Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Get familiar with the most trusted real estate affiliate programs today. Find online marketplaces for marketing different types of land, commercial, rental, and industrial properties, and earn commissions.

Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs in 2024

Joining the best real estate affiliate programs allows marketers to earn commissions. In this guide, we will explore the different types of affiliate programs available in the real estate industry.

Real estate affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular way to earn money as a marketer. It’s all about referring customers to companies that advertise properties and offer services in the real estate sector. The good thing about this form of marketing is that affiliate marketers can earn profits, and companies or investors can increase their reach to customers.

What Are Real Estate Affiliate Programs? How Do They Work?

Since its inception in the 1980s and 90s, affiliate marketing has gained traction as a widely accepted form of advertising. It has already found its way into the real estate industry as an effective tool for property owners, landlords, agents, or partner advertisers to work with marketers. The purpose of joining a real estate affiliate marketing program is to promote properties and services in this sector and earn commissions. Marketers usually share referral links with visitors who check their websites, blogs, or videos and get paid for every successful referral.

Marketing a real estate business requires a clear understanding of the industry, and marketers must pick the right program. With adequate real estate knowledge, it is easy to curate content that appeals to your audience. You must know which programs have the best pricing models, excellent customer service, and a wide range of products. We will explain everything you need to know if you are interested in marketing land, houses, and services in the real estate niche.

How Can Affiliates Benefit from Real Estate Programs?

Real estate affiliate marketing has benefits for companies, property owners, agents, and marketers alike. It allows real estate agents, homeowners, or businesses to acquire new customers through referrals. On the other hand, affiliate marketers can earn passive income by referring buyers, tenants, or renters. Many affiliate programs in the industry pay publishers for every successful sale or lead. The only thing real estate affiliates have to do is share an affiliate link with visitors through websites, social media, or blogs to attract potential customers.

It all begins by finding real estate websites with good programs for marketing property listings, software, courses, and other real estate products and services. Another option is to join the best affiliate networks where marketers partner with advertisers. The most important step is to find a reliable real estate program with a variety of pricing models and attractive commissions. Your earnings as an affiliate marketer will depend on the quality of leads and the payment agreement you have with the real estate company you have partnered with.

Advantages of Real Estate Affiliate Programs

The real estate industry presents numerous opportunities to affiliate marketers who wish to earn some money through referrals. Publishers with blogs and websites can take advantage of it to help businesses advertise all kinds of products and services in this sector to potential clients. Therefore, real estate affiliate marketing creates a win-win situation for companies and marketers. Learn more about the benefits of joining a real estate affiliate marketing program below if you want to become a marketer or sell land, houses, and courses.

High Earning Potential

As the global real estate market grows at a CAGR of 5.2% to USD 6.13 trillion by 2030, affiliate marketers and companies can profit from it. Real estate affiliate income is a benefit of joining a marketing program. When your referrals sign up, buy property, rent a house, or buy courses and software, you get a commission.

Marketing Tools and Resources

Affiliate marketers with a real estate blog or website with content that markets properties have access to a variety of resources. They can capitalise on professional copywriting services or get real estate affiliate marketing resources if they join a good network. Many affiliate marketing networks provide all the marketing tools and resources real estate affiliates need.

Diverse Real Estate Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for affiliate marketers and real estate brokers in this sector. Marketers can promote corporate houses, land, industrial mortgage loans, commercial real estate, software, courses, legal services, insurance, and books. There is a chance to market everything you want if you choose the best real estate affiliate marketing programs.

Global Reach

Affiliate marketing offers property managers, owners, and companies a unique opportunity to increase visibility and reach a wider audience. Any willing affiliate marketer can advertise on real estate websites targeting investors, tourists, and renters. These platforms use tested payment methods that are accepted globally to disburse earnings to affiliates safely and swiftly.

10 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

The real estate industry is a key driver of economic growth with revenues generated from land, residential, commercial, and industrial properties. From advertising vacant rentals to beach houses, insurance, software, and mortgages, there are different ways to earn commissions as a marketer who focuses on the real estate niche. The process begins with choosing the right real estate affiliate programs and networks.

We have already picked and reviewed the top 10 programs available today. Compare our recommendations below and choose a real estate affiliate marketing program that suits your preferences. Be sure to check their offerings, commission rates, and payment methods.

Airbnb Associates Program

Airbnb is among the world’s most used websites by people looking for rental properties. This real estate business has invested in a profitable niche, appealing to travellers who want to find world-class accommodation in different parts of the world. Whether your website visitors want a beach house in the Maldives or Mauritius, Airbnb has you covered. Many real estate agents work with this company to help people find a beautiful rental house during their trip.

The Airbnb Associates Program ended in 2021 and was not available at the time of this writing. It would be a perfect choice for anyone with a blog or website that targets tourists, travellers, or nomads looking for rental properties. The program allowed affiliates to earn commissions by promoting travel and hosting in different destinations across the world. Associates who referred hosts and listings could earn a variable amount depending on the location.

Program Airbnb Associates Program
Network -
Products Rental Properties, Parks, Surfing, Beach Houses, Farms, Tiny Homes
Commission Structure Variable amounts
Payment Methods PayPal, Bank, Payoneer

Our Verdict About Airbnb

Partnering with Airbnb as a real estate agent or an affiliate marketer can be beneficial. It’s a well-known platform for advertising rental properties to travellers for a commission. The company’s real estate affiliate program provides a flexible pricing model in which payout amounts depend on the number of successful referrals.

  • Extremely popular program
  • A wide range of products
  • Attractive commission rates
  • Availability in many locations
  • Negative reviews is one of the leading websites for people who want to find real estate agents. It helps visitors to find a home, school, and other properties in their neighbourhoods through a simple search feature. The platform creates a direct connection between listing agents and people who want to buy or rent homes at affordable prices. This brand has already attracted 100 million buyers and covered over 20,000 neighbourhoods across the United States.

Marketers can now join real estate affiliate marketing program for an opportunity to earn passive income by referring buyers or renters. However, there’s no reliable information about the company’s commission structure and rates. Affiliates need to contact the company to learn more about their potential earnings when they refer clients to the platform.

Program Affiliate Program
Network -
Products Homes for Sale, Rental Homes
Commission Structure -
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About seems to be the perfect choice for real estate agents who want to find buyers or help people find rentals in their neighbourhoods. However, affiliate marketers for the company are limited to the market in the United States. Commission rates are also not clearly stated.

  • Millions of buyers
  • Easy-to-market products
  • Thousands of neighbourhoods covered
  • High-converting property listings
  • Focus on the US market

Nolo Affiliate Program

Operating under Internet Brands Inc., Nolo is a remarkable choice for marketers seeking the best CPS affiliate networks in the real estate market. This company offers software, learning materials, and legal resources to visitors on the platform. Its offerings include easy-to-use estate planning software that can help users create customised forms and find tailored solutions based on their questions. The platform also provides real estate professionals with do-it-yourself (DIY) products such as legal forms, books, and ebooks. Its mission is to help small businesses and individuals find the right legal solutions to everyday business problems.

Users looking for the best real estate affiliate programs can also work for Nolo and earn commissions. The company’s affiliate program is powered by several networks, such as Commission Junction, Awin, and FlexOffers. Normal commission rates can range from 15% to 25% of each sale. They can also be higher depending on the value of the sale, so the best promoters can earn decent amounts from referrals.

Program Nolo Affiliates
Network CJ Affiliates, Awin, and FlexOffers.
Products DIY Products, Software, Legal Forms, Books
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods Depending on the networks

Our Verdict About Nolo

Nolo offers one of the best real estate affiliate programs for marketers who wish to market a legal encyclopaedia with law books, legal forms, and planning software. Real estate marketing enthusiasts can expect decent profits through the affiliate program’s CPS pricing model. However, there are country-specific limitations and a lack of personalised guidance.

  • Attractive CPS rates
  • Various products to market
  • Offered by reputable networks
  • Flexible commission rates
  • Country-specific limitations

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty (KWR) is a renowned real estate franchise with many years of experience in the industry. The company’s website makes it easy for people to find real estate agents. You can even join to become an agent and benefit from high-quality education, training, coaching, and mentorship provided by qualified professionals in the real estate industry. Moreover, KWR helps users find their dream homes by simply sharing their location.

Marketers can join the KWR real estate affiliate program to earn commissions by referring customers who are interested in luxury, land, and commercial properties. However, there’s limited information about how much commission you can earn when you sign up for the company’s real estate affiliate marketing program.

Program Keller Williams Realty Affiliate Program
Network -
Products Luxury, Land, Commercial
Commission Structure -
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About Keller Williams Realty

KWR is one of the leading franchises that can help publishers benefit from real estate affiliate programs. However, the company does not provide sufficient information on how much you can earn as an affiliate marketer. Nevertheless, affiliates have a chance to earn some money by bringing in customers who are interested in land, luxury, and commercial real estate.

  • Local and global reach
  • High-end products and services
  • Customer service
  • Recognised brand
  • Commission split for agents

Land Century

Operated under NetWealth, LLC, Land Century is a leading marketplace for people and agents who are interested in selling and buying real estate properties. The company started its journey in this industry in 2006 and has since sold over 10,000 properties to its customers. Some of its customers are acquired through real estate affiliate marketing. When it comes to land and houses for sale, Land Century focuses on properties in the residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, and hunting niches. The platform also attracts buyers who are searching for mobile homes, trailers, ranches, resorts, and waterfront properties.

There is also a chance to earn commissions through the company’s real estate investor affiliate program. The program allows affiliates to get commissions based on the cost-per-lead model. All you have to do is generate a qualified lead by directing potential buyers to the platform. Like other affiliate real estate programs, you can earn higher incomes by attracting many customers.

Program Land Century Affiliate Program
Network FlexOffers
Products Land, House, and Property Sales
Commission Structure CPL
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About Land Century

Land Century is one of the best online marketplaces for buyers to find vacant land and affordable houses. Thanks to the company’s real estate affiliate program marketers can earn a substantial amount of money if they can generate quality leads.

  • Targeted leads
  • Video marketing resources
  • Online presence on most social networks
  • High-converting offers
  • Low CPL for low-cost properties

Colibri Real Estate Affiliate Partner Program (formerly Real Estate Express)

Formerly known as Real Estate Express, Colibri Real Estate is one of the leading platforms to join if you are an aspiring real estate agent. This website is an online school where learners can acquire the necessary knowledge from instructions offered by experienced experts. It offers over 520,000 professionals who can help you obtain your real estate licence. Once you pass your final exam as an agent and get your permit, you can take your career to the next level by acquiring a broker’s licence. The platform also provides opportunities for real estate affiliate marketing if you would like to earn commissions through referrals.

Real estate express affiliates need to sign up for the Colibri Real Estate Affiliate Partner Program. This is one of the leading real estate affiliate programs where you can earn commissions by referring students to this real estate licencing education platform. There’s also a refer-a-friend program that allows you to get a $25 Amazon gift card for each referral you make. Your referred friend also gets 35% off when they make their first pre-licensing course purchase.

Program Colibri Real Estate Affiliate Partner Program.
Network -
Products Licence, Education
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate offers an excellent program that allows affiliates to earn commissions while promoting real estate education. The platform provides world-class courses to help agents acquire their licences and become licensed brokers if they want. Real estate marketing on the platform is easy, but it can take 24-48 business days to approve an affiliate’s application.

  • High-quality courses
  • Access to many resources
  • Over 500,000 professionals
  • Several real estate brands
  • Applications can take up to 48 business hours

There are many software affiliate networks for different industries to choose from as a marketer, but focuses on the real estate niche. It is one of the top providers of analysis software for landlords. The company’s products and services are designed for real estate investors, agents, and wholesalers around the world. With more than 350,000 users, the app allows users to analyse rental properties, import property data, structure precise deals, calculate offers, and create professional property reports.

DealCheck is also a great place for real estate affiliates to earn commissions by referring buyers. Simply visit the affiliate program page on the website and register a free account. You will then receive a unique referral link. Real estate blog owners can share their links with visitors to attract new customers. Affiliates can also post links on social media sites and platforms. DealCheck pays a 30% recurring commission on each ongoing subscription from a referred user. There’s also a $100 cash bonus for every ten paying users.

Program DealCheck Affiliate Program
Network -
Products Property Analysis Software
Commission Structure 30% Recurring Commission
Payment Methods PayPal

Our Verdict About

This property analysis platform boasts one of the best real estate affiliate marketing programs that pay affiliates exceptionally well. Other benefits include a 90-day cookie duration, cash bonuses, and a positive reputation. However, this real estate website mainly targets landlords.

  • A proven track record
  • Cash bonuses for affiliates
  • Recurring commissions
  • Loong cookie duration
  • The main focus is software for landlords

As part of the widely popular network, is one of the most appealing options for property investors and owners. This company is best known for offering world-class property management software to help landlords manage their properties. It helps homeowners with property listings, rental applications, tenant screening, online rent collection, maintenance tracking, and property accounting. What’s more, users looking for online real estate courses can find well-crafted guides, resources, and articles on the website. also offers one of the best real estate affiliate programs for marketers looking to earn extra cash by advertising properties on the platform. Affiliates can get started by joining the Avail Affiliate Network to earn generous commissions and benefit from effective marketing resources such as illustrations and banners. The other way to earn money is to invite your landlord friends and get $50 in account credit if they sign up using your direct referral link.

Program Avail Affiliate Program
Network -
Products Landlord Software, Rental Listings, Educational Content, Tenant Screening
Commission Structure Fixed/ Percentage Commissions
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About is without a doubt a great choice for real estate professionals and publishers who wish to earn extra income through high-converting property listings. It is one of the best places you can find online real estate education and good commissions from a referral program.

  • Generous commission rates
  • Illustrations, banners, and logos
  • Dedicated support
  • User-friendly tracking
  • Only landlords can get $50 in account credit


LendingTree is one of the top online marketplaces for lenders and borrowers in the real estate niche and other sectors. The company’s key areas of focus include different types of loans, mortgages, credit cards, insurance, and debt settlement. It helps homeowners put their property’s equity to use. Moreover, people who want to purchase homes can find and compare different types of mortgage lenders and save money by choosing the best. Users can also get personal loans and the necessary guidance through the real estate loan application process.

There is limited information about the LendingTree affiliate program’s commission. The company promises that partners can expect to generate quality leads and high conversion rates. It provides access to 30 million borrowers, allowing affiliates to access high-intent leads in the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Program LendingTree Affiliate Program
Network FlexOffers
Products Home Purchases, Loans, Insurance, Home Equity, Banking, Debt Relief, Refinance
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About LendingTree

LendingTree is a trusted brand that seeks to turn information-seekers and borrowers into potential buyers. Although there is limited information about the company’s real estate affiliate program, partners can expect high conversion rates. There are many channels to achieve global reach, but the website only targets people in the US, Hawaii, and Alaska.

  • Millions of customers
  • Ongoing support
  • Access to certified lenders
  • Multiple channels ways to increase reach
  • Only for people in the US, Alaska, and Hawaii

Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO)

As the name suggests, Corporate Housing by Owner is the go-to platform if you want to market corporate housing furnished rentals. This company mainly focuses on real estate investors in the United States of America and Canada. Its objective is to connect people who own properties with cooperative companies and renters. The website is easy to explore, allowing users to search for furnished rentals, book by contacting a property manager, or advertise properties to potential clients. Other services besides property listings include insurance, property protection, entertainment housing, emergency lodging, and business or travel consulting.

CHBO provides real estate affiliates with great opportunities to earn money through the company’s affiliate program. For each newly referred customer who lists their property on the platform, you will get a 15% commission on the total sale. All sales on the CHBO platform are tracked to ensure a smooth referral process. The affiliate program is powered by ShareASale, one of the leading affiliate networks with a global reach.

Program CHBO Referral Program
Network ShareASale
Products Corporate Housing Rentals, Furnished Property Listing, Property Protection, Insurance
Commission Structure CPS
Payment Methods -

Our Verdict About CHBO

Corporate Housing by Owner is one of the best real estate companies for renters looking for furnished rental properties and protection services. Affiliates can expect good commission rates and help with banners. However, this real estate website focuses on the US and Canada.

  • A simple affiliate signup process
  • Custom banners
  • Decent commissions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Targets US and Canada only

Criteria to Choose the Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Learning how to affiliate with a real estate broker is as important as choosing a suitable program. Given that the real estate market is growing, there are many interested parties, including different types of networks, agents, brokers, property owners, and affiliates. With numerous options at your disposal, you need to choose real estate affiliate programs carefully. The company, advertising platform, and people you are working with must offer legal services that are accepted locally and globally. We have explained other criteria to consider before joining an affiliate program below.


Commission Structure and Rates

The payout amounts for a real estate affiliate program must be high enough to make affiliates want to sign up to start earning money. Moreover, a good program allows real estate affiliates to receive payments through a variety of pricing models. It must offer the best cost-per-sale (CPA), Revenue Share (RevShare), and CPS commissions.


Variety of Real Estate Services

A real estate affiliate program must cover real estate investment software, legal services, home inspections, educational content, and loans, among other products and services. With the right real estate expertise, quality customer service, and a wide range of options, marketers can run successful marketing campaigns on their social platforms, websites, and blogs and appeal to many people.


Types of Properties Offered

The most common types of properties in the real estate industry include land, residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Real estate companies may also specialise in vacation rentals and luxury properties, among other niche markets. Others seek to advertise special-purpose properties such as parks, learning institutions, and government buildings.


Quality of Listings

For a real estate affiliate marketing program to appeal to prospective customers, it is important to provide accurate descriptions of homes, buildings, rental properties, and other products or services. The best listings include high-quality photos, the right keywords, and honest descriptions to enhance credibility with the target audience.


Reliable Payment Methods

Convenience is key when it comes to receiving your payments as an affiliate marketer. The top real estate affiliate networks partner with reputable financial services companies to offer safe payment methods. Before choosing a real estate affiliate program, therefore, remember to check for popular banking options that are easy to use and available in your country.

Earn Money with Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Whether you are a real estate agent, property owner, broker, or affiliate, you can earn some money from the industry by selling, renting, or leasing properties and services. The best real estate affiliate programs featured on this page can help marketers earn commissions by advertising the products and services offered by different companies. These include land, industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Affiliate marketers can even advertise legal services, education materials, insurance, or loans and earn profits from successful referrals.

If you have a website or blog for marketing real estate, you can join any of the programs recommended by our team to get started. Be sure to take advantage of Revpanda’s tailored digital marketing services to reach your target audience through search engine optimisation, copywriting, content, and PR link-building services.

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Real estate affiliate programs allow you to market different types of properties and services. The main categories of products include land, commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Other products and services include software, legal services, mortgages, and insurance.

You need to join a real estate affiliate program that offers reasonable commissions, safe payment methods, marketing materials, and customer support service. You will then receive an affiliate link that you can use to direct traffic to real estate websites.

Research the real estate market to find high-rated programs with the highest commission rates and the resources you need to market the available products and services. We have reviewed and listed the top real estate affiliate programs on this page.

There is no specific affiliate income from a real estate marketing program. However, you can enjoy passive income, depending on the commission rate and the number of successful referrals. Commissions can range from tens to thousands of dollars per month.