Food Affiliate Programs

Delve into a delectable world of the finest food affiliate programs. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the top players and provide expert insights on navigating this niche successfully.

Best Food Affiliate Programs in 2024

When it comes to food affiliate programs, it’s important to choose ones that offer high commission rates and a wide range of products to promote. You will discover lucrative opportunities to monetise your content, from gourmet delicacies to health-conscious options. Whether you’re a food blogger, influencer, or content creator, these programs offer an expansive array of opportunities and perks. Looking to turn your love for food into a source of significant income? Keep reading to uncover more insights and start earning delicious rewards today.

What Is Food Affiliate Marketing?

Food affiliate marketing involves promoting food-related products or services through affiliate programs in exchange for commissions. Affiliates earn passive income for every sale or action generated through their unique affiliate links. These programs typically provide affiliates with marketing materials, tracking tools, and support to maximise their earning potential. Affiliate programs in the food niche vary in commission rates, cookie durations, and payment structures. Some programs offer flat-rate commissions per sale, while others provide tiered commissions based on performance.

Also, top-performing affiliates may receive bonuses or incentives for reaching specific conversion milestones. Fortunately, affiliate programs for food offer a wide range of products to promote, catering to various niches and audiences. Whether it’s chef-curated meal kits or specialty ingredients, there is something for your audience. Thus, monetising your food-related content with these programs could be a great move.

How Can Affiliates Benefit from Food Affiliate Programs?

Affiliates can reap numerous benefits from participating in food affiliate networks and programs. Firstly, they gain access to a wide range of high-quality food items and brands to promote, catering to the tastes of diverse audiences and preferences. Secondly, affiliates can earn lucrative commissions for every sale or successful referral generated through their unique affiliate links, providing a stable source of passive income.

The best affiliate programs offer competitive commission rates, long cookie durations, and bonus incentives, enhancing the earning potential of affiliates. Moreover, affiliates receive support and resources from program managers to optimise their promotional efforts. This includes marketing materials, tracking tools, and personalised guidance. Thus, joining affiliate programs for food bloggers empowers affiliates to monetize their passion while delighting their audience with tempting recommendations.

Advantages of Food Affiliate Programs for Food Bloggers and Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a profitable industry with a lot of growth potential, and the industry is expected to grow annually by 7.7% over the next 6 years. Several companies use these programs to widen their customer base—food brands included. Interestingly, the food niche has peculiar advantages for its affiliates over other niches. Offers from food companies are relatively easier to market given the nature of the high demand and passion for food present in food audiences.

And the best affiliate programs provide a diverse range of high-quality food products and brands, making it easy to tailor marketing efforts to niche audience’s preferences. Below, we will consider more comprehensively the major benefits of food affiliate programs.

Diverse Product Selection

Experienced affiliate marketers leverage diversity. For instance, gambling affiliates may recommend diverse gambling-friendly banks to passionate iGamers, further driving their enthusiasm. Fortunately, affiliate programs for food boast a vast array of products, and this diversity enables affiliates to target a broader audience and select products that resonate with their content and platforms. Versatility empowers affiliates to effectively engage an audience with their food blogs and maximise their earnings through affiliate products that align with people’s interests.

High Demand and Consistent Sales

The demand for food ensures a steady flow of sales for food bloggers. And with the revenue in the online food delivery market projected to reach $1.22 trillion in 2024, the niche will get more lucrative. Fortunately, affiliates can hire expert copywriting services to effectively promote products and tap into a lucrative market with enduring demand, driving sustained revenue and growth.

Seasonal and Trend Opportunities

The food industry is dynamic, regularly introducing new seasonal and trending products. Affiliates can utilise these opportunities by promoting limited-time or trendy food items offered by the best affiliate programs and attracting new customers eager to try the latest culinary offerings. Staying ahead of culinary trends helps food bloggers engage their audience and capitalize on the excitement surrounding trending food items.

Passion Driven Audience

Food enthusiasts are inherently passionate about their interests, which makes them highly engaged with affiliate content and inclined to make purchases. Food blogging affiliate marketers can capitalise on this passion by offering personalised recommendations and engaging content that meets their audience’s culinary needs. And the eager acceptance of their recommendations by readers leads to a surge in commissions. Luckily, top affiliate programs use efficient payment testing services to ensure smooth payment of commissions to affiliates at all times.

10 Best Food Affiliate Programs

Food affiliate programs work with renowned food companies, gourmet suppliers, and specialty food producers, to provide affiliates with access to high-quality products and lucrative commission structures. Thus, the best affiliate programs allow you to target a broad audience and select affiliate products that align with your content and audience. Also, they put measures in place to ensure their affiliates succeed. Let’s consider the top programs for food bloggers in the market who have demonstrated the best services.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is almost a one-size-fits-all solution in the affiliate marketing realm, so it’s unsurprisingly the first program on our list. Amazon is an e-commerce powerhouse covering many niches, including electronics, fashion, health, and, more importantly, food and kitchenware. Though unlike other affiliate programs in our list that specialize in food offers, this is a good place to start your food-affiliating journey.

As the world’s largest affiliate program, thanks to affiliates numbering close to a million, this is a renowned program by an equally renowned platform, so affiliates are assured of a commission payout. There are a lot of resources and support available to guide you into lucrative earnings, too. The affiliate program pays commissions of up to 10% for marketing the products on the website. However, this fluctuates based on the product category.

ProgramAmazon Associates
Parent Company Amazon
ProductsElectronics, fashion, health, food and kitchenware
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsGift cards, Cheques, Direct deposit

Our Verdict About Amazon Associates

Despite fluctuating commission rates, Amazon’s extensive product selection, brand reputation, and intuitive link-building tools make it a great food affiliate program for those seeking to monetise their food blogs.

  • Extensive product range
  • Reputable brand
  • Abundant marketing resources
  • Relatively low commissions
  • No dedicated managers
  • Very competitive program

Green Chef

Green Chef is a leading provider of organic meal kits. They deliver chef-crafted recipes and pre-measured ingredients directly to customers within the US. The platform has a strong focus on sustainability and quality and offers a range of meal plans to accommodate many dietary preferences, including keto, gluten-free, and vegan food options.

If you are interested in promoting healthy, organic food solutions, the Green Chef affiliate program, offered through the CJ affiliate network, can help you make a decent income. Affiliates may promote items through link and banner advertisements in their food blogs and social media. The Green Chef affiliate program offers single-tier commissions with a fixed commission rate of $15 per sale. This is only paid if the conversion occurs within the 7-day cookie duration.

ProgramGreen Chef
Parent Company Hellofresh Group
ProductsOrganic, fresh produce
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsVisa and Mastercard, Apple Pay, Amex, PayPal

Our Verdict About Green Chef

Green Chef’s solid reputation for freshness and flexibility makes it an attractive choice for vegan food bloggers looking to promote premium meal kit services in their food blogs. Their diverse menu ensures there’s enough for your audience looking to make great-tasting real food. Unfortunately, the program has a relatively short cookie period.

  • Diverse menu
  • Solid brand reputation
  • No minimum payout
  • Short cookie duration
  • Mostly vegan-based diet


Founded in 2011, HelloFresh is another meal kit delivery service renowned for its fresh ingredients and chef-curated recipes. With over 1 billion meals delivered in 2022 and 7.1 million existing customers as of 2023, they are arguably the most popular meal kit in the world. This is also reflected in their 1.8 billion euros of net revenue in the same period.

The affiliate program allows affiliates to promote these meal solutions, offering competitive commission rates and robust support. Affiliate incentives include a £8 fixed fee commission on all sales within the 30-day cookie period or a percentage-based model where you earn 25% of the order value on all sales generated. They also offer a fixed fee of £5 per sale for all voucher code affiliates.

ProgramHelloFresh Affiliate Program
Parent Company HelloFresh Group
ProductsMeal kits
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsDirect deposits, Payoneer, cheks

Our Verdict About HelloFresh

Aside from variety and quality, HelloFresh has a reputation for budget-friendly nutritious meals, helping consumers save money on every dish. This is a strong selling point for any affiliate looking to promote a leading meal kit delivery service and provide value to the audience of their food blog. Furthermore, they offer dedicated support to help you with any problems you may encounter.

  • Massive food brand
  • Offers a dedicated manager
  • Wide range of creatives
  • Long cookie period
  • Competitive program

Home Chef

Founded in 2013, Home Chef is a US-based recurring subscription meal delivery service designed to help users complete an entire week’s shopping. Each week, their customers receive chef-curated meal plans and fresh ingredients needed to make high-quality recipes. Home Chef provides a diverse range of meal plans to accommodate many dietary preferences, including low-carb, vegetarian, and calorie-conscious options.

And with over 300 million meals served, this is a massive platform with lucrative opportunities. The affiliate program pays affiliates to promote convenient and personalised meal solutions to their audience; it also provides the opportunity to promote ready-made meals through Home Chef’s other platform, Tempo. Thus, there are diverse opportunities to explore and earn competitive commission rates.

ProgramHome Chef Affiliate Program
Parent Company Home Chef
Products Meal kits
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsDirect deposits, Payoneer, cheques

Our Verdict About Home Chef

Looking to promote the best affiliate program with premium meal kit services and ready-made food options? With over four million 5-star reviews, this highly regarded service is surely a good idea. Sadly, you need a strong understanding of affiliate marketing, as support isn’t robust.

  • Strong customer service
  • Extensive recipe categories
  • Cooked food and ingredients
  • No dedicated support


In terms of market share, DoorDash is the largest food delivery platform in the US, thanks to its vast network of restaurants and seamless delivery services. They partner with thousands of local restaurants, convenience stores, pet stores, grocery stores, and more. So, DoorDash customers can access a wide selection of cuisines and dining options, including alcoholic drinks, delivered straight to their doorstep.

DoorDash offers two major programs. Their Merchant Referral Program allows affiliates to refer US-based small business restaurants (75 stores or fewer) and get a $1,000 referral bonus when a restaurant signs up and completes 15 orders in 60 days. This must occur within 30 days of your referral submission, or you will not be paid any commissions. Secondly, you can refer new customers to make a purchase on the platform through the Consumer Friends and Family Program. Commission rates are based on geographical location and order value.

ProgramDoorDash Affiliate Program
Parent Company DoorDash
ProductsFood and Drinks
Commission StructureCPA
Payment MethodsDirect deposit

Our Verdict About DoorDash

DoorDash is a reputable platform with lots of options to promote, and customers associate the brand with reliability and speed, making it an appealing program for food bloggers looking to capitalise on that. However, the program has a tedious merchant recruitment and approval process, and the criteria are a bit steep too.

  • Established brand
  • Numerous offers
  • High paying program
  • Tedious recruitment process
  • Long assessment period
  • 10 referral max for merchants

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a prominent food delivery platform offering a wide range of cuisines and dining options delivered directly to customers’ doors. With a focus on speed and convenience, Uber Eats connects users with local restaurants and eateries, providing a seamless ordering and delivery experience.

The Uber Eats affiliate program enables food bloggers and influencers to promote its services and earn commissions for referred customers. Affiliates utilise the provided tracking links and promotional materials to drive traffic and generate sales. They earn a percentage of sales when new customers successfully make bookings or purchases through their unique links. Affiliation types include content creators, influencers, and website owners seeking to partner with a trusted brand in the food delivery industry.

ProgramUber Eats Affiliate Program
Parent Company Uber Technologies Inc
ProductsFood and Drinks
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsCredit and debit cards, PayPal

Our Verdict About Uber Eats

Uber Eats’ reputation for reliability, accessibility, and customer satisfaction makes it an attractive choice for affiliates looking to leverage the growing trend of food delivery apps and provide value to their audience.

  • Established brand
  • Diverse offers
  • Competitive program


Instacart claims to be the largest online grocery marketplace in North America. So, it’s unsurprising that this platform has closed millions of orders. With a mission to make grocery shopping effortless, Instacart allows US-based customers to order groceries from their favourite local stores and have them delivered in as little as an hour, thanks to a large collection of 80,000 stores across thousands of cities.

Instacart Tastemakers is a program that allows affiliates to monetise their food blogs by directing their audience to Instacart. The program offers tools to make your blog post easily shoppable. Your audience can add recipe ingredients or your product recommendations to their Instacart cart in a few taps and get it delivered quickly. The affiliate program has competitive rates, offering affiliates a 3% commission on each qualifying purchase made via their links or recipe web pages.

ProgramInstacart Affiliate Program
Parent Company Instacart
ProductsFresh produce, baked goods, fresh seafood, dairy products
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsPayPal, Direct deposit

Our Verdict About Instacart

With 1 billion products in the online grocery delivery niche, Instacart is a massive platform with something for everyone. Food bloggers looking to tap into the growing demand for online grocery shopping should consider this great affiliate program. They also make marketing easy by helping you create shoppable content through link-building tools and buttons on your site.

  • Massive network of retailers
  • Easy set up
  • Established brand
  • $20 minimum payout

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online marketplace specialising in delivering organic and sustainable products at discounted prices to registered members. There are currently over a million members on the platform. Focused on making healthy food accessible to all, Thrive Market offers an expertly curated catalogue of over 5,000 healthy foods and groceries, including home goods and personal care items sourced from trusted brands.

The affiliate program recruits food bloggers interested in promoting health-conscious products and sustainable living. You earn competitive commission rates on every new membership you generate with your affiliate link — $30 commission on annual memberships and $5 commission on monthly membership fees. Affiliates can utilise diverse mediums, including websites, blogs, and social media, to promote this reputable brand committed to wellness and environmental stewardship.

ProgramThrive Market Affiliate Program
Parent Company Thrive Market
ProductsGroceries, lifestyle
Commission StructureCPL
Payment MethodsCheque, Direct Deposit

Our Verdict About Thrive Market

The platform claims to be carbon-neutral and is working to become carbon-negative by 2025. Their reputation for quality and social responsibility makes them stand out from competitors. This is one of the best programs for food bloggers looking to promote a brand that’s heavy on ethical and sustainable products while providing value to their audience.

  • Rigorous quality standards
  • Member-only food prices
  • Over 90+ diet filters
  • Fast carbon-neutral shipping
  • 7-day cookie duration

Universal Yums

Universal Yums is a unique subscription service that delivers curated boxes of international snacks and candies to customers’ doorsteps. With a mission to explore the world through food, Universal Yums offers subscribers a taste of different cultures and cuisines with each box for monthly memberships.

Regardless of whether you’re a food enthusiast sharing your experiences on social media, a food blogger, or simply someone who loves exploring new tasty snacks, this initiative provides an enjoyable and lucrative experience. In terms of commission, the program is based on a CPS model where affiliates earn a fixed commission of $10 for every new customer who purchases on the website. This must be within 30 days of signing up through your affiliate link.

ProgramUniversal Yum Affiliate Program
Parent Company Universal Yum
Commission StructureCPL
Payment MethodsN/A

Our Verdict About Universal Yum

Universal Yums’ reputation for delivering fun and exciting snack experiences from around the world makes its affiliate program a great way to monetise a food blog or website by sharing unique and engaging content with its audience. Each box also contains an interactive guidebook promoting cultural exploration and unique snacking experiences, including trivia and games. This provides additional content material for affiliates to explore.

  • Caters to an international audience
  • Long cookie duration
  • Limited to snacks

Home Bistro

Home Bistro, founded in 1999, is a premier provider of chef-prepared, nutritious meals delivered straight to customers’ homes. The platform has a strong focus on quality and healthy living, so Home Bistro offers a diverse menu of restaurant-quality dishes, including options for special dietary needs such as keto-friendly, gluten-free, and diabetic-friendly meals.

With the Home Bistro affiliate program, food bloggers who are interested in promoting gourmet dining experiences and convenient meal solutions can earn competitive commission rates. If a new customer signs up through you and makes an order within 30 days, you earn 10% of the revenue made per sale.

ProgramHome Bistro Affiliate Program
Parent Company Home Bistro
ProductsReady-made meals
Commission StructureCPS
Payment MethodsCheck, Direct Deposit, Payoneer.

Our Verdict About Home Bistro

Home Bistro is a well-established name; fortunately, they have a relatively long cookie period, allowing affiliates to make more conversions. It is a good choice if you are a food blogger looking to promote premium dining experiences. Also, this is arguably the best affiliate program for health and wellness blogs that cater to fitness enthusiasts and those who want to lose weight.

  • High-quality meals
  • Premium brand
  • Relatively more expensive

Criteria to Choose the Best Food Affiliate Programs

Selecting the best affiliate programs for food requires careful consideration of various factors. This is to ensure optimal success and alignment with your audience. Among the top criteria to consider in affiliate networks are commission rates, duration of affiliate cookies, product quality, and affiliate support. Evaluating these factors can help food bloggers make better decisions and maximise their earning potential in the competitive food affiliate marketing landscape. Let’s fully explore the essential details you need to consider when choosing the best food affiliate programs to partner with.


Commission Structure and Rates

The commission structure and rates of a food affiliate program are critical factors to evaluate when seeking partnership opportunities. This could be the cost-per-sale in CPS Affiliate Networks, revenue sharing, or hybrid commission structure. Additionally, you need to review the commission rates offered for each referral or per sale generated through affiliate links and aim for competitive rates that reflect the value of the promoted products.


Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that the affiliate program and associated food brands comply with relevant food regulations is paramount for affiliates. Adherence to food safety standards, labelling requirements, and other regulatory guidelines not only protects consumers but also safeguards affiliates from legal liabilities. Joining compliant programs and brands enables an affiliate to demonstrate their commitment to promoting safe and trustworthy products on their food blog.


Marketing Support

Always prioritise programs that offer robust marketing support and assistance to maximise promotional efforts. This includes access to promotional materials, custom creatives, and a dedicated affiliate manager who can provide personalised guidance and support. By partnering with programs that offer comprehensive marketing support and further optimising your campaigns with effective content marketing services, you can increase your chances of success in the competitive food affiliate marketing landscape.


Exclusive Discounts and Deals

Seek out programs that offer exclusive discounts and deals to incentivise purchases through your affiliate link. These special offers not only attract new customers but also increase conversion rates and affiliate earnings. Additionally, consider the available payment methods offered by the best affiliate program. That way, affiliates who enrol in good programs can improve their earning potential and provide added value to the audience of their food blog.

Feast Your Way to Success: Final Thoughts on Food Affiliate Programs

As we conclude our exploration of food affiliate programs, it’s evident that this landscape offers a bountiful array of many affiliate programs for you to thrive. By carefully selecting programs that align with your audience and preferences, you can embark on a flavorful journey towards success. From promoting gourmet meal kits to highlighting international snacks on your food blog, the possibilities are endless.

With the right blend of marketing savvy, passion for food and strategic partnership choices, you will enjoy the rewards of your efforts while delighting your food-loving audience with tantalizing offers. If you have any further enquiries, you can reach out to the experts at Revpanda. Also, explore our platform to embrace the culinary adventure, we craft expert content to guide you on your affiliate marketing journey in the vibrant world of food and beyond.

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Below are commonly asked questions about affiliate programs for food bloggers, from starting off to marketing support. Read on to elevate your affiliate marketing game.

Start by defining your niche and audience, then create a high-quality blog post showcasing your culinary expertise. Then join affiliate programs for food bloggers aligned with your niche to monetize your food blog and earn passive income on recommended products.

Affiliate programs for food offer a wide range of products to promote, including meal kits, speciality ingredients, kitchen gadgets, and cookbooks. But remember to choose products aligned with your audience’s interests and preferences to maximise engagement and conversions.

To become a food affiliate, sign up for one or more reputable food affiliate programs in this article, create engaging content promoting their products on your food blog, and share your affiliate links with your audience. Focus on providing value and building trust to drive conversions.

Earnings for food affiliates vary depending on factors like audience size, niche, and promotional strategies. With effective marketing, food bloggers can earn anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. However, it’s vital to promote affiliate programs from reputable brands like those on our list.