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Joining the best B2B affiliate network makes it easy for companies to market their products and services to other merchants. The first step is to pick a reliable online marketplace.

Best B2B Affiliate Network in 2024

Many people tend to believe that affiliate marketing is only for business-to-consumer (B2C) offers, but they are wrong. Business-to-business companies now recognise the importance of using B2B affiliate networks to partner with other businesses and marketers. These platforms bring B2B brands together, helping them leverage the power of affiliate marketing to create brand awareness, form new relationships, and ultimately increase revenue. Continue reading to discover the top B2B affiliate networks.

How Does B2B Affiliate Marketing Work?

B2B is a business model where companies produce products or create services for other businesses. With this in mind, B2B affiliate marketing entails paying marketers to sell one company’s products or services to another business. The latter may use those products or act as a reseller.

Through affiliate networks, B2B companies can collaborate with marketers, publishers, or affiliates to promote their products and services. These marketplaces offer an affiliate program with payment plans for affiliates who successfully help B2B operators find each other and conduct business. Affiliates can earn commissions for generating leads or sales.

How Can Affiliates Benefit from B2B Affiliate Networks?

Finding an affiliate partner to market products or services to new customers allows publishers to earn commissions. The best affiliate networks allow marketers to choose an affiliate program with different pricing models. Publishers are required to direct affiliate traffic to a business. All this is accomplished through sharing a unique affiliate link. The affiliate earns money by posting the link on their marketing channels, such as social media platforms, videos, and blogs. Email marketing is another simple method for generating traffic.

An affiliate’s commission in a B2B program depends on several factors, such as the products and services, the company’s reputation, and the number of leads or sales. With an effective marketing strategy and a reputable referral program or network, affiliates can earn good amounts of money and even enjoy recurring revenue from existing customers.

Advantages of B2B Affiliate Marketing Networks

B2B affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable sectors in the online business world. According to Grand View Research, the global B2B e-commerce market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.2% from 2023 to 2030. This means that there are great opportunities for companies that want to build brand awareness and promote their products and services to other businesses. Below are the benefits of creating partnerships on B2B affiliate marketing networks.

Lucrative Commission Opportunities

Business-to-business sales cycles are lengthy, making affiliate marketing profitable. Affiliates can earn lucrative fees if they create sales or qualified leads. Some networks provide recurring affiliate programs, which boost income from clients. If lifetime sales shoot up, the advertiser may also increase the commission, and affiliates can receive their payments through safe payment methods.

Niche Expertise and Targeted Audiences

Partnering with affiliates and other companies makes it easier for businesses to appeal to specialised audiences. B2B affiliate marketing networks include numerous experienced marketers who understand industry specialisations, allowing organisations to collaborate with them. By partnering with other businesses, they can simplify affiliate management and boost client lifetime value.

Long-Term Relationship Building

A B2B network is a platform where businesses can locate other companies and find reliable affiliate partners. Even though there are fewer potential customers in B2B transactions, businesses can form new affiliate relationships that can lead to more profitable business. Depending on the affiliate marketing program’s performance, businesses can secure new clients and nurture ongoing partnerships.

Access to High-Value Products and Services

B2B transactions take place between companies that involve large amounts of money. For this reason, many business-to-business affiliates often get a chance to promote high-value goods and services. Highly-priced products translate to better commission rates if marketers can effectively generate sales or leads, depending on the pricing model used. The more products they sell to a business, the higher the commission amounts.

5 Best B2B Affiliate Networks

There are many B2B networks to choose from in the rapidly growing affiliate marketing industry. Many businesses seek the right affiliates to connect them with other companies in their industry. Moreover, marketers are searching for the best B2B affiliate marketing program to earn commissions. After a thorough competitive analysis of existing B2B affiliate networks, we have reviewed the top 5 and listed them below. You can choose your favourite from our recommendations.


PartnerStack is one of the leading partner ecosystem platforms built for B2B software as a service (SaaS) clients. Created for vendors, partners, and publishers, this affiliate network boasts over 80,000 B2B partners and more than 300 top-notch SaaS partner programs. It helps businesses find suitable affiliates and empowers vendors to sell their software with ease.

By joining the network, partners can drive quality leads, and companies can manage affiliates, content creators, and influencers in one place. PartnerStack can quickly simplify your partnership journey if you want to find new customers, increase your market share, and sell more products at low costs. The network offers a reasonable cookie duration of 90 days.

Network PartnerStack
Products SaaS
Commission Structure Revenue Share
Payment Methods PayPal, Stripe, Direct Deposit

Our Verdict About PartnerStack

PartnerStack is an easy-to-join B2B affiliate network that brings affiliate, referral, and reseller partners together. Although the website may be challenging for new users to navigate, the platform offers seamless integration, fast payouts, and a long cookie duration.

  • Easy to join
  • Seamless integration
  • Quick payouts
  • Client analytics
  • Navigation difficulty


Impact.com is among the best CPS affiliate networks suitable for businesses looking for meaningful partnerships in the B2B industry. This platform aims to transform the way businesses manage and optimise all types of relationships. It is designed for brands as well as publishers who wish to make decent commissions through various pricing models.

When it comes to forging B2B partnerships, Impact.com helps SaaS vendors, among other businesses, boost their growth rates by forming relationships with other companies. Through B2B partner programs, vendors in various niches can effectively reward other businesses or affiliates for attracting new customers.

Network Impact.com
Products Software
Commission Structure Flat Fee, CPS, CPA, CPC, Revenue Share
Payment Methods PayPal, BACS, Direct Transfer

Our Verdict About Impact

The Impact.com network is one of the biggest affiliate partnership management platforms that guarantees world-class support service to its clients. Despite the high startup charges for beginners, the platform offers the necessary tools to develop robust relationships.

  • Onboarding support
  • Large network
  • Fraud detection
  • Integrations
  • Competitive approval process
  • Expensive for beginners

CJ Affiliate

Formerly known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate is a leading partnership-based performance marketing platform that was established in 1998. This network brings together some of the most experienced affiliate marketers and brands in the digital world. It is a recommended option for B2B enthusiasts looking for opportunities to market products and services on reliable e-commerce affiliate networks.

CJ Affiliate provides superior-quality affiliate marketing software and world-class tools to help advertisers and agencies collaborate with publishers and influencers. The platform can reach more than 1 billion global customers monthly and provide affiliates with useful marketing assets.

Network CJ Affiliate
Products Software, Finance, Retail, Technology
Commission Structure Pay-per-sale
Payment Methods Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer

Our Verdict About CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate appeals to advertisers and publishers worldwide, which makes it one of the largest platforms for B2B partnerships. However, the application process for new users can be time-consuming due to the network’s strict approval rules.

  • Extensive network
  • Tracking system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Timely payments
  • Strict approval rules


Partnerhub is a unique platform purposely created for partner matchmaking. This B2B affiliate network is best suited for forming long-lasting relationships between SaaS and digital agencies. Its partner management services include contract creation, tasking, referral tracking, and document sharing. Users on the platform get a wide range of resources under one roof to manage partnerships.

With Partnerhub, it is easy for businesses to find a partner with the same interests after signing up. Moreover, the platform provides the necessary support to activate partnerships, communicate, and integrate with useful tools such as Slack and CRM. So far, Partnerhub is trusted by more than 400 top-rated SaaS agencies and 2,000 digital agencies.

Network Partnerhub
Products SaaS, Digital Agencies
Commission Structure -
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About Partnerhub

Partnerhub is one of the most trusted marketing channels for companies that want to form serious B2B relationships. The platform may not be as popular as other networks listed here, but it is a one-of-a-kind network for SaaS and digital agencies.

  • Free registration
  • Tracked links
  • Customisation
  • Chat support
  • Relatively new


Partnerize is an award-winning B2B affiliate network for companies and marketers in retail, travel, finance, and subscription niches. This platform seeks to build mutually beneficial relationships among brands, affiliates, and agencies in various industries. It works in over 200 countries, allowing partners to manage B2B affiliate programs with the right set of tools.

With Partnerize’s partnership management platform, marketers can partner with more than 1,800 leading brands for a chance to earn commissions. On the other hand, companies can gain access to a large database of marketers in their respective niches. It only takes 15 days or less to activate a partner program on the network.

Network Partnerize
Products Retail, Travel, Finance, Subscription
Commission Structure -
Payment Methods Bank Transfer, PayPal

Our Verdict About Partnerize

Partnerize is without a doubt one of the leading service providers for businesses looking for a reliable B2B affiliate marketing program. New members can easily sign up and have their partner programs ready to go in 15 days. However, creating commissions on the platform can complicated and challenging.

  • Quick activation
  • Integration solutions
  • Tracking infrastructure
  • Learning resources
  • Complex commissions

Criteria to Choose the Best B2B Affiliate Marketing Program

Finding a network with the best affiliate programs may not be easy if you are a beginner in the digital marketing industry. Many platforms claim to offer great services, but which one should you choose? Well, you can use the criteria our experts recommended to locate the most suitable network with an appealing B2B affiliate marketing program.


Commission Structure and Rates

Examine the network’s commission structure and the available B2B affiliate programs. Make sure it offers reasonable payouts through cost-per-action (CPA), cost-per-lead, and revenue share (RevShare) commission models. Look at the CPA, CPL, CPS, and RevShare rates to see how much an affiliate can earn from a qualified lead or sale. A successful affiliate program must also offer safe payment methods and provide the opportunity to earn recurring commissions.


Product or Service Quality and Relevance

Evaluate the quality of the B2B affiliate network’s offerings. This means taking a careful look at the available products and services to make sure they are of the highest standard. Niche content creators in the industry should be able to promote them to other companies with ease. This is easier if the network’s offerings align with the needs of the target audience.


Affiliate Support and Resources

A good platform will have reputable business-to-business affiliate program offerings. Moreover, the top affiliate networks train affiliates and provide advertising tools to help publishers with social media, content, or email marketing. They also offer excellent customer support and additional resources to boost your lead generation.


Cookie Duration and Tracking Accuracy

Assess the B2B affiliate networks’ cookie window and tracking tools. You want the cookie duration to be as long as possible to increase your chances of generating leads through affiliate links. The longer the number of days, the greater the possibility of earning more commissions. Moreover, accurate tracking tools guarantee transparency and payments for the work done.

Boost Your Business with the Best B2B Affiliate Networks

Joining a B2B affiliate network can help companies boost their business-to-business partnerships and transactions. Such a platform provides a cost-effective way to market products and services directly to other businesses with the help of affiliate marketing tools. Most affiliate marketers who join these networks earn reasonable commissions from new and existing clients.

Would you like to boost your B2B venture with an effective marketing strategy? You can join the above networks or take your affiliate marketing game to the next level by working with experts. For that matter, Revpanda is the best content marketing agency with the resources you need to make your business website stand out.

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B2B affiliate networks allow businesses to market different types of products and services to other companies. You can promote software, learning materials, consulting services, and computer services, among other items

Yes, affiliate marketing is considered to be a source of taxable income in most countries around the world. Therefore, B2B affiliate marketers may be required to declare their earnings and submit income taxes according to their country’s laws.

Depending on the quality of the chosen B2B affiliate marketing program, commission rate, and the number of leads or sales, business-business marketers can make a good amount of money. Top-rated affiliates can earn thousands of dollars in commissions per month.