Insurance Affiliate Programs

If you are a publisher, you can start earning commissions today by joining the best insurance affiliate program online. All you have to do is market insurance products to customers.

Best Insurance Affiliate Program in 2024

Insurance affiliate marketing is a business model that allows marketers to earn money in the form of commissions. If you own a website, blog, or social media page that appeals to customers seeking insurance policies, you can easily turn your visitors into buyers. However, you must first choose a reputable insurance affiliate program. Continue reading this article to discover the top affiliate programs for marketing insurance services.

What Are Insurance Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising where companies pay publishers to generate traffic or sell products and services to customers. The insurance industry is worth billions of dollars, making it one of the most attractive targets for affiliates. If you want to join as a marketer, you need to look for an insurance company to market. The selected insurer must have a top-notch affiliate marketing program with a favourable commission rate.

Since each affiliate program is unique, you need to compare commissions, offers, cookie duration, and other key factors. Once you identify a good one and sign up, you will receive a unique affiliate link that you can share on your website or social media. The objective is to drive traffic or new customers to the company’s website. Depending on the payment arrangement, you will get a commission for selling insurance policies.

Maximising Insurance Affiliate Earnings

Hard-working affiliate marketers can earn a good amount of money by marketing an insurance company. The journey of earning commission begins by joining top-rated affiliate programs with lucrative commission rates. After signing up, a publisher can market the services of an insurance company by sharing an affiliate link on their site, blog, social media, or email.

The best insurance affiliate programs offer various commission structures, including tiered options with potentially huge payouts. These include Cost Per Sale (CPS) and Cost Per Lead pricing models, among other options depending on the affiliate network or program. The more new customers you bring to an insurance company, the higher the earnings you can get.

Advantages of Insurance Affiliate Programs

Perhaps you want to join an insurance affiliate marketing program and are wondering if it’s the best decision. The demand for insurance services is increasing, just like the number of companies investing in this sector. According to BCC Research, the global insurance market is expected to grow to $9.89 trillion by 2027.

Publishers from all over the globe can take advantage of this industry to earn commissions as they sell insurance products. Companies in this sector can also generate quality leads with the help of affiliates. Here are the benefits of insurance affiliate programs.

Recurring Commissions

Insurance affiliate marketing allows publishers to earn money through different commission structures. For example, you can consider the best CPS affiliate networks where commissions are paid out per sale. Sharing your referral link with customers regularly can increase traffic to the insurance company or agency and generate sales for a long time.

Broad Audience

The truth is that insurance has become a necessity all over the world. Many people can now access different types of insurance services offered by recognised companies. Therefore, there are numerous marketing opportunities if your affiliate website targets the most popular niches in this industry. These include auto, health, home, renters, condos, and property.

Trust and Credibility

Insurance is a valuable service that requires individuals and businesses to make crucial financial decisions. With this in mind, affiliates can build trustworthy relationships with customers by promoting high-quality insurance products. Another way to build credibility is to find and market the leading companies known to offer world-class insurance services in popular niches.

High Earnings Potential

The best affiliate programs offer a reasonable commission rate to publishers. Some of them have tiered payment structures that favour the most diligent affiliate marketers. More sales generated from a referral link mean extra money for a publisher. Moreover, the top performers may receive special incentives in addition to commissions from sales and leads.

8 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

As the insurance industry continues to grow, many publishers are looking for the right programs to join. Luckily, we have taken the time to review and recommend the best insurance affiliate marketing programs available today. Our experts have considered several factors, including strong brand recognition, a longer cookie duration, and enticing commissions. We have also made sure that these programs cover the most profitable niches, like home, auto, travel, renters, life, health, and umbrella insurance. Find the top insurance affiliate programs below.


Lemonade is a well-known, full-stack insurance company that seeks to provide the best experience to customers in the industry. It offers homeowners, car, pet, renters, and life insurance products in the United States and Europe. The company charges a flat fee and is known to pay claims faster than many competitors. Moreover, there is a partner program for content curators, thought leaders, world-class brands, influencers, and media companies. Affiliates are welcome to promote the company’s services and earn some money.

If you want to become a publisher, you only need to join the Lemonade insurance affiliate program, which is powered by Once you sign up, you can promote the company’s services and enjoy commissions of up to $20 per quote. The cookie duration is 30 days.

Program Lemonade Insurance Affiliate Program
Parent Company -
Products Homeowners, Pet, Renters, Car, and Life Insurance
Commission Structure Up to $20 Cost Per Quote
Payment Methods Credit Card, PayPal and MB Way.

Our Verdict About Program

The Lemonade insurance affiliate program covers the key services most people are likely to spend money on. Therefore, it is easy for an affiliate marketer to find interested customers. The main drawback is that the company only targets people in the US and European countries.

  • Content and creatives
  • Tracking system
  • Decent commission
  • Long cookie duration
  • Only in the USA and Europe


Allstate offers one of the best insurance affiliate programs with a wide range of products to market. It is a fantastic choice if you are a life insurance affiliate. Other offers besides life insurance products include home insurance, travel insurance, and renters insurance. That’s not all! Allstate also offers auto, off-road, motorcycle, and condo insurance policies.

Affiliate earnings are paid out based on the widely popular cost-per-lead pricing model. The commission rate on’s affiliate platform varies from $6 to $28. An affiliate marketer’s earnings depend on the selected insurance product.

Program Allstate Insurance Program
Parent Company -
Products Vehicle, Property, Life, Business, Home, Travel, Renters, Condo, Food Insurance
Commission Structure Cost Per Lead
Payment Methods Credit and Debit Cards, Checks, Money Orders

Our Verdict About Program

As one of the leading affiliate insurance companies, Allstate offers a wide selection of coverage options, such as vehicle, property, travel, renters, condo, and business insurance. The company’s affiliate marketing program offers good commission rates, but the cost of buying an insurance policy is comparatively high for some customers.

  • Many products
  • Reasonable commission
  • Broad appeal
  • Popular insurance provider
  • High insurance costs

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a recommended option for affiliates searching for a global property and casualty insurer. The company also appeals to publishers who wish to promote home, condo, and renter insurance services. Moreover, many marketers are attracted to the company’s car insurance affiliate program because it’s simply one of the best in the industry.

If you want to market Liberty Mutual’s insurance services, you first need to join the Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Network. You will receive a commission each time a visitor to your website clicks on the provided affiliate link and completes a quote. The standard payout amounts range from $3 to $10 per lead, depending on the insurance type.

Program Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program
Parent Company CJ Affiliate
Products Home, Auto, Renters, Property, Casualty
Commission Structure $3 to $10 standard payout per lead
Payment Methods Credit Card or Bank Account

Our Verdict About Program

Liberty Mutual offers various insurance plans that are suitable for high-net-worth individuals. The company’s affiliate program allows marketers to earn commissions through different products, from auto to homeowners insurance. However, the standard commission rate is lower than what other companies in the industry are willing to offer.

  • Wide coverage
  • Insurance discounts
  • Bonus commissions
  • Free creatives
  • Lower commission rate

World Nomads

World Nomads has been partnering with affiliate marketers since 2002 to turn their passion for travel into earnings through commission-based payments. It is one of the most popular affiliate insurance companies you can promote on the best travel affiliate networks today. Besides focusing on travel insurance, this company sets itself apart from competitors in the industry by offering emergency assistance to travellers.

Nomad insurance services are promoted in more than 100 countries, allowing marketers to profit from a global audience. The affiliate program is powered by CJ Affiliate. Commissions are paid based on a tiered flat rate using the pay-per-quote model. Interestingly, the quote does not need to be for a sale for you to be compensated. The available tiers include Bronze, Silver, and Gold, where the starting standard cost per item is $1.5.

Program World Nomads Affiliate Program
Parent Company CJ Affiliate
Products Travel Insurance
Commission Structure Starting from $1.5 Pay Per Quote
Payment Methods Payoneer

Our Verdict About Program

There are many reasons to join the World Nomads insurance affiliate program, including tiered commissions, fast payouts, and exceptional customer service. However, there are other affiliate programs with a better commission rate than the one offered by this company.

  • Three tiers
  • Fast payouts
  • Online support
  • Quick setup
  • $100 minimum balance
  • Low starting commission

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance offers travel insurance coverage that protects travellers from unexpected losses that may occur during a trip. The company also offers rental car insurance to protect you from high costs if your rented car is stolen or damaged. Its travel protection plans cover trip cancellation, emergency medical transportation, trip interruption, lost or stolen baggage, and travel delays. Moreover, the Allianz team provides 24-hour hotline assistance.

The Allianz Assistance affiliate program allows marketers to earn commissions based on the sales they generate. As with other programs, the minimum and maximum rates can vary depending on the target country. It can be as high as 20% in some jurisdictions.

Program Allianz Assistance Affiliate Program
Parent Company -
Products Travel, Rental Car
Commission Structure Cost Per Sale
Payment Methods Direct Deposit, Receiving a Check by Mail, or a Debit-Card Deposit

Our Verdict About Program

The Allianz Global Assistance affiliate program fits the bill if your goal is to promote travel insurance. With 24/7 assistance, affiliates and customers can get the help they need immediately. However, the company mainly focuses on travel insurance while other insurers offer a wide range of other products.

  • Attractive commissions
  • Marketing tools
  • Accurate affiliate data
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Few products

PetAssure Pet Plan

If you love cats and dogs, you have probably checked out some of the leading pet affiliate networks. But selling insurance for these cute animals is easier if you know a specific company with affordable insurance plans for pets. One of our recommendations is Pet Assure, a brand that has been working with pet owners since 1995. It helps to protect and strengthen the bond between pets and their own by delivering the best care through insurance policies.

You can work as a marketer for the company by joining the PetAssure Pet Plan Affiliate Program at Commission Junction. Pet Assure will reward you with a commission within 30 days after your referred customer signs up. For each signup, you will receive a 25% commission in the first two years, which is an exciting offer for most online affiliate marketers.

Program PetAssure Pet Plan Affiliate Program
Parent Company CJ Affiliate
Products Cat/Dog Insurance
Commission Structure Cost Per Sale
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About Program

The PetAssure Pet Plan Affiliate Program can be profitable depending on how many new signups you bring as a publisher. Although the company mainly focuses on insurance for dogs and cats, promoters can enjoy exclusive discounts and get excellent commission rates.

  • Exclusive discounts
  • Good CPS rates
  • Simple plans
  • Limited licence
  • Few insurance products

AXA Assistance

AXA Assistance seeks to provide its customers with a unique blend of insurance solutions to protect their well-being and lifestyles. This insurance agency focuses on a wide range of services, such as health, travel, and homeowners insurance. Other products covered by AXA include legal protection and an auto insurance affiliate program.

The AXA Assistance affiliate program presents great opportunities to marketers looking to earn a substantial income through commissions. It uses the cost-per-sale model, allowing affiliates to earn up to 15% of the sales generated from referred customers. The cookie duration is 7 days.

Program AXA Assistance Affiliate Program
Parent Company AXA
Products Health, Home, Travel, Legal, Auto
Commission Structure 15% Per Sale
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About Program

There is no doubt that the AXA Assistance affiliate program offers an acceptable commission rate to affiliates who market the agency’s services. Marketers can even get promotions that enable them to earn bonus commissions. The only downside is that the seven-day cookie window is shorter compared to what other affiliate programs in the industry offer.

  • Attractive commissions
  • Promotions
  • Advertising support
  • Vast customer base
  • Short cookie duration


The eHealth affiliate program provides a simple way to monetise a variety of insurance niches. As the name implies, the insurance agency’s core product is health, which gives marketers a valuable opportunity to earn decent commissions by attracting customers. eHealth’s key services include general health insurance for individuals, families, and students. It is also a recommended option for small business owners.

Affiliate marketers for eHealth need to join the company’s affiliate program at Commission Junction to get started. They can then earn commissions ranging from $10 to $75 per order. However, the amount could be higher, depending on the plan.

Program eHealthInsurance Affiliate Program
Parent Company CJ Affiliate
Products Medicare, Individual & Family, Small Business, Vision, Dental, Medicaid, Student
Commission Structure Cost Per Order
Payment Methods PayPal

Our Verdict About Program

eHealth offers one of the best programs for affiliates looking to market affordable health insurance plans. We would also recommend it to publishers looking for a business insurance affiliate program. The notable benefits include high commissions, many offers, and great customer service. However, some insurers on the platform may charge application fees.

  • Numerous offers
  • High commission rates
  • Leading insurance platform
  • Technical support
  • Application fees

Join The Best Insurance Affiliate Programs to Start Earning Commissions Today

You can sign up for a top insurance affiliate program now to start earning commissions. The only thing you need to do is help visitors on your website, blog, or social media page find the best insurance coverage. Depending on the company, you can market several insurance products, including health, auto, home, and renters. Be sure to use Revpanda’s affiliate marketing services to make your business website more visible and promote insurance policies to customers.

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An insurance affiliate program is a payment agreement between advertisers and publishers. It is a commission-based system where companies pay affiliate marketers to promote insurance products and bring new customers to the advertiser’s website.

Promoting insurance policies can be profitable, but several factors influence the amount of money affiliates can earn. These include the insurance company’s reputation, commission rate, and the number of new customers brought by an affiliate.

The products you can promote with an insurance affiliate program vary from one company to another. Auto, renters, homeowners, travel, life, and health insurance are the most popular services you can market on your affiliate website to earn commissions.

The quality of traffic and the commission rate determine the amount a publisher can earn when promoting insurance policies. An affiliate can earn tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars monthly, depending on their efforts, market, leads, and sales.