts. Although affiliates can promote products to hundreds of millions of potential buyers and get the support they need, some programs on the network offer relatively low commissions.

  • Massive product catalogue
  • Many global brands
  • Performance monitoring
  • Tools, tips, and strategies
  • Programs with low commissions

Criteria to Choose the Best Affiliate Networks in Australia

Many Australian networks strive to offer the best affiliate marketing programs. However, it can take time to choose the right one without help. Don’t worry if you can’t figure out which affiliate platform you should choose. Just compare the ones we have recommended on this page and follow our strict criteria to find a good one. Here are the key steps to consider while choosing.


Commission Structure and Rates

The best affiliate programs use a wide range of commission structures, such as revenue share, CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPC. The average commission rate should be high enough to convince many affiliates to sign up. Moreover, it is more rewarding to select programs with recurring commissions that marketers can enjoy for a long time by generating more sales from existing customers.


Compliance with Australian Regulations

Choose affiliate platforms that comply with the relevant laws and engage in legal marketing practices. Publishers are required to disclose affiliate links under the Australian Consumer Law. Existing laws also require companies to have affiliate program terms and conditions or an agreement that includes the commission, company and publisher obligations, termination, privacy, and liability. Moreover, affiliates need to declare their income and pay taxes.


Cookie Duration and Tracking Accuracy

Evaluate the cookie duration offered by individual affiliate programs and networks in Australia. The average time it takes to track clicks on referral links should be long enough. A longer cookie duration increases the chances of an affiliate marketer generating sales and earning commissions with better conversion cycles. Another important consideration is to make sure that the platform provides accurate tracking tools.


Payment Methods and Convenience

Examine the affiliate program or network for reliable payment gateways. This is important because marketers need to be paid in a safe and timely manner. One crucial step is to look for programs with banking methods that are available in Australia. Note that certain options, such as bank transfer transactions, may have stricter withdrawal requirements than having your affiliate earnings sent to a PayPal account.


Localised Marketing Materials

Find online marketing networks that provide publishers with effective tools for promoting affiliate products and services. The available marketing materials, such as banners, text links, coupon codes, and promotional content, must be designed with the Australian market in mind. The best affiliate programs also have a dedicated support team to help publishers via live chat, email, phone calls, or social media platforms.

Get Started with the Best Affiliate Programs and Networks in Australia

Australian affiliate marketing networks are a great way for merchants to collaborate with publishers across the country and worldwide. They create a win-win situation where companies acquire new customers and affiliates earn high commissions for helping brands generate sales. With our recommended platforms on this page, finding a good network with trustworthy programs is now easy.

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Yes, every affiliate program targeting Australian customers and marketers must abide by the existing laws. Affiliates and companies must comply with consumer, privacy, and spam laws to engage in legal affiliate marketing activities in the country.

Yes, the Taxation Office requires marketers to declare their income from affiliate programs in Australia and pay taxes accordingly. To avoid legal issues, affiliates must also avoid making false or misleading claims about commissions and affiliate sales.

Marketers can earn decent amounts of money if they join the highest-paying affiliate programs in Australia. Their efforts can be profitable if they promote products and services in lucrative niches such as fashion, health, wellness, and travel.

The best affiliate program offers a wide range of products to market in various industries. Most networks have programs for promoting virtually anything you can imagine, including beauty, fashion, food, health, e-commerce, pet care, travel, gaming, and technology products.

Affiliate income can vary depending on the selected program or network, the commission model, and the number of successful conversions. The most dedicated affiliates can earn thousands of Australian dollars per month or tens of thousands per year.