Fashion Affiliate Program

The best fashion affiliate program offers a great opportunity to earn commissions promoting clothing, shoes, and accessories. You will discover the leading affiliate programs for fashion brands in our guide.

The Best Fashion Affiliate Program in 2024

With the increasing number of clothing affiliate programs, marketers can promote products in the fashion niche to earn money. All affiliates have to do is generate online sales by bringing in new customers through their websites or blogs. However, they must choose a reliable fashion clothing program to get started. Read this article to find the top fashion affiliate networks that are available to publishers, content creators, and influencers today.

What Are Fashion Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular way to earn commissions by promoting a company’s products or services. This is an easy choice for advertisers who want to sell luxury fashion products using a low-cost method. Many companies looking for marketers find them on an affiliate network. Others create an affiliate marketing program that publishers can join on the company’s website. 

Although there are different affiliate fashion programs, the basics are the same. They all provide influencers, content creators, and fashion bloggers, with a unique affiliate link to share with potential customers. Moreover, they use the most common commission structures, such as cost per sale (CPS), revenue share (RevShare), and cost per lead (CPL) to pay marketers.

How Can Affiliates Benefit from Fashion Affiliate Programs?

The fashion market can be profitable for companies and affiliates alike. As a publisher, you must first join the best fashion affiliate programs with high-quality clothing, accessories, and footwear to enjoy the possible benefits. Affiliate earnings from sales generated from your leads are the major advantage of marketing a clothing line, shoes, or other products in the industry. 

By choosing the top affiliate networks and programs in the fashion industry, you can get a decent cost-per-sale rate. Another advantage is that there are many products and services to market. Moreover, some companies allow fashion affiliates to earn recurring commissions from existing customers and provide the required creative, tracking, and reporting tools.

Advantages of Joining a Fashion Affiliate Program

The global fashion industry market size is valued at USD 1.36 in 2024. Many companies in this niche are making decent profits selling formal, casual, luxury, and nightwear to customers all over the world. Therefore, it makes sense for marketers with blogs or websites that appeal to people looking for clothes, shoes, accessories, and beauty products to tap into this sector. 

The target market is wide, with many new and existing customers to convince when you venture into affiliate marketing for clothes. We have identified the potential benefits and explained them below, so you can know what to expect if you choose to market fashion brands. 

Trend-Driven Audience

Audiences in this industry want to know what’s trending and look for the newest dresses, shirts, shoes, or watches to purchase. An affiliate marketer can take advantage of trend-focused consumers to promote the most recent styles. If you join a good fashion affiliate program, you can even get product updates and newsletters with information about new products that align with changing fashion trends and customer preferences.

High Conversion Rates

The best fashion affiliate programs allow marketers to promote products with eye-catching qualities. With visually appealing clothes, it is easy to convince new customers to pay for things they never intended to purchase in the first place. Luxury fashion products have high conversion rates because buyers are most likely to buy on impulse. You can read our guide to learn more about conversion rate optimisation and how it helps affiliates generate more sales from visitors.

Seasonal Opportunities

Since fashion enthusiasts keep an eye on the latest fashion trends, they never want to miss out on new opportunities, including seasonal products. Certain products will always be in high demand at specific times of the year. So, affiliate marketers can take the opportunity to promote seasonal clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories. They can easily earn higher commissions by selling products that are not available throughout the year.

Diverse Product Selection

Affiliate programs for fashion products allow publishers to market a wide variety of items. Some companies have also invested in profitable vintage clothing to target people looking for the perfect 1940s or 80s look. Moreover, many designer fashion brands will appeal to your personal style. With so many products to market, affiliates can sell to all kinds of customers with different preferences.

10 Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Top fashion affiliate programs play a crucial role in helping brands grow and increase revenues. They also provide fashion bloggers and influencers with a chance to promote luxury and affordable clothing and earn commissions. However, choosing the right fashion affiliate network or program can be a challenge for newbies. 

Thankfully, the Revpanda team has picked and reviewed the leading programs with quality products, high average order value, attractive commissions, helpful promotional materials, and experienced affiliate managers. Check out our recommendations below and compare them to choose your preferred fashion affiliate program.

River Island

River Island is a leading high-street store inspired by the newest trends and heritage styles. With more than 60 years in the fashion industry, this fashionable clothing brand has more than 250 stores across the UK. Its products include men’s and women’s clothing such as skirts, dresses, blazers, jeans, and polo shorts. Buyers can also choose from high-quality shoes, sustainable clothing, and apparel for boys and girls.

The company offers one of the best clothing affiliate programs that uses the cost-per-sale model to pay marketers. If you generate a sale through your referral link, the default commission you can earn is 5% of the total amount spent by the buyer. Not only that, the program offers high commission rates for bespoke collaborations. It also provides text links and updated creative banners for use on your blog or website.

Program River Island Affiliate Program
Parent Company River Island
Products Clothing for Men, Women, Girls, and Boys, Shoes, Accessories
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods Credit cards, PayPal

Our Verdict About River Island Affiliate Program

River Island’s program is one of the best when it comes to the support marketers get in terms of promotional material, product feed, banners, and help from an affiliate manager. However, publishers only get a one-time commission, and the rate is slightly lower than what other fashion affiliate programs are ready to offer.

  • Creative banners
  • Product feed
  • Exclusive content
  • Technical support
  • One-time commission


Established in 2006, BooHoo is an experienced and affordable fashion brand with many quality products. Whether you are looking for women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, or fashion accessories that suit contemporary style, you can find everything you want on the website. Buyers can choose from dresses, tracksuits, joggers, suits, bikinis, and plus-size clothes. They can also enjoy some of the biggest discounts one can get from a well-known fashion brand.

If you are an affiliate marketer, BooHoo provides an opportunity to earn a 7% commission on most referral sales. You only need to join the company’s fashion affiliate program on Awin to get started. It’s available in the UK, USA, Europe, and Australia. Besides earning commissions, there are other exciting deals, such as VIP benefits, a blogger shop, and higher payouts for the most successful affiliates. The program’s cookie duration is 30 days, which is good enough.

Program BooHoo Affiliate Program
Parent Company BooHoo Group
Products Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, and Occasion Wear
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About BooHoo Affiliate Program

The BooHoo affiliate program offers a variety of top-notch products to market. Publishers have access to the most important resources they need, up-to-date product feeds, and an impressive VIP scheme. Although the program is available in various countries, it would attract more affiliates if it were expanded to all continents.

  • Quality products
  • VIP scheme
  • Loads of creative
  • Updated product feed
  • Not available everywhere


Nike is an established brand in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to sportswear and shoes for men, women, and kids. The company’s most popular products include Air Jordan, Air Force, Air Max, and accessories for different types of sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, golf, and football. With Air Jordans that cost over $150, Nike is a great choice if you want to earn money selling shoes online on your fashion blog.

Like most clothing brands affiliate programs, Nike’s program uses the cost-per-sale model for commissions. You first need to become a CJ Affiliate to get started. Once you sign up, you will earn a 10% commission on every sale you make through your referral link. However, it’s possible to earn higher amounts depending on your location. The cookie duration is only 30 days.

Program Nike Affiliate Program
Parent Company Nike
Products Sports Shoes, Clothing, Accessories
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About Nike Affiliate Program

Nike offers a good affiliate program if you wish to market expensive shoes, world-class sportswear, and accessories. Affiliates can expect well-designed banners, exclusive newsletters, help from a dedicated affiliate team, and timely payments every month. However, the default commission on Awin is low, and a cookie duration of 30 days is comparatively low.

  • Affiliate banners
  • Exclusive newsletters
  • Monthly payments
  • Automated products feed
  • Short cookie duration


Zappos is among the top fashion brands, with many products for buyers looking for statement-making apparel, shoes, handbags, and housewares. The website boasts over 1,500 brands, allowing customers to choose from over 10 million options under one roof. It targets men, women, as well as kids, so affiliate marketers have many potential customers to sell to.

Publishers are required to sign up with CJ to join the Zappos Associated Program. Affiliate partners can earn a 7% commission per sale for selling products on the website. They are provided with coupons and promotional codes to improve their marketing efforts and direct more buyers to the website. Once a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, you have 14 days to earn commissions if they make a purchase.

Program Associates Program
Parent Company Zappos
Products Shoes, Apparel, Handbags, Housewares
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods Credit and debit cards

Our Verdict About Associates Program

Zappos offers one of the most profitable fashion affiliate programs for selling high-quality fashion products. The benefits of becoming a marketer for the website include a trustworthy affiliate network, various brands to promote, and high conversion rates. However, the cookie duration is only 14 days, and VIP sales are not commissionable.

  • Over 1,500 brands
  • Trusted affiliate network
  • High conversion rates
  • Exclusive coupons
  • Short cookie duration
  • VIP sales are not commissionable


ModCloth markets itself as a one-stop shop for vintage clothing. It’s ideal for classic women’s clothing that was popular from the 1940s to the 1990s. Buyers have plenty of options, including dresses for all occasions, swing skirts, sleepwear, blouses, sweats, coats, and jumpsuits. Moreover, shoe lovers can buy flats, heels, boots, sandals, platforms, and clogs. Accessories such as bags, earrings, and necklaces are also available for sale.

If you have a fashion blog or website, you can market ModCloth’s products by becoming a member of CJ Affiliate. The platform offers one of the top fashion affiliate programs with a 6% default commission per sale. Higher payouts are possible depending on the number of sales you generate. You also have a long cookie duration of 45 days to sell a product.

Program ModCloth Affiliate Program
Parent Company ModCloth
Products Women’s Clothing, Shoes, Home Decor, and Accessories
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About ModCloth Affiliate Program

A fashion blogger can easily benefit from the ModCloth affiliate program by effectively marketing vintage clothing for women. The advantages of becoming a marketer include regular offers, a high average order value, and access to marketing resources from a popular marketing network. Although there are several products for women, it would be great to diversify the catalogue and include clothing for men and kids.

  • Promotional coupon codes
  • Regular offers
  • Renowned network
  • High average order value
  • Lack of diversity


SHEIN is a recognised fashion clothing retailer with more than 2 million products in stock. It is one of the best places to purchase clothes, shoes, jewellery, electronics, pet supplies, and home improvement products at affordable prices. Buyers searching for the newest clothing and accessories have access to tops, bottoms, outerwear, watches, wedding gowns, and sleepwear. There’s something for men, women, and kids who are three years old or older.

If you are fascinated by SHEIN’s offerings, you can market them by joining one of the high-paying clothing affiliate programs. The program is hosted on various networks such as ShareASale, Pepperjam, and Awin. An affiliate marketer can earn 10% to 20% commission on each sale made via their unique referral link. There is a cookie tracking duration of 30 days.

Program SHEIN Affiliate Program
Parent Company SHEIN Group
Products Clothing, Beauty Products, Shoes, Jewellery, Accessories, Home Improvement, Appliances, Pet Supplies, Toys, Automotive
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods Direct deposit, wire transfer, check, PayPal

Our Verdict About SHEIN Affiliate Program

Bloggers, content creators, customers, and influencers can join one of the leading fashion affiliate programs by partnering with SHEIN. There are many reasons to sign up, including juicy commission rates, many products, cash bonuses, regular newsletters, and updates on promotions. The program also runs on top-rated networks, but you must have high-quality traffic to earn reasonable commissions.

  • High commissions
  • Cash bonuses
  • Promotions update
  • Many products
  • High-quality traffic needed


Founded in 2000 in the UK, ASOS is an independent fashion and beauty retailer with affordable clothing for men and women. It offers a wide selection of clothing, accessories, shoes, and sportswear. Popular items in these categories include wedding dresses, hoodies, lingerie, blazers, boots, heels, rings, and sports bras. Face and body products for makeup, skin, and hair care are also available to buyers.

With various items to promote, ASOS is a recommended fashion brand for marketers. It offers different clothing affiliate programs on several networks, such as Rakuten Advertising, FlexOffers, and Sovrn. Therefore, commission rates vary depending on the chosen platform. Affiliates can get as many as 45 days of cookies to generate a sale and receive commissions.

Program ASOS Affiliate Program
Parent Company ASOS
Products Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Beauty Products
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About ASOS Affiliate Program

ASOS is a well-known fashion clothing brand that you can easily market on your affiliate site. Publishers can promote a wide range of products by choosing from high-rated networks. The cookie duration is generous, and marketers can enjoy discounts and get updated banners. However, choosing the right network can be time-consuming since there are several options.

  • Wide product range
  • Long cookie duration
  • Discounts
  • Modern banner creatives
  • Difficulty choosing a network


Customers looking for dresses, shoes, bags, blazers and other products in the fashion niche can get them on the Zaful website at affordable prices. There are also accessories for both men and women, including necklaces, sunglasses, bracelets, hats, and rings. If your blog content is best suited for such products, you can start earning money by collaborating with Zaful.

As with other fashion affiliate programs, publishers are paid through the cost-per-sale pricing model. The Zaful program is hosted on the FirstGrabber network, where marketers need to sign up to get started. Affiliates can earn up to 30% commission for convincing their website visitors to purchase products. Moreover, they can gain more profits by joining the Influencer Program.

Program Zaful Affiliate Program
Parent Company Zaful
Products Dresses, Swimwear, Bottoms, Shirts, Hoodies, Shoes, Bags, Sweaters, Cardigans, Blazers
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods Zaful Affiliate Program

Our Verdict About Zaful Affiliate Program

Zaful’s affiliate program is perfectly designed with individuals, influencers, and agencies in mind. Your audience can shop online on the platform, which will help you earn high commissions in the process. Other benefits of signing up as a marketing partner include exclusive coupons and free clothes if your advertising channels meet the requirements. The only drawback is that the network is not as popular as CJ Affiliates or FlexOffers.

  • High commissions
  • Postback service
  • Exclusive Coupons
  • Free clothes
  • Unpopular network

Michael Kors

Men, women, and kids can all find first-class clothing, watches, shoes, jewellery, and fragrance products on the Michael Kors website. The company’s collection includes designer handbags, sweaters, dresses, and accessories such as ring belts and sunglasses. These include expensive products that allow the best affiliates to earn bigger commissions.

The Michael Kors fashion affiliate marketing program is offered on several networks, such as  Awin and FlexOffers. This means that the amount you can earn is variable, depending on the platform. If you choose Awin, you will get a 6% flat commission on all items and 30 days of cookie tracking. Another option is to join the refer-friend program and get 10% off on referrals.

Program Michael Kors Affiliate Program
Parent Company Michael Kors
Products Designer Handbags, Shoes, Clothing, Watches, Jewellery, Accessories, Fragrance Products
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods Amex, PayPal

Our Verdict About Michael Kors Affiliate Program

Michael Kors offers a reliable fashion affiliate program on the industry’s top networks. The main reasons why you should join include a high average order value, plenty of products to advertise, and regular product updates to know what’s new for customers. However, the company’s collection includes expensive products that not every potential customer can buy.

  • High average order value
  • Numerous products
  • Regular product updates
  • International ads campaigns
  • Expensive products

Urban Outfitters

Focusing on both men and women, Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retailer with a great selection of clothing items, shoes, swimwear, and underwear. It is also one of the few fashion websites with home decor and beauty products. Working with independent designers makes it possible to provide unique products that are not available in other online stores.

Urban Outfitters provides marketers with one of the best fashion affiliate programs powered by Rakuten Advertising. Affiliates receive their monthly payments if they have at least $50 in their account. They also have access to promotional materials and product feeds to make it easy to promote products to prospective buyers.

Program Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program
Parent Company Urban Outfitters
Products Clothing for Men and Women, Shoes, Vintage Clothing, Swimwear, Beauty Products, Home Decor, Bottoms, Underwear, Sweaters
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

Website and blog owners looking for reputable clothing affiliate programs have a reason to try the one offered by Urban Outfitters. They are provided with well-crafted banners, new promotions, and monthly newsletters. However, the program’s average commission rate is lower than what other brands in the industry offer.

  • Attractive banner ads
  • Product feed
  • New promotions
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Low commissions

Join Revpanda’s Recommended Fashion Affiliate Programs Now

Choosing a well-paying program with high commissions is crucial if you want to earn a substantial amount of money as an affiliate marketer. Whether you wish to promote designer clothing brands, fashion accessories, or sports shoes, you can get started by joining the top fashion affiliate programs listed on this page. You only need to share your referral links with visitors to your fashion blog or website and help companies generate sales to start earning.

Do you have your own line or know a fashion brand that you would like to market? Well, a leading digital marketing agency like Revpanda can help you write high-quality SEO content and place links correctly to turn your website or blog visitors into buyers. You can contact us right now to get the help you need from our experienced experts.


Research shows that the apparel market is valued at over 1 trillion USD. With countless products to promote in this industry, marketers can earn good amounts of money by joining the best fashion affiliate marketing programs with lucrative commissions.

Fashion affiliate programs require online marketers to sign up. So, the first step is to find a reliable program and register an account. Once you sign in, you will get an affiliate link that you can share with potential buyers.

The amount of money an affiliate marketer can earn is determined by the commission rate, product quality, and the number of sales. Some affiliates earn $100,000 per year or more. The more sales you generate, the higher the payouts.

The right affiliate program must offer a decent commission rate and allow you to promote high-quality products that most people want to buy. Moreover, it should offer the necessary support services, effective marketing materials, bonuses, and new product updates.