CBD Affiliate Networks

Our in depth look at the CBD affiliate business and the best affiliate networks to join will empower you to build your business faster. Get in on the action now by signing up for the most reputable networks, and start earning high commissions through leading CBD affiliate programs.

Best CBD Affiliate Networks

Thanks to changing legislation, the opportunities for CBD affiliate marketing are expanding rapidly. For effective business growth, however, publishers must connect with the right advertisers, which the right affiliate networks can help with.

Experts predict steady growth in the CBD market in the coming years, and products are becoming more relevant for various demographics that learn about benefits such as pain relief. Therefore, joining a CBD affiliate program carries many advantages. However, as a new market, it’s still challenging to identify who the best CBD affiliate programs are to partner with, so we’ve done the homework to streamline your decision-making process. As a top digital marketing agency, we’ve done a lot of research on the market and covered everything there is to know about the best CBD affiliate networks, showcasing some good CBD affiliate programs.

How Do CBD Affiliate Networks Work?

A primary goal for affiliate marketers is to identify the best CBD affiliate programs to become part of. On an affiliate network, you can find various CBD affiliate programs and their offers, browse for the best options, and then obtain affiliate links to share in your digital content. Affiliate networks serve as a marketplace to connect affiliates and advertisers, making it easier for affiliate marketing role players to find each other. Affiliates can look for an affiliate program, or some of the biggest CBD brands offering an affiliate program may also look for affiliates that they want to offer contracts to.

Since many brands and products are shown on one platform, the network makes it much easier for affiliate marketers to look through the offers that are available. On a CBD affiliate network, the focus market is CBD products, or it’s one of the verticals. There may also be other verticals that could be relevant to the audience of the affiliate.

Based on the tracking of affiliate links, the network can generate data on how the content performed, for example, how many people clicked on the referral link and purchased a product. An affiliate will be paid commissions via the network based on this data.

How Can Affiliates Benefit from CBD Affiliate Networks?

CBD affiliate networks can vet partners, so affiliates know they’re working with reputable brands. Networks speed up the process of finding appropriate brands and offers, saving affiliates lots of effort and freeing up time that they can invest in other activities to grow their business faster.

The CBD affiliate network might offer things like assistance with affiliate marketing campaigns, which could lead to more clicks and sales. Also, such a network helps with managing payments between advertisers and publishers, making it a safe resource to use and giving marketers peace of mind that they’ll receive their pay-outs for services rendered.

Affiliate networks often provide insightful information on the affiliate industry, helping newbies that want to help sell CBD products and learn the business faster.

5 Best CBD Affiliate Networks

When you use networks known to share information on excellent CBD affiliate offers, you make it easy to find good options to share with your audience. Save yourself time by using the most reputable networks in the business at the moment.

Some of these networks may focus exclusively on CBD products, which is helpful if you’re specifically looking for CBD affiliate links. However, others have a range of verticals to choose from. This enables you to cater for many of your audience’s preferences by simply using one affiliate network.

We summarize the best on the current market so you can compare and pick the next one to try out and grow your business.

Diamond CBD


Starting off, the Diamond CBD affiliate program gets loads of 5-star reviews from users, which showcases the value they bring to the market in terms of service delivery. This is a CBD affiliate program, and the company produces its own cannabinoids, but it also gives you access to many other brands’ CBD oil products. The platform has an impressive list of over 25 brands that you can browse, and you’ll find over 1,000 products to market. Brands include Artisan, Buzz, and CBD Oil Biotech, to name but a few.For affiliates, there’s the option to join other platforms like FlexOffers, ShareASale (see below), and CBD Affiliates to also take advantage of offers.

Diamond CBD does have a few verticals within this niche, such as also catering for users who prefer products containing THC or even kratom products. A nifty feature on the platform is being able to search according to ingredients. So, if you know your audience will only be interested in CBD isolates or you want to discover what the kratom market is about, a few clicks give you what you need, and Diamond CBD created very informative pages on each product group, which is very helpful for newbies.

NetworkDiamond CBD
Niche/Product TypesVersatile
Average Commission RateUp to 30%
Cookie DurationN/A
Minimum PayoutN/A
Payment MethodsN/A
Payment DurationN/A
Affiliate Support TypeChat, Email, Phone

Our Verdict About Diamond CBD

Keep in mind that Diamond CBD is more of an advertiser hoping to draw affiliates than just an affiliate network. Still, it’s beneficial that you can access such a wide range of products in this niche, even kratom. This gives affiliates a one-stop option when gaining experience for this type of affiliate work.

The site is easy to navigate, but we would appreciate more information on the company itself, along with affiliate details.


  • Range of products and brands
  • User friendly website
  • High ratings from users
  • Great commission rates
  • Information rich on many products


  • Not an experienced affiliate network as some other platforms
  • Lack of information on some details

Armorica Network

Armorica Network

Armorica Network can draw respect based on its impressive stats, such as having over 200 advertisers and over 3,000 affiliates. However, not all advertisers cater for the CBD affiliate niche, since they also have offers in many other verticals. For CBD offers, you can pick from CBD brands like CBDPure and SuperNaturals.Luckily, audiences are very likely to find that multiple verticals on Armorica Network suit their preferences, since they’re closely related to CBD. This is the case with brands in the health and supplement markets.

A benefit of using Armorica Network is its flexibility when it comes to traffic types. With many CBD affiliate programs, you’ll earn commission if you market via email and mobile apps, which makes it easier for affiliates to earn when marketing products where legislation prevents you from using certain other advertising mediums like social media.

The platform is big on CPA offers, but you can also opt for RevShare offers, with commission rates that are very lucrative.

NetworkArmorica Network
Niche/Product TypesVarious including CBD, CBD for pets, hemp, CBD oil, health, beauty, hobbies, dating, supplements
Average Commission RateCPA, CPL and revenue share offers available – affiliate partner dependent
Cookie DurationN/A
Minimum Payout$100
Payment MethodsVarious including WebMoney, ePayments, Bitcoin, Wire
Payment Duration7 days
Affiliate Support TypeChat, Email, Dedicated affiliate management team

Our Verdict About Armorica Network

Armorica Network makes it easy for affiliates to find relevant offers thanks to their user-friendly filter. You can simply select the vertical you’re interested in and view all the options.

The offers from merchants selling organic CBD products are limited, but they change all the time, so it’s worth checking in on this platform on a regular basis.


  • Accepts almost any kind of traffic
  • Intuitive website
  • Quick payouts
  • Network can contact other CBD brands on request
  • Real time stats available


  • Limited product options
  • Available company information is limited

Algo Affiliates

Algo Affiliates

This is an award winning company, and affiliates have over 1,500 offers to choose from. Just remember that this covers many verticals. However, with health being one of the top verticals on the Algo Affiliates network, it’s clear that it’s a smart affiliate network to consider when interested in marketing CBD products.The brand is big on technology, so you get the benefit of features like smartlinks that will match up a client with the best possible offer. With their algorithm, an ad can be adjusted to suit the viewer.

The brand has over 50,000 partners globally, so you can consider joining no matter which country you’re from. The marketing materials are even available in multiple languages.

As a network showcasing various verticals, you can obtain a variety of affiliate links to suit all your audience’s needs and interests.

NetworkAlgo Affiliates
Niche/Product TypesVarious, including CBD, finance, nutra, crypto, dating
Average Commission RateDifferent deals available for CPA, CPS and CPL
Cookie DurationN/A
Minimum Payout Varies based on CBD affiliate program
Payment DurationVaries based on CBD affiliate programs
Affiliate Support TypeEmail, dedicated affiliate manager, Skype

Our Verdict About Algo Affiliates

We appreciate that it’s one of the company’s primary values to accurately track activities. Therefore, there’s little chance of affiliates missing out on payments due to them. Affiliates will also feel looked after since account managers discuss your business with you and help you make the best decisions to benefit your bottom line.


  • Uses high tech to benefit affiliates
  • Health is a prominent vertical, closely related to CBD
  • Account managers available
  • In-house developed algorithms help drive traffic 24/7


  • Doesn’t clarify list of partners
  • Not exclusively CBD focused



This platform has been around since 2000 but was acquired by Awin in 2017. ShareASale is impressive in terms of numbers, with over 25,000 advertisers’ offers to choose from and over 250,000 publishers using the platform. Partners include reputable companies like Reebok and AIM, but also companies like Central Vapors and Flawless Vape Shop that the CBD community is likely to find relevant.Role players are stationed around the globe, making ShareASale appropriate for affiliates from many countries. However, not everything is focused on CBD, so there will be limited offers for this niche. Still, with niches like health being prominent, it’s a platform where affiliates can find multiple offers to suit clients’ interests.

Niche/Product Types30+ categories including Health, Food & Drink
Average Commission RateVaries based on brand
Cookie DurationN/A
Minimum Payout$50
Payment MethodsCheck, Direct Deposit, and ACH
Payment DurationPaid monthly
Affiliate Support TypeEmail 24/7, Training Webinars, Resources

Our Verdict About ShareASale

It’s quick and easy to gauge whether ShareASale is right for your affiliate business since you can browse the 30+ merchant categories even before signing up. Double check the platform’s relevancy before making a commitment.

The website is user-friendly overall, and there are great offers. Also, using an established brand like ShareASale is beneficial for the CBD niche, which requires long term planning for optimal results. Users can have peace of mind knowing that the platform won’t close down overnight.


  • Website is very user friendly
  • Verticals relevant to CBD niche
  • Established brand
  • Active on social media to update uses on news


  • Can be difficult to grow CBD business for newbies



Impact is a US tech company and provides another platform where you’ll get access to offers related to many verticals. Some of them, such as travel, will be relevant for those interested in CBD, so you can use it to cater for multiple interests clients have. Note that B2B is also listed as a vertical, so affiliates hoping to engage with businesses and benefit from large scale purchases could find Impact very helpful.There are thousands of brands, including CBD brands, showcased on the platform, and they come from across the globe. This is therefore another platform that affiliates can consider, no matter their place of operation.

Impact is the name behind one of the most respected influencer and affiliate software products on the market. You can have peace of mind knowing that they know how to cater for affiliates, and because they’re experts on topics like fraud protection, they know how to look after users’ data.

Niche/product typesVarious
Average commission rateVarious
Cookie duration7 days
Minimum payout$50 for check $100 for bank transfer
Payment methodsDirect transfer BACS or PayPal in any currency
Payment DurationPaid monthly or weekly
Affiliate Support TypePhone Email Chatbot

Our Verdict About Impact

We think this platform could be a good place for established affiliates to consider, since there is an approval process before you can start using the platform. Affiliates can share links of brands that already have a good reputation, which is one reason to use Impact in this niche.


  • Active in over 80 countries
  • Flexible payment system
  • Can obtain partners’ information for direct communication
  • Various options to filter and review offers
  • Quick signup
  • B2B marketing is possible


  • Payments sometimes fall behind
  • Customer service requires improvement
  • Long approval process (up to 3 days)

Pros and Cons of CBD Affiliate Networks

Although very lucrative, the CBD industry can be a challenging one, even when using the best CBD affiliate programs around. By being aware of all the benefits and drawbacks, you can appropriately prepare, optimize the usage of CBD affiliate networks, and sidestep potential problems.

  • Potential of lifetime commission earnings
  • CBD industry is growing fast
  • High commission rates available
  • CBD products are relevant to many other popular affiliate verticals
  • Networks help create ads that sell
  • Offers often last long, giving affiliates time to market
  • CBD legislation changes often, requiring effort to stay informed
  • You’re not allowed to market CBD products on all social media platforms
  • Merchants are known to close business without warning
  • Terms and conditions vary, so take time to research each contract


Anyone looking to make it big in the affiliate world should consider adding CBD affiliate programs to their list of focus areas. With the CBD industry being one of the fastest growing markets, it can help you scale your business faster than planned. However, smart planning is vital, and affiliates should get started as soon as possible, so they can learn the finer details of what it takes to make it big.

A helpful resource for affiliates is finding a reputable CBD affiliate network with reputable CBD merchants as partners, selling high quality CBD products. By taking care of details such as payments and helping with marketing, affiliates’ workflows are streamlined, and they see results faster while safeguarding their interests. We showcased some of the best CBD affiliate networks on the current market that can help affiliates gain traction by identifying the best CBD oil affiliate program for their particular needs.

Use our FAQ sections and other information to familiarize yourself with this niche so it can help you become an affiliate of note.


With CBD legislation changing all the time, are you sure you’re up to date on what it takes to be an affiliate in this niche? We answer important questions to help you get started, become one of the successful affiliates using CBD affiliate programs, and stay on track.

A CBD affiliate network acts as an online marketplace where CBD brands selling CBD products can connect with affiliates hoping to advertise affiliate links to those products. Either party can make contact with the other. The network helps with activities like managing payments, tracking links’ activity, and creating ads.

CPL marketing does carry the possibility of earning high rates for each confirmed lead, but it depends on the affiliate marketing program’s specific offer. Advertisers are willing to pay high rates because in almost any industry, leads are extremely valuable.

Social media platforms have restrictions on the types of products you can advertise. CBD and similar cannabinoid products aren’t allowed currently, and that includes low THC products like CBD gummies, even when marketed on a private Facebook group. However, rules change often, so it’s worth reviewing guidelines on a regular basis. For example, Google has shared its intentions for allowing ads for certain CBD products.