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Crypto Affiliate Networks connect you with a network of affiliate marketers to promote your offerings. Read more to learn how you can grow your business!

Popular Crypto Affiliate Networks


Kawaii Partners is a top-performing affiliate, specializing in iGaming. It has a strong reputation with a variety of payment methods, guaranteed payouts and a flawless platform.

  • Unique player retention strategies
  • Advanced affiliate platform
  • Dedicated personal manager
  • Fast & Guaranteed payouts

ClickOut offers a versatile platform for crypto, finance, and health affiliates, providing exclusive offers from well known crypto platforms. User-friendly interface, weekly payments, and global support.

  • Versatile Niche Inclusion
  • Exclusive Crypto Offers
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Weekly Payments
  • Global Language Support

Biggico, founded in 2017, specializes in gambling, betting, and crypto affiliate programs. Despite potential transparency concerns, it offers high commission rates and versatile earning opportunities.

  • High Commission Rates (40%+)
  • Versatile Earning Opportunities
  • Crypto Affiliate Programs
  • Experienced in Gambling and Betting
  • Experienced in Gambling and Betting
4, in the finance industry since 1997, offers crypto and Libertex verticals. With demo accounts for users and global assistance, affiliates benefit from diverse commission models and reliable support.

  • Demo Accounts for Users
  • Global Assistance in 100+ Countries
  • Diverse Commission Models
  • Personal Affiliate Managers

Established in 2017, Olavivo offers a user-friendly experience with diverse products. With a focus on crypto, Forex, Nutra, and CBD, it impresses with high conversions and reliable support.

  • Diverse Product Range
  • High Conversions in Crypto
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Weekly Payments
  • Dedicated Account Managers

Established in 2015, Advendor boasts innovative technology with a proprietary tracking system, serving a global market with over 30,000 affiliates and a variety of earning methods.

  • Proprietary Tracking System
  • Global Market Presence
  • Variety of Earning Methods
  • Large Network of Publishers and Advertisers
  • Weekly Payments

Despite the controversies surrounding digital currencies, utilising crypto affiliate networks is attractive to many, as it presents an opportunity for affiliates (publishers) to easily earn money by directing interested clients, such as crypto investors, to the offers of crypto merchants. A helpful resource in this process is affiliate networks, which help connect publishers to cryptocurrency affiliate programs.However, it is critical for affiliates to choose the right affiliate programs to participate in. For one thing, security is a main concern when it comes to money, cryptocurrencies, and protecting your affiliate business’ reputation. Therefore, affiliates should only partner with trustworthy merchants, and affiliate networks make it easier to compare and vet affiliate programs.

Being a leading digital agency, we have a lot of experience in cryptocurrencies and affiliate marketing, so we’ve put together an extensive guide on the best crypto affiliate networks to try out this year. We also share information on how to compare different networks and programs, so you can choose the best affiliate partners going forward.

What Are Crypto Affiliate Networks, and How Do They Work?

A crypto affiliate network serves as an online marketplace to find cryptocurrency affiliate programs you can join. These marketplaces showcase various merchants that offer affiliate programs, and as an affiliate, you use the network as a middleman to connect with these programs. The affiliate networks also help manage various aspects, such as providing marketing tools and ensuring commission payments are made.

Some affiliate networks will focus on crypto only, showing you cryptocurrency affiliate programs or brands that will reward you for crypto exchange referrals. Others will have crypto as one of the many verticals they promote on the network.

Affiliates join a program, obtain a personal referral link for a specific offer, and use that in digital marketing campaigns. Anyone clicking that affiliate link and completing the expected activity results in commission payments, as stated in the contract. Affiliates can earn in many ways when using affiliate networks and affiliate programs. You may get commissions or flat fees for any of the following:

  • Clients completing referral transactions and buying crypto
  • Sign-ups of new clients
  • Clients completing actions such as filling in forms or watching videos

You’ll get paid by the affiliate network, not necessarily by the merchant who set up the program.

How Do Crypto Affiliate Programs Work, and Are They Different from Crypto Affiliate Networks?

Some merchants have crypto exchange referral programs focused on prompting existing clients to share information with their friends. In contrast, an affiliate program is for third-party marketers that merchants use to increase traffic to a crypto exchange.

On an affiliate network that you join, you can view available crypto affiliate programs and pick one or multiple ones to sign up for. From the affiliate program, you’ll receive unique affiliate links that you can use in your digital marketing campaigns, whether that includes blogs, emails, social media, a YouTube channel, or other affiliate page content. The goal is to get your audience to click on the affiliate link and take an action, such as signing up for something or purchasing cryptocurrency.

Using cookies, affiliate tracking systems can track and record what people do with these affiliate links. The affiliate program can confirm completed actions, know which affiliate should get credit for them, and pay affiliate commissions based on the number of completed actions or referral purchases of crypto.

You may get a flat fee for each new client or even lifetime earnings based on the client’s referral purchases down the line. This is part of what makes crypto affiliate marketing so attractive for individuals and companies.

5 Best Crypto Affiliate Networks

A trustworthy crypto affiliate network is important if you want to find good affiliate programs that will help your income streams. This is because you can trust the merchants they feature. Then you can compare different crypto affiliate programs and decide which is best for you.

Many factors determine the value of a specific affiliate program. For your own benefit, you need to compare details such as the commission rates, which can range from as little as 5% to as much as 50%. Furthermore, the merchant’s reputation, customer support, and payment policies also matter. A crypto affiliate network will give you all of this information and may even be able to help your business grow by giving you marketing tools.

Read the reviews below to find out which of the crypto affiliate networks will work best for you.



ClickOut is not solely an affiliate network for the cryptocurrency market, but they do understand what it takes to succeed in the crypto affiliate niches. You can also market affiliate links related to health or finance, which are often relevant to the same target audience. Therefore, when using ClickOut, you don’t have to join another affiliate network to meet the multiple needs of your audience.The team members have over a decade’s worth of experience in this type of business, and you’ll find crypto affiliate program offers from well-known names in the business, including Binance, Etoro, and However, their stats are less impressive than some others since they only have around 80 active affiliates. But they have hundreds of offers and can provide support in over 20 languages, making it practical to join from almost anywhere in the world.

Niche/Product TypesCrypto, Finance, Health
Average Commission RateCPA, Revshare and CPL
Cookie Duration30 Days
Minimum Payout$500
Payment MethodsWire transfer, Bitcoin, USDT, FIAT
Payment DurationWeekly payments
Affiliate Support TypeEmail, Skype

Our Verdict About ClickOut

We appreciate the company’s user-friendly platform with uncluttered affiliate dashboard layouts. The fact that almost any kind of traffic is accepted, including email and social media, gives affiliates lots of flexibility in how they want to earn their money and plan campaigns. Dedicated account managers and other helpful tools also make affiliates’ lives easier.

  • Accepts all types of traffic
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Real-time reporting
  • Regular payments
  • Exclusive crypto offers
  • Still growing their network
  • Some popular payment options aren’t available


Biggico is the affiliate expert you want when you’re after anything related to gambling, trading, and betting. The variety of terms they offer includes revenue sharing and CPL and CPA plans, so no matter your preferences, Biggico has options for you.They have 20 brands whose offers you can browse, and you can connect with affiliate partners like Cryptouniverse and Bitcoin Profit. The range of partners isn’t that big, but it’s sufficient for such a niche market and to be expected since the brand only started in 2017. However, they have already attracted over 3,700 affiliates that benefit from the ad campaigns that are available. Another benefit is that the network is open to suggestions about other crypto affiliate programs you may want to join. On affiliates’ behalf, they will try to obtain good terms, trading fees, and offers.

Niche/Product TypesCrypto, Gambling, Betting
Average Commission Rate40%+ revenue share, CPA offers also available
Cookie DurationNot stipulated
Minimum Payout$100
Payment MethodsBitcoin, Ethereum, Fiat money
Payment DurationUpon request, from 2 days onward
Affiliate Support TypeEmail, Affiliate Managers

Our Verdict About Biggico

It is important to note that Biggico offers affiliates a wide range of tech features, including intelligent tools and real-time statistics, that empower publishers. With affiliate-friendly characteristics like assigning personal managers and offering quick payouts, there are many reasons to try this crypto affiliate network.


  • Accepts most traffic sources
  • Can suggest additional brands
  • Up to date stats
  • Prompt payouts
  • Good support


  • Some affiliates may not want to be associated with gambling niche
  • Limited number of brands
  • Short track record focuses on verticals in the world of finance, which includes crypto. They’ve been around since 1997, so knows what this market requires. They even offer innovative features like demo accounts with funds so users can practise trading, understand the market, and be better affiliates, and thanks to their wide network, they can assist in more than 100 countries around the globe.There are two types of offers: the all-in-one crypto offer and the Libertex offer. You can try the latter if, apart from crypto, you’re also interested in other types of verticals such as stocks, commodities, FX, and more. Affiliates simply join and introduce clients via digital platforms, and then they can earn each time clients align with certain trading conditions.
Niche/Product TypesCrypto and Finance
Average Commission RateVaries based on the model; CPA By Country, Hybrid deal, Revenue Share
Cookie DurationN/A
Minimum Payout$100 (although contract states $50)
Payment MethodsYandex Money, Wire transfer, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Qiwi, Paypal, Skrill
Payment DurationMonthly payments
Affiliate Support TypeEmail, Skype

Our Verdict About

With features like personal affiliate managers, the brand has created an environment for crypto affiliates that is easy to use. Also, their resources help publishers get more out of their campaigns, and it’s comforting to work with networks that have years of experience. 


  • Easy to monitor and analyse your stats
  • Promotional material is available
  • Established brand
  • Multiple payment strategies available


  • Not available in some countries
  • Can’t change compensation plan later on

Advendor Affiliate Network

Advendor Affiliate Network

The Advendor Affiliate Network was established in 2015, and they’re big on innovation and technology. The company developed its own tracking system, which they launched in 2020, that can meet the various unique needs of affiliates, advertisers, and support teams. For example, the technology helps maximise how many target actions an affiliate can obtain. Thanks to what they offer, in just a few years, the company has managed to acquire over 500 advertising affiliate partners, and there are currently more than 30,000 affiliates publishing affiliate links. They cater for many different verticals, so crypto is only one of many niches you can browse offers for. Also, they serve a global market, so you can consider using them from almost anywhere in the world.

NetworkAdvendor Affiliate Network
Niche/Product TypesVarious
Average Commission Rate3% referral program; Offers CPA, CPL, CPI, Revenue Sharing program
Cookie DurationN/A
Minimum Payout$50, but $200 for PayPal and $2,000 for wire transfer
Payment MethodsQiwi wallet, Yandex, WMZ, Wire transfer, PayPal, Webmoney, Epayments
Payment DurationWeekly
Affiliate Support TypeTelegram, email, Live chat, dedicated affiliate manager

Our Verdict About Advendor

We found the website lagging more than some competitors’ pages, and it contains some outdated information. Still, in other ways the website is very beneficial, such as having easy-to-use filters when searching for information. The network offers multiple benefits, including a wide range of earning plans to pick from.


  • Customised affiliate marketing software
  • Large network of publishers and advertisers
  • Multiple earning methods
  • Global company
  • Weekly payments


  • High minimum payouts for some payment options
  • Website lags
  • Doesn’t support many languages



The brand started in 2017 and has its headquarters in Tel Aviv. In general, they offer a user-friendly experience with good customer service.Olavivo is another brand on our list that doesn’t focus exclusively on crypto, so affiliates with audiences that will appreciate Forex, Nutra, and CBD will find this network helpful. In terms of crypto, users can have peace of mind that they know what they’re doing since various affiliates report high conversions compared to some other Bitcoin affiliate programs they’ve tried.

Niche/Product TypesVarious
Average Commission RateCan earn sub-referral commission
Cookie Duration30 – 90 days
Minimum Payout$250
Payment MethodsPayPal, Bitcoin, Masspay, Payoneer, Wire
Payment DurationWeekly
Affiliate Support TypeDedicated managers

Our Verdict About Olavivo

Olavivo looks like a trustworthy platform to use, with lots of benefits for affiliates, from multiple payment options to good customer support. Although they’re still growing, they’ve already impressed advertisers and publishers, so we believe it’s worth joining.


  • Exclusive offers
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Never delayed payments
  • Excellent support


  • Only support English and Spanish
  • Minimal information about company available

How to Choose the Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

To make the most of one’s affiliate marketing efforts, publishers need to partner with the right merchants, which is why it’s important to vet the affiliate programs you plan on joining.

Some programs may work for you but not for others because your audience is unique, so don’t simply do what everyone else is doing. Identify the best crypto affiliate programs by comparing different advertisers’ offers and ad campaigns in terms of the following features.


Commission Rates

Rates vary and can be as low as 5% or as high as 50%. The higher the commission rate, the more you can earn from a specific merchant, meaning you’ll earn more with less effort. Make sure you understand what the commission is related to—it can be an action, a sign-up, or sales.


Payout Periods

Because you need to manage your business’ cash flow, you need to know when you can expect your next payout from the affiliate program. It’s easier if payouts happen more often, but monthly payments are common.


Payment Methods

The crypto affiliate program can make payments in crypto or other currencies, using different payment methods. Pick a payment method that suits your preferences, such as earning in your currency rather than crypto. Also, ensure their security features are up to standard, and check if you’re expected to pay trading fees or transaction payments for each payout.


Quality of Support

If programs provide assistance with marketing, it will help improve income, so it’s worth partnering with these merchants. Also, if anything goes wrong or you have a question, you’ll want quick replies so you can manage your income streams effectively. Compare communication methods and opt for programs that provide 24-hour support. Dedicated account managers are also very valuable.

10 Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

In the competitive crypto world, crypto companies want exposure in order to get individuals or businesses to make use of their trading services. Many of them have referral programs that get them new customers via their users. Also, some cryptocurrency exchanges have some of the best affiliate programs in the affiliate environment. Now, these programs are earning third-party affiliates a lot of money, and you can find them on a platform such as a crypto affiliate network.
If you want to use crypto affiliate programs and your marketing efforts to generate passive income, it’s important to pick the best affiliate program for your preferences. They differ in various aspects, and we’ve summarised some of the best affiliate programs below so you can pick the best crypto affiliate program according to your requirements.

Binance Affiliate Program


Binance started in 2017 and is a respected name in the industry, doing 1.4 million transactions every second. They have high requirements before you can join as an affiliate.

Affiliate ProgramBinance Affiliate Program
Average Commission RateUp to 50%; reviewed every 90 days
Minimum PayoutN/A
Payment MethodsCrypto currencies
Payment DurationN/A
Affiliate Support TypeAccount management, Customer support in 40 languages



Coinbase came into existence in 2012. It has over 100 million users from 100+ countries. Using their platform, one can invest, spend, earn, save, or use cryptocurrencies. Affiliates get paid for acquiring new users.

Affiliate ProgramCoinbase
Average Commission RateUp to 50% for first 3 months
Minimum PayoutN/A
Payment MethodsLocal currencies,PayPal or Bank account
Payment DurationN/A
Affiliate Support TypeUS based customer service, Email, Live chat, Knowledge platform



Paxful offers a Bitcoin wallet but is very user friendly since users can buy or sell BTC using any one of over 350 payment methods. Over 6 million people use Paxful globally, and they provide support in many languages.

Affiliate ProgramPaxful
Average Commission RateUp to 50%
Minimum Payout$10 worth of Bitcoin
Payment MethodsPaxful wallet (BTC)
Payment DurationN/A
Affiliate Support TypeLive chat is popular since it lists over 1,400 cryptocurrencies. This results in over 12 million users. They offer high commission rates for affiliates over the long term.

Average Commission RateUp to 60% + 10% on sub-affiliates’ commissions
Minimum PayoutN/A
Payment MethodsCryptocurrencies
Payment DurationN/A
Affiliate Support TypePersonal account manager

Ledger Wallet

Ledger Wallet

This company has been around since 2014. They sell hardware wallets that offer additional security for crypto traders, so one doesn’t have to rely on PCs’ or smartphones’ security alone. Affiliates benefit from decent commissions and good support services.

Affiliate ProgramLedger Wallet
Average Commission Rate10%
Minimum Payout€50
Payment MethodsBitcoin, EUR, AUD, GBP, or, USD
Payment Duration30 Days (via Impact)
Affiliate Support TypeEmail

eToro Partners

eToro Partners

This brand has over 20 million users across the globe and trades in over 90 cryptos. It’s a multi-asset investment company. They offer a user-friendly platform to use.

Affiliate ProgrameToro Partners
Average Commission Rate$200 - $600 / active trader
Minimum Payout$100 $500 for wire transfer
Payment MethodsE-wallet: Skrill/Neteller, Wire transfer
Payment DurationMonthly
Affiliate Support TypeN/A



StormGain is related to, an affiliate network platform. They provide marketing materials, and you can monitor traffic easily.

Affiliate ProgramStormGain
Average Commission RateUp to $1,200 CPA; 35% revenue share
Minimum Payout$50
Payment MethodsCrypto; Bank account (SEPA credit transfer)
Payment DurationN/A
Affiliate Support TypeLive chat, Email, Phone, Telegram



This Crypto currency platform was first called Centralized Exchange. They started in 2013 and today they have over 5 million users and operate in over 190 countries.

Affiliate ProgramCEX.IO
Average Commission Rate30%
Minimum Payout$20 in general, but depends on withdrawal method
Payment MethodsCard, Bank transfer, Skrill
Payment Duration14 days after confirmed trade
Affiliate Support TypeDedicated manager, Email

Trezor Wallet

Trezor Wallet

Trezor is the company that sold the first hardware wallet, offering more secure storage. Affiliates can help market these devices.

Affiliate ProgramTrezor Wallet
Average Commission RateUp to 15% per sale
Minimum Payout€100 for Bitcoin, €200 for wire transfer
Payment MethodsBitcoin, bank transfer(€)
Payment DurationMonthly
Affiliate Support TypeAccount manager



This peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform was formed in 2012. They’re passionate about enabling effortless transactions across the globe. Note that there have been some controversial stories about the brand, which has caused distrust.

Affiliate ProgramBitfinex
Avarange Commission Rate3 Tiers starting with 18%
Minimum PayoutN/A
Payment MethodsCryptocurrencies
Payment DurationN/A
Affiliate Support TypeLive chat Affiliate support team

Crypto Affiliate Networks Conclusion

The world of cryptocurrency affiliate marketing is rapidly expanding and becoming an increasingly lucrative opportunity for both publishers and advertisers. The featured crypto affiliate networks featured in this article provide their affiliates with a number of features and advantages, including attractive commission rates, real-time tracking and reporting, and a selection of marketing tools to help increase traffic and conversions.

As the demand for cryptocurrencies grows, affiliate marketers will have more opportunity to promote these platforms and generate large profits. With the right strategy and a thorough understanding of the crypto market, affiliate marketers can capitalise on this exciting and rapidly evolving industry.

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A crypto affiliate helps to promote cryptocurrency merchants’ companies and offers. They use affiliate links in their digital marketing content to direct clients to crypto affiliate program pages in order to help get new signups and crypto purchases, and they’re paid commission for this service.

On a crypto affiliate network, you can view, compare, and connect with several different crypto affiliate merchants. You can then join the crypto affiliate market by picking one of the crypto affiliate programs and opening an account with them. You’ll then get affiliate links to the market.

Coinbase and Binance are well-respected crypto merchants through which clients can buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They also offer beneficial referral programs for their registered clients and affiliate programs for third parties.

Yes, many crypto exchanges use affiliate programs to help market their brands. Some give bonuses and commissions when their clients refer others, and those individuals become registered clients too. This is called “crypto exchange referrals.” In addition, some crypto exchanges have affiliate programs where third parties, called affiliates, refer clients to them.

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