VPN Affiliate Programs

In this article, we guide you through the best VPN affiliate programs, which offer generous commissions and resources to promote cutting-edge security features. These programs not only offer high commission rates but also provide marketing materials and support to help you effectively promote their services.

Best VPN Affiliate Programs in 2024

VPNs are essential in today’s fast-paced digital world. Millions of internet users want to protect private data or bypass geo-restrictions. Whether you’re a tech expert or a beginner blogger, these partnerships empower you to bring the best solutions in the market to your audience while earning passive income. Join us as we navigate the world of virtual private networks, safeguarding user privacy, and unlocking new avenues for financial success.

What Are VPN Affiliate Programs? How Do They Work?

VPN affiliate programs are partnerships between virtual private network providers and affiliates who promote their services. Affiliates earn commissions for referring customers to the VPN provider through unique affiliate links. These programs usually have different commission structures; some provide a one-time payout, while others may opt for recurring commissions based on subscription plan renewals.

Additionally, most programs equip affiliates with marketing materials, tracking tools, and affiliate support. Affiliates can take advantage of special offers such as discounts or extended free trials, to entice potential customers. With the increasing use of the internet in all spheres of life and the rising cases of data breaches, VPN affiliate platforms present a golden opportunity to earn passive income while advocating for internet security.


How Can Affiliates Benefit from VPN Affiliate Programs?

Affiliates can benefit from VPN affiliate programs in several ways. Firstly, VPNs are in demand due to rising concerns about online privacy and security, making it easier for affiliates to attract customers. They earn generous commissions for each successful referral, providing a steady stream of affiliate revenue. Also, many VPN affiliate programs offer recurring sales commissions, allowing affiliates to earn money on subscription renewals.

Furthermore, affiliates often receive access to various marketing materials, tracking tools, and dedicated support from VPN providers or affiliate networks, helping them optimise their promotional efforts and increase their earnings. VPN affiliate programs are a good way for anyone to monetize their online activity while promoting essential tools for private internet access and security.

Advantages of VPN Affiliate Programs

Many opportunities lie within VPN Affiliate Networks and programs, and top affiliates constantly leverage them. Particularly, the increasing internet adoption being observed globally has ushered in several emerging markets. And as internet use increases, so does the need for online privacy and safety. There’s a growing awareness of data violations and online threats. Not only are people realising they need secured connections to protect their data, but they also want to connect to fast servers. Thus, the best VPNs are experiencing high market demand. For affiliate markers, this is a good time to tap into a lucrative market. Let’s explore the major reasons you should consider these programs.

Recurring Commissions

Many VPN affiliate programs provide both new and recurring sales commissions, catering to users who often subscribe to VPN services on a monthly or yearly basis. This subscription model is particularly appealing to affiliates as it guarantees a continuous income stream, allowing them to earn commissions not only on initial referrals but also on subscription renewals. This recurring revenue model is similar to the stability offered by gambling-friendly banks, which support transactions for online betting platforms, ensuring a steady flow of funds. 

Privacy and Security Awareness

Affiliates can emphasise the importance of using a VPN to encrypt internet traffic and protect sensitive information. A good way to do this is by leveraging expert copywriting services to craft content that properly educates its audience about the benefits of VPNs for safeguarding privacy and anonymity online. This will increase the relevance of their marketing efforts and attract customers seeking reliable solutions for digital protection.

Wide Product Range

To accommodate various user needs and preferences, VPN affiliate programs typically offer a diverse range of VPN providers and plans. Thus, affiliates can target different audiences effectively by promoting a wide selection of VPN apps, each with unique features, pricing tiers, and server locations. Whether users prioritise speed, security, or streaming capabilities, affiliates will easily recommend VPNs that align with their specific requirements. 

Global Reach

About 33% of global internet users use a VPN. These VPN services have a massive audience, making them ideal for affiliates looking to target a wide international audience. Highlighting the versatility and accessibility of VPNs helps affiliates appeal to a diverse range of users, expanding their reach and potential customer base — leading to more income. Also, affiliates do not have to fear geographical currency limitations, as top software affiliate networks use payment testing services to ensure efficient payment channels. 

5 Best VPN Affiliate Programs

With cyber threats on the rise and internet users increasingly concerned about their privacy, VPNs have become essential tools for safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining private internet access. Thus, whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, these programs provide an excellent opportunity to promote trusted VPN products and make money doing so. Read on to explore the best VPN affiliate programs and unlock new avenues for financial success.


Cybersecurity company Nord Security established NordVPN in 2012 and has since become a leading VPN provider known for its strong commitment to user privacy, security, and speed. As one of the most trusted internet security providers in the market, NordVPN has earned a reputation for offering excellent customer service and feature-rich VPN services to millions of users globally. For instance, with this VPN, users can easily access streaming services unavailable in their location.

Affiliates across various niches and verticals, including technology, cybersecurity, and digital privacy, promote NordVPN and earn commissions for payments made within 30 days of visiting their links. The affiliate program offers a whopping 100% commission on single-month subscriptions and 40% on annual subscriptions and beyond. The NordVPN affiliate program also has a revenue share model with recurring payouts of 30% on monthly plan renewals.

ProgramNordVPN Affiliate Program
Parent Company Nord Security
ProductsVPN services
Commission StructureCost per sale, RevShare
Payment MethodsCryptocurrency, Wire transfer, PayPal

Our Verdict About NordVPN

NordVPN has a stellar reputation, ranked by most top review sites as the fastest VPN. Also impressive is their comprehensive affiliate support team; they go as far as providing SEO assistance through content insights to help affiliates create better content for their blogs. This is a top choice for anyone seeking to align with a trusted brand in the VPN industry. 

  • Established brand
  • Dedicated affiliate account managers
  • Competitive commission rate
  • Long cookie duration
  • More expensive than competitors


Surfshark is a cybersecurity company (now merged with Nord Security) focused on developing user-centred privacy and security solutions. Their products include a VPN, antivirus, search tools, and so on. Founded in 2018, the company has quickly emerged as a prominent player in the VPN niche with its affordable and feature-rich VPN solutions. One popular feature is the ability to connect unlimited devices to the VPN.  With over 12 million app downloads and 30+ industry awards, their commitment to user privacy, fast server speeds, and extensive network across multiple countries is evident. 

The Surfshark affiliate program is home to 5600+ affiliates who promote the brand through social media, blogs and websites. These affiliates receive competitive commissions of 40% on any new sign-up through their links within 30 days of cookie duration. The platform also offers performance-based rewards to encourage high-performing affiliates.   

ProgramSurfShark Affiliate Program
Parent Company SurfShark
ProductsVPN, Security tools
Commission StructureCost per sale
Payment MethodsCryptocurrency, Wire transfer, PayPal

Our Verdict About SurfShark

With its growing reputation and user-centred approach, Surfshark presents an attractive opportunity for affiliates seeking to promote a top brand in the VPN niche. Also, the Surfshark affiliate program has a wide reach since the platform offers multilingual support in 17 languages. Sadly, affiliates are faced with a high minimum payout threshold of $100.

  • Established brand
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Multi-language support
  • Long cookie duration
  • Comparatively high minimum payout


Founded in 2011, TunnelBear is a user-friendly VPN application popular for its playful branding while maintaining a commitment to online privacy. The platform heavily focuses on simplicity and accessibility; thus, their VPN services are great for novice users seeking easy-to-use solutions. Despite its intuitive approach, TunnelBear maintains a strong reputation for reliability and military-grade encryption, with a global server network spanning 47 countries.

The TunnelBear affiliate program welcomes affiliates interested in niches like cybersecurity and digital privacy advocacy. You can earn up to 50% commission with TunnelBear’s affiliate program; this is higher than what most competitors pay. And fortunately, you can make withdrawals regardless of the amount, as there are no minimum thresholds. This affiliate program is offered through the CJ affiliate network, so you have to sign up through them.

ProgramTunnelBar Affiliate Program
Parent Company McAfee
Commission StructureCost per sale
Payment MethodsCheque, Direct deposit, Payoneer

Our Verdict About TunnelBear

With its approachable brand and user-centric focus, TunnelBear appeals to a broad audience. The brand assures affiliates their program has high conversion rates, which is likely true considering their millions of customers and a combined 175,000+ 5-star ratings on different app stores. You also get dedicated support and materials for your campaign.

  • Established brand
  • Intuitive interface
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Robust marketing resources
  • Relatively smaller server network


Ranked #1 by CNET and Techradar, ExpressVPN is a renowned VPN company with an extensive global server network. ExpressVPN operates thousands of servers in 105 countries with apps for all devices and platforms, from Android to iOS, Linux, MacOS, and browser extensions. Thanks to a reputation for reliability and privacy protection, the platform is one of the world’s largest premium VPN service providers, with over 4 million users across 180 countries.

The ExpressVPN affiliate program welcomes affiliates to promote the VPN service on their VPN-related websites and blogs; social media influencers are also accepted. However, affiliates can only use platforms with relevant content and traffic requirements. They offer a fixed commission structure that pays $13 on the 1-month subscription package, $22 for six months, and $36 for a 12-month subscription package.

ProgramExpressVPN Affiliate Program
Parent Company ExpressVPN
Commission StructureCost per sale
Payment MethodsPayPal, Wire Transfer

Our Verdict About ExpressVPN

Aside from the well-reviewed VPN technology, the 24/7 customer support through live chat and a rare unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee are two enticing perks of this VPN service. However, they have a relatively difficult approval process, as your content must meet a minimum quality standard and your website or social media profile must also meet a minimum traffic requirement.

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Established brand
  • Robust support
  • Strict approval process

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a veteran VPN provider that has ensured millions of global users enjoy internet freedom since 2008. Thanks to servers across 80+ countries and 35+ cities and their proprietary technology, the VPN is regarded as one of the fastest VPNs in the world by many tech experts. Their app is highly rated on the app stores as well.

Affiliate marketers looking to promote VPN services can join the Hotspot Shield affiliate program and benefit from robust marketing resources and reliable tracking tools. The program is quite easy to set up, and you have assistance from dedicated managers. In terms of commission, their rate is one of the highest in the industry; affiliates earn 50% or more for every new sign-up made through their affiliate links. The program has a $25 minimum threshold. 

ProgramHotspot Shield Affiliate Program
Parent CompanyAura
Commission StructureCost per sale
Payment MethodsWire Transfer, Cheque, Direct Deposit, PayPal

Our Verdict About HotspotShield

With its reputation for speed and cutting-edge technology, Hotspot Shield is an easy VPN service to promote. Interestingly, the VPN has a free tier, which is rare to find in other competitors, plus relatively cheaper premium plans. Affiliates can strategically encourage users to try the VPN out and then upgrade to a premium plan.

  • Dedicated support team
  • Trusted brand
  • High commission rate
  • Minimum threshold

Criteria to Choose the Best VPN Affiliate Programs

With a myriad of options available, it’s crucial to consider factors such as commission structure, product quality, affiliate support, and more. By evaluating these criteria, affiliates can ensure they partner with reputable VPN brands that offer the best experience to not just the affiliates involved but also potential customers coming in through them. These directly impact their earning potential. Below, we have covered the essential criteria for selecting the best VPN affiliate program. 


Affiliate Commission Structure

Evaluating the commission structure of VPN affiliate programs is crucial for optimal earnings. Consider whether the program offers a CPA (cost per action) model or revenue share, and choose the option that is ideal for your digital marketing strategy and best fits your audience. Additionally, assess the program’s payment methods to ensure they are convenient and reliable for receiving payments. Popular options include direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, and other e-payment services.


Global Server Network

The size and distribution of a VPN provider’s server network are crucial factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program. A large and well-distributed server network allows users to access fast internet services from a virtual location of choice, which is an essential need for many VPN users. Also, VPN programs that offer a diverse range of server locations will appeal to your audience if they value access to geo-restricted content.


Ease of Use and User Interface

Many people with little technical knowledge may perceive VPNs as complex, and this could deter them from trying out such tools. When selecting a VPN affiliate program, prioritise providers that offer intuitive user interfaces and easy setup processes. These factors make them more marketable, as your audience will not need to worry about a steep learning curve. A VPN service with a user-friendly interface is centred on letting users access the core functions of VPNs with ease.


Customer Support and Resources

Reliable customer support is essential for ensuring that users are happy with a product. Poor support can significantly impact your earnings, especially in recurring commission-based programs that rely on subsequent subscriptions. Evaluate the quality of customer support offered by the VPN service when selecting an affiliate program; this also directly impacts your marketing strategy as potential users will likely check reviews.


Product Reputation and Reliability

When choosing a VPN affiliate program, assess the reputation of the VPN service provider to ensure reliability and trustworthiness. This is crucial because your reputation as a marketer is dependent on the products you recommend to your audience. So, consider factors that point out the company’s overall quality and its perception by the general public. This may include their history, user reviews, and VPN industry ratings.


Privacy and Security Features

Finally, evaluate the privacy and security features offered by the VPN service in the affiliate program. Opt for providers that offer industry-standard VPN technologies such as a robust encryption mechanism, a strict no-logging policy, and additional features like kill switches to enhance user privacy and security. When assessing such features, it’s essential to ensure that the VPN affiliate program aligns with your audience’s expectations for privacy and security.

Secure Your Success: Unlock the Power of VPN Affiliate Programs

Choosing the right VPN affiliate program can be your gateway into a realm of profitable marketing experiences. VPNs are in high demand as people continually seek private internet access services, and the future looks promising. However, remember to always consider the crucial factors mentioned in the article, like ease of use, security features, and customer support.

Additionally, always ensure a perfect alignment with your audience’s needs and preferences. By partnering with the reputable VPN companies we listed here, you can capitalize on the growing demand for online privacy and security while earning income through successful referrals. You can always reach out to us at Revpanda for top insights or to consult with our experts for guidance in your affiliate marketing journey.


Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or looking to maximise your earnings, find helpful insights to commonly asked questions about VPN affiliate programs below.

Yes, the VPN niche is profitable for affiliate marketing due to the growing demand for online privacy and security. Affiliates can earn commissions on new sales by promoting VPN services to users seeking private internet access.

With a VPN affiliate program, you can promote VPN services offered by the provider. This includes features like secure internet browsing, access to geo-restricted content, and protection against cyber threats.

To become a VPN affiliate, sign up for a VPN affiliate program, receive your unique affiliate link, and start promoting the virtual private network service through various channels such as websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

Some affiliates earn a few dollars per referral, while others generate substantial monthly income through successful new sales and recurring commissions. However, earnings for VPN affiliates vary depending on factors like commission structure, referral volume, and user retention.