Beauty Affiliate Programs

Get familiar with the best beauty affiliate programs available today. Discover top-rated makeup affiliate programs and networks with a wide range of products to promote and earn attractive commissions.

Best Beauty Affiliate Program in 2024

By joining the best beauty affiliate program recommended here, you can advertise a beauty business and earn commissions. The vast makeup and beauty industry attracts many people, including users, artists, and affiliate marketers who wish to generate passive income. Affiliates can join beauty affiliate programs to market reputable products and earn money if they bring in new customers. Continue reading this guide to discover the top beauty affiliate marketing programs with the highest commissions and top-quality products that you can market to potential customers.

What are Beauty Affiliate Programs? How Do They Work?

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, affiliate marketing entails partnering with influencers to promote products and services. With so many beauty brands to market, bloggers, influencers, affiliates, or publishers can make money selling body care and skincare products from different companies. The first step is to identify the best beauty affiliate programs. These programs come with pricing models or commission structures with agreements on how much an affiliate will be paid for bringing in new customers and generating successful sales.

Upon joining a program to promote beauty products, you will receive a unique affiliate link. The work of an affiliate marketer is to share that link with visitors through blogs, videos, or websites. If someone clicks on the link and generates a sale, the affiliate earns a commission based on their agreement with the beauty brand. In the process, beauty product affiliate marketing helps marketers earn passive income as companies gain access to new clients.

How Can Affiliates Benefit from Beauty Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing for beauty products is often done by influencers or publishers with their own websites, blogs, YouTube channels, or social media pages. Joining the best beauty affiliate programs makes it easier for marketers to find world-class beauty brands to market in the ever-growing cosmetics industry. So, a beauty blogger doesn’t need to waste time searching for a reputable online store with high-quality makeup products to advertise.

Another major benefit of beauty affiliate marketing programs is that you can make money online. Each program provides an affiliate marketer with a referral link to share with visitors on a blog, website, or social media. If visitors follow the link and generate affiliate sales, the marketer can be paid through various commission models, such as cost per sale, revenue share, and cost per action. If you are looking for a program, you can find it on a beauty brand’s website or join the top affiliate networks with numerous programs in various industries.

Advantages of Beauty Affiliate Programs

Creating a beauty affiliate program is a low-risk option for brands to grow their businesses and increase sales. Most brands have one, including companies that offer products and consultation services in the beauty niche. With a good program, advertisers in this sector can pay affordable affiliates or publishers to market their products through engaging articles, blogs, and videos.

Research shows that the global beauty and personal care industry is valued at billions of dollars, which makes it a lucrative option for companies and marketers. Joining the best beauty affiliate programs is a great way to promote a company’s products and earn commissions. We have explained the major benefits below.

Wide Product Variety

There are thousands of beauty brands, including skincare products, body care, hair care, lip balms, and nail care. You can even find affiliate marketing beauty products for men and women with different skin types. Other brands create organic beauty products with all-natural ingredients that are deemed safe for human skin. The most important step is to find a company with products that your visitors would want to purchase.

Passionate Audience

Enthusiasts in the beauty industry are influenced by celebrities, and some of the biggest brands are owned by famous people with a passionate audience. They always watch product launches to find out what is new. If you have a beauty blog or YouTube channel, they will often want to visit your page and see what that industry has to offer. This consumer behaviour makes beauty affiliate marketing a viable option for marketers.

Seasonal Trends

Companies in the cosmetics industry constantly watch out for the newest trends and introduce new products accordingly. Such seasonal products provide marketers with new opportunities to earn more commissions. During the summer, for instance, many people would pay more to get a product that protects their hair and skin from sun damage. In such a case, publishers can use beauty product affiliate marketing to sell more sunscreen and related products.

High Conversion Rates

The perceived value of products in the beauty and cosmetic industries is high. For this reason, companies invest in this niche, expecting to make decent profits. This is possible considering that affiliate marketing services are available at affordable prices. A good beauty products affiliate program can help marketers make money online. If the commission rate is high and your site or blog gets many visitors, you may get good commissions.

10 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs to choose from in the beauty industry. Luckily, we have identified and recommended the best makeup affiliate programs below. They are provided by companies that focus on skincare products, body care, makeup brushes, nail care, moisturisers, hair care, and other profitable products. You can even find some specialty brands with exclusive access to affiliate program offers. Have a look at our recommendations below.

Soko Glam

Charlotte and Dave Cho established Soko Glam in 2012 as a passion project, but it eventually became a leading Korean beauty brand. The company is a major attraction for beauty bloggers looking to earn some cash through commissions. It offers a wide range of products, such as makeup, treatments, masks, and balms, designed with every skin type in mind.

Soko Glam offers one of the best beauty affiliate programs available to marketers today. You can promote the company by joining leading beauty affiliate networks with experienced publishers. These include FlexOffers, Skimlinks, and Sovrn Commerce. The company also has a refer-a-friend program that allows customers to get 20% off.

Program Soko Glam Affiliate Program
Parent Company -
Products Masks, Moisturisers, Makeup, Eye Care, Sun Protection, Treatments, Balms
Commission Structure Depends on platform
Payment Methods N/A

Our Verdict About Soko Glam

Soko Glam is better than other beauty affiliate programs due to its additional refer-a-friend program and availability on various advertising platforms. Although the platform offers subscriber-only discounts, affiliate marketers can earn enticing commissions for marketing popular beauty products in different parts of the world.

  • Variety of brands
  • Soko rewards
  • Refer-a-friend program
  • Various affiliate networks
  • Subscriber-only discounts


Sephora is one of the most sought-after brands in the cosmetics industry. This beauty brand has gained popularity in Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe. It boasts a huge selection of products, including makeup, skincare, and fragrance. Its in-store services include advice and recommendations to help customers choose the right products.

The Sephora beauty products affiliate program is powered by Rakuten Advertising, one of the leading advertising platforms available in the digital marketing space. It allows affiliates to earn commissions on all products on the website without brand restrictions. Other benefits include product sneak peeks and exclusive newsletters.

Program Sephora Affiliates
Parent Company -
Products Makeup, Skincare, Fragrance, Beauty Tools, Brushes
Commission Structure N/A
Payment Methods N/A

Our Verdict About Sephora

Sephora’s affiliate partners have a chance to market thousands of top-quality products and earn money. They can benefit from advertising banners and even try free samples. However, the application process can be time-consuming.

  • Free samples
  • Product sneak peeks
  • Banners
  • Over 13,000 quality products
  • Time-consuming registration

Mac Cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics is an American beauty brand that was established in 1984. With many years of experience, it’s one of the best companies to work with as an affiliate marketer. The company focuses on skincare, fragrance, lipstick, and eye care, among other products.

Marketers can join one of the top beauty affiliate programs offered by Mac Cosmetics on different platforms. For example, they can sign up at FlexOffers or Skimlinks to earn commissions on successful referrals. There’s also a refer-a-friend program with great discounts.

Program Mac Cosmetics Affiliate Program
Parent Company -
Products Skincare, Fragrances, Lipstick, Eye Products
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods N/A

Our Verdict About Mac Cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics’ affiliate program and referral scheme make marketing the company’s products easy and convenient for publishers. You can promote a variety of products on different networks. The only issue is that the cookie duration is relatively short.

  • Various products
  • Many locations
  • Referral program
  • Several marketing platforms
  • Short cookie duration


Glossier is a well-known beauty brand that started as Into The Gloss before it adopted its current name and launched in 2014. Affiliate partners can help the company market various items, including balms, makeup, beauty sets, fragrances, and body care products. These products are created with efficacious formulas designed to make users feel good.

The company’s beauty affiliate marketing program is powered by Shopify Collabs. Interested marketers are required to submit applications to sign up. Publishers are paid a sales commission for every qualifying action.

Program Glossier Affiliate Program
Parent Company Shopify Collabs
Products Balms, Makeup, Fragrance, Skincare, Body Care, Beauty Sets
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods PayPal, Bank Transfer

Our Verdict About Glossier

Affiliate marketers can choose from a wide range of products to market through Glossier’s program. They can even enjoy product launch sneak peeks and market on different platforms. However, there are no commissions for promoting gift cards.

  • Numerous products
  • Product launch sneak peeks
  • Transparent commissions
  • Marketing tools
  • No commissions on gift cards


Beauty lovers have several reasons to market or purchase products from Clinique. With over 55 years of skin experience, this brand is trusted all over the world. The company’s experts are guided by dermatologists to offer 100%-fragrance free and allergy-tested products.

Besides working with the leading suppliers to offer skincare and makeup products, Clinique offers a single-tier affiliate program on FlexOffers and Sovrn. The company also provides a refer-a-friend program where you can get 20% off your online purchase for successful referrals.

Program Clinique Affiliate Program
Parent Company -
Products Skincare, Makeup, Moisturisers, Fragrances, Men’s Products
Commission Structure Cost Per Sale
Payment Methods N/A

Our Verdict About Clinique

Clinique is one of the oldest and most experienced brands in the beauty niche. The company’s tested products instill confidence among affiliates who wish to promote them to earn passive income. But it only offers a single-tier affiliate program.

  • Allergy tested products
  • Popular affiliate networks
  • Reasonable commission rates
  • Refer-a-friend program
  • Single-tier affiliate program


Established in 2009, Tatcha is a recognised luxury beauty brand that sells high-quality products from Japan. The company is best known for its natural Japanese skincare ingredients, which visitors can learn more about on its website. Each formula is created by the top scientists at the Tatch Institute in Tokyo. Tatcha’s skincare consultation specialists are available via email, chat, phone, and video to help clients.

Tatcha affiliates can earn commissions at Awin, FlexOffers, or Skimlinks. The affiliate program is based on the cost-per-sale commission model, where the default commission rate if you choose Awin is 6.40%. You can also join Tatcha’s referral program and get $20 off if your referred friend makes a $100 purchase.

Program Tatcha Affiliate Program
Parent Company -
Products Moisturisers, Body Care, Skin Care, Primer, Facial Cleansers
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods N/A

Our Verdict About Tatcha

Tatcha is a fantastic option for affiliates who want to market beauty and body products with a Japanese touch. The company focuses on all skin types and offers a referral program. However, the CPS rate could be better.

  • Reputable affiliate networks
  • Good product range
  • Trusted products
  • Friend referral program
  • Relatively low CPS


Kiehl’s is a famous luxury beauty brand that dates back to 1851. The company started as an old-world apothecary in New York City and expanded to a full-service pharmacy in 1921.
Today, Kiehl’s is a renowned provider of different types of hair, men’s, body, and skincare products. It has also partnered with Student Beans to offer student discounts.

The company’s affiliate program is available through Awin, Sovrn, Awin, and FlexOffers depending on your location. If you join Awin to market Kiehl’s, you will receive a 5% baseline commission per sale. Exclusive limited-time offers are also available.

Program Kiehl’s Affiliate Program
Parent Company -
Products Skincare, Men’s, Hair, Body
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods N/A

Our Verdict About Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s offers one of the best makeup affiliate programs available on widely known advertising sites. There are many products to market, and marketers can gain exclusive access to forthcoming launches. But not all affiliates will be attracted to a 5% commission.

  • Various beauty products
  • Exclusive offers
  • Marketing resources
  • Long cookie duration
  • Low commission


SkinCeuticals started in 1997 and immediately launched its famous serums. It is now one of the leading beauty brands, with an extensive range of products for every skin type. Backed by physicians and skincare professionals, the company sells different types of serums, sunscreens, cleansers, and face care products. It also offers expert advice to customers.

Marketers looking to market a popular skincare brand can partner with SkinCeuticals at Awin, Skimlinks, or FlexOffers to earn commissions. Also, you can enjoy exclusive benefits and perks by joining the company’s VIP SKINSIDER loyalty program. Note that commission rates may vary depending on the platform.

Program SkinCeuticals Affiliate Program
Parent Company -
Products Skincare, Antioxidants, Sunscreen, Facial Treatments, Serums
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods N/A

Our Verdict About SkinCeuticals

Finding new customers through the SkinCeuticals affiliate program is easy for publishers. Affiliate marketers get the tools they need to promote skincare products effectively. However, commission rates can vary greatly depending on where you are.

  • Exclusive offers
  • Free to join
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Engaging creative
  • Varying commissions rates

Fenty Beauty

Launched in 2017, Fenty Beauty is an increasingly popular cosmetics brand owned by Robyn Rihanna Fenty. We all know her as Rihanna, the famous Barbadian singer and songwriter. She has successfully ventured into the beauty industry by offering top-notch products in various categories, including makeup, skincare, and fragrance.

Fenty Beauty’s skincare affiliate program is available on different platforms, including FlexOffers and Sovrn Commerce. It allows marketers to promote the brand’s products and earn good amounts of money online. However, commissions may vary from one network to another.

Program Fenty Beauty Affiliate Program
Parent Company -
Products Makeup, Skincare, Fragrance, Eye Care, Body Care, Lip Gloss
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods N/A

Our Verdict About Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is an easy-to-market beauty brand with an awesome makeup affiliate program. As an affiliate marketer, you can take this opportunity to sell Rihana’s products to her fans across the globe. However, the commission rates will depend on the network.

  • Product variety
  • Reputable advertising platforms
  • Discounts for students
  • Marketing tools
  • Varied commissions

Charlotte Tilbury

Founded in 2013, Charlotte Tilbury is among the best skincare brands, with headquarters in the United Kingdom. Whether you are a makeup artist, an affiliate, or a consumer, this is one of the leading companies with high-quality skincare and makeup products. Affiliates can also earn commissions selling serums, lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadow, and other items.

The Charlotte Tilbury affiliate program is offered by Partnerize. On average, the company’s partners earn a 10% commission per sale. Commissions are paid every 30 days, and marketers have access to banners, text links, and campaign tracking systems.

Program Charlotte Tilbury Partnerships Program
Parent Company -
Products Makeup, Skincare, Eye Care, Lip Gloss
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods N/A

Our Verdict About Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is a famous brand with a well-paying affiliate program in the makeup industry. Unlike other programs with lower commissions, affiliates can expect higher commissions. However, it can take up to 7 days to approve new applicants who want to become affiliates.

  • High commissions
  • Global Programs
  • Imagery and text links
  • Exclusive offers
  • Up to 7 days of application review

Criteria to Choose the Best Beauty Affiliate Program

Not every affiliate program for beauty products is good for you. It is important to conduct extensive research to only choose the best beauty affiliate programs. Our team uses strict criteria to pick the most reputable programs for affiliate marketers in the makeup industry. You should consider the following steps recommended by our experts to make the right choice:


Commission Structure and Average Order Value

Choose the top beauty affiliate programs that will reward you well for generating leads or sales. Simply persuade new customers to buy beauty, body, and skincare products from your company. You must choose a program with good affiliate commissions, the best companies offer multiple commission structures. The top pricing models include cost per sale, cost per action, and revenue share affiliate programs.


Quality and Reputation of Beauty Products

Look for beauty affiliate products produced by companies with a positive reputation in the cosmetics industry. There are different ways to determine if an affiliate program for marketing beauty products is worth joining. The first one is to read customer testimonials to know what people who have already used those makeup products think about them. Another option is to find award-winning brands that are recognised locally and worldwide.


Variety of Beauty Products and Categories

Find makeup affiliate programs with an extensive range of products. The best ones usually cover the most popular categories, including skincare, makeup, hair care, and body care for different skin types. Price is another important consideration when choosing a beauty affiliate program. Whatever you market must be affordable for the target audience and location. If you target students, your price must match their income without sacrificing quality.


Exclusive Deals and Promotions

Make sure the selected beauty affiliate program has exciting promotions for customers and affiliates. A good makeup affiliate program also offers regular discounts that can make visitors with a small budget want to purchase a product. For example, the top beauty affiliate programs have special discounts for students at colleges and universities. With such deals, it’s easy for prospective customers to feel compelled to purchase.


Brand Aesthetics and Alignment with Audience

Consider first impressions in terms of the product’s overall aesthetic. A company that produces or sells beauty products must invest in high-quality packaging with attractive designs. The affiliate marketing beauty products you choose must also be consistent with the preferences of the target audience. Moreover, the marketing materials need to align with the target audience for your marketing campaigns to be effective.


Customer Support and Return Policies

Investigate the people behind the brand to ensure they offer excellent customer service to affiliates and customers. A good online store will provide around-the-clock customer support via phone, email, live chat, and social media. It’s also crucial for a beauty affiliate program to have clear return policies. With friendly terms and conditions, potential buyers can easily gain confidence in a brand.

Start Earning Commissions by Joining Your Favourite Beauty Affiliate Program

The cosmetics and beauty industry is full of opportunities for marketers to make money online. By joining the top beauty affiliate programs listed here, affiliates can promote skin care products and earn commissions by convincing new customers to buy them. You only need to compare the available options and choose a program with products that appeal to your audience.

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Marketers can join a beauty affiliate program to promote a variety of products to potential customers. The most common categories include skincare, body, and face products. You can promote makeup, creams, lipstick, fragrances, antioxidants, and many more.

The makeup industry is worth billions of dollars and is still growing. It is one of the most lucrative sectors to invest in as a brand or publisher. Affiliate marketers can earn decent amounts of money through successful referrals.

You need to join a reputable beauty affiliate program with high-quality products and decent commissions. Once you register, you will get an affiliate link that you can share with your visitors and earn money if new customers make purchases.

The amount of money a beauty affiliate can earn depends on several factors. These include the quality of the affiliate program, the commission rate, and the number of successful sales. Committed marketers can earn thousands of dollars in a month.